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message 1: by Quynh (last edited Feb 04, 2015 01:22PM) (new)

Quynh | 245 comments Impulse by Debra Webb (#2 Faces of Evil)
Kisscut by Karin Slaughter (#2 Grant County)
Wake to Darkness (#2 Brown and de Luca)
Deception (#3 Southern Comfort) BR-Jonetta
Murder of Crows (#2 The Others)
Fatal Justice (#2 Fatal)
The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron (#3 MacKenzies & McBrides)
Barefoot in Pearls (#3 Barefoot Bay Brides)
The Law of Attraction (#1 Lawyers in Love) Random Book Read
From This Moment On (#2 The Sullivans)
Thrill Me to Death (#2 Bullet Catcher)

Impulse (Faces of Evil #2) by Debra Webb Kisscut (Grant County, #2) by Karin Slaughter Wake to Darkness (Brown and de Luca, #2) by Maggie Shayne Deception (Southern Comfort #3) by Lisa Clark O'Neill Murder of Crows (The Others, #2) by Anne Bishop Fatal Justice (Fatal, #2) by Marie Force The Many Sins Of Lord Cameron (MacKenzies & McBrides, #3) by Jennifer Ashley Barefoot in Pearls (Barefoot Bay Brides Trilogy, #3) by Roxanne St. Claire The Law of Attraction (Lawyers in Love, #1) by N.M. Silber From This Moment On (The Sullivans, #2) by Bella Andre Thrill Me to Death (Bullet Catcher, #2) by Roxanne St. Claire

message 2: by Jonetta (new)

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 10493 comments Mod
Love your list!

message 3: by Quynh (new)

Quynh | 245 comments Jonetta wrote: "Love your list!"

Thanks!! I'm actually really liking the one book a month for a series, definitely helps in getting through that TBR pile. Crossing fingers I get time to get to them all or some will be bump to March. :)

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