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message 1: by Ayla, The Founder (Sadie, Evangeline, Meredith, & Alessandra) (last edited Feb 26, 2021 10:07AM) (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
Here you will create your initiates and eventually, your initiate will become a member!

SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.)

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Elisa_Bookaholic (book-queen) | 6507 comments Mod
Name: Hailey
Age: 16 (17 in updated 17 right now)
Gender: Female
Looks: , athletic build
Outfit: cropped maroon hoodie with black workout leggings with pockets and tenni-shoes
Personality: can act sweet, sarcastic
Skills: trained in bladed fan, throwing knives and ninja stars( small weapons you can hide easily in clothing)very stealthy, trained in classical fighting, nifty and creative
Family/History: Her family is very well off and put together, but their skeleton in the closet is that they all have put together a band of theives. Hailey had an easy time learning all what they could teach her so her parents are sending her to train further into her career( Or at least that is what everyone can think, her real past is way, way different) ((Or just look on page 5, comment 240, redone version))

message 3: by xavier (new)

xavier | 1 comments Name)) Gianna Eve
Nickname)) Anna (like in Frozen)

Age)) 16
DOB)) August 7th
Zodiac Sign)) Leo

Gender)) Female
Sexuality)) Bi

Outfit)) Cropped tees, ripped jeans, leggings, ALWAYS HAS HER BAG ON HER, belts, sneakers, brown boots, sweatshirts, and etc
Face Claim)) Nadia Turner

Personality)) Mischievous, extroverted, and always up for a challenge, Gianna, practically oozes Gryffindor energy, and is kinda a golden retriever. She always keeps a tote bag on her, and somehow it has the tools she needs in most situations. Steal it, and she’ll cause world war three; simple as that. She’s a huge prankster but has a good heart even though she’s REALLY impulsive, reckless, and pretty loud.

Skills)) Hand-to-hand combat, Languages, and shooting

Family/History)) Gianna’s whole family were spies and a couple years ago her mother and father went missing, leaving her two older twin brothers to take care of her. It’s her life mission to find out what happened.

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Name: Zander Shallfor
Age: 17 year old
Gender: Male (straight)
Personality: Chill, serious at times, has soft stops for people he loves, a bit sarcastic (doesn't it to annoy girls, because he likes their reaction).
Skills: He is great at par core making him really good at climbing, his favourite weapon is his necklace (it acts as a blade).
Family/History: Zander is from a german family of rich people, they rarely show their true feeling and intentions, his family is also from a long line of thieves (that has committed some of the greatest crimes), they invest a lot into him and his siblings. Zander is the oldest of 7 children, he is in line to be the head of his family when he older, giving him lots of power in the family, they are sending him so that he will be the best thief possible.
Pet: None
Other: Lots of girls have a crush on him.

Rey [Happy Pride Everyone!!!] (detectingeagle310) NAME: Ray Hood

AGE: 15

GENDER: Female


PERSONALITY: She can be sweet , friendly, caring and helpful if you get really close to her and her behaviour can switch from playful to serious within minutes. She has a hard time opening up and trusting people and her behaviour can be cold when you talk to her.

SKILLS: She specialises in close range weapons like knives, etc but has taught herself to use anything that is available on the spot. Her best skill is stealth. She is light on her toes and can easily blend into a group of she wants to.

FAMILY/HISTORY: She only had a brother.They both are orphans with only each other. Their parents died in a fire at their home when Jacob was seven and Ray was four. They have lived on the streets with no home to go to. A lot of times they were used by people who promised them a home and friends in exchange for stealing something. They never got it. This caused Ray to stop trusting people easily. She hasn't seen her brother since coming to the Academy.

PET: None yet.

OTHER: None yet.

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Aleya | 3241 comments Name: Alexandra (Alex if you pefer) Davis
Age: 18
Gender: female
Looks: (blond hair at mid back length, gray eyes, sweet smile.)
Personality: Brave, strong, ambitious, kind, corny, loyal, snappy sometimes.
Skills: fighting, reading, stuff like that...
Family/history: parents fought a lot, and her mom died. And she ran away.
Pet: none

message 7: by WalkingCrown (new)

WalkingCrown (kngchvrles) | 226 comments NAME: Soul Lukkaku

AGE: 18


LOOKS: description

HEIGHT: 6'4.5


PERSONALITY: Soul is very unhinged. He can be friendly and loyal to people he trusts but, his way of doing things can often push people away... FAR away from him. His selfishness is the most notable aspect of his personality as he doesn't care much about other people's safety when he a set goal. He thrives in violence. It what he enjoys more than anything. Fighting is therapeutic for him, and find his satisfaction in seeing blood spewing out from his victims. Even though his not normal, he is not a totally bad person.... maybe he is.

SKILLS: Skilled in Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Machete Fencing and Tactical Military Style Killings. Uses a Tactical Modern Short Sword and Uses a Glock 9.

FAMILY/HISTORY: Soul was born in a family of devil worshippers who were also very skilled assassins located in South Africa. From very day he's was born, his mother would read demonic text to him and chant ancient songs to him as well.

When was 5 years old, they started to train him, mentally and physically abuse him. They taught him killing tactics and martial arts.

His first kill was when he was 8. It was executed perfectly and deliberately. His parents were proud of him and continued to train until he was old enough from them to him into the academy

PET: None


message 8: by rose - 忻怡 - (last edited Aug 11, 2020 03:40AM) (new)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) NAME: Connor Keitren
AGE: 16
PERSONALITY: Connor is kind and helpful. He isn't at all brutal but can be really protective of his friends. Connor is also smart and kinda funny sometimes but overall, he's rather socially awkward. Once he warms up to you though, almost no one could refuse his smile!

SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.) He is very sneaky and silent. He is nimble and athletic as well.

FAMILY/HISTORY: Connor ran away from home when he was 15 because of his abusive parents. He came across the academy by mistake and was accepted into it quickly because of his proficiency and skills in stealing.

PET: None

OTHER: He's looking for a GF

Rey [Happy Pride Everyone!!!] (detectingeagle310) Ray and Connor ?

message 10: by rose - 忻怡 - (new)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Ok!

message 11: by rose - 忻怡 - (new)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Let me update his looks first

Rey [Happy Pride Everyone!!!] (detectingeagle310) Rose wrote: "Ok!"

Yay !!!!! But it will take some time for her to open up.

message 13: by rose - 忻怡 - (new)

rose - 忻怡 - (_imperfection) Ok... let's wait for them to be approved first. I won't be on later tho so maybe tmr?

message 15: by Greta Loves Books (last edited Aug 11, 2020 07:36AM) (new)

Greta Loves Books | 126 comments NAME: Adeline Harrington

AGE: 16

GENDER: female

LOOKS: look up Jade Thirwall. Maybe a little less perfect.

PERSONALITY: introvert, distrustful of everyone apart from the people who she knows very well. She loves sarcasm.

SKILLS: stealth, no-weapon combat and climbing. Very nimble.

FAMILY/HISTORY: Just said I don't trust anyone. Not telling.

PET: Pet Raven called Ravenclaw, aka Claw. He kind of flies around wherever I go.

OTHER: I will tell you that my whole life revolves around one mission, so please don't do anything that could distract me from my objective.

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
All accepted!!! :) You guys can start in the entrance

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
NAME: Cade Turner (initiation guide)
LOOKS: Dark, ebony skin, black hair, handsome face, hazel eyes, intimidating gaze, he's short and blunt and usually doesn't say much,
PERSONALITY: He's very honest and can be a bit frightening, he has been doing his job for 20 years, a little maniacal and enjoys teaching people a lesson
OTHER: He's the initiation guide for the academy

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
NAME: Sadie Winslow
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
LOOKS: ( Tan skin, dirty blonde and brown hair, freckles across her nose, green eyes, slender and pretty small for her age
PERSONALITY: Ruthless and cunning; she isn't that friendly but secretive and loves winning. She's a leader, meaning she doesn't like getting told to do things, she likes giving the orders. She also doesn't like people who are rude for no reason, or who bully people. Yes, she's not super nice, but she's not that mean. Now, she can be disrespectful to teachers in particular, and she's extremely sassy and fiery. She's very brave and courageous and won't back down from a challenge. She's also pretty sarcastic and not chill at all. She does what she wants, when she wants it, the way she wants it. No one else may bargain with her. She's very very very unpredictable, making it hard to be friends with her unless you know her well.
SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.) She's very crafty and resourceful. She likes to have a plan instead of diving headfirst into things. Sade is very stealthy and is skilled at stealing things and hand to hand combat. She always has a waistpack of throwing knives, and she likes to use guns that put people to sleep. She's not bad at archery and can aim really well.
FAMILY/HISTORY: Sadie lived with two parents who worked for the FBI, very high up. They were abusive to her, but eventually when she was about 5 years old she got a brother named Adryan. Adryan was the only good part of her life, as her parents got increasingly more abusive. Until, they didn't come back. They were killed by two ISO agents, and quite frankly, Sadie didn't care in the least. Her parents were awful people and deserved what came at them. She and Adryan were on the run for a while, I think about 4 years or so. When she was about 12 and he was about 7, Adryan had gone out, insisting that he got some food and money for a change. As it turned out, he never returned. He went missing. Sadie enrolled in the academy, knowing it was her best hope of finding him, and needing a distraction. The academy took her right away because of her tremendous skills, but to this day she's still looking for her brother. She has never given up hope, even believing that he's still alive, looking for her, somewhere.
OTHER: She's extremely smart-mouthed and popular, birthday is TBD I need to think real quick lol

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Name: Charlot Hems
Age: 18
Gender: Female (straight)
Outfit: 40+ idées de tenues scolaires fascinantes et à la mode pour les collégiennes #schoolout #collegiennes #fascinantes #idees #schoolout #scolaires #tenues
Personality: Charlot is relaxed, and easy going, but she can be quite bubbly at times, she is also extremely relaxed in tight situations.
Skills: Charlot is a tech wiz, and can build almost anything. Have an idea and don't know how to make it come to life ask Charlot and 99% of the time she can make it.
Family/ History: Charlot Hems was born in London England, her father ran a company that sold phones, computer, Robots and other complicated tech. Her mother was an advanced thief and pickpocket but was killed on a mission a year after the birth of Charlot. Her father made it his life mission to make her just as great as her mother, so when she was old enough she was sent to the Academy.
Pet: None

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 948 comments NAME: Sabrina
AGE: 17
GENDER: female
PERSONALITY: kind, loyal, caring, daring, calm
SKILLS: Dagger on her hip and thigh, bow and arrow, speed and stealth.
FAMILY/HISTORY: She had a twin who died in a fire that burned down her family home, her parents died a year later. she ran away before the cops could question her on they died. she ran until she found the academy. he has a necklace that belonged to her twin around her neck.

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

Z ||Frypans, who knew!!|| (doyoulikescarymovies_) | 948 comments thank you

message 25: by Ayla, The Founder (Sadie, Evangeline, Meredith, & Alessandra) (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
Yup, np! You can start in the entrance, Cade will arrive shortly

kennedy [mackenzie] | 2421 comments Name: MacKenzie Strang

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: MacKenzie is independent and dislikes most people. She has a tendency to pickpocket things that catch her eye. MacKenzie is agile and quick, which makes her a very good thief. She has a talent for disappearing into the shadows.

Skills: Pickpocketing, stealth, knives

Family/History: MacKenzie is an only child. Her parents died when she was twelve, so she used her pickpocketing skills to steal good and whatever she needed to survive.

Pet: none

Other: none

message 27: by eliza! (new)

eliza! Name: Lorenzo
Age: 17
Gender: male
Looks: Fluffly Black hair, brown eyes, tall and lanky. Of Asian descent but unimportant 😂
Personality: Looks harmless, but could totally kill you, but probably won’t. Low key ADHD, unreliable, will hold a grudge, but overall chill and friendly. Empathetic.
Skills: A skilled and experienced liar. Casual alcoholic. Weapon of choice is knives, but he’s also great with hand to hand combat and fine with a gun.
Family/History: Raised by two bad b espionage mothers with high expectations and little affection.
Pet: Dislikes animals.
Other: Bi as heck... Pretends to be carefree and have everything all figured out, but really is an insecure mess haha

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Both accepted!

message 29: by eliza! (new)

eliza! Thanks!

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message 31: by Rheanna (new)

Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) NAME: Ruby Thomas
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female
LOOKS: Chin length reddish brown hair, average height and curvy, often seen wearing jeans, sweaters and flannels, or anything in neutral tones.
PERSONALITY: She is incredibly loyal to the people she loves and won't let anybody harm them in any way. To most she seems quiet and shy but to her friends she will occasionally let her guard down and show her brains and humour.
SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.) Doesn't look threatening but what she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in cleverness and wit. She's great at planning and scheming but not scared to try some hand to hand combat or shoot a gun.
FAMILY/HISTORY: Raised by unsupportive, distant parents and therefore spent a lot of time training with her friends and badass aunt Caroline who was more of a parental figure then her actual parents.
PET: Doesn't have a pet but isn't sure if she wants one
OTHER: She is very gay and has had experiences with homophobia in the past but she doesn't take sh*t from anyone.

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Gem Name: Marie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, serious, and most people underestimate her.
Skills: Very stealthy, a master thief, very agile. She is good at using most weapons but she doesn’t really have one that she uses a lot.
History: She was raised by an family that adopted her when she was really young. She never knew her real parents. The family that adopted her never really cared for her and they treated her like she was a burden for the rest of them. She ran away when she was eight and has lived on the run ever since. She learned many different skills to survive and is very independent.
Pet: A stray cat named Daisy.

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Both are approved!

message 34: by Rheanna (new)

Rheanna (goodreadscomuser_rheanna) Yay!

message 35: by Ayla, The Founder (Sadie, Evangeline, Meredith, & Alessandra) (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

message 36: by Gem (new)

Gem Thanks! :)

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

Sushie || "In writing, you must kill all your darlings." -William Faulkner (73687) NAME Vivian Amainsly
AGE 14
LOOKS She has light gray eyes and her skin is very pale. Her hair is a faded blonde and her lips are tight and thin. She doesn't have a particular style, just whatever she can find.
PERSONALITY Vivian is like a human statue. She is often staring into the distance and doesn't talk... like... at all. Unless it is very necessary. She could talk if she wanted to, but she doesn't really like socializing.
SKILLS Via is especially skilled in hand to hand combat. She knows how to use few weapons, and those she often misses with the shots/swings.
FAMILY Via has no memory of her family. Except what her mother looks like, because she carries a picture around. She was not abandoned by them, but taken by a kidnapper at age three. She has a younger sister, an older brother, her mom and her dad. She has lost hope of ever seeing them again
HISTORY Via's kidnapper left her at a small cabin when he realized the police were close. She stayed there, but they never found her, as they had gone after the kidnapper's car, instead. Via made the cabin her home and raised herself. She lived on the storage food in the cabin until age six when she started searching for her own food. She learned to fight back against people and was eventually sent to the academy of espionage.
PET A small squirrel named Naivia
OTHER Straight. Quick thinker. Great reflexes.

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message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

NAME: Devon Paris
AGE: sixteen
GENDER: female
LOOKS: long wavy brown hair, amber eyes, tanned skin, 5'7", hair usually in a messy ponytail. she usually wears a fitted teal tank top and has black pants on.
PERSONALITY: outgoing, adventurous, funny, smart, confident, creative. is always eager to meet new people and start conversations.
SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.) she's best with throwing knives, and is fairly good at traveling undetected.
FAMILY/HISTORY: Her little sister's name is Moriah Paris. Her parents, Helen and Mathew Paris died when Devon was only ten years old.
PET: none
OTHER: nothing else :)

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

message 43: by Ayla, The Founder (Sadie, Evangeline, Meredith, & Alessandra) (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

Start at the entrance!

♥ strawberry cow ♥ NAME: Kasey Shard
AGE: 16
GENDER: Female (Straight)
PERSONALITY: Kasey is very outspoken, she's very smart and kind but will be rude if needed, she won't talk to people that she knows that first second they're stupid, and I have to admit it she will throw you over the fence if you say one bad thing about her family.
SKILLS: (weapons, stealth, etc.) Kasey has a knife that she always his on her belt it has writing on it but only she knows what it says, she is incredible flexible too.
FAMILY/HISTORY: Kasey's mom died when she was little her dad remarried but oh her new family was terrible! every time she wanted privacy her new brother would charge in and say some fantasy just to annoy her. that's why she won't talk to anyone she knows will annoy her.
PET: An owl called wind that is usually flying over her head or on her shoulder.
OTHER: none

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Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod

♥ strawberry cow ♥ tanks wanna rp?

message 47: by Ayla, The Founder (Sadie, Evangeline, Meredith, & Alessandra) (new)

Ayla (aylareadsbooks) | 5153 comments Mod
So...start in the entrance hall, and Cade the initiation officer will come out and tell you what to do!

message 49: by Hayden (new)

Hayden (the_dinohead) | 4 comments Name: Ava Kawalsky

Age: 16

Personality: charming, clever, quick on her feet, energetic, funny

Looks: and

Skills: acting, sneaking around, theft, lying

History: Ava was a part of a scam circus. She was an dancer and magician’s assistant. The circus did have attractions and was very popular, but the guests would be robbed blindly without their knowledge. She thought it was great fun. After awhile she left with her friend Marcus to join a theatre troupe. She acted in many different roles, learning how to become someone else in a matter of seconds with a quick costume change. Ava still stole on the side until one day she was kidnapped by the academy and.

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Approved! Start at the entrance :)

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