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message 1: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments If you have a blog and you'd like to share it here, I'll follow you!

Mine is here: http://kcneal.blogspot.com/

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannahpaperbacktreasures) I'm now following your blog (:

You can find my blog at http://paperbacktreasures.blogspot.co... - I review mainly contemporary YA.

message 3: by Meera (last edited Apr 30, 2011 11:04AM) (new)

Meera Nair (meeran) Eyy....I am following both of u.Great blogs.Its always lovely to meet new bloggers.Here's mine
Have a great day. =D

message 4: by Augusta (new)

Augusta | 5 comments I am already on Kate's, but now I can add two more! Mine is http://augustablythe.blogspot.com/.

message 5: by Karis (new)

Karis Jacobstein (yalitwit) | 10 comments Here's mine, and can I just share my excitement? I reviewed Lauren Myracle's new book, Shine, today and she commented on my review! How freakin' awesome is that? I'm kind of starstruck right now!


message 6: by Suzy (new)

Suzy Turner (suzyturner) | 8 comments Hello!!
I'm a YA urban fantasy author but don't worry... my blog isn't just about my journey! I review books, talk to other authors and bloggers, etc. I'd love to see you there :)
Find me at: http://suzyturner.blogspot.com

message 7: by Danielle (last edited Jun 15, 2011 04:20PM) (new)

Danielle (ramblingbooks) I have wanted to start a blog for a very long time and finally decided to give it a try so I hope that I can entertain you all with my book reviews and updates! (I read mostly YA Uurban fantasy, and Paranormal/Fanasty Romances)
~~Please feel free to leave any suggestions you may have for me. I'm new with the whole blog & reviewing thing :)


message 8: by Queenbe (new)

Queenbe Monyei Hello!
My blog focuses on different aspects of my new YA fantasy book but I also have posts about my random thoughts on writing and life. http://naliasworld.blogspot.com

message 9: by Suzy (new)

Suzy Turner (suzyturner) | 8 comments Hi Queenbe! Lovely blog... I like the sound of your book... I will have to add it to my TBR list. Good luck!
Best wishes
Suzy Turner

message 10: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Mueller | 3 comments I read and review lots of childrens/YA fiction. It's mixed in with my recipes... but there are a lot of good books to find and read if you just click on the "book reviews" tab on the side bar.


message 11: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Lauren (ruthlauren) Ooh, lots of lovely YA book related blogs. Perfect :)

Here's mine.


Going to check out all of yours now.

message 12: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Lauren (ruthlauren) Well ladies, those are some very cool blogs. I'm not a follow for a follow type, but I really liked all of them, so I'm following you all now :)

Nice theme Karis *cough* :P
And Kathryn, you had me at books and recipes. I have my latest (although not finest) cake creation up on my blog now :D

The Romance Bookie (theromancebookie) | 9 comments I've got one :), I write mostly reviews on Young Adult novels, but also add some other ones here and there. If there is a new book or a book I haven't read by Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, and Simone Elkeles you will most likely see the review on my blog.

Check it out if you get a chance!


message 14: by Tom (new)

Tom Tancin (tomtancin) | 1 comments I added everyone here so far because I love keeping up with reviews and all things YA fiction. Please consider checking out my blog (which is also my official author site).


message 15: by TheFictionFairy (last edited Aug 06, 2011 08:01PM) (new)

TheFictionFairy | 2 comments Hi everyone!!!! I love to find new YA blogs! I review all kinds of YA at http://www.thefictionfairy.com, check me out!

message 16: by Suzy (last edited Aug 22, 2011 12:20AM) (new)

Suzy Turner (suzyturner) | 8 comments Just followed you, Fiction Fairy... that's a very pretty blog you've got there!
Suzy Turner

message 17: by TheFictionFairy (new)

TheFictionFairy | 2 comments Thank u!!!

message 18: by Nichole (new)

Nichole Chase | 7 comments Hi! I love finding great new blogs!


I blog about writing, reading, and life in general.

message 19: by Todd (new)

Todd Tystad (toddrtystad) Hey, I'm Todd. Great group. I write a blog about random stuff like books and dogs and motorcycles. Feel free to drop by and comment: http://toddrtystad.blogspot.com/

message 20: by Linda (new)

Linda Ulleseit (lindaulleseit) Hi! I read and write YA and teach writing. I'd love to have you follow my blog, and I'm busy checking out all the blogs listed here!

message 21: by Linda (new)

Linda Ulleseit (lindaulleseit) hey, Nichole you left out the 'p' in 'http' so your link doesn't work...

message 22: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lj3girls) I have one at http://ultimatefanblog.blogspot.com..... will follow each of you if you return the favor! This is awesome! Mine is fairly new.

message 23: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Lauren (ruthlauren) Lisa, that link isn't working for me.


message 25: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (zoenerd) | 2 comments I'm now following your blog! Love it!

Here is mine, I hope you follow and enjoy it:

message 26: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Boyer | 5 comments This is my slightly egotistical and rather sarcastic sashay into book reviewing, based mostly on the superficial. Please, do follow; I usually have something impressive to say.


message 27: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lj3girls) Thanks Zoe! I am following you now and "liked" you on facebook!

message 28: by Zoe (new)

Zoe (zoenerd) | 2 comments Thank you so much, Lisa! I have 'liked' you on Facebook too :)

message 29: by D. Robert (new)

D. Robert Pease (drobertpease) | 9 comments Here's my blog: http://www.drobertpease.com/site.cfm/... I'd love to have you stop by.

message 30: by D. Robert (last edited Aug 24, 2011 06:23PM) (new)

D. Robert Pease (drobertpease) | 9 comments Kathryn wrote: "I read and review lots of childrens/YA fiction. It's mixed in with my recipes... but there are a lot of good books to find and read if you just click on the "book reviews" tab on the side bar.


I like that your blog covers children's as well as YA. I'm now following (and maybe I'll learn how to cook along the way.)

message 31: by D. Robert (new)

D. Robert Pease (drobertpease) | 9 comments K.C. wrote: "If you have a blog and you'd like to share it here, I'll follow you!

Mine is here: http://kcneal.blogspot.com/"

Anyone who's going to help me find more twitter followers is worthy of following. So, duly followed.

message 32: by Marilyn (new)

Marilyn Holdsworth (marilynholdsworth) Amazon link: 
My new novel Pegasus is now on sale at major bookstores. 
About The Book:
Widowed at thirty, Hannah Bradley is a successful journalist focusing on animal abuse issues. An accidental meeting introduces her to lawyer, Winston Caughfield III. Drawn to Hannah's gentle beauty and fierce commitment to her work, Win joins her in fight to save wild mustangs from slaughter.Together they rescue a badly injured horse with a mysterious background. Hannah's search to discover the animal's true identity leads them into web of black marketeering and international intrigue.

message 33: by Suki (last edited Aug 29, 2011 11:27AM) (new)

Suki Michelle (sukimichelle) | 18 comments Hi everyone!

The protagonist, Olivya, from The Apocalypse Gene has her own blog. Yes, she's fictional, but she has so much to say and can't be confined to the pages of a single novel. She is gifted with aura sight and loves to blog about colors. Her blog is showing up here at Goodreads under my profile, but you can also follow her at:


The Apocalypse Gene is a YA Urban Fantasy with elements of Dystopia, Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk. Here's what Kirkus had to say about it:

"This action-packed, breakneck-paced novel featuring a duo of lovestruck teenaged protagonists is a wildly imaginative young-adult apocalyptic thriller that also utilizes elements of science fiction, fantasy, folklore, mythology and romance . . . the well-choreographed, thematically powerful conclusion, coupled with the deeply developed characters of Olivya and Mikah, make this a memorable read."


If you're a book blogger and want a free review copy, send me a message on the contact page of the website. We're having a blog tour from 10/01 to 10/31, and there are still a few slots left.



message 34: by D. Robert (new)

D. Robert Pease (drobertpease) | 9 comments Suki,

I just hopped over to your site and read the first chapter. I really liked it. Looking forward to being able to buy it.

message 35: by Suki (new)

Suki Michelle (sukimichelle) | 18 comments Thank you! Join the giveaway. Maybe you'll be lucky. Stay tuned on more announcements.



message 36: by Tammy (new)

Tammy | 2 comments Hi I have a blog that I run for the library I work for. I have fun with I post usually once a week but please follow I will go to the blogs on this site later today!

message 37: by Suki (new)

Suki Michelle (sukimichelle) | 18 comments Will do, Tammy! Nice site.


message 38: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments Whew, just caught up on follows, for all those links that worked (a few were broken) and sites that are followable.

If you're a YA book blogger, I have a form for reserving a free review copy of my YA paranormal Pyxis: The Discovery, which will be released in October. The form is here:

And here's the book blurb:
Two worlds... one 16-year-old girl must learn to protect them both.
The nightmares haunting Corinne and her friend Mason hint at a universe that exists beyond the one they know. Her destiny is to protect a weakness between the two worlds, but the person who was supposed to teach her everything she needs to do this is dead. As Corinne and Mason search for answers, she tries to ignore the sparks igniting between them, but can't deny she feels safe only when he's nearby. Will they find help before their nightmares break free?

message 39: by K.C. (new)

K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 31 comments D.Robert wrote: "K.C. wrote: "If you have a blog and you'd like to share it here, I'll follow you!

Mine is here: http://kcneal.blogspot.com/"

Anyone who's going to help me find more twitter followers is worthy of..."

Thanks! ;)

message 40: by Stephie (new)

Stephie (princesspurple86) I just started my own blog. Its not anything amazing since I just started it.


Big Book Little Book (bigbooklittlebook) | 1 comments Hi you can check out our blog at:

twitter: @BBookLBook

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBookLBook

message 42: by Laura (new)

Laura Hesse (laurahesse) | 2 comments I decided to use Goodreads for my blog as I like this site so much. Visit: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/...
Laura Hesse

message 44: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifersternberg) | 2 comments Hi Everyone,

I'll follow yours if you follow mine :-)


message 45: by Stephie (new)

Stephie (princesspurple86) Ok so being so new to blogging I was hoping that maybe one of you could help me figure out how to make different pages like some of you have on your blogspot site? I know I am lame right...

message 46: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jennifersternberg) | 2 comments It's really easy. Go to where you go to write a new post. There is a tab above the title box that says - edit pages - click that. What you write in the title is how it will look on the main page. What you write in the box is what people see when they click on the title. No one is worse at blog design than I am, so don't worry you're not lame :-)

message 47: by Beth (new)

Beth Dean (betty_d) I review most things because I read everything but I hope that they are interesting and save people a bit of time on what to read.. mine's


message 48: by Alison (new)

Alison Stewart (alisonds) | 2 comments Hi everyone,
Some terrific sites here!
I'd love some feedback on my YA dystopian book, Days Like This (Penguin, Australia), just released. US readers may know of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. My book was a 2010 finalist. You can see it here on Goodreads or at:


message 49: by Alison (new)

Alison Stewart (alisonds) | 2 comments Oops! Maybe I needed the http:// part. As in:


message 50: by Angela (new)

Angela Fristoe | 2 comments I have a blog that I'm in the process of transforming. It started as my writing blog, and I'm now more focused on YA book reviews, although I'm willing to review other books that interest me.

Turning the Pages Blog

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