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message 1: by A.T. (new)

A.T. Hicks (saltygurl) | 2 comments I'm havin' a real problem with all of these billionaires and woman beaters in romance novels.

I'd like to order: one nice, regular man with hair on his chest with absolutely no desire to share the heroine with his brother, best friend and both neighbors, average height, has a sense of humor and actually knows how to say what he means and means what he says. He doesn't even need a six pack!

Share with me, ladies! Oh...and I love a good romcom.

message 2: by Raynell (new)

Raynell (goodreadscomraynell) | 2 comments Hmmm, interesting. If I decided to order one there would be too many ;)

message 3: by Ruzza (new)

Ruzza | 1 comments How about any of Penny Reid's Knitting in the city series?

Also: Alice Clayton's Cocktail series
Variables of Love by M.K. Schiller
The Do-Over but in this one the guy is afraid of saying he loves the heroine, but I loved the book.
Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora

For romcom with pretty awesome heroes:
Sudden Response, A Humble Heart and its sequel and the Neighbours from Hell series by R.L. Mathewson. Actually all books by R.L. Mathewson are amazing, her books made me lol.

I know that some of the books are not 100% match but I liked them all :)

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