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message 1: by Rickco (new)

Rickco | 3 comments Looking for the title of a book I read back in the early 70's. Revolutionary type book, possibly Abbie Hoffman.Anti establishment. Cover was black with a white hand showing a peace sign.This book actually showed up in the VA hospital scene in 'Born on the 4th of July' with Tom Cruise.

message 2: by bup (new)

bup | 84 comments Johnny Got His Gun. Actually an older book (1938, about WWI).

message 3: by Rickco (new)

Rickco | 3 comments Thank you. Sure looks alot like the cover but the book I 'm talking about was about Chicago '72 convention, hippies, rebellion against the Vietnam war,etc.

message 4: by stormhawk (last edited Jul 06, 2011 01:24PM) (new)

stormhawk | 184 comments According to IMDB, the book seen in the movie is Johnny Got His Gun, which is an anti-war classic.


Could the book you are thinking about be Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72?

message 5: by bup (new)

bup | 84 comments The Chicago convention was in 1968.

message 6: by Rickco (new)

Rickco | 3 comments Thanks guys. Perhaps my memory is somewhat muddled. You are both right. I recently saw the movie and remembered the book, although not so clearly.

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