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Servius  Heiner

My wife is guilty of of a few of these and a few more not mentioned.

Midnight shuffle... or as I like to think of it: Clingy-ness migration.

Tuck and roll... Our bed is huge, my wife is small, lots a bedding and all that, yet I wake up all the time with no covers and MT. goose-down off to my left with a little happy smile peaking out from the folds... Bitch.

Limb rendition: On occasion I lose a limb for the evening. If I take it back she wakes up and yells at me for waking her up... Who do I get to yell at for being woken up because she has a death grip on an arm/leg/whatever is within reach? So I lay there looking at the ceiling loosing all feeling in one appendage or another thinking, Man, I could be at work sleeping fine.

Dead space ass: For someone so small, she generates a lot of heat, I'm sure she is somewhere in the 10,000,000,000BTU range... all except for her ass, her ass is as cold as celestial dead space, and she likes to warm her vacuum cold ass on the small of my back. Think I am over reacting, Let me throw a cup of ice on your back whilst you try to sleep.

Add to the list, I can't be the only one with these problems.

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I'm very cold and always need to get warmed up by putting my freezing hands and feet on him. It hurts him, I can tell, but it's inevitable.

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Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Our biggest problem is the midnight shuffle. She pursues and I try to escape. As a result, I'm in the habit of sleeping on the very edge of the bed, and I will end up there even if I'm somewhere in bed alone. Now, I'm a big fan of the wife, but in my ideal world, at night I would be able to make bed angels and not touch anything or anybody.

Of course, I can't complain too much. I come from a long line of champion snorers. It's so bad that the wife wears ear plugs at night.

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smetchie | 5731 comments "Research shows that one in 10 couples currently have separate beds.However, one out of five would love to have their own bed if only their partner would suggest it."

That's funny!! And so British!!

I admit that I do enjoy the occasional night alone when the husband is out of town but overall I'm happy sharing a bed with him. He's easy to sleep with. He snores a bit but it doesn't wake me up.

I've been told (not by my husband) that I'm wonderful to sleep with. I've been accused of being a cyborg. I don't move, snore, or breathe loudly. My husband doesn't appreciate how good he has it. He says I steal covers sometimes but he does it too. He also says I do the "midnight shuffle" but it's only when I'm really really cold. He's like a giant fucking heater so, for the most part, I stay away from him. We can cuddle for like 5 minutes before he starts sweating on me and we're both done.

Does anyone sleep with different covers from their partner like in the article? My dad and step-mom do that.

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