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Cait (tigercait) | 5005 comments Okay, this is as much for my own reference as anything else, but I made the wacky decision to start with the Teen Titans series, so y'all might as well help point and laugh.

Policies on comic book series:
* The first discussion
* The draft of the entry for the librarians' manual

Trade series which are pretty straightforward:
* Young Justice
* Teen Titans III
* The Outsiders III
* Checkmate
* The Titans II

Trade series which are more confusing:
* Teen Titans I
* The New Teen Titans
* The Titans I

I'm linking the single issue series from the trade series as I create them....

Not actually related:
* Teen Titans Go!
* Tiny Titans

Questions which I am accumulating:
* Should annuals be their own series or just numbered as "annual X" (or "X annual")?
* Should books which collect the same comic book series be part of the same trade book series even if they are named different things (eg, "The Silver Age Teen Titans Archive" vs "DC Showcase: Teen Titans")?
* Should books about the same team be united in one series (eg, "The Silver Age Teen Titans Archive" and "Teen Titans: Year One")?

This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For | 949 comments 1. I would either make annuals numbered as part of the series OR do both (part of series and their own series). I wouldn't make them an independent series without having them part of the primary series.

2. Guh

3. Can't comment about Teen Titans per se, but just like with Star Wars and Star Trek (of which I seem to be slightly in the minority), I could definitely see a global "Spiderman", "Batman", and "X-Men" series which would hold all of the various subversions of these series (e.g., "Amazing Spiderman") in a single place.

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