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message 1: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Thank you for joing what we hope will become a great place to have fun, discuss books, and make some friends. I think we should start with some introductions. I will also have a new message with the idea of choosing books for the month.

My name is Jennifer and I am 34 years old. I have a 17 year daughter which is also in the group. We read most of the same books and love to discuss them. We wanted to put this group together for older teens and of course adults who are not ashamed of reading young adult books. I live in Texas.
My favorite YA series are: Twilight - yes I am one of those fans, Gaurdians of Time, and the Wicked Lovely Series.
Please feel free to introduce yourself with what ever information you would like to give and the books that you like to read.

message 2: by Ashlea (new)

Ashlea Daune (ashyydaune) | 32 comments Mod
Guess I should introduce myself too
My name is Ashlea, Im 17 years old, Jennifer is my mommy, Im from texas.
I have so many favorite books, a few areee City of Bones, Poison Studies, Twilight, Harry Potter, Shiver
and way more of course(:
Nothing really else to know about me, except that I love photography.
Hehe, thats it^^

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather | 2 comments Hi! My name is Heather, I am currently reading the Dark Powers series. I just finished the Hunger Games series and Vampire Academy. Vampire Academy and the Hunger Games are my all time favorite ones! Also a huge Twilight fan! Im 23 years old, and not ashamed to love these kinds of books! I have a 18 month old son , and am a military wife. My husband is a Marine. I don't have many friends that are into any of these books so I dont have anyone to talk to about them! I feel so alone when it comes to my love of all these books, and it bores my husband to death to listen to me tell him about the books! LOL =)

message 4: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome Heather! It's nice to know I have fellow adults out there that love YA books too. My husband actually reads young readers for the 5th through 8th grade. I am not sure if anyone in my family actually reads adult books.
I would like to thank your husband for his loyalty and his bravery to our freedom!

message 5: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm 43 and yes I do occasionally read YA. I read all the Twilight series. I liked them but now the hype is just to much. I'm planning on starting the Hunger Games soon. As soon as I can get them from the library. I have the City of Bones series, just haven't gotten areond to it yet.

message 6: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome Lisa! I hope we can get you more in the YA books. I am addicted to all the series myself. The Mortal Instruments series is really good. Another good series is Gone by Michael Grant.

message 7: by Lisa S (new)

Lisa S (kasey_k_fan) Thanks Jennifer! I read just about anything that is recommended to me.

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael Mcdaid | 23 comments Mod
hello everyone. My name is Michael and I am jennifer's husband. She made me join the group. Just joking. No I love to read YA books. My favorite series are Chronicles of Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, Guardians of Time, Artemis Fowl, and Percy Jackson. Just started reading Hunger Games. Recently read the Mortal Instrument Series and loved City of Glass. Can not wait until City of Fallen Angels comes out. Will have to read Clockwork Prince next.

message 9: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Hi :) I'm Kellee and I am a 28 year old 7th grade language arts teacher. I read 99% young adult fiction and have too many favorites to list (though The Giver and Hunger Games top the list).

message 10: by Jane (new)

Jane  Dance | 1 comments I am Jane,49 years old, Teen Librarian at Round Rock Public Library where I run a book club once at month; that is where I met Ashlea, and her mom of course.

I have the best job in the world! I have money to buy YA books for the Library collection! Sounds great doesen't it? Yes, but it's a lot of hard work reading reviews, and knowing what is popular and having the responsibility of developing a popular collection that is well used/cheked out.

I read nothing but YA books now so this club is a great place for me to be!

Thank you Jennifer and Ashlea for inviting me.

message 11: by Angela (new)

Angela (a_hoffman79) Hello there! I'm Angela, a 31-year-old lover of all things YA lit. I really enjoy writing constructive book reviews too. Though I am glad to have been invited to this group, my involvement will probably be minimal because of my required reading for my college literature classes. After getting degrees in other areas and working in public health for about 9 years, I've returned to school to earn a master's degree in English Education so I can teach at the high school level. I look forward to being able to recommend great YA books to my students one day!

message 12: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome guys. I hope you enjoy here.

Melissa (YA Book Shelf) (yabookshelf) Hi everyone! Thanks for inviting me to the group Jennifer!

I'm Melissa, and I'm a 30-year-old, who reads and reviews all sorts of YA lit (realistic/contemporary, historical, fantasy, Dystopia, etc) on my site, YA Book Shelf. I have a Master's degree in English lit and 5 years experience working for an online company, so my site is the best of both these worlds. so far my favorite series is The Hunger Games trilogy, but I also love Stolen by Lucy Christopher, I, Coriander by Sally Gardner, Ghost Ride by Marina Cohen, Rhythm And Blues by Jill Murray, anything by Cecil Castellucci and Laurie Halse Anderson.

Looking forward to sharing with everyone else here!

message 14: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome! It is awesome that you found us and we welcome anyone who would like to join. I have not read the Hunger Games as of yet by my daughter, sister in law, husband, and daughters boyfriend has read them and love them. I think the Wicked Lovely series is one of my favorites.

You can go to the poll and vote for septembers book which we will start on September 15th and you can nominate 2 books for october. That poll will start later this month. Thanks again for joining!

Melissa (YA Book Shelf) (yabookshelf) Rachel, I haven't checked out Battle Royale, but I think that the majority of people who have read the Hunger Games trilogy, myself included, have really gotten into the series.

It's true that the violence is somewhat disturbing at times, but there is more to the novels that that alone.

message 16: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Rachel wrote: "Then, what's the core struggle or the thing that they're seeking in the novels? I thought the novels were centered around the games. I'm just a little wary because I don't want to have to wade thro..."

The games are a part of it, but by far are not the core of the novels.

message 17: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome to the Group! I hope you fine a great home here. We are currently taking nominations for november reads in the discussion forum!

message 18: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Welcome everyone!

message 19: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Hi everyone, I am a 29 year old English teacher from NJ. I started reading YA a few years ago and have found it valuable to my job, but I also have to admit, I like reading YA. Look forward to discussing books with you.

message 20: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Vicki wrote: "Hi everyone, I am a 29 year old English teacher from NJ. I started reading YA a few years ago and have found it valuable to my job, but I also have to admit, I like reading YA. Look forward to disc..."

Hi Vicki :) So glad you decided to join this group :) Welcome!

message 21: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome! Glad you joined our group! The nominations are up in Discussions, if you haven't already feel free to add your nominations for December Book Read, and any questions let us know.

message 22: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Thanks, I look forward to chatting with you!

message 23: by Angela Sunshine (new)

Angela Sunshine (angelasunshine) I'm Angela, a 34 yr old mom. My son is a freshman this year and an active reader. I've always loved YA and when he started middle school it gave me an "excuse" to read it as well. Now he's moved on to Stephen King and GR has made me comfortable enough to not feel like I need an excuse anymore :)

Looking forward to some discussion!

message 24: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Larry | 4 comments Hi, my name is Natasha and I reside in Huntsville, Alabama. I am a writer and lover of young adult/paranormal books. I am a Twilight junkie and I am always looking out for great new authors in this genre.
I also like adult urban fantasy.

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura Hello i am a fifteen year old and i absolutely adore reading. If i want to get away from real life i just pick up a book. A lot of my friends dont like reading so they think im strange to enjoy it so much and i cant really discuss books with them. SO i decided to join you group thanks for having me xx

message 26: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome Natasha and Laura. We are glad to have you!

message 27: by Natasha (new)

Natasha Larry | 4 comments thank you :)

message 28: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) I am Audrey and I am 13 I <3 reading and figure skating

message 29: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome Audrey. I hope you enjoy being a part of this group.

message 30: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Audrey wrote: "I am Audrey and I am 13 I <3 reading and figure skating"

Welcome Audrey!!
Have you read Sugar and Ice by Kate Messner? It combines your two loves :)

message 31: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (mintcat) I will just have to do that

message 32: by Erin (new)

Erin Hi, I'm Erin and I'm a 29 year old mother of 4 boys under the age of 7. I'm a huge fan of Twilight and enjoy reading other YA books. I've only just started reading books again after a very long drought (about 15 years, I was a huge reader in high school). I have just finished reading Fallen by Lauren Kate and will be starting Torment soon. I look forward to discussing books in this group.

message 33: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome Erin, I hope you enjoy this group. I am currently reading Fallen. Just started it.

message 34: by Ann (new)

Ann (hawk_eye) | 4 comments Good for you, to be so smart and independent at your age is very commendable.

message 35: by Ronald (new)

Ronald Lewis (RonWeaverSoulMateAuthor) | 2 comments Hi, everyone

I'm Ron Weaver, senior producer of The Bold and the Beautiful and a novelist. I just published my first book --Soul Mate. Since it's a forbidden love story about a 26-year-old Latina teacher and her 18-year-old, blue blood student who discover in a very unusual way that they are soul mates, it seemed likely to me that it's a topic that might appeal to a YA group.

I'm getting some great reviews and positive feedback from readers. (including some great quotes from Betty White, Jack Wagner, Lesley-Anne Down...)

I started writing what I thought would be some diary chapters written by Ridge Forrester, one of the leading men on B&B that might appeal to readers of our show's website. About two pages in it took on a life of its own. Soul Mate If some of you would like to check it out, I'd certainly welcome your comments and reviews.

This is a whole new world for me. It's fun and exciting to create characters and let them tell you their stories.

message 36: by Ronald (new)

Ronald Lewis (RonWeaverSoulMateAuthor) | 2 comments I just logged on to my book on the Amazon.com site and found a new five star review from Midwest Book Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars A read that shouldn't be overlooked, January 7, 2011
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Soul Mate (Paperback)
The student teacher relation is often romanticized but at the same time taboo. "Soul Mate" tells the story of Lance and Claudia, a student and teacher who go down the road of this forbidden relationship. Facing the world that shuns them, their romance comes along against it all with an assortment of unique and entertaining characters, "Soul Mate" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked.

message 37: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (kaylawrites89) Hi, my name is Kayla, i'm 21 and I love to write. I've been writing 2 young adult novels for the last 4 years and am still attempting to finish them.
i love to read ya romance. :) Some of my favorites include: his dark materials by, philip pullman; the abhorsen series by, garth nix; modern faerie tale series by, holly black; vampire kisses by, ellen schreiber. non series: a certain slant of light by, laura whitcomb; east by, edith pattou; ice by, sarah beth durst. i'm always on the look out for beautiful ya romance, whether they're fantasy, sci-fi or just based on real life.

i've never been in a book club, but i hope to enjoy this one and be able to achieve my reading goal for the year. feel free to suggest any book to me, i'll read anything, aside from non-fiction. ;)

message 38: by Linda (new)

Linda Ash | 7 comments Hi Kayla, welcome! The abhorsen series is one of my absolute favorites!!

message 39: by Paula (new)

Paula | 8 comments Hey all, I'm Paula from CT. I'm a (pre-pub'd) writer of YA and MG and an avid reader of both. My most recent favorite is What I Saw and How I Lied. I just finished reading I Am Number Four in anticipation of the movie and look forward to the discussion here. I am also a Twilight lover and proud of it : ) I'm glad to find you all. I love to talk books and love to learn what have to say about them.

message 40: by Kellee (new)

Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Welcome everyone! :) I am so happy we are getting some great readers in this group :)

message 41: by Katie (new)

Katie | 17 comments Hi I'm Katie, 25 and from Australia. I have just finished reading Delirium And I really enjoyed that, can't wait for the sequel. I am also in the middle of reading the Fallen series & The Wolves of Mercy Falls, and can't wait for the next installments to be released.

message 42: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome! I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls.

message 43: by Katie (new)

Katie | 17 comments Jenn Renee wrote: "Welcome! I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls."

Thanks Jenn Renee, I am loving them atm too. But as always when the next and final book comes out I will read the whole thing in one night then be disapointed that its over! Im a shocker, I tend to prefer reading series but get all anoyed when I finish the final book.

message 44: by April (new)

April Hi I'm April. I'm a 34 year old mom and I love to read. I'm an OR nurse in KY and a lot of people at work share my addiction. Some of my favorite YA series are the Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and of course Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I just read the 1st boot in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and loved it.

message 45: by Katie (new)

Katie | 17 comments Hi April

message 46: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Hello, I'm Michelle =]
I really love to read and write yet lack friends that enjoy my passion. I really like fantasy and faery books but I'm pretty much open to read anything. Sadly I am currently a senior in high school and lost time to continue reading and writing as much as normally did which is why I wanted to join a book club to help me find time =].

message 47: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Welcome April! I am a fan of the same series. Good to have you in the group.

message 48: by JennRenee (new)

JennRenee (jennreneeread) | 226 comments Mod
Katie wrote: "Jenn Renee wrote: "Welcome! I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls."

Thanks Jenn Renee, I am loving them atm too. But as always when the next and final book comes out I will read the whole thing in on..."

I hope the last book is a great ending. The second book really made me mad and I must admit that I threw the book at the wall. The last, I hope makes up for that.

message 49: by Michelle (new)

Michelle LUCAS(poet) wrote: "hey everybody im lucas and im kinda a poet. im 17 years old and im not sure what else needs to be known haha so dont be afraid to ask me any questions"

Hey Lucas, what do you mean by "kinda" a poet? haha

message 50: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria Nicole (alexandriatheo) | 9 comments Hi, I'm Alexandria, and I'm a 22 year old Ohio State college student. I read too many books instead of my textbooks, but oh well :) YA is my favorite and they're almost all I read. Some favorites are Twilight, Mortal Instruments Series, House of Night Series and The Hunger Games Trilogy! I'll read anything involving romance and the supernatural. Although reading is what I love most, I hope to write a book one day. I've taken some creative writing classes and can't get enough of them!
Excited to share books with all of you :D

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