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But I Thought You Really Loved Me
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young Adult. Title is something like "If you really loved me." Boy named Lance gets the protagonist pregnant. [s]

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Allison | 79 comments I saw this book in the library around 2006-2009.

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Allison | 79 comments Hm, I'm surprised that my searches weren't able to find it. The cover also did not seem like a book from the seventies. Regardless, that's it. Thank you!

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Rainbowheart | 19675 comments Welcome, glad to help out!

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Rainbowheart | 19675 comments I can't find a pic of the cover anywhere online, but it seems like there was only one edition released back in 1976.

There is this review, but it doesn't give the boy's name....

Teenaged Koral's desire for abortion is ruled out by her parents and she's signed into Haven House, a strict and strictly Christian home for unwed mothers Which, oddly, shares the same building as a children's home. In between sad, scatty encounters with an old lady from town who knits booties for all the girls (though few plan to keep their babies) and the intermittent dramas of the other crudely differentiated Haven House residents, Koral comes to forgive her parents and accept their view of character-building--which compares Koral's rebelliousness to the skittish freedom-loving nature of her pony, Gusty. Gusty, who's been in the habit of running off, is finally confined for his own good and promptly breaks his neck trying to jump his stall, but the author seems blissfully unaware that her analogy has gone awry. For readers, this is just one of a number of episodes that won't wash and there is simply too much misty sermonizing and too little physical detail about pregnancy (which, we'd assume, girls living in such a home must discuss among themselves).

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