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(Sorry I fell asleep)

The alarm was blaring, Koa reached blindly for her phone, she found it, eventually, and slid her finger across the screen to stop the confounded noise. With a groan, she rubbed her eyes and blinked them open. Rays of sunlight slanted across her bed through the half-closed curtains. It had been a late-night, well morning, before she'd gone to bed. She regretted stopping by the fish market to pick up some fresh Alaskan halibut, it wasn't really about the fish, it was about the exchange at the fish market. Koa rolled over, her red, curly hair fell in her face, annoyed she pushed it back. She sat on the edge of her bed, her feet placed on the cold, wooden floor. The cold felt good, it woke her up some. Koa made her way over to her ensuite bathroom to get ready for the day.

After a hot shower and her skincare routine, Koa padded into her room to grab a pair of black dickies pants and a form-fitted black tee. She got dressed, slipped her feet into a pair dock martins, and went out to the kitchen. Should I eat here? Do I really feel like making food? No, no I don't. Koa skipped past the kitchen, grabbing her keys off a small table by the door, and slipped out of the quiet apartment. Her destination was simple, she was going to her favorite coffee shop, they would have food and caffeine, which let's be real, that was what she lived off of, caffeine.

The traffic wasn't too bad as Koa made her way down the streets of LA, she had thought about driving her bike but instead opted for her black Nissan Titan. There was a thrill to the bike, her motorcycle was her pride and joy, but there was a statement in the big truck, especially when clients saw her pulling up in the lifted truck. Koa cranked up the music as she drove, she had the windows down, and she kind of regretted not having a hair tie as the wind whipped her hair into her face. She cut over a few lanes of traffic and took an exit headed towards downtown, there was this one coffee shop that she let herself splurge on, it was kind of a hipster place but Koa wasn't judging. She looked for a parking spot near Blacktop Coffee, it was nearly impossible to get anywhere close, but she found a spot only a block away. She neatly parallel parked in the spot she'd found, then hopped out, locked the truck with a beep, and headed down the sidewalk that would take her to her destination.

It was late afternoon so of course, there were people milling about, the streets were full of tourists and 9-5 businessmen/women. There were a few people hanging out in front of the coffee shop talking, they were young, teenagers. Though Koa hadn't been a teen that long ago she didn't feel that she ever got to really be one. Koa pushed past the hipsters and made her way inside, the first thing that hit her was the fragrance of freshly ground coffee beans. Next were the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the city coffee shop. People calling out orders or friendly hellos, murmurs of conversation from the tables that were laid out strategically. Koa got in line, the line wasn't too long, the baristas were efficient, they didn't make their customers wait.

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Sunlight flowed lightly into the room, uncovering details within. The colors of Tiffany box blue, white and gold undertones started to pop as the sun continuously rose in the sky. The scent of cinnamon filled the room with the incense that was lit as the figure in the room switched from child's pose to corpse pose. The woman was fully relaxed, breathing in and out, in and out, in and out. After spending a few minutes in silence, Leviana got up slowly, allowing herself to reacclimate to her body and to her surroundings. Feeling relaxed, Levi started to make her way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Her sister was already gone to school for the day and she had the day off from work with no plans. Maybe she would go shopping today, to treat herself for working so hard. "Yeah that sounds like the perfect day and exactly what I need. Maybe I can find something for my photoshoot with Ama later." Finally in agreement with what she was going to do, Levi turned on the water to her shower and began getting ready for her day.

After a relaxing shower, Levi finished up her skincare and wandered over to her closet. What type of look was she going for today? Was she going for a dark burgundy color? A purple? Some black? As Levi kept filing through her clothes, she finally settled on a cute orange dress that was hiding in the back. Now, this was the move and it would compliment her skin tone so well. She pulled the dress out and Levi began pairing accessories with it. Satisfied with the look, Levi changed and did her makeup before slipping on her heels. Her voluminous curls were perfect, like the ribbons that you find on birthday gifts, tight and able to hold their shape. Checking herself out in the mirror and taking a quick picture that she would post later, Levi put out her incense and closed the door to her room.

Levi walked out into the kitchen and grabbed her water bottle, filling it with water from the filter. It was LA in the summer, that was an absolute necessity. She looked at fruit basket on the counter and while that did look appetizing, Levi knew it wasn't going to satiate her craving. "I'll pick up something from my favorite coffee shop on the way to the mall. That sounds like a plan." She grabbed her keys off the key rack but before she left, she knelt down to the altar in the living room. Levi straightened the white cloth that the altar was sitting on and looked at the people in the photos. Her mother and her father smiled at Levi as she smiled back. She missed them dearly every day and the only she wished she had was more time with them.

Levi surveyed the altar. It was small but it was never about the size, but always about honoring the two most important people in her and Ama's life. On the altar, there were three pictures, a glass bottle with oil and rose quartz beads. On the right was a picture of her mother in her younger days. She was a bombshell with an attitude that could not be tamed. Levi had often heard that she was just like her mother when it came to that. The woman brought two fingers on her right hand to her lips and then pressed them to the picture on the right. On the left, was a picture of her father. He was clean, lean, and always had big dreams. She could see a lot of him in AmaLee, their vision being larger than all of the stars in the sky. She repeated the action with her father, pressing her fingers to her lips and then to the picture. The last picture was a picture of all four of them when they were at the state fair. That was one of the best days of her life and she cherished it deeply as it reminded her of the happier times, the better times. Levi picked up the chain of beads that were on the altar and moved her left hand to the little bottle of oil. "Buenos Dias, Mama. Buenos Dias, Papa. Thank you for watching over me last night and waking me and Ama up this morning. Please watch over us as we go through our day. I'll see you when I get home. I love you." Giving the moment breath, she turned the bottle of oil onto her pointer finger on her left hand and anointed the beads, the room gaining a patchouli smell. The rose quartz was for her mother and the oil was for her father, it was two of their favorite things. Levi did this ritual every morning, to make sure that her parents knew that while they were not there physically, they will always be near and dear to her heart.

After finishing her morning ritual, Levi started making her way out to the city for the day.

With the purr of her car, Levi began to make it out into LA. The city was full of life and it made Levi feel energized. There was always something happening in the city which is why Levi loved living here. With the sounds of Alina Baraz playing softly over the car stereo, Levi breathed in the air of the city.

After some time, Levi finally made it to Blacktop Coffee. It was one of the places in the city that she loved to frequent. The service was good, the energy was calm and the food and coffee there were to die for. She looked for a park in the parking lot but didn't see one. "That's okay, I'll just park on the street." Luckily for her, there was somebody pulling out not too far from the shop so she pulled in and hopped out. Getting out of the car, Levi pulled her sunshades out of her purse and locked her car. It was around lunchtime when people would be congregating to eat and catch up before going back to their 9-5 jobs. Levi moved past the people at the door and she made it inside, the smell of caffeine and baked goods hitting her nose. She moved her sunglasses to her purse as she started to peruse the menu making sure that she got in line so that she can order.

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A child of about 3 stared at Koa, she winked down at the little boy, he quickly buried his face into his mother’s skirts. Koa bit back a laugh, children always were a soft spot for her. Her attention was however diverted when someone stepped into the line behind her, whoever she was, she smelled good. Koa risked looking over her shoulder and found a young woman behind her with beautiful hair, a gorgeous dress, and a face that could only be considered sexy. Koa turned back around quickly so as not to be caught staring. She fidgeted with her key fob as she considered how to approach the girl behind her.

The line moved up and she was soon at the counter, a familiar barista waiting to take her order. “I’ll have a latte, add cinnamon please, and can I have that Iced? Almond milk,” she slid over a twenty dollar bill, “Also I’m paying for the girl behind me,” Koa gave a sly smile and made her way down to the pickup counter. She twirled a straw between her fingers as she waited for her order. She wasn’t expecting much from the girl that had been behind her, she didn’t even know if the other girls liked girls. This was a long shot, it she believed it was worth a shot period.

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Levi’s fingers were flying over the screen of her phone, replying to text messages and comments on Instagram. The picture that she had posted had already received 1,000 likes. Nice. She locked her phone and started to look at the menu. What did she want? A latte? A tea? Ooooo. Levi laid her eyes on the smoothies and settled on a peach smoothie. Now that sounded amazing. The woman in front of her ordered and Levi had to do a double take cause she was fine as hell. The curly red hair, the tightly fitted jeans, the tee shirt. She was wearing the simplest thing and while this woman was easy on the eyes, that wasn’t what was pulling her in. No, it was the confidence that this woman seemed to exude. Levi brought yourself back to this present and noticed that the girl behind the cash register was ready to take her order. “Hi, may I have a peach smoothie and a slice of your coffee cake please?” She reached into her purse and began to pull out her card when Levi heard, “Oh no need! The woman with the red hair paid for your order.” Levi looked from the cashier to the woman with the red hair. Now that was interesting. “Well it looks like I’ll have to thank her,” Levi said, a smile on her face as she reached into her purse and produced a $10 bill and dropped it in the tip jar. Levi heard the woman gasp and she threw the cashier a wink before grabbing a straw.

Levi started to make her way over to the pickup area. She had to go and thank the woman for buying her breakfast, that was such a kind gesture. So Levi put on her best smile and approached the fire haired woman. Levi had to know who she was, as she felt a pull to her as if the connection was magnetic. So Levi stopped in front of the woman, moving her hair out of her face and speaking the words that were about to change her life. “So, do I have the pleasure of knowing the name of the angel that showed me kindness today?”

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The cafe was humming and it gave Koa a pleasant feeling to be surrounded by the warmth and sounds of the cafe. She was busy replying to a text when the girl from before approached her. Her question brought a smile to Koas lips as she looked up from her phone. Her eyes met the other girls briefly, she took a step closer, putting the distance between them to very little. “Names Koa, and can I know your name gorgeous?” Koa’s drink showed up but she didn’t move from her spot, one hip against the counter, she had no plans on just walking away from this situation. She was hoping since the young woman in front of her asked her name that meant she also had an interest in Koa. (Sorry it’s so short )

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“Koa.” Levi liked the way that this girl’s name rolled off of her tongue. She could get used to it. Koa asked her name in return, but it wasn’t what she asked for, it was how she asked for it. Levi wanted to tease her a little bit because it seemed like she would be the type to give way to a chase, especially to pretty women. Levi copped a smirk ,” I don’t know, can you?” As her order of ,”A peach smoothie and coffee cake!” was yelled through the air, Levi left to retrieve it. On her way to a table, she caught Koa’s eye and motioned with her head for Koa to join her. Maybe this would go somewhere and Koa could turn into a friend, maybe it would just be good conversation over beverages and they would never speak again. However, this encounter did not feel friendly nor was this connection to be lost to time. No it felt stronger than that and something was telling Levi to not just leave it and if there was one thing about Levi was that she was going to trust her gut.
(It’s okay Lee!! You’re alright :) )

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Koa’s phone dinged and she took a quick glance at it, Eddie, a potential client, wanted to meet in a couple of hours. Her thumbs flew over the digital keyboard as typed out her reply. She then glanced up at the other girl, she was teasing her, she was sure of it. Before she could say anything the young woman walked away, but she turned and nodded her head for Koa to follow, which she did happily. She sipped her iced latte and sat across from the unnamed person she was already dying to know more about. “How about this? You tell me your name and you can ask one personal question and I’ll answer it, no matter what it is? I mean...” Koa batted her lashes and gave the other girl a flirty look, “If you’re interested.” So fat it seemed that they were both interested in getting to know one another, damn what a way to start the morning. Koa hadn’t woken up next to a girl in a long time, not that she would anytime soon. But maybe if they hit it off; this was the kind of girl she wouldn’t be kicking out of bed after a tumble in the sheets, no this one would be one she would want to cuddle and talk to until the sun peeked it’s shine across the City.

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Levi pondered the offer that this woman had presented. A name for a fact. Enticing, but Levi just didn’t want to stop there. “How about we sweeten the deal, Red? I give you my name, you give me a fact, I’ll give you a fact. The cycle continues, sans my name as I will already have given you that. What do you say?” Levi said back, batting her eyelashes as Koa had done to her a few moments before. She was enjoying this, the little rapport that the duo had going on. Maybe they could do this over a nice dinner and some dancing? Yes, she’d bring that up maybe a little later. Levi found a booth that was away from everyone else but it was optimal for seeing all the action, so she set down her coffee cake and smoothie taking a seat at the table, looking expectantly at Koa waiting for her answer.

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The thought of getting to know her better, well Koa couldn’t pass that offer up. She sat across from the girl and raised her brows, “Deal. But all bets are off, we can ask anything,” and Koa knew she could come up with some colorful questions if it got that far. Like did she wear lacy underwear only on date nights? Or all of the time? There was not way she was wearing some scanty underwear under that dress, hell maybe none at all. Koa swallowed her drink, almost choking on the thought. Her cheeks heated slightly but not enough to be noticeable. Koa was confident. In herself, in her skills, in just about everything in her life. It had taken a lot of work to get that way. She’d been through the ringer with plenty of guys and girls to figure out who she was and what she wanted. She still wasn’t there, but she was going to make damn sure she would get there. Maybe with this girl nearby. “Do you want to go first? Or should I ?” Koa didn’t mind either way, she was excited for this conversation, the first time she was excited about something besides work in a long time. Sure she had people she slept with, not literally, but she always made them leave after. She never made connections with them, and she never called them back.

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“Oh, I like the sound of that. Alright then Red, you’re on,” Levi said, a smirk on her face. Levi took the time to take in the woman’s facial features now that they were closer. Flaming ripples of red hair sprouted from this woman’s hair framing her face. As one looked closer, Levi saw that the woman had many freckles on her face. Maybe one day she would be able to be close enough to where she could count all of them and then press kisses to them... hypothetically let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Levi decided to it was time to shed the mystery. The woman had been so patient and had indulged in her teasing, a bonus was that Koa had teased her back. Levi leaned backwards, her back meeting the booth seat cushion and she crossed her legs under the table. “My name is Levi,” the woman said, sending over a wink with a smile,”My question is what is something non-sexual that turns you on?” Might as well come out of the gate swinging. Nothing was off the table right? Let’s see how far she would go and if Koa could keep up with her.

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Normally Koa may have taken offense to being called something other than her own name, but this girl made it sound sexy, and as if she was the only one in the room with her. She liked it. Finally she got a name! Levi, interesting, she smiled wickedly as Levi got started with the questions. Well Levi wasn’t starting with the basic questions, Koa laughed, she couldn’t help herself, she didn’t notice the stares that came their way. So she wanted to know if she had any non-sexual turn Ons? She did, but which ones to divulge? Or should there be a multiple answer at all? No, she would reveal one, the rest she’d keep to herself, for now.

“Clean, smelling soap or shampoo, I don’t know why, but a clean smelling body turns me on,” she winked at Levi, it was her turn to ask. She set her chin in her hand and watched Levi for a few moments as she thought of her question, “Now, let’s see. I’m curious, Levi,” Koa lowered her voice, “What kind of panties are you wearing right now?” She wanted to ask more but was adhering to the rules of question for question. The two of them were going to get to know each other more intimately than most of her friends knew her if they kept to this line of questioning.

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Ooo. Yeah that laugh was going to be the death of Levi. It was full, confident, sure of herself. Thank goodness! Levi loved when her girlfriend smelled good. That was always the best. Levi loved woody scents and clean scents on her partner’s body. Levi was glad that they agreed on that. “That’s good for me to know then for the next time,” Levi mused out loud, meeting Koa’s eyes and smiling. She might as well confirm that there was going to be a next time. Something about Koa was intoxicating and Levi knew she needed to have someone like Koa present in her life. Was Levi crazy to feel comfortable with a stranger so easily? Or was that being felt both ways? Maybe that would be a question for a little ways down the line... if there was a little ways down the line after this.

Levi came back to reality with Koa looking over at her studying her. Alright if her laugh was lethal, it was this stare that was going to definitely be the first nail in the coffin. Koa was going to be trouble. The best kind and Levi loved trouble as she was trouble too. Levi bit the right side of her bottom lip gently as she looked back at Koa, relaxing her shoulders more. Levi didn’t feel the need to so on guard around Koa and that felt like a breath of fresh air. Koa posed her question and it was Levi’s turn to laugh. The woman let out a sultry laugh and then locked eyes with Koa. Levi was deciding whether or not to tease Koa again.

Aw what the hell.

Levi leaned across the table and got closer to Koa’s ear before whispering,” Wouldn’t you like to know, Red. You seem like the curious type.... maybe you’d want to find out the answer yourself....I could be wearing absolutely nothing underneath here. What would you do about it hm?” She questioned, before sitting back and letting the moment breathe. Levi was brutal and she knew, but she had a feeling Koa would get her back for the little stunt, maybe not. After a few seconds of silence, Levi cracked a smile. “Black seamless cheeky panties,” Levi answered, before finishing off the last of her coffee cake.

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Her laugh, damn that laugh. It could move the coldest of hearts, Koa was certain of it. She felt herself smile, that is until Levi leaned forward, then she was stock still, her body every bit aware of the girl who’s body was so close to her own. Her whisper made Koa want to giggle. She held it back, heaven forbid one of her buddies walk in and hear a girlish giggle erupt from her lips. That carefully built facade and name she’d made for herself would go down the drain. She did smirk though. Her cheeks pinked noticeably this time when Levi revealed what she was wearing. Ohhhh if this girl only knew, she would do wonderfully devilish things to her if she could right then. But she didn’t want their first time naked to be in a cafe bathroom, but hell if it wasn’t tempting. Maybe she’d tell her a bit of it though.

“That was your question I’m assuming. What would I do?” It was Koa’s turn to lean over and whisper in Levi’s ear this time, “If I had the opportunity to find out what you were wearing under that pretty little dress, first I would set you up on a counter, table, bed, whatever was close, and then slide my fingers up your thighs, revealing those gorgeous legs, all the way up to your hips. Then I’d slip the dress off altogether and let it slide to the floor and my hand would...” Koa slipped back to her side of the booth and gave a shrug, “Well the rest you’ll have to wait and see. I can’t reveal everything to you at once.” Koa put her chin in her hand and smirked, “Would you go on a date with me?” It wasn’t the most creative question but it was one she was dying to know. She couldn’t not see this girl again, they had chemistry and she wasn’t about to ignore that.

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Levi loved the voice in her ear. It was commanding, yet not demanding. It was very set in what she wanted to do and what Koa wanted and soon it was Levi’s turn to blush. Levi closed her eyes as Koa explained to her what she would do to her and the visuals that Levi was imagining they were more than PG-13. Just as they were about to reach the height of the scenario, Koa’s voice faded and Levi’s eyes fluttered open. After the other girl described what she possibly could do, it left her breathless. Damn. Alright. She was sold. It was no longer a “I want to get to know you situation” but a “I need to know you.”

“You’re cruel,” Levi said, chuckling a little bit. It seemed that Levi had met her match. Levi brought the rest of her smoothie to her lips and took a sip as Koa asked her next question. A date? Levi removed the drink from her lips ,” Yes. My Friday is open this week, but Saturdays are a no go for me. What were you thinking about doing?”

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It would seem that she had gotten to Levi, she looked properly bothered by what she had said and that made Koa very happy. She was free Friday night, they were going to go on a date and learn more about each other Friday. It was Wednesday, she would have to wait a few more days before seeing her again. Damn. It wasn’t like she didn’t have things to do, she had a full week, but it would still be hard to wait till Friday. She would wait though.

“Friday, I’ll have to check my schedule..” Koa let her words hang in the air a moment, “Kidding, of course I’m free. And even if I wasn’t, for you, I’d definitely clear my schedule. I’ll pick you up at 7? Or is that too late for you?” Not everyone was on an odd schedule like Koa. Some people, for some reason, ate at 5:00. Five! She couldn’t imagine eating so early. But she would eat early if that’s what Levi wanted. “Also here, do you want to give me your number? That way you can send me your address,” She unlocked her phone and slid it over To Levi to put her phone number in. It wasn’t just for her address, she planned on texting this girl over the next few days. She took a sip of her drink as she waited.

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Levi wiped her hands with a napkin and she picked up Koa’s phone, her thumbs flying over the screen as she entered her information. “Seven is good. What’s your favorite color?” Levi finished putting her information in Koa’s phone and she pulled her phone out and slid it over to Koa. “May I have your number?” Friday. It was Wednesday now so it was two days from now. That was too long to be away from this girl but at least they’ll be able to text and it’s not like Levi wouldn’t be busy this week. She had her photoshoot with Ama tonight, along with work until then but it was still going to be tough not seeing Koa face to face. She wondered what Koa would wear on their date. Would she wear a dress? A button up with a sports jacket? Whatever she was going to wear, Levi knew it would just be stunning on her. Levi gathered her trash up as she had finished her breakfast. As she waited for Koa to enter her information into her phone, Levi pulled out her lipgloss and watching Koa as she reapplied it.

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It didn’t take long for Levi to enter her phone number and information, Koa picked up Levi’s phone when she slid it over, “My favorite color? Red.”

Koa put her cell number into the phone, but she also snapped a picture of herself to put as the contact picture. She handed the phone back to Levi, her lips turned up slightly. She wondered why Levi wanted her favorite color, what an odd question. It made her curious, but not so much that she questioned it. “Wear something nice Friday,” she suggested with a mysterious tone, “But make the shoes comfortable enough to dance in,” Koa was planning on making a night of it. Maybe they wouldn’t actually go too far sexually, but they sure as hell could have a good time. “I have a meeting in half an hour so I gotta go... but I’ll text you.” Koa stood, taking her cup with her, she threw Levi a confident grin before heading out the door, it took everything in her not to look back to see if Levi was watching her.

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Red. How fitting. Oh Levi was about to blow Koa’s mind on Friday, the other woman just didn’t know it yet. Koa told Levi that their time had come to an end. “Until Friday, Red,” Levi said as she watched Koa leave the cafe. Damn, how about that. How was it that she had just met a stranger and they had a date on Friday? There was something special with this connection and she would love to see where it was going.

Levi got up from the table, cleaning her area and waving goodbye to the baristas. She pulled out her sunglasses and keys, walking to her car. After getting settled, Levi unlocked her phone and looked at the contact that Koa had left for her. Hey Red> Levi messaged Koa before she started up her car and started making her way to the mall, off to find an outfit for now not only the photoshoot but now also for her date.

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Hey Red the text came in just as she was about to pull out of the parking spot she was in. Instead she put the truck back in park with a smile and texted back, Miss me already? Koa laughed before tucking the phone under her leg and getting out on the road. As she headed toward the west side of L.A The gang that she was associated with was on the West side, which was why she lived on the opposite side. She didn’t want her personal life and her work life to intertwine, plus it made it harder to be killed if no one knew where she lived. Koa pulled into a warehouse parking lot, it looked like any normal shipping warehouse, in fact it did ship products to all over the country, but it was just a ruse for drugs. Koa grabbed her phone and jumped from her truck to head inside, there were offices inside, she was due to run some errands for Eric, the man in charge.

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Levi was sifting through clothes making decisions on what she was going to keep what she was going to leave when the woman felt her phone vibrate. Miss me already? Levi chuckled. Cocky this one was. Whoever said anything about missing you? Now, you missing me on the other hand..... Levi texted back, attaching a winking face knowing that she was treading in dangerous waters. After she was done, Levi went to the checkout, paid and left. She had found 2 dresses, some shoes and some accessories for under 100 dollars. Levi was proud of the purchases and the day she had, it was one of the days that she felt truly relaxed in a really long time.

Day quickly turned to night. The two siblings were back in their apartment and Levi was in front of her sibling’s camera. “Levi give me a little more!” Amalee, Ama or Lee for short, instructed. Levi got a little closer to the camera and gave it a sultry look. “Stay exactly like that.” Amalee said, as the camera started clicking. Amalee took their face away from the lens and looked at the pictures. “Levi these are so beautiful! I’m going to go and edit these! Thank you for modeling for me,” They said as they started retreating to their room. “Anything for my favorite sibling!” Levi said, chuckling as her sibling rushed out of the room. Levi got up off the floor and went over to the mirror. Damn, she looked good. She felt good.She looked like money and felt like it too. Levi snapped a couple of pictures, one smiling into the camera and then one throwing a sultry look to the camera while showing off her grill with her pinky pulling the right side of her mouth down, revealing the gold and diamond encrusted jewelry behind her glossed lips and pretty smile. Levi looked at the pictures and satisfied with the results, she sent them to Koa. A gift for you, the message said with a gift box emoji. Levi locked her phone and she started to make her way to her room, to take these heels and this makeup off so that she could sleep before tomorrow.

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It was a busy day, new clients, a late night meeting, one stabbing later she was getting out of her truck and headed up to her loft apartment. Koa was exhausted and she hadn’t had much of a chance to even reply to any texts. She’d seen that she had 9 in her inbox, but she hadn’t looked at them yet. Koa used the elevator to get to her floor, putting in the code for her apartment. After turning on some lights she pulled off her boots and pants and made her toward the bathroom as she looked over her texts. It was time for a hot bubble bath, maybe a glass of whiskey to go with it. She stopped midway to turning on the faucets, there were some sexy pictures waiting for her from Levi. Hot damn that girl was everything and more. She couldn’t help feeling hot and bothered by the pictures. Tease, damn girl what am I supposed to do with myself now? Koa tapped send, then undressed as she let the soaking tub fill up, she poured herself a glass of whiskey with ice, then settled down in the bubbles and dipped on the amber liquid. She had a wooden tray that fit over her tub, so she could set her glass down, have a book there or her phone. She had an idea, Koa took her phone and shot some pictures of herself in the bubble bath, then sent the pictures to Levi, I’m enjoying your pictures right about now ;) she hit send and then downed the rest of her drink before giggling and disappearing beneath the bubbles.

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Levi was finishing up her skincare routine when her phone dinged with a message from Koa. Levi splashed her face with water and dried it along with her hands. After finishing with that, Levi swiped Koa’s message and was met with Tease. Damn girl, what am I supposed to do with myself now? accompanied by pictures of herself in the bathtub, her body covered by bubbles. I’m enjoying your pictures right about now. The second message read. Oh so Koa wanted to try and tease her like that? She was the queen of sending classy and tasteful nudes. Honestly, some of the women that she had sent her “nudes” to didn’t even deserve to see them as they were works of art. But for Koa, Levi had some sort of weird feeling that she knew she could trust Koa. So Levi turned off her bathroom light and entered her bedroom. She went over to her closet and picked out a black robe and draped it on her body. Checking herself out in the mirror in her closet, Levi placed it on the phone mount that she had on her mirror. After positioning the phone right where she wanted it to, Levi went over to her bedside table to grab the remote that changed the color of her light strips in her room and she selected red. Levi put the remote back and made it back over to the mirror. She swiped up and clicked on the camera, putting it on the self timer setting. She had ten seconds to pose for a picture so Levi placed her left hand on her hip, revealing the underwear that she was wearing (a red pair of cheekys that hugged her hips just in the right way) along with the right amount of skin and the left side her ribcage tattoo of roses and sunflowers. She snapped the picture and then took her phone off the mount. The picture was clear, colorful and showed everything that she wanted Koa to see. But Levi wasn’t going to send the picture just yet. It was going to be a secret tool that she would use for later. Instead, Levi sent the message See something you like? while attaching a smirking face.

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Koa finished with her bath and grabbed a thick, terry towel from beside the tub. After drying off and changing into a pair of high wasted silk pajama shorts and a silk tank to match, she settled under her down comforter and opened her phone to see Levi’s text. A smile curled over her lips, “This woman.” She shook her head and texted back, I’ll have to show you what I like later ;) she hit send and reached for her iPad, she put on Netflix, Charmed really had her hooked right now, they’d revamped it. She shot off a second text to Levi, Good rest of your day today? Do anything fun? Koa settled into her pillows and watched her TV show, she was tired, her eyes drooped as she watched the show, waiting on Levi to text back. She didn’t want to fall asleep until she was sure that Levi had had a good day.

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Levi’s phone lit up with a message and then another message from Koa. I’ll have to show you what I like later. Levi chuckled. A woman about action, I like that, she messaged back. She then scrolled to see what else Koa had said and Levi immediately cracked a smile seeing that Koa had asked about her day. It was good! I had a relaxing day, did some retail therapy and then came home and did a photoshoot with my favorite personal photographer. How about you? Was your day eventful? Levi started her bedtime routine, stretching and counting the things that she was thankful for. She was thankful for the deals that she had found today while she was shopping, thankful that she had a peaceful day, but the thing Levi was most thankful for was meeting Koa. Levi could already tell that this woman was going to bring more passion, more excitement and more adventure into her life and for that Levi couldn’t wait to see where it would take them.

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The sound of a notification jerked Koa out of semi-sleep, Levi had texted her back. She couldn’t help the flutters in her stomach as she read the texts. This girl was one to be reckoned with. Koa could get used to falling asleep to these kinds of texts. Sounds like you had fun today. My day was full of boring tasks, but all in all it was a good day. Gnight, I’ll text you tomorrow she sent the text and snuggled deeper in her bed. Sleep overtook her quickly. She was soon dreaming and out of touch with the world. She woke up at two a.m to get a glass of water, then went back to bed. When she woke up in the morning she rolled out of bed and went to brew a cup of coffee. She asked her Alexa to play some 90s music and danced around the kitchen while her kcup did its thing. She made her cup of coffee and went back to her room to figure out what to wear. She flipped through her clothes before deciding on a pair of shorts and a black tank top, she put on a pair of her favorite nikes and dipped her coffee before looking in the bed for her phone. She was up early for her, it was barely 10 am.

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The days past by with the two texting each other when they could, asking questions ranging from what’s your favorite movie? to if you could go back and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?. The duo had done so much getting to know each other, but it was nothing like the other day when they had met in Blacktop. But they would be able to see each other again and that was tonight.

It was Date Night! Levi had been looking forward to this all week, even though it had only been two days. Levi had spent all-day relaxing. She had went out early and had brunch with her best friend Jade and another one of her friends, Lila. Levi came home and to pass the time, she decided to start a painting. She had a large canvas in the apartment that was just sitting there and hadn't really been feeling creative, but today she had just gotten the urge to start her hobby again. So Levi tied up her hair, looked at the picture that Koa had snapped for her contact, and began sketching. The sketch took up so much time that by the time she looked up, it was 3:30. Her date with Koa was at 7, and she would be picking her up. Levi picked up her phone and found Koa's contact information, typing up the message Can't wait to see you tonight ;) before pressing send. She got up from her workspace and Levi made it to her bedroom, collapsing onto her bed for a quick nap before getting up to get ready.

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She heard a notification from her phone, that was what woke Koa up. She hadn’t gone to bed until nine o’clock that morning. Koa checked her phone and texted Levi back, I can’t wait to see you, it feels like months instead of days 😘. She was wearing an oversized tee and her underwear, she walked into her bathroom to brush her teeth. She winced when she looked at herself in the mirror, she’d forgotten that she had gotten into a fight the night before. She had a nice pretty purple color beneath her eye, well wasn’t that just sexy? Koa normally would wear her bruise with pride, show the guys she was just as tough as them. But the fight had been with a friend, well ex friend, and she had a date tonight. Both were unfortunate. But she would deal with the consequences of both when it came time. Koa finished her morning routine and meandered into the kitchen to grab a handful of grapes. She went back to sit on her messy bed and across through tik tok. Damn app always cheered her up, she was thinking about hitting the gym before getting ready for her date, Koa loved to box. She threw off her shirt, slipped on a sports bra and some sports shorts before tying up her tennis shoes and heading out.

The gym was satisfying, she let out some pent up energy, maybe some anger, she’d seen some associates, and then headed home. She was dripping sweat, she threw her phone on the bed and went to take a shower to get ready for her date. After showering she went to her closet to check out what her date options were. Would it upset Levi if she didn’t show up in a dress? Koa didn’t even own one, they weren’t comfortable, she didn’t mind if others found them that way, but personally she liked shirts and pants. Always had, even as a child she would grab her foster brothers clothes instead of the pink frilly things that foster parents like to pick out for her. Koa pulled out an ocean blue button up and a pair of black, fitted pants, they hugged her ass nicely, or so she’d been told. After she slipped on the shirt she rolled up the sleeves to her elbows and pulled on her pants. She slipped on a pit of ankle books that went with the ensemble and picked up her phone to check the time. She had less than an hour to pick up Levi, she decided to head out. Grabbing her keys, Koa locked up and headed to her truck.

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When Levi's phone popped up with the message I can't wait to see you, it feels like months instead of days 😘, she was waking up from her nap. Levi smiled at her phone and then sent a kissing emoji back. Words could not describe how excited and nervous she was. Levi got up from her bed and she put on a playlist called Sensual. She went over to her closet and pulled out the outfit that she had found earlier in the week. Levi laid it out on her bed and started shedding her clothing, walking toward the bathroom to grab a shower. As the water ran over her body, she let the sounds of The Weeknd and Zayn croon into her ears.

After her shower, Levi put a sheet mask onto her face so that her skin could be soft and hydrated before she even attempted to do her makeup and dried her hair with a cotton tee shirt to not damage her hair. Levi set a timer for her facemask, started it and then went over to her accessory box. Gold, silver, and diamonds gleaned from the box as Levi swayed to the beat of the music playing, surveying her options. Her eyes landed on the Chanel set that she had been gifted from Jade. She had never worn them out, so what better night than tonight to wear them. Levi pulled them out of the box and set them on her vanity as she heard her timer go off. Levi peeled her facemask off and trashed it, rubbing the essence into her skin. Her skin looked damn good so Levi just decided to put on some tinted moisturizer along with doing her eye makeup and throwing on a gloss. Being satisfied with how her makeup came out, Levi made her way to the bathroom and reached underneath her cabinet to get her flat iron and blowdryer. Levi began to work on drying and blowing her hair, making sure that her hair was being slicked back and going down her back. After 45 minutes of wrangling with her hair, Levi finally got it to where she wanted it. Checking the time and seeing the clock read 6:15 PM, Levi finally slipped on the red dress, seeing the bottom of the linework of her tattoo peeking out from time to time as she walked, and began to pack her clutch for the night, making sure she had her essentials. Levi checked the time again and put on her jewelry, slipped on her shoes, and put on her jacket. Levi checked herself out in the mirror and snapped some pictures. Red was such a good color on her, she would have to wear it more. Levi pulled her phone off of the charger, turned off the music, and made sure her area was clean before settling down in the living room, waiting for Koa to come and pick her up, her butterflies fluttering in her stomach with each passing minute.

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Traffic was light as Koa made her way over to Levi’s apartment. She kept messing with her hair as she drove, she wondered if she should’ve put it up. By the time she reached Levi’s apartment she was putting the thick curls up into a bun on top of her head. She straightened her clothes, and jumped out of the truck. Her heart was about to thump out of her chest as she made her way to the apartment number she’d been given. This was happening, she was having a real date, not just some one night stand. Or hour fling for a good fuck. This was a girl she could possibly have a real relationship with. Koa stopped in front of the door and knocked, she waited for the door to open, anticipation was killing her. She reached up to check her hair, everything was fine, everything was in place. Koa panicked at the last second, she should’ve brought flowers! Dammit.

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Levi was checking herself out in the mirror in the front bathroom when the knock came. Deep breath Levi. She turned off the bathroom light and Levi started making her way to the front door, heels clicking on the floor of her apartment. She grabbed her clutch and keys off of the counter and when she got to the door, Levi took another deep breath, the butterflies getting worse. Levi put her hand on the doorknob and opened it for Koa. Levi dragged her eyes over Koa’s form, checking her out completely, her biting her lip almost immediately. Damn she looked good as hell, that ocean blue complimented her skin so well. We’re not even going to get started on her in those pants, the curves of the other woman’s looking absolutely divine. Levi met Koa’s eyes and gave her a smile. “Good to see you again, Red.”

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Levi opened the door wide, revealing herself fully. Koa looked her up and down appreciatively, she caught Levi doing the same thing to her. Koa slapped a hand to her chest dramatically, “You trying to make me pass out from a beauty overload?” She grinned and offered Levi her arm as they made their way toward her truck, “Are you an eat and run kind of girl? Or do you mind hitting a club or two after dinner?” She asked as they made it to the truck, she reached over and opened the door for Levi, she helped her into the truck too. Then ran around and hopped into the drivers seat. After starting up the engine she backed out and headed towards an Italian restaurant she favored.

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“Maybe. I could ask you the same,” Levi said, chuckling and giving Koa a bright smile. Koa offered her arm to Levi and the woman took it, placing her hand on Koa’s upper arm as they began to walk out of the apartment complex and out toward Koa’s car. She was such a gentlewoman, opening the door for Levi and helping her into the car, her red heels clicking on the bar to get into the truck. “Your car is very nice. Very sexy and powerful,” Levi mused once Koa got into the black lifted truck. Once she was buckled in, Levi turned her body toward Koa so that she was giving her date all of her attention. Koa asked if she was an “eat and run kind of girl” and Levi laughed. “While I do love a good meal, I love dancing. Where were you thinking of going after? I’m in for anything as long as this energy,” Levi motioned from herself to Koa ,”is high.” Levi took the time to look at Koa’s side profile and hot damn, just watching this woman doing a mundane task such as drive was infatuating and sexy.

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She said her truck was sexy and powerful, usually Koa would shrug such a compliment off, make it about her being a powerful woman by not saying anything or reacting. But when Levi said it, something clicked for Koa and she beamed with pride, she gave Levi a wink before continuing in taking them to their destination. “Oh babe, you don’t have to worry about high energy. We’re already there, and we’ll stay there all night,” Koa was confident in her words, she felt like the two of them would feed off one another and maybe spike late into the night. It would either end with them in bed together or them saying a really good goodbye before going home. “I was thinking we could go to Bestia, it’s Italian, and then we could head towards my friends club, it’s brand new, Club Artemis. She has some pretty high end lounges throughout and then the dance floor is always full, the vibes are great,” Koa turned onto a side street to bypass traffic and take them to their destination more quickly.

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Levi smiled, a blush gaining to her cheeks when Koa winked at her. When Koa said that the energy between the two was already high and that it would stay there, Levi relaxed her shoulders, unaware that she had been holding stress there. As the two were driving, Levi listened as Koa rattled off their plans for the night. A new club? Levi was so in. Maybe she and Jade will be able to make appearances there, especially if it seemed like it was going to be the hottest place in town. Bestia? That high-end Italian restaurant? Only the creme de la creme of the city went there! That piqued Levi's interest and she debated asking her date how she had managed to get them in on such short notice because it was clear that the woman was no ordinary person. After contemplating, Levi piped up, "Bestia? That restaurant has a reservation list that's at least 2 month's wait. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get a reservation on such short notice?" Levi had only seen pictures of the restaurant and it was upscale and class, was she dressed appropriately? Levi took a deep breath. Breathe Levi... everything will be alright.

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Koa weaved in and out of traffic as they got closer to Bestia, she was excited for their night. She felt her body humming with anticipation, then Levi asked how she’d gotten the reservation. She hadn’t thought of how to explain that, usually girls were in and out of her life so fast that she didn’t have to worry about the details. She couldn’t exactly tell her date that the owner was behind on his weekly cut for her boss and owed her a favor. Koa bit her bottom lip as she tried to think of a reasonable excuse for getting the reservation so quickly.

“Someone owed me a favor and gave me their reservation,” she hedges as she founded a parking place. She parallel parked the big truck before cutting the engine and turning toward Levi, “Ready for the night of your life?” Her eyes were bright, her smile genuine. She knew a little something about reading people, and if Levi was anywhere like her then she would want honesty. Koa would be as close to the truth as possible.

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Levi watched as Koa continued to drive. She told Levi that she was owed a favor and that she had scored the reservation that way. Levi nodded at Koa's answer as they pulled into the parking lot for Bestia. It looked even better than the pictures and Levi was in awe. Wait.... was that? Levi let out a gasp as she saw her favorite model enter the restaurant. Holy shit wow. Levi took another deep breath to soothe her anxiety not only being at one of the best restaurants in town but also being on a date with an unreal and unbelievable woman. Levi quietly observed the landscape as Koa pulled in and parked the car. It was phenomenal. "Ready for the night of your life?" Koa posed as she looked over at Levi, her eyes bright and smile blinding. "May it be the first of many with you, Red," Levi said, returning the smile back to the other woman, looking into Koa's eyes so that she knew Levi meant it.

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Koa laughed softly, got out of the truck and ran around to open the door and help Levi out of the truck. People were waiting in a hopeless line for the restaurant, hoping that someone would cancel their reservation, which was very rare. Koa took Levi’s hand in hers, hoping she didn’t seem too forward, and led the way to the front. Koa gave her name to the hostess at the front, they were quickly led to a private corner for two and left to their own devices as they waited for a waiter or waitress to show up.

Koa glanced over the menu, but it was hard to concentrate as she kept stealing glances at Levi. “What’s your favorite wine?” She asked, planning on ordering whatever came out of Levi’s mouth. She was one hundred percent certain that her date was the prettiest girl in the room, no one outshined Levi.

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Koa hoped out of the car to help Levi out of thr lifted truck. Levi had the most considerate date and she just knew that their night would be one for the history books. Koa’s hand found Levi’s and Levi blushed, intertwining their fingers so that she can hold onto this woman a little tighter. As they came up to the hostess, Koa gave them her name and they were soon walking back to a table that was in the corner, quiet but still able to hear conversations in the restaurant.

The two were then seated and Levi heard ,”What’s your favorite wine?” from Koa as she was scanning her eyes over the menu. Gosh what should she get? “Hmmm, I’m a fan of merlot. What’s good here? I’m a little overwhelmed,” Levi said as she looked over at Koa, taking in her date under this dark lighting.

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Levi spoke and Koa was attentive, she hadn’t thought about this not being Levi’s scene, she just assumed that she should show this girl that she actually liked the best of the best. Koa only felt comfortable because she stopped by here weekly to collect money. She reached across the table, leaving her hand open for Levi to put hers in it.

“Merlot it is,” she said with an encouraging smile. “Maybe we should go with the ravioli? I know that sounds so simple, but I hear it’s pretty good, and we’ll order some breadsticks? Does that sound okay?” Koa figured going simple would make it easier and more comfortable, also the head chef had mentioned several times that she should try it, now was her chance, “If this is too weird we could just go grab burgers, or find a food truck?” Koa was down for whatever would relax Levi.

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Koa offered Levi her hand and Levi took it almost immediately, the anxiety subsiding slightly. “I’m okay, it’s been a while since I’ve been to a restaurant like this is all. Let’s go with the ravioli and breadsticks,” Levi said, a soft smile appearing on her features. Levi was no stranger to luxury, her father and mother had made sure of that. Something about the establishment felt..... familiar in a sense. But Levi wasn’t worried about making a fool out of herself or Koa in the restaurant, no that wasn’t it. Levi was just worried that she would say or do something that would scare Koa off. The woman sitting across from her was everything Levi could want and more. But it was only the beginning of their date, she shouldn’t worry about things that she couldn’t control. So Levi took one last deep breath and focused her attention back on Koa, taking in her features and rubbing her thumb across the other woman’s hand. “Alright, so I have to ask. What was the last show that you binge watched?” Levi wanted to know any and everything about this woman, so she would start with the basics and then they would move from there.

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Levi seemed to take a breath and let it out and she was relaxed, their hands together across the small table was comforting. Koa smiled easily towards Levi as she asked what was the last show she had binge-watched. The waitress came up then and asked what their drink preferences were, Koa ordered Merlot and waters for each of them. She also gave their dinner order and asked for bread to be brought out beforehand. After the waitress left Koa returned her attention to Levi.

“At the moment it’s the reboot of Charmed! I like it, probably a little too much. The one before that was probably All American. What about you?” Koa was ecstatic that the two of them were finally spending time together. Yeah phones were all fine and good, but it wasn’t the same as the two of them actually being around one another, touching, reading each other’s expressions.

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Levi watched Koa order for them. Now this was something that Levi could get used to, going on dates with this woman who made her feel like she was special. Like she wasn’t a burden, like she was the best thing to happen to her. Levi could get used to that if she allowed herself to. When Koa got done ordering for them, Levi scooted closer to Koa, closing the gap between them. “Okay but the Charmed reboot is really good! Who’s your favorite? The last show that I ended up binge watching was Killing Eve. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but it is phenomenal,” Levi said, looking over at Koa making sure to make eye contact with the woman. “This club that you were telling me about, can you tell me more? Who’s the owner and what’s your relation to her if you don’t mind my asking?”

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(Killing Eve is one of my favorites Omgsh , Sandra Oh is bae)
She moved closer to her, the intimacy that the two of them created with one another by that one move gave Koa butterflies. “Mandeleine Mantock, the one that plays Mace, she is probably my favorite. What about you? Oh I’ve heard of Killing Eve, it looked good. I’ll have to check it out. You wouldn’t be willing to rewatch it would you?” Koa gave Levi a shy smile, she wasn’t used to this. Making plans, especially ones as mundane as watching television together. She could imagine them snuggled together in her bed under the covers, falling asleep in each other’s arms. What would that be like? Koa normally had a strict no sleepover rule with the girls she’d had sex with. This time was definitely different. There was no sex so far and she already wanted Levi to stay the night at her house, how weird was that? Koa bit her lip nervously when Levi asked about the owner of the club. “Well, I hope you font feel weird about this, but the owner is my ex,” Koa was sure that probably did seem weird though. “She and I haven’t been a thing in years, I was really young when we dated,” she shrugged her shoulders helplessly. There was no other way to explain it, she and Goldie had been friends since middle school, and had slept with one another off and on throughout high school years. They were more like friends with benefits, and she wouldn’t have said anything to Levi if she wasn’t wanting to be as honest as possible with her. “Goldie is a unique character, but she’s built her life from the ground up and has made a name for herself. This is her first business she’s opening on her own,” she didn’t mention that this was also the first legitimate thing that Goldie had done in her life.

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Levi listened attentively as Koa spoke. “Mace is cool, I love Maggie. She’s my favorite. Is this you asking me out on another date, Red?” Levi chuckled. Levi could imagine them drinking wine in bed with a charcuterie board of fruit and cheese while cuddling and talking about everything. Levi snapped out of her thoughts and listened to Koa’s plan for the rest of the night. Going to a club.... owned by her ex? Hm. Levi sat with that for a moment but then Koa explained that her and... Goldie was it? Haven’t been a thing for a long time. The way that Koa’s body language changed gave Levi all of the answers she needed. Plus Koa wouldn’t have told Levi about it if she wasn’t trying to be completely transparent with her. Levi appreciated the honesty. “I appreciate you letting me know about the situation instead of just letting me walk in there. Thank you for the honest communication,” Levi said, looking over at Koa. She did mean that, because she’s been in some pretty sticky situations with no prior warning and it didn’t end well. “I’m game to go,” Levi said. It wouldn’t be bad because Levi felt like Koa wouldn’t let anything happen to her. The woman just seemed like the type. Plus if she’s going to her ex’s club, she has to have some significance in Koa’s life. “If you don’t mind my asking and if it’s not too invasive, can you tell me more about this Goldie? She seems like she’s had an impact on you.”

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Was she asking her out on another date? So soon? Yes, she was. “I am,” she said simply, with a smile that suggested all kinds of things. Levi then agreed to go to the club with her. But she also asked about Goldie, it’s not that it was complicated, but it was a different part of her life, one she wasn’t always proud of. “Goldie was my first girlfriend, we were friends first. Then feelings developed. One thing led to another and we ended up dating for two years. Goldie was there for me through a lot of rough days. Even after we broke up. Which we did because we realized we were more friends than girlfriends. She was more of a crutch for me than someone I was head over heels for,” Koa paused and took a sip of her drink, “It’s all history now. She’s just a friend I swear. I wanted to make sure you knew we had history though, I don’t believe in letting someone I like walk into anything unknowingly.” Koa was blushing slightly, she didn’t know how forward was too forward, and she certainly didn’t want to scare Levi off.

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Levi smiled at the other woman's answer to her question. "Alright Red, you're on for another date," Levi said as she ran her thumb over Koa's hand. She then listened to Koa explain who Goldie was to her... sounds like they were super tight but there was nothing that was happening between them. But Levi also knew how girls were, they tended to sometimes territorial so while Koa didn't have anything lingering there, that didn't mean that Goldie didn't. But, Levi couldn't worry about that right now, not until she and Goldie met. "Like I said before, thank you for letting me know about Goldie. I appreciate that you just didn't let me just walk into the situation blindly. But I don't want to talk about that anymore, I want to talk more about you," Levi looked over at Koa, eyes low and sultry. "Tell me more about you. Where do you come from? What do you do for work? What are your motivations in life?"

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The fact that Levi was so amiable made Koa giddy with excitement, they were on for another date. Maybe if she wined and dined Levi tonight then they could just Netflix and chill for the next date. No sex per se, but it wasn’t out of the question. More she wanted to just spend some down time with this girl that was so beautiful, sitting across from her so naturally. No fear, no obligations, no illegal activity, just two girls making plans and already having one another’s numbers.

Levi wanted to know more about her, well that was complicated. Koa decided quickly to stick to the facts, just to not reveal much detail into them. She put on an easy smile, relaxed her form as the bread arrived, and their wine. Yeah she would need some of that, she thanked the waitress and took a sip of her wine, she resisted chugging it. “More about me hmm? I’m from here, L.A. and I am an assistant for a guy with way too much money. He’s a complete asshat, but its a job that pays well. Plus my colleagues are like brothers to me. I’m one of the few girls around where I work, so climbing that ladder, well you could say its been a bit of work.” Koa had revealed truth, she was something like an assistant, she also worked with a bunch of guys. The girls that hung around were mostly used for sex or drugs, she’d been one of the lucky few that Eric had saved and allowed to work up the ladder. She couldn’t go much further, not as a woman. Which meant one of two things, she either became okay with her station in life, or she killed boss man and took over. She wasn’t ready for that decision yet. Time for a change of subject, “What about you? What do you do? If I had to guess I’d say influencer? Model?” Koa grabbed a breadstick and dipped it into the sauce before munching on it as she waited to hear what Levi would say next. Under the table she slipped off a boot and skimmed her foot up Levi’s leg teasingly.

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Levi looked Koa in her eyes as she listened to the other woman. “Sounds like you’re a busy woman and an influential one at that. You must keep the guys on their toes,” Levi remarked as she felt something... warm and soft rubbed against her leg sensually. It made Levi bite her lip and her face gain a little color under the candle light. Oh so it was like that huh? “Be careful Red,” Levi said in a sultry tone as Koa started to ask about her. Levi paused before answering as the waiter came back with the wine and starter. Levi took the glass of wine between her middle and her ring finger and swirled it around, her white nails a sharp contrast against the dark red liquid in the glass. She took a sip as she started to answer.

“Well I just recently moved to LA in the past couple of years to follow my dreams of, you guessed it, being a model. I’ve gone through a couple of agencies but they were all for sleezy jobs but the agency that I’m working on getting signed for is legitimate. Right now I just model for my sister and post those pictures. She gets the practice and I get fire pictures,” Levi said, setting the glass down on the table and she started to trace her fingers around the rim. “This might be a little bit of a deep question but What was your childhood like growing up here? Was it exciting?”

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Koa’s eyes filled with silent laughter at Levi’s reaction, but she let her foot slip back into its boot. She sipped the merlot while Levi told her about trying to get her foot into the modeling world. She could imagine how tough it was, Koa had rarely done anything legit in her life, she felt a beam of pride for Levi, she was going about it the right way. Even if the road was tough and unforgiving. Koa had some contacts in the modeling business, they loved cocaine, she could put some bugs in their ear about Levi. But she wasn’t sure she wanted her possible girlfriend to be associated with her contacts. “Do you post these pictures to anywhere specific?” She asked curiously, finishing off the bread she’d been consuming.

The question itself shouldn’t have been that deep, not for a regular person. The regular person would speak of their childhood as if it was a dream, or so she assumed. Hers was a bit more complicated than that. Doing her best not to let her emotions take over Koa took a deep breath and let out a fraction of her childhood, “I lived in 14 different homes in my childhood, but I survived alright. Parents were both meth heads, cared more about doing their drugs than raising their kids. I have siblings out there somewhere, they got lost in the system. I don’t even know if they remember me, so I leave them to their lives, I’ve never searched for them. But hey, growing up in L.A. had its perks, lots of different cultures to experience in one place.” Koa hadn’t realized it, but she’d drunk her entire glass of wine pretty quickly. “Oh,” She said, pausing long enough to show her embarrassment. “Um, what about you?” She threw her date a haphazard smile, hoping she didn’t scare her off already.

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