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Fever #3


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The New York Times bestselling author of Darkfever and Bloodfever returns to Dublin’s Fae-infested shores in a bold, sensual new novel. Hurtling us into a realm of seduction and shadows, Karen Marie Moning tells the enthralling tale of a woman who explores the limits of her mysterious powers as she enters a world of ancient sorcery—and confronts an enemy more insidious than she could ever have imagined.

He calls me his Queen of the Night. I’d die for him. I’d kill for him, too. When MacKayla Lane receives a torn page from her dead sister’s journal, she is stunned by Alina’s desperate words. And now MacKayla knows that her sister’s killer is close. But evil is closer. And suddenly the sidhe-seer is on the hunt: For answers. For revenge. And for an ancient book of dark magic so evil, it corrupts anyone who touches it.

Mac’s quest for the Sinsar Dubh takes her into the mean, shape-shifting streets of Dublin, with a suspicious cop on her tail. Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with V’lane, an insatiable Fae prince of lethally erotic tastes, and Jericho Barrons, a man of primal desires and untold secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the city descends into chaos, as a shocking truth about the Dark Book is uncovered, not even Mac can prevent a deadly race of immortals from shattering the walls between worlds—with devastating consequences.…

327 pages, Hardcover

First published September 16, 2008

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About the author

Karen Marie Moning

73 books29k followers
“The only other calling I ever felt was an irrepressible desire to be Captain of my own Starship. I was born in the wrong century and it wasn’t possible, so I chose to explore the universe by writing fiction instead. Books are doors to endless adventure.” -KMM

Karen Marie Moning is the #1 NYT bestselling author of the Fever Series and Highlander novels.

An alum of the Immaculate Conception Academy, at seventeen she attended Purdue University where she completed a BA in Society & Law, with minors in Philosophy, Creative Writing and Theatre, while working full time as a bartender and computer consultant. She intended to go to law school but after an internship with a firm of Criminal Attorneys, decided against it. For the next decade, she worked in insurance, where she wrote intercompany arbitrations and directed commercial litigation. At the age of thirty, she decided it was time to get serious and do what she’d always wanted to do: write fiction novels.

Beyond the Highland Mist was published in 1999 and nominated for two RITA awards. She then published six more novels in her award-winning HIGHLANDER series, and received the RITA Award in 2001 for The Highlander’s Touch.

In 2004, she began writing the #1 New York Times bestselling FEVER series. The books have been optioned twice for potential franchise development by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Studios, but the rights are currently held by Moning who has expressed a desire to one day see it as a television series. Her novels have been published in over thirty countries. She divides her time between Ohio and Florida and is working on two future projects for Random House Publishing.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

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126 reviews3,149 followers
December 4, 2013

The first book was good. The second book was great. This third book was holyeffinbatmanfreakinamazing!! Sooooo, if my calculations are correct (and if you don't take into account that I'm terrible at math), I'm guessing that just touching the next book in the series should result in a violent, arms-flailing, dance-inspiring joygasm!!!

I have Dreamfever around here somewhere, let's test out my theory.  jwjueu^{*]!jiekebg sk^{wgsfs^{+ssgs bdjeue%]*^shbsu bsuygd%*ihdhjdb^*]%%uhebh enehe^]*]%usby egy^]^%beyg!!!! Sorry, my mind wasn't able to comprehend real words there for a second..... What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Faefever.

First off, let me say - Best first four words of a book ever! I'd die for him. Those four words sent my mind reeling. I really thought I knew exactly what she meant and I thought for sure I knew what it meant, and is that really what it is? And then no, it really is something soooo completely different and you don't find out til much later and what the HELL????

I know, I know. Just add a few "like"s or "and um"s in there and I would have sounded like Miley Cyrus.

Hey y'all, I'm Miley Cyrus! And that's preeta cool!

So, it got off to a great start, but KMM's answers are just never simple, are they?

Barrons just oozes sensuality. I expect if I ever came across such a man, I would act similarly to the way Mac did initially around V'lane. But I wouldn't be quite so restrained.

See, Barrons represents everything we women have been trying to train out of men for the past hundred years. The restless masculinity, randomly throwing women against a wall, expecting a woman to do as you say just because you asked her to, stalking, interrogating. But I don't care because he is effing hot.

I hate KMM! I hate her for making me love someone I should hate. I hate her for not giving me exactly what I want. I hate her for ending her books the way she does and for giving me goosebumps at said ending.

The way I hate her for all these things that I love so much reminded of the movie "Ten Things I Hate About You". So I have composed a horrifically cheesetastic poem about Barrons and Mac inspired by (okay directly ripped off from) the poem in the film.

I hate the way Barrons talks to Mac, and the fact that he's HOT with long hair.
I hate that he let's her drive his car, and I really hate his brooding stare.
I hate that he never ever laughs and the way he reads her mind.
I hate how the Sinsar Duhb makes her sick, and how it makes her lose time.
I hate the way he won't give her insight and I hate that's he's one big lie.
I hate the way he only calls her Mac when he thinks she gonna die.
I hate it when he's not around and that he doesn't answer to her call.
But most of all I hate the way that I can't possibly hate him, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Cheesy? Yes! But not as much as this:

Now that's just dangerous!

My review for the first book, Darkfever. Spoiler FREE.

For the second book, Bloodfever. Spoiler Alert!!!

The fourth book, Dreamfever. Spoiler FREE.

The fifth and final book, Shadowfever. Spoiler Alert!!!
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1,962 reviews294k followers
May 8, 2021
Reread 05/2021: Forgot how evil that ending was. Glad I never had to wait a year to find out what happens next.

Did anyone else kind of wet themselves laughing at the Mac Halo incident? I cannot listen to the song 'Bad Moon Rising' without going into hysterics.
Profile Image for Shelby *trains flying monkeys*.
1,574 reviews5,908 followers
January 19, 2015
Mac Version 3.0

I start this book expecting little sweet Barbie Mac.......and this happens.

Someone starts mailing Mac pages from her sister's Alina's journal and that start making her think. Then the two main guys that have been playing her still won't answer any questions. They seem to want to just use her for their own purposes.
Well, Mac starts getting tired of it.

She starts to realize that she is all she has on her side. She must not rely on a man to come save her! Hells yeah. She starts using them for more of what she needs to find her way in the fae over run world that she is stuck in.
I think the first two books were fun for me..NOW I'VE BECOME A FANATIC!!

There were times when I probably would have thrown my panties at V'lane and Barrons..but then there were times I'd have smacked the shit out of them.

Then there is that frigging cliffhanger of an ending!! I'm only getting one of these books a month! I don't know if I can wait!

Profile Image for Tatiana.
1,401 reviews11.7k followers
January 27, 2021
A very f-ed up cliffhanger rivaled only by the one at the end of Dreamfever.

What a cruel, cruel ending... If I were to wait a year to find out what happens to Mac next, I'd be royally pissed right now, because as much as I liked the book, I think this kind of ending is unacceptable and disrespectful to the series' fans.

Faefever is a very dark book and it starts out dark too. I missed Mac's happy-go-lucky attitude and flirtations with Barrons in previous installments. The only relief from the doom we get in this book comes in the form of MacHalo and Druid Voice lessons.

Like the previous two books - Darkfever and Bloodfever, there is not much resolution to any big problem/mystery, but there is progress. We learn more about how Unseelie came to life, who imprisoned them and why the walls holding them together are now crumbling. We find out the nature of the Book and what makes it difficult to get a hold of it. We get to know what the Lord Master is.

The Fae world is getting more and more complex. There are more players both on human and Fae side, and all characters are interesting in their own way. I am actually quite surprised that an author who previously wrote highlander bodice rippers created such an amazing mythology.

But in spite of all these positives, I think Faefever is the weakest in the series structure-wise. It is hard to say what exactly the main story arc of this novel. There is a series of events, many of them dramatic, but the story is unfinished. The ending is vague, the narration stops mid-scene and it calls for a good wrap-up.

I am extremely attached to the series now, to Mac and Jericho, and the entire world of Fae, sidhe-seers and Rhino-boys. I will be starting Dreamfever very soon and hope it will not leave me hanging in angst, waiting for the final chapter of this story - Shadowfever - which comes out 6 long months from now.
Profile Image for Giorgia Reads.
1,010 reviews1,954 followers
April 2, 2021
4.5 stars

Well, this book continues in pretty much the same vein as the first two.

It very slowly unravels the mystery puzzles pieces and it was quite fun to read.

The difference between this one and the other two books is the cliffhanger. I really wanted to know how she’s gonna get away?! Is she gonna get away!?

I finished the 4th book by this time, so I have my answer, and omg, I don’t even know how I feel about it.
Profile Image for Helen 2.0.
284 reviews780 followers
January 9, 2018
I think rereading Faefever gave me an emotional aneurysm. Nothing works anymore.

In book 3 of the Fever series, Mac comes to realize that all the men in her life are trash and she needs to branch out; place some eggs in different baskets, if you will. KMM deepens some of her old characters (Inspector Jayne, Dani, etc) and brings in a few new ones (like Christian MacKeltar, my personal darling). This is all very nice and soothing.

Why did I lose ten years of my life reading this book? Well.

KMM likes to hold on to nearly all of her cards until the end of book 5, Shadowfever. This works out well because she drops enough hints along the way to keep her readers hot and bothered, but still smacks them in the face with the final big reveal. I think you'd be hard-pressed to guess the series ending.
But rereading while holding all the answers already is a whole different matter. The series is headed in a certain.......... direction ....... and seeing all the clues and plot points that push Mac towards that point is REALLY stressful.

But it's worth it! I mean, do you really love a book series if reading it doesn't put you through hell and back?
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Author 10 books7,515 followers
April 15, 2018
What is there to say about this book that hasn’t already been said? As much as I loved the first two in the series, this is the one that truly hits me every time I read it. It’s like reading book five in Harry Potter. You go from some darkness to a LOT of darkness.

Oh sure, the book starts off safe enough, but by the end of it…madness, chaos, pestilence, famine, war and death.

This is the book that truly gets most readers on Mac’s side. I’ve said before that I was always there, but reading this takes me beyond that every time, makes me want to hate-morph into the living, breathing embodiment of her vengeance, pick up her spear and stab everyone that so much as looks at her wrong.

She’s just so…alone.


It seems the only information she learns is that which she’s able to barter, beg, steal, or discover for herself. No one offers anything up freely in this world of powerful enemies. Everyone plays their hands too close to their chests, especially those that expect her loyalty and compliance. I don’t blame her one iota for not trusting anyone. I wouldn’t have either. How can you trust people that blatantly avoid telling you anything and then have the audacity to get mad at you for making a mistake because of the ignorant state they’ve willingly left you in?

Yet at the same time, I can’t really blame anyone else for the games they were playing. With Mac being pulled in so many directions, who’s to say where her loyalties lie? Especially when she doesn’t seem to know herself. Understanding the manner of their secrets as I now do, having already read the series several times, I get why they wouldn’t want to reveal them to her until they could be sure of her loyalty.

It's a vicious cycle.

The first time I read this I found myself almost fully on V’lane’s side. He seemed to be the only one that was willing to help Mac. Barrons nearly gave me wrinkles around my eyes from how much he made me frown. Reading this for the umpteenth time, I feel…differently. Except about Rowena. Fuck that old bitch.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pick myself up off the floor after an ending that leaves me reeling every time, make myself a drink, take a deep breath and press on to book four. Because we all remember what happens in the beginning of book four.

*waggles brows*

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827 reviews3,234 followers
January 27, 2021

When I first read this series I stopped at book 5 because the reviews for the following 2 were very mixed. It seems the quality of the series came back so I decided to continue. For that, I thought it will be nice to re-read my first encounter with UF and take my time with the content. While reading this series slowly instead of devouring it made the annoying pars more visible, I am still gripped by the plot and the world created by Moning.

For this one I am even keeping my rating because finally Mac starts to improve and Barrons became a bit more likable, not much.

I think this series is a must try for fans of UF with a dash of romance in it and a lot of sexual tension.

I almost forgot about the cliffhanger at the end. A huge one although the next book has one that is even worse.

Have the next book in the series ready when you read this one. It ends with a big cliffhanger. It took me a few seconds to start the next one after finishing this.
August 26, 2013
“Who the fuck are you, Ms. Lane?”
Rage filled me. Rage at what had been done to her. Rage at him for bringing it up. The thought that no one could see or judge me was liberating. I swelled with grief and anger.
“Now tell me who you are.”
“Vengeance,” I said in a cold voice.
There are certain things in my life that remains comfortingly constant despite the chaos that sometimes peppers my life. For instance, the sky is blue. 70% dark chocolate is delicious. I look really good in dark green.

Jericho Barrons is an asshat.

Well, fuck. That last fact might no longer be true.

I don't know how this happened, honestly. I don't think I'm a sheep. The majority of my friends have long professed their love for Barrons...and honestly, I just didn't get it. I still don't. Jericho is still not my type of guy, but upon the second time reading this book...I think he's finally growing on me.
I turned around slowly, and looked up at him. He stiffened and sucked in a shallow breath. After a moment, he touched my cheek.
“Such naked pain,” he whispered.
I turned my face into his palm and closed my eyes. His fingers threaded into my hair, cupped my head, and brushed the brand. It heated at his touch.
“Never show it to me again.” His face was cold, hard, his voice colder.
I started the Fever series with a horrible impression of Jericho that never really left. To me, he was an overbearing, patronizing, violent asshole. I have to admit that the first time around, I largely skimmed book 2 and 3, and my first, overwhelmingly terrible impression of Jericho never really changed.

Upon a second reading: a more careful, critical reading, I admit I might have been wrong the first time. The contrast and complexities in his character is particularly more notable for me today, coming off the recent reading of a particularly forgettable UF/PNR book, with forgettable characters.

I still don't like Jericho that much, but I love his character. I've come to see that while he is a jerk, he never goes over-the-line-violent. He stops just short of it, and he has his moments that just makes you wonder---maybe there's something there, worth investigating, under the surface.

And then the next moment, it's gone. Leaving you to wonder if that spark of humanity was ever there in the first place.

That's the thing that attracts me about Jericho's character...that's what FINALLY grew on me in this book. After so many books with lackluster characters, with predictable behaviors, this is one that keeps me guessing, who runs hot and cold...but just hot enough to keep me intrigued. That's why he evokes such strong emotions within me, and that's what keeps me hooked. It is easy to hate a character. Anyone can make a character merely...loathsome. It is quite another to have a character that keeps you on your toes, not knowing what he is, who he is, how he will react. It's exhausting at times, but ultimately, I am never bored, and that is what I seek within a book and its characters. Some escapism...and it doesn't get any better than the amazing world and setting in this series.

Mac's character is also improving by leaps and bounds. She's still a girly-girl. She still enjoys dressing up, but reality is smacking her in the face, and she is dealing with it and adapting to the situation just beautifully. She takes action, she learns to be manipulative. She takes initiative. She is not content to remain a passive, weak damsel in distress; she is willing to seek help from the devil---or Barrons---same thing, really, if that's what it takes. Her character develops beautifully in this book.

The first time around, despite my contempt for the characters, I absolutely loved the setting, the writing, the darkness of it all. This has not changed. The writing and scenery is spectacular. The portrayal of Dublin rips away the happy, safe, warm environment that I loved from reading Maeve Binchy's books---and being the creepy, strange woman I am, I think I might prefer the darkness. The writing is lovely, the insights into the nature of darkness, particularly from Mac's viewpoint, is remarkable, and is a better portrayal of Mac's inner nature and intelligence than I would have thought. She still has hope, she still has brightness within her, but Mac's understanding of evil makes me sympathize with her more than her natural effervescence and vivacity ever could.

I still think I like V'lane more than Jericho, though.
He began bringing me gifts. One day he brought me chocolate that wouldn’t make me gain weight, no matter how much I ate.
Profile Image for Angela.
632 reviews1,328 followers
December 17, 2016
hmmmmmmmmmmmm WELL...

Even with a lot of my questions still unanswered...
Even though I was still waiting to fall in love with Jericho and that still didn't happen...

I still give this book a perfect five!!!

Though all questions weren't answered we learn so much more in this book. I was also happy that there was a lot more action as well!

As far as the ending goes... Even though it was brutal and cliffhanging and I can see why some people might not be able to hang I think we can all agree that the way it was executed was done amazingly... so much so that I ran out and bought book four and am starting it tonight.

Profile Image for Sophia Triad.
2,239 reviews3,455 followers
October 31, 2020

Reread: 10/31/18 Is it just me that I want to wish wholeheartedly "Happy birthday Jericho Barrons!" every year this day? Or am I the weirdest fan of the series in GR?

First review:

31st of October.
This book has the best and the most unforgettable birthday party.
It is Halloween and it is Barron’s birthday.
Mac appears to the bookstore with a big pink cake just for him.
Will he be happy and feel touched because someone remembered his birthday?
I don’t think so…
Barrons does not like birthdays. He does not celebrate birthdays. He does not like surprises. He does not like big pink cakes.

"Never do that again, Ms. Lane. Do not insult me with your silly rituals, and idiotic platitudes. Never try to humanize me. Don't think we're the same, you and I. We're not."

This All Hallows’ Eve will be memorable for the city of Dublin and for Earth in general.
The walls between worlds are shattered and Mac loses herself.
The book finishes with an epic cliffhanger and a seriously heartbreaking climax.
Where was Barrons to save Mac? Where was V’lane?

Faefever is NOT a fairytale. It will bite you in the ass.
Profile Image for Mareeva.
361 reviews5,090 followers
January 22, 2022
First read: 4.5 stars

Second read: 4.5 stars

🧝‍♂️ I think this might be the first series I've read where the fae are truly the bad guys. They are 100% the creatures beyond any human comprehension and are the antagonists of this story. The heroine doesn't want TO BE fae or is in love with one either, which is a rarity in fantasy for me.

🧝‍♂️ Okay I haven't realised this the first time and I think I'm only noticing this now because I know everything that happens......but Mac's theories sometimes (all the time) are soooo far off😂 LIKE GIRL STOP ASSUMING you're driving me crazy.

🧝‍♂️ I really hate the word "feck", I can't stand Mac using it. Dani is enough.

🧝‍♂️ Mac dancing in her MacHalo to Bad Moon Rising is still one of my favourite scenes ever😩

Although I am a little traumatised after googling "MacHalo" attempting to find fan art (which is virtually impossible for this series) AND FOUND THIS WHAHAH
Miss Karen ur looking absolutely splendid dear.

🧝‍♂️ Barrons: an immortal being of unknown origins, seemingly limitless power that appears to scare even the fae, all-knowing and unfazed by almost anything...

Also Barrons: Horrified by the sight of Mac crying🥺

I began to cry.
Barrons looked horrified. “Stop that immediately, Ms. Lane.”
“I can’t.” I sniffled into my cup of cocoa so he couldn’t see my face.
“Try harder!”

🧝‍♂️ My other fav quotes (once again for myself):

“Why do people do that? Say things out loud they don’t even remotely believe?”

“I will grant you this. I like it when you say ‘please.’ You will say it again.”
“No. Once was enough.”
“What will you do for me in exchange?”
“I’m doing it. Helping you [V'lane] find the Book.”
“Not enough. You wish to command a Fae Prince as a lapdog? It costs, MacKayla. You will let me fuck you.”

Now why did this crack me up so much🤣🤣🤣 He just threw it out there so casually.

As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I was wearing faded jeans, boots, and a snug pink Juicy T-shirt I got on sale at TJ Maxx last summer that said I’m a Juicy girl .
“I bet you are,” he murmured.

Jericho you trying so hard bby but I see right through you.

You were something to see, he didn’t say.
You were something to feel, I didn’t reply.
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70 reviews13.6k followers
February 1, 2016
I can't remember how I felt about the whole book because the end left me hopeless. The first three books were definitely leading up to something bigger. All the events could have been put into one book, so I'm eager to read the 4th with the changes set in motion by this one. I adore all the characters, Mac is so real, and Barron's is just an ass. I hate him but he's such an enigma.
Profile Image for ☆☽Erica☾☆.
200 reviews673 followers
February 8, 2016

I swear Karen Marie Moning is attempting to sexually frustrate me to death.

Well GOOD TRY KAREN. I survived again.
Profile Image for Kim.
689 reviews1,698 followers
February 22, 2018
It's still too soon for me to write a review, but I need to talk about this book, so I'm just going to start sprouting nonsense and see where this thing will go. This will be a crap review (what else is new?) but I... gah! *flaps hands*

Man, I'm loving these books, goddammit. What the hell is up with me and the Pri-ya 'tude? I just finished the third book and I already want to start reading it again. I am rolling around on the floor with these books in my arms, I want to clear Amazon's entire stock of this series and shove copies at everybody who comes within a 10-mile radius, screaming "WHY AREN'T YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW" in their faces.

I don't even understand why these books are taking over my life right now. I'm either reading these books or thinking about these books, and I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming about them too. mostly about Barrons pressing me up against the wall and pinning my arms above my head with one hand.

I love how much Mac's character is growing, I can see, feel her changing while I'm there, watching her! Right in front of me! *points maniacally*

I just can't seem to find anything about her I don't like. I like her when she's Bookstore!Mac, I like her when she's ScrewYouBarrons!Mac, I like her when she's Hero!Mac.... And even Inventor!Mac. I reacted the same was as Barrons to her MacHalo. Priceless.

Her constant battles with Barrons are delicious, although I felt bad when he completely trashed her attempts at being nice. I understand why she wants what she wants from Barrons, but I can also understand why he doesn't want to give it to her. That doesn't mean I can't cheer them on to go at it like bunnies in front of me.

Also, this is really not the appropriate moment in the review to mention a minor but at this point, I'm barely capable of typing, because my hands keep reaching for my Kindle, but I'm growing very fond of Dani, d'aaaw, I smile every time I see her ^^

See, I can't do OMGYAY reviews. Crap crap crap. *fangirls*

I'm like a Jack Russel on LSD right now.
February 4, 2016
First reread with my girl Tanya, January 2015.

Original rating: 4
New rating: 4.5

First review: just two months ago. Think I'm going to write another one so soon? Think again. All you'll be getting from me is another episode in the Fever Freak's Facts of Life (abridged version).

Fact #1: Mac went from pinky to badassy

Good girl.

Fact #2: JZB

Do I really need to explain this again? You're joking right?! I thought so.

Fact #3: Voice lessons

Because JZB wants to know if Mac had sex with V'Lane. And because hopping is fun.

Fact #4: chilling at the beach with V'Lane

Just because.

Fact #5: mother of all cliffhangers, part I

It's a good thing I already know what happens next.

I rest my case. Until next time.

Original review (November 2014)

MacHalo buddy read starting November, 17 2014.

This book was a DNF waiting to happen. Yes, you read that right, I almost DNFed Jericho Freaking Barrons. Silly little me.

When I finished reading Bloodfever I couldn't get my hands on Faefever fast enough. I had to wait for a few days before I could read it and it was pure torture. So here I am, giddy with excitement as I start reading. The prologue was pretty good: I could have done without the recap about the previous books but I always enjoy Mac's narrative in the prologues for this series (she comes across as a much stronger character than she actually is - more on that later). The first chapter picks up right where Bloodfever ended: with Mac on a Dublin street, after an unexpected encounter with the Sinsar Dubh. I have to say that, as first scenes go, this one was pretty phenomenal. It drew me right back into the story and led me into thinking I was in for some more Fever awesomeness. I was wrong. Things went downhill from there.

The problem? Mac. I found her annoying in book 1 but by the end of book 2 I thought she was getting better and finally losing the silly Ms Pinky 'I was a spoiled child' Rainbows act. 3% into Faefever she was already annoying the hell out of me: Being stupid and superficial {Where the hell is Barrons?! }, saying silly (when not downright ridiculous) things. What bothered me most {Where the hell is Barrons?! }? Her constant blabbering to herself. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. She just wouldn't stop. {Where the hell is Barrons?! } And in the meantime, NOTHING happened. It was just Mac and her stupid inner commentary. By 13% I'd had just about enough of the general silliness. {Oh look, here's Barrons! Yay! Wait, wait, where do you think you're going?! Come back this minute! Don't you dare leave me alone with that silly girl!} At 18% Mac referred to herself as "ruthless" and I thought I was going to choke on my tea. Ruthless? Mac? What a joke! Come on, my neighbour's bunny is more ruthless than she is! But I digress. So here we were, Faefever and I, on the road to disaster. And it was killing me because I SO wanted to like this book! The repetitions didn't help as KMM felt the need to re-hash some things over and over again. The only highlights here: Barrons, V'Lane and Christian. Thank you gentlemen for saving the day, I probably wouldn't have made it this far were it not for you. [Incidentally, I am now planning to move to Dublin as it seems hot, dreamy, drop-dead gorgeous guys seem to be roaming the streets of the city. Sorry, I digress again] As I reached the 25% mark I was boiling up inside ("stupid stupid stupid stupid") and eye-rolling way too much for my own good. I just put the book down as I couldn't take it anymore and decided to momentarily give up on it.

Here I have to thank my most awesomest Fever Freaks for their support because without them I would have probably DNFed the book. They kept telling me it would get better and that the rest of the series was absolutely mind-blowing so, after staying away from the book for a day, I decided to pick it up again. And guess what?

HALLELUJAH, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!! All it took was a dead body and suddenly Mac put some sense back into her little self!! A miracle I tell you!! After that it was pretty much boom bam bang, scene after scene of pure awesomess!!! I don't want anyone to hate me here so I think I'll just spoiler tag this whole paragraph.
"Monsters and mayhem and massages, oh my."
And here we come to the shocker/cliffhanger ending. I have to admit that part of it I saw coming. What with that conversation about I could feel something really fishy was coming. Apparently some readers found the church scene particularly shocking while others gave up on the series because of it. I can't say it shocked me. It was horrible but I think KMM did a pretty fantastic job of it all. And you know what, I'm not that worried about Mac. Well she'll obviously be broken (I think) but the fact that she before it happened will obviously change the rules of the game. We'll see.

So Mac and I are on the way to reconciliation. We're not great friends yet and I still don't think she kicks that much ass but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I used to like V'Lane more than Barrons but I now find myself trusting dear old Jericho more. He is still an ass but I don't think he's that evil. I might very well be wrong though. Who knows what the Constant Jackass will be up to next?

So there you have it my peeps, this was lesson #1 in "how to get from almost-DNF to 4 star rating faster than the speed of light."

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420 reviews1,118 followers
September 22, 2014
5 Darkest-Night-of-the-Soul


Nobody looks good in their darkest hour. But it's those hours that make us what we are. We stand strong, or we cower. We emerge victorious, tempered by our trials, or fractured by a permanent, damning fault line.


We stand strong, we fight our demons and we face our enemies bravely. We put on a strong face and we fight our ass off. By darkness consumes and surrounds. Allies fail you and willpower is not enough. The strongest bent and the weak break, when dealing with our worst nightmares, doomed in hell.

A ruthless partner,
a seductive prince,
an evil mastermind.
3 men with deadly secrets and in the middle of them all, a woman that has reached her break-point.

Sinsar Dubh paves his bloody way in a city doomed to fall. Unseelie walk freely among the humans and the sidhe-seers cower behind the fears of a stubborn High Mistress. When darkness falls, who will make a stand and help the city live to see another day?


Mac seems to be the only one determined to make a stand. Her lessons with Barrons, the memory of her sister, the reluctant answers from V'lane and the budding sisterhood with Dani, a fellow teenager sidhe-seer, seem to give her the strength she needs. With her usual flair and optimism, this rainbow girl, can survive anything. Won't she?


Secrets upon secrets, suspicion, fear and some answers that will born more questions, an accidental tragedy and the worst fate a woman can wish, will bring Mac on the fringe of sanity and by the end destroy her.



Utterly heartbreaking, dream-crashing and soul-punching (I just come up with words because english fail me when I am upset..) the ending was every nightmare come true. Repulsive and disturbing, I couldn't tear my eyes away and pray for Mac's soul... HELL! How is someone surviving this kind of cliffhanger??


I hang on the promise of light and happiness... barely. Mac, is a part of me now. The series is like reading someone's journal, witnessing their wins and losses, inner-struggles and emotions. I am in love with Barrons (come on Mac freaking admit it!), in lust with V'lane (no stones sisters... my reproductive organs are functional and appreciate a gorgeous male specimen) and best friends with Dani (I feel ya girl, I wouldn't know where to give my virginity either with these too...). Amazing, highly emotional, dark and nail-biting I can't recommend this series enough.


On to the next, IMMEDIATELY!
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July 3, 2018
¿Quéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????? ¿Cómo se le ocurre a la Moning hacernos esto????? Por Dios! esto no es serio.... Qué manera de hacernos sufrir.
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374 reviews570 followers
October 26, 2013

What is the greater good but tyranny’s chameleon?

This series is the perfect escape, and I love every single second.

The Sinsar Dubh:

This book continues from Bloodfever. Mac continues her search to find her sister’s murderer and seek revenge. She begins to find more people who can provide her with resources, yet she is still very much alone in her battle. We still don’t know much about Barrons. There are tiny hints here and there, but they only seem to add more questions.

My Jericho Barrons:

Barrons was powerful, broodingly good-looking, insanely wealthy, frighteningly intelligent, and had exquisite taste, not to mention a hard body that emitted some kind of constant low-level charge. Bottom line: He was the stuff of heroes.


Chiseled from savagery by a sculptor-savant, Barrons is a throwback to a lawless time, and looks as stoically primitive as he behaves.

Man In Black.

My Mac:

“Such naked pain,” he whispered.

Emma Watson

I wake up feeling bruised, coated with bad dream residue that clings to me all day.

Emma Watson

I had to find a picture of the pi cake because I loved this part!

Pi cake

I want Barrons to Voice ME…. So hot!!!

That ending wrecked me!!!

By the time I finished this review, I had already read Dreamfever, so I’m off to read Shadowfever now!!!!
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3,918 reviews69.3k followers
January 3, 2015
Re-read: 2014

This is the Fever book where shit gets all crazy.
The walls are coming down, bitches!
It's also the one where KMM dumps you at the end with a horrifying cliffhanger. In fact, the only cliffhanger that's worse than this one is the one in the next book, Dreamfever.

Mac isn't a little whiny bitch anymore, Barrons is starting to show signs of cracking (in the sexy way!), Inspector Jayne gets hooked on Unseelie, Rowena shows her ass in spectacular fashion, and (unfortunately) Dani is the voice of a few of the chapters in this one.
But that's ok, because...Barrons.

Totally stole this image from Sh3lly's review!

This was a great book to end this year on.
And if you haven't jumped on the Fever bandwagon, you don't know what you're missing!

Original Review: 2009
Oh my God! This series is definitely a must-read! I can't believe the ending on this one! I can't believe how much I'm freaking out right now! I can't believe how many exclaimation points I just used!
(Deep Breath) Read these books...they're good.
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726 reviews40 followers
December 18, 2021
Just Wow! This is getting to be such and epic series I am giving up sleep just to read another chapter.

If your wondering if this book is the one you will find out what Jericho Barons is, think again, I have been trying to guess what he is this whole time, and come up short. I really just want to know at this point so on to the next book.

Happy Reading 📕📚📓📒📗📘📙📔📚📚📓📒📗📘📕📖
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November 11, 2013
4.5 stars

Well the first part of the fecking book was slow enough. Not enough fecking Barrons. But once I got to fecking 80% it took off like a tornado. Holy Crap, me heart was fecking beating out of me chest.

Well, they say, good things will come to those who wait

Who the fcuk are “they” and how the hell do they know….

Yes, I was waiting, waiting and more waiting for some sex scenes…. Not happening.

I was lying on the ground, beneath Barron’s wild, electric body, ripping his shirt open, and splaying my hands over the hard, muscled abdomen tattooed black and crimson in intricate, alien designs. Smelling him all around me. Feeling like he was inside me, or I was inside him. Wondering how much more inside him I’d get if I let him inside me.

Still NO SEX, nada, nowt, niets!!!

V’lane …

Struggled a bit but was TOLD that it would be worth the wait.
“Barrons was powerful, broodingly good-looking, insanely wealthy, frighteningly intelligent, and had exquisite taste, not to mention a hard body that emitted some kind of constant low-level charge. Bottom line: He was the stuff of heroes.

And psychotic killers.”

V’lane and Mac visit the Abbey. She feels the Sinsar Dubh book is close but it keeps evading her.
“Nobody looks good in their darkest hours. But it's those hours that make us what we are.”

Off to start

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April 13, 2021
Man, is this good! But it sure is getting darker…
What I loved:
🖤 the picture of our time-traveling 16th-century-Druid Dageus McKeltar having sex with his wife Chloe to “that Nine Inch Nails song” (judging by the lyrics, I assume it’s "Closer" 🎶 "... I want to fuck you like an animal..." 🎶)
🖤 the handsome Christian McKeltar and his unique talent
🖤 the enigma that is Barrons is hightened, but we're at least inching closer to answering the question of who/what he is
🖤 V‘lane as Mac‘s temporary sidekick
🖤 Barrons trying to teach Mac how to resist Voice (= compulsion; a Druid spell)
🖤 Mac’s invention of the MacHalo (a helmet outfitted with lights to keep the nasty Shades away)
🖤 we finally find out what/who the Lord Master is
🖤 the origin of the Sinsar Dubh is revealed and we find out what is so terrifying about it
🖤 that I don't have to hate the cliffy because I can just continue with book 4
🖤 Moning’s writing and Joyce Bean’s narration of the audiobook

What I didn’t love:
✖️ It takes 90 pages (!) for Mac and Barrons to interact and then nothing meaningful is exchanged (like what she has learned about the book) – what can I say: I was looking forward to them collaborating.
✖️ not enough Mac-and-Barrons time in general; no progress in their attraction to one another (no repeat of them making out, for example)
✖️ all that secrecy, like Barrons not being more forthcoming with what he knows
✖️ The back and forth with MAC'S TRUST ISSUES – it’s one step forward, two steps back with Mac and Barrons when all you want is for her to take two steps forward. (Like why doesn’t she confront him directly when she sees him carrying a dead woman?)
I realize that my desire for Mac trusting Barrons stems from wanting to see them together: Thus, the romantic in me attributes some sort of feeling to Barrons‘ motivation to keep Mac safe; but from Mac‘s thinking, that she is only a means to an end (finding the book), I guess I can understand her lack of trust – especially considering Alina got herself killed having placed her trust in the wrong person. Ironically, Mac still manages to misplace her trust, all the while trying not to. At the end of the day, I still would have liked her to at least tell Barrons about the book before telling V‘lane. It all boils down to this:
➡️ “The most confused we ever get is when we’re trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie.” (Mac)
July 25, 2017
4.5 fever-frenzy Stars

October 29 ( 2 days to go)
Dear Diary Hey There,

I feel like I’m coming undone, like the fabric of my existence unwound. How melodramatic of me, you might think, but you should try having your whole world explode in your face; turning everything that’s real into a lie and everything that cannot be real into the truth, and then tell me how to deal with it.

I used to be a rainbow girl, a sunshine girl. Now I don’t even recognise myself most days. Within me is a darkness, a creature so primitive that it terrifies me. And it’s INSIDE me! How am I, a sunshine girl from Georgia, supposed to deal with that? Barrons says that it’s our fears that get us killed… but how am I supposed to not be afraid? How?

I have no family, no friends and my employer, the enigmatic Barrons, isn’t someone I can trust. Everyone is lying to me, trying to play me for their own purposes. There’s no one I can talk to about how this animal inside me makes me feel. What it’s like to crave a pound of Unseelie flesh, in more ways than one. Who even am I? I want to wake up and discover that this fae congested world is just a frogging dream, but it isn’t.

I wake up most mornings with a cold inside me that runs so deeply I’m afraid I may never get warm. Alina wouldn’t even recognise the person I am now, that may be the worst part. I can handle the fae, I can handle the employer who is absentee at best but losing Alina: that is a reality that haunts me every day. Worse is the truths in the lies and the lies in the truths, my life has become a fog of moves and counter moves.

Speaking of lies, how long can I lie to myself about Barrons? Barrons, the life-saver and liar… I wonder how many pros and cons lists Alina made about LM? Have I become just another pawn on a chess board of bad or even worse? Who am I? Am I the girl at the pool or am I the girl with spear? Can I even dream of being both?

There is a war coming, I can feel it in my bones. Will I be ready? I have to be ready because there is a difference between who you are and who you have to be to survive… I have to be ready! Everyone knows you either become what you need to be or you become dead, I’ve made my choice. Fae or unknown, if I have an out I’ll take it.

Welcome to hell!

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1,069 reviews282 followers
September 17, 2008
***Be warned that this is the 3rd book of a planned 5 book series. So this takes us about halfway through events. It ends on a cliffhanger, but I still loved it!

Holy Sh@%! I just finished "Faefever" by Karen Marie Moning and I'm not sure whether I want to kiss her or kill her. Her writing is lucid, smart, fantastic, and yet somehow believable. If you're a fan of Moning's 'Highlander' series and are looking for more of that...then you need to pass on by. If you're looking for a story so gritty, scary, and yet real and addictive...then go RIGHT NOW and pick up all three books in this series. You won't be sorry.

Mac is torn in so many different directions in this book, it's almost painful to read. None of the decisions she must make are easy, yet every one will have titanic consequences. She's seemingly being 'courted' by three different males, each of whom wants her for her ability to sense Hallows. In "Faefever, she finds out a little bit more about each of them. There's V'lane, the death-by-sex fae who claims to want 'the Book' for his Queen to keep the walls between the worlds strong. There's the Lord Master, Mac's sister's old lover and ultimately killer, who needs the book to dissolve the walls but will keep Mac and her family safe and restore her dead sister to her with help from 'the Book'. Then there's Jericho Barrons. Every time Mac thinks she has him pegged, she discovers how little she really knows or understands him. Yet her attraction to him is always there. In Faefever, Mac finally spends some time with Christian MacKeltar--a Druid from a pretty impressive family lineage of Druids who battle to protect humanity by preserving the 'Compact' with the Fae Queen.

But in the end, it all comes down to Mac. She's the only one alive who can sense the object/s they all want. Her actions affect not just herself and other Sidhe-seers but ultimately all humanity. The real issue is: Who can Mac trust? Or maybe more accurately: Can she trust any of them?

I absolutely devoured this book. Didn't eat, didn't take a break (but did have to go to the bathroom once)! Now I'm strung out and strung up. I want to know...need to know what happens next. All I can do is wait for "Dreamfever" which is currently awaiting a release date but will likely be at least 9 months from now :(
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May 17, 2011
Faefever is the third book in the Fever series and I must conclude: I'm liking Mac less and less.
People warned me I would hate her in the first book but that she'd grow on me as the series progressed. The exact opposite seems to be happening. Sure: in the first book Mac was annoying and completely self absorbed, but she admitted to it. She came out and said she could be totally dense and insanely vain.
Now though: the self absorption is not (only) about how pretty she is, but about her self proclaimed martyrdom. Whenever something happens to someone else: it's always about how it makes Mac feel. Mac feels alone, doesn't trust anyone, feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. This is understandble... to a certain point. But I just don't understand why she needlessly tries to make everything more difficult. Nobody told her to save the world. She just needs to find the book. Nobody told her to do it alone. I get that she doesn't trust V'Lane. I reluctantly understand that she keeps finding reasons to distrust Barrons. I full-heartedly agree that Rowena is a bitch. But seriously: better have some help in stead of half assing everything yourself, I'd say.

Besides that: the constant rehashing of the world is starting to annoy me. There is refreshing your readers' memories and then there is telling everything all over again. Multiple times.

This time around: I did like the ending. Those last chapters had me on the edge of my seat. But a few chapters aren't enough.

There are things I really like about this series, but I can't shake the feeling that it could have been more. More to like Mac, more tension between her and Barrons, more reason for me to be scared of the Fae.

Again: 3,5 stars.

My current Barrons theory. .

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274 reviews172 followers
March 30, 2023
Rating: 4.2 stars

“The most confused we ever get is when we’re trying to convince our heads of something our heart knows is a lie.”

“I keep expecting to wake up and find it was all a bad dream.
Alina will be alive,
I won’t be afraid of the dark,
Monsters won’t be walking the streets of Dublin,
And I won’t have this terrible fear that tomorrow just won’t come.”

Each time I complete a book in the ‘Fever’ series I think these books couldn’t get any darker, any more alluring, but they do. This series enriches in how dark its gravities become. So much more. Tenfold.

What a strange word.
‘Night’ I get.
Autumn leaves fall, swirling with languid grace
To carpet the earth with their dying blaze.
Tears fall, like liquid diamonds
Shimmering softly, before they melt away.
Night doesn’t fall here.
It comes slamming down.”

Moning’s world of the Fae is truly gruesomely seductive, its raw, perverse, unflinching, exceptionally riveting and deceptive, her character creations are erroneously flawed, her writing is jaunty, only superseded by its richer tones of the grisly and macabre plot. staggering histories and exciting mythologies, corrupt, ancient books and bargains and prophecies, underhanded faeries, manipulative foes and power-hungry avengers. Implacable entities and charming acquaintances, Mackayla Lane rides the unhinged train and perilous possibilities of an approaching apocalypse, a damning Armageddon set to engulf worlds and collide the facets of dimension.

“Between-ness is a defining characteristic of liminal. Limbo is another. Liminal in neither here nor there but exists between one moment and the next, poised in that pause where what’s passing hasn’t yet become what’s becoming. Liminal is a magical time, a dangerous time, fraught with
possibility…and peril.”

Objectives are more indefinable, indescribable, and the inscrutable nature of the men in her life only leaves room for sinister speculation. Moning doesn’t abide by the laws of archetypes and boundary in her examinations of species and nature, nurture and beliefs of ethical dilemma. There are no lines between friendlies and foes, as most wear the same faces, distinctions are almost impenetrable when the ‘bad’ guys and ‘good’ can easily exchange faces and trade places.

“Why, oh why, do we find the most dangerous, forbidden men the most irresistible?”

“Nobody looks good in their darkest hour. But it’s those hours that make us what we are. We stand strong, or we cower. We emerge victorious, tempered by our trials, or fractured by a permanent, damning fault line.”

The Fae world and that of Ireland’s once charming city becomes more complex, the characters more potent, and though both plot direction and resolution seemed indecisive at times, the finale reserves that which all momentum builds. It was alarming and cruel and torture to read, it was not only a cliff-hanger, it was a heart-twister, a hope-killer and world-stopper. So unfortunate for such a promising protagonist, but Mac’s story has always been one for building and fortifying her own strength and vigour and I’m sure Mac’s luminosity will surely outshine any circumstance.

“Because somewhere deep inside you, you know beyond equivocating that something greater, wiser, and infinitely more loving than we’re capable of understanding has a vested interest in the Universe, in the way things turn out. Because you can feel that, as much as the forces of darkness might try to gain the upper hand, there is an Upper Hand.”

Moning, calculatedly keeps her cards very close to her chest, displaying little of how this tale will play out and keeps us gripping for tangibility and substance in a world of no concretes for the main lead. We don’t know who and what we can trust and though so much is indistinguishable, Mac is still a determined woman, channelling her independence and provoking her hidden strengths to keep herself smart and knowledgeable …and alive. She doesn’t cower, but she is still only one girl in an increasingly evolving and punishing world because free falling into the unknown is one thing but a void, a chasm of no end, perpetual horror, and ever-dwindling light means the voices of malevolence might be too vast to scatter to ashes.

“The universe screeched in protest as barriers collapsed, and realms collided; then the night was filled with another kind of screeching.”

“No, the walls had not yet fallen. They were falling now.”

Things I liked/Favourite parts:

Favourite Quotes:
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354 reviews329 followers
January 25, 2018
There are only four authors whose publication dates I follow religiously. And ever since the Harry Potter series ended and Anita Blake turned into a creepy sort of person I’d be disinterested in meeting if she were real, there are only two of them whose publication dates I follow religiously so I can actually be at the bookstore the moment it opens on release day to buy my copy. Karen Marie Moning is one of them.

I was introduced to her Highlander series a couple years ago and fell passionately in love with the characters and their happily-ever-after endings (not to mention the heart-pounding love scenes!) Her writing style is easy to read and a perfect mix of intelligence and comfortable colloquialism that makes it easy to approach without being full of typos and awkwardly structured sentences. I say that Karen Marie Moning is a romance author for the people who want some decent plot with their sex! Mix in some gorgeous men in kilts and an element of fantasy (time travel, druids, Fae Princes, some Berserkers, whatever) and you’re good to go.

All that being said, her Fever series is completely different. Faefever is the third in the series and I would strongly advise you NOT read out of order (Darkfever, Bloodfever, Faefever). Each subsequent installment of the series is closely tied in to the one before it and without that foundation, it would be very confusing. I would also categorize the first three books in this series as more “urban fantasy” than “paranormal romance” so if you need a happy ending, these dark books might leave you feeling unfulfilled, at least for now.

The main character, MacKayla Lane, is a ditzy southern belle who is forced to grow up fast. After her sister is brutally murdered while studying abroad, MacKayla (Mac for short) travels to Ireland to identify her sister’s body and get some more information. She is unwittingly sucked into an unbelievably crazy subworld of Celtic myth that includes bad fairies, druids, dark hallows, evil plots, mystery and unfulfilled sexual desires with men of indeterminate scruples. Moning’s fans have quickly learned that the author has the ability to write some unbelievably compelling cliffhangers and this installment was no different.

The things I especially liked about this particular book:
--Christian MacKelter (mmm, young druid man, I hope to see him get his own book in the Highlander series. I wouldn’t mind seeing V’lane go the way of Adam Black and get his own either but that might be a stretch!)
--the MacHalo (Mac made Barrons laugh, yay! Wow, total fangirl moment there.)
--V’lane dressing Mac in sleazy bikinis (hilarious, I could totally picture it)
--learning more about the Lord Master
--more clues about who/what Barrons is (dun, dun, dun!)

The ending killed me *sad face* and I’m OMGCAN’TWAIT for the next book and desperately wish I hadn’t discovered the series until all five had been published. So yes, my one recommendation would be that if you haven’t started this series yet but think it sounds interesting, wait until they’ve all been published unless you like being made mad crazy over a book.
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