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A Chat with KMM

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message 1: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana (tatiana_g) Hi everybody!

This is very last minute, but one of our members just tipped me off that Karen is going to have a live chat today 1/23, at noon EST.

If you are interested, here is the link


Hope you all have enjoyed or are enjoying "Shadowfever."

See you around

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Rhea (rh3a) | 4 comments * * * SPOILERS if you haven't read Shadowfever * * *

The Spin-off series:

[Karen Marie]: “The next series will be about Dani, RyO, Christian and Dancer with the rest of the Fever world characters making appearances.”

“Lor. LOL! What a handful. He’s definitely got things to say. Kasteo does too but he’s not talking.”

[Karen Marie]: “I wish I could tell you exactly how much Barrons and Mac will show up but they have a way of dictating their own terms once I start writing.
I can tell you that I finished Shadowfever with a creative surplus for a change, with a TON of stories that are demanding to be told.
I also wonder if any of you realize that DF began with (view spoiler)

[Karen Marie]: “..there's a part of me that is playing with picking up the story where I left off in SF. (view spoiler)

Q: “Is Dani going to be older in the next series?”
[Karen Marie] “Still playing with how to write Dani’s story. Will tell you when I know.”

[Karen Marie]: “Dani’s in a pretty bad position if RyO has a job for her and Christian thinks she might be his redemption. Can you imagine being stuck between those two men when you were only 14? What if they hung around for the next few years, watching over you with hawk eyes, making sure you became what they wanted you to become?”
“And Dani doesn’t take kindly to shaping”

Q: what’s the deal with BB&B having four floors and then five floors?
[Karen Marie]: “BB&B is part of the new series, you’ll have to wait to find out:)”
Q: Why are all the doors on 2nd and 3rd floors of BB&B locked?
[Karen Marie] “Because there are things in there Barrons doesn’t want you to see”

On Barrons:

Q: Why does Jericho say he wants to F*** Mac and not make love
[Karen Marie] “Can you hear Barrons saying Ooooh baby I wanna make sweet love to you?
Barrons . Fucks. He does not make love.”

Q: he made love to the other woman before he killed her
[Karen Marie] “He said he made love to irritate Mac.”

“Barrons shows everything through his actions. Not domestication. Conscious, deliberate choice to show her something”

“Barrons is never in a situation he doesn’t want to be in”

[Karen Marie]: “Here’s some insight into Barrons..” :
“Barrons is hard, cold, brutally efficient killing machine, brilliant, cunning and utterly focused on what he wants at all times. He rsrely smiles and if he does, it’s a brief softening, a faint uplifting of the corners of his mouth- never a full smile. Since he met Mac, it’s happened on several occasions. Once in Faefever, he laughed out loud.
JZB is not a man for expressions of happiness. At best he radiates self-satisfied calm, a big cat in rest. Harsh, controlled, a man of intense discipline, he emotes anger, mockery, challenge, irony, raw sexuality, animalistic fury, but no tenderness. He’s a hard man.
There are no cracks in his walls but the one Mac can slip through- and he hates that but he accepts it because it is the truth and to pretend otherwise would be an exercise in futility. Whether he likes it or not, she gets under his skin and makes his dick harder than any other woman ever has. He wastes no time examining the whys of it or resisting her effect on him. He focuses the energy like a laser, slicing and dicing, rearranging reality to suit what he wants the best way he can get it. Since the moment he met Mac and accepted that he wanted her, he has been ruthlessly altering her, making her ultimately suitable for him. The only question in his mind is: will she survive what he’s doing to her?”

[Karen Marie]: “...some more notes on Barrons..why I wrote him the way I did”:
“When every other novel I picked up in the bookstore announced: Vampire/Werewolf/Demon hero on the cover, and was marketing it on the basis of that paranormal creature’s mythic resonance, I wanted to write a story with a male center-stage character that defied labels, and wouldn’t permit one. I wanted to make the reader choose to take him or leave him without the convenience of a pre-packaged tortured-hero caricature to slap over his outline, and no easy answers about whether he was good or bad.
I wanted to write a paranormal creature and never tell the reader what he was, because I believed they would ultimately see him more clearly in his everyday behavior, than through the disorted lens of someone else’s legend. Barrons says “Judge me by my actions” and makes the reader do the same.
At the end of the series, I wanted the reader to answer the question: Who/what is Barrons? The same way Mac does: Who cares? He’s Barrons. In the vein of showing, not telling, I wanted my characters to love each other- but never tell each other that. I chose instead to show it in their actions, in the choices they made.
Words are easy; lies as simple as parting your lips and breathing.”

And also:

[Karen Marie]: “There are times when I have to tell a story because it stalks me. There are other times when I listen to the fans and examine the merits of what they’re asking for.
It’s possible I will do more with Barrons POV but I promise it won’t be an easy read”

[Karen Marie]: “I sometimes think there might be a novella about Alina and Darroc..a prequel

message 3: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana (tatiana_g) Thanks so much for posting this, CloveR. I am very much excited about what is ahead of us:)

message 4: by Émeraude (new)

Émeraude (meraude) | 59 comments "It’s possible I will do more with Barrons POV but I promise it won’t be an easy read”

Screaming! OMG
KMM my queen diva****

message 5: by Rhea (new)

Rhea (rh3a) | 4 comments The transcript from last weekend's Shadowfever chat has now been posted on Karen's message board :)

message 6: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana (tatiana_g) Thanks for posting it the link, CloveR. An interesting chat, although KMM is very evasive about many things. It seems she is still in a planning stage of her next book.

But I'd be very interested in all possible future works of hers - a story from Barrons' POV, or a prequel about Alina and Darroc, even the graphic novel.

It sucks though that apparently is never going to say those magic ILY words...

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SEE! I knew it! Barrons in the past is irrelevant to Barrons now! *Taps forehead* I was thinkin' from a writer perspective not a reader perspective on that one, hence why I enjoy Barrons so very much!

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