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message 1: by Collyre (new)

Collyre This will be the second time i try to wright this.

My goodreads challenge right now is set to 25, because i like when the celebration for when you reach a goals happen, and i personally dont understand why i cant choose to celebrate every book or every 10th books i read, so i change it up, so i celebrate every 25 books i read.

My goal for 2020 reading challenge, is 100 books. The plan is to read 25 books every 3 month. I try to plan it better, because i feel like last year, i rush it much, just to reach the mark.

This year i also want to read more diversity, books.
I have also a plan to read 1 nonfiction book every month, i started this last year, and loved it, and will try to continued this.
I will also try to be part of booktwitter/bookstagram / readathons / goodreads and so on, to challenge my self, and to try to become part of a book community, but also to read different books, because i feel like i reach a place where i kind read the same kind of book, and im afraid that will bored me if i dont change that. SO on of my goals is to reach book thats outside of my comfortzone, and differente genre. Romance is my favorit genre, but i want to push my self, so it doesnt gets boring.
I want to read books with other people, so i have somebody to talk to about the book, i feel like thats what i missing right now, and thats what i hoped to channge this year.
If you know any good romance gooadreads group, please share.

And i hope you all have a good year. (so far im up on 8 books)

message 2: by Collyre (new)

Collyre So far i read
1. Blaze ( this was a reread) 4 star
2. Ogre Enchanted (audio) 3 star
3. Help Me: One Woman’s Quest to Find Out if Self-Help Really Can Change Your Life 3 star
4. Rules for Vanishing 4 star, (first thriller)
5. Ashes (reread) 4 star
6. Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life's Storms (audio) 2 star
7. The Younger Man 3 star (3,5)
8. Credence 4 star (4,5) (OMG i love this)

message 3: by oshizu, Challenges (new)

oshizu | 5408 comments Good luck with pacing your reading challenge this year, Collyre!

message 4: by Collyre (new)

Collyre Thank you Oshizu

message 5: by Collyre (new)

Collyre 9. The Maddest Obsession 3 star
10. The Raging Ones 3 star
11.The Last Hope 4 star
12. Freaking Romance 5 star (webtoon so not finish)
13. The Guinevere Deception 2 star
14. Lore Olympus 4 star (webtoon so not finish)
15. True beauty4 star (webtoon so not finish)
16. The Program 3 star
17. Come to Daddy 1 star

message 6: by Collyre (new)

Collyre 18. Wolfsong 5 star.

So i read 18 books i January.
2 nonfiction books, which i am happy with, one was on audio, and im happy about that too.
4 books was audiobook, and i am happy about that, i want to read a lot of more audio books.
My favorit books was: The raging ones serie , loove those, favorit sci-fiction, And Wolfsong, that was pretty amazing read also.
I read one thriller/horror, and i learned that i love to read books about thriller, but not horror or paranormal books, but im still going to try new books in the genre to be more sure.
Plan for February is to be part of a readathon, and continued to read different genre.

message 7: by Collyre (new)

Collyre 19.Ravensong 4 star.
20. Heartsong 4 star
21. The Other People 3 star
22. Desperate Measures 4 star
23. Good Luck with That 4 star
24. My Sister, the Serial Killer 4 star
25. Rising Strong 5 star

message 8: by Collyre (new)

Collyre 26. To Best the Boys 4 star
27. Heartstopper: Volume One 5 star
28. Heartstopper: Volume Two 5 star
29. Heartstopper: Volume Three 5 star
30. Invisible Born 4 star
31. The Belles 4 star
32. Behind Closed Doors 2 star (hated this)
33. The One 4 star
34. Final Girls 4 star
35. Snowflake 5 star

message 9: by Collyre (new)

Collyre So i read 17 books this month, i dont know why im not happy with this, i think its because i didn't read a lot of audiobook, so i feel like i could have read a lot of more, but didn't a missed a lot of opportunity. My reading so far is going good, but i do feel like its more force now, then at the begin, where it was more fun. So i want to step back on the randoms rules i made so far. I want to mood-read again. AND not being so obsessed about deadlines and so on.

My favorit serie in this month, was Wolfsong serie(nr. 18,19,20), i did start that at the end of January and finish the serie in February, and im obsessed, it was my best read off all time.

I have one favorit this month, Snowflake, that was so cute (nr.35), but otherwise i dont have many favorit. I do know that i gave a lot of 4 and 5 star this month, and its because i read a lot of new concept, and cute story, and some of them or 3,5 that i round up to 4, or 4,5 that i round up to 5.

My most hated book was Behind Closed doors nr.2 ( i almost gave up, and only kept reading it because it was a group book.

I dnf a book Authentic: How to be yourself and why it matters it was so boring, and its nonfiction and i realise that im reading this on my own free time, i have no plan to force my self to read something bad to the end, just so i can add this on my list of read.

Next month (this month), i want to read more for the mood, and i also may want to read more thriller, and i just want to try to read without a plan, and see where it takes me. I am planing on reading for 3 readathons, so thats going to be excited.

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