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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Boy gets stuck on a platform in the desert. [s]

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Madison | 1 comments A book I read in fifth grade or so. This one was about a boy, probably a teen or preteen, that lived in the West (with cowboys and ranches and such). He went out with his horse and got a rabbit. Then he encountered a big dust storm and landed on a small platform on those windmill like things you see in the west. Both of his legs were broken, and he stayed up there for a few days. Some people he knew came to help him, and he made a rope of his clothing to climb down from the platform.

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bookel | 2420 comments Google Books search:
"dust storm" windmill legs broken

Swarthout, Glendon Fred, and Kathryn Swarthout. Whichaway. Flagstaff, AZ: Rising Moon, 1997. Set in Arizona in 1920, this novel follows a young boy who is stranded on top of a windmill with two broken legs after a dust storm. Left to die, he ponders his mortality and searches for a way to save his life.

Whichaway by Glendon Fred Swarthout - 1997
Fifteen-year-old Whichaway, son of a stone-faced Arizona rancher, legs broken in an accident atop a windmill, struggles to survive after cattle rustlers have left him to die.

Stranded atop a windmill, far from civilization, with both legs broken, a young ranch boy must struggle for survival. Left behind by cattle rustlers to die, two days pass as the boy contemplates his mortality.


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The last time the OP was active was in 2011. I did send her a PM telling her that a possible title has been suggested. If she doesn't respond in a day or two, I vote for moving this down to possibly solved.

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Cheryl  (cherylllr) Done.

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Cheryl  (cherylllr) Btw, thanks bkl. It feels good to tidy up at least some of these old queries.

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I think we can move this to Solved.

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