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Am I the only one who liked Amy's complex character until the end?
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At the beginning, I hated Nick. I believed the diary was real. Nick didn't deserve Amy…but then not all of it were real after all, etc etc. However, I still liked Amy since she was so charming. Besides, you sort of get her because Nick is an asshole anyway. Am I the only one who doesn't hate Amy? Or at least, the only one who understands her even just a little?

P.S. I only like her as a character of the book. If she was a real person, then I wouldn't want to be associated with her.

Yes, I really think you are probably the only one, ha ha!

I liked Nick and don't understand why few others did. And I do not think Nick and Amy were still in love at the end. Nick hated her but was trapped because he knew how much damage she could do to him if he didn't toe the line. He also felt a responsibility to protect their child from her.

I enjoyed Amy as a fictional character and laughed out loud many times at her antics. I didn't think Nick was nearly as well done and not really a match for Amy in any way. It didn't make sense to me at all that they were together and although I enjoyed the book a great deal I thought it would have been better if Nick had been created as a more complete character to go with Amy.

For me, Amy's character at the end didn't feel as believable, and the double ending helped to amplify the effect.

I like Amy as a character, but if she were a real person, I would want nothing to do with her.

Isabelle Romualdez Well, me too. I like her only as a fictional character. I'd be crazy to want to be associated with someone as manipulative as her. ...more
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I don't like her at all but hell if I don't admire her. Crazy bitch is smart and clever, until the very end.

Amy was a great character and very interesting. I liked the Amy in the diaries although she came off as a little desperate to be "cool" and not complain about her husband's faults. It is possible to complain without being a nag. The real Amy was a cold, self-centered, controlling bitch. The author created a great female sociopath. Sure, some of her actions were understandable, but like many unbalanced people she took things way too far.

I didn't like Nick or Amy, however I found the story enthralling.

Did I enjoy reading Amy's point of view? Yes. Did I appreciate how her complexity added to the story? Yes. Did I occasionally feel a pang of sympathy even towards the end of the story? Yes. However, I decidely stopped liking her once she revealed the diary was fake. I had really related to her in the beginning and her argument that all "cool girls" are fake really turned me off. The whole time I read her diary, I was thinking "this girl is a lot like me." Then when she said that no one could be like that, I was left thinking, "Hey! What about me?" Id didn't help matters that I knew women who fit everyone of her "impossible to be real" cool girl examples and even a couple of guys who fit her description of the guy's version, which she claimed a guy would never even pretend to be.

She really bugged me, but I could very much relate to her being tired of being the "cool girl." That part, I really liked. Other than that, I think both of them were annoying.

Amy was such a great invention. She's full of shades and colors and even when absolutly everything seems wrong about her, there are some elements in her argument like love being conditional that are not so crazy to believe, she is just a mixture of genious/evil/crazy bitch with aspects of every normal woman. I don't know I love her as a book character, I of course despise her as a person.

I liked her character in the sense that it made compelling reading. I find it so interesting that some readers feel it was Nick cheating that made her "snap" when it seems to me she was like this all along. While there are debates on whether psychopaths are born or created, I don't think her parents, as poor nurturers as they were, are a good enough reason to have spawned her psychopathy. I have heard over and over how having abusive parents is no excuse for bad behavior-as adults, we are expected to overcome and make appropriate choices. Would we as readers found her so unusual and compelling had she been a male? It isn't that unusual to find psychopathic male characters in lliterature.

I loved Amy's character as well. Very interesting to read and the twist really threw me off. I still liked her by the end of the book, only because in some twisted way I could see why she did the things that she did and i felt bad for her.

I loved her character!!! she was everything!!!

I didn't like either Amy or Nick, but I did find the story riveting. It was a wild and fantastic ride and I really loved every minute of the read. While generally it's good to identify with one of the characters in order to care enough to finish the book, I didn't have that problem here. I did have more concern about Nick as he was being framed; i.e. we knew he was innocent. But still, the twists and turns kept me reading.

Amy actually SCARED me, and I mean big-time! That she would plot so painstakingly, so methodically, so perfectly as to avoid all detection was, to me, diabolical; it almost felt that she had a pact with the devil.... well, maybe that's exaggerated somewhat. To me, she was NOT normal, did not behave nor act normal.... a real psycho = scary, scary, scary !!!

It takes a fine writer to be able to create a character with whom the reader sympathizes in spite of her horrendous behavior. The story reminded me of the spider and the fly. Amy was clearly the stronger of the two. Nick didn't stand a chance. Somehow, though, I didn't feel the least bit sorry for him. I was routing for Amy, and yet wondering how I could be doing so.

Actually, I really liked Amy's character. She was always one step ahead. I wouldn't say that she wasn't disturbing, but she was brilliant. The only character I liked more than Amy was Margo.

I know this is an old discussion, but I am going to comment either way. The book started out very slow. Amy really had me fooled in the diary entries. Didn't really care for Nick and Amy was crazy and conniving. Nick had know choice but to stay in the end. If you can get through the beginning of the book I think you would find that it is very captivating as it keeps you guessing and wondering what's going to happen next.

Alicia the wondering & guessing isthe best part !
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Such complex mind for the sake of saving her personality, for who she is isn't ordinary. All the efforts she put in so effortlessly is typical Amy. By every passing moment she gains momentum, keeps the reader spell bound till the end, especially the closing point where she remains untainted to her original-self despite the tumultuous trail of events she penned. I mean come on what's not to love seriously???!!

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She's one of my favorite characters in contemporary literature - she reminded me a little bit of Natalie Portman's character in the Black Swan, that need for perfection that came out of various peoples' expectations for her. My god if my my parents based their fortune off of my childhood mediocrities I would probably end up snapping like that, too. But in all seriousness I thought she was a hugely complex character and so interesting to live with throughout the time of reading the book.

I was also really struck by her (I'm gonna go ahead and say it) misogyny. Is there a single woman she does not hate? It was so tragic to me, this brilliant woman who was so unhappy and so hateful and resentful but I could understand all of it.

Let me tell you this. I liked the couple in the first part of the story, especially Amy because she seemed to me a woman that every man should have and be lucky to have (which was the view the real Amy aiming at). But in the second part, I was shocked with Amy's personality! I saw her as a psycho, but one has to admit that her talent, whether it is used in a good or a bad way, is admirable. I can say she is a strong, confident woman. I pitied Nick despite his infidelity because he was insecure and projected his negativity in everything around him.

But, I loved the couple again at the end. The love between these two psychos is beautiful. They know they need each other, and they fit together perfectly (I mean, loving a person because he or she knows you well?) I just love them!

I found her extremely interesting to read. Okay, she snapped becausse of some cliche reason but she did not react the way a normal woman would, which is either to turn a blind eye or have an arguement. She was able to control her anger and plan a complex plan.

She's twisted, and I think her and Nick make a great couple. They understand each other, there's still chemistry there, and as twisted as things got, they still can laugh with each other because their original love never went away. He's still as much interested in her mind than ever, and when he saw how deep it was, he knew he be bored with anyone else. And he's twisted for liking someone like Amy too.

And to be honest, I didn't feel too much sympathy for Desi when she killed him, he tried to imprison a woman and control her. Desi was a passive aggressive abuser, he accused Amy of suffering Stockholm syndrome because of Nick but ironically he was actually trying to cause that syndrome by trapping her and making her rely only on him, and he had the paitence to make mess with their head.

I prefer he was still alive and went to jail and the world realised what a creep he was but oh well. So I really couldn't feel sorry for him, he was just too creepy. But in a way that also made him a good character to read about.

Really the only characters that I didn't find interesting were the detectives, sister and presenters.

I liked both of them. Their characters were so complex and interesting to read about. Obviously, I wouldn't like to meet either of them in real life, but as fictional characters, I enjoyed them.

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Amy is such a psychological mess. Despite her sinister character, I kinda sympathized with her at certain points of her revengeful scheme until I couldn't take her evilness anymore. For example like.. (view spoiler) which was beyond extreme. As Nick said (in other words) that you gotta admire her brilliant mind even if you hated her.

Isabelle wrote: "At the beginning, I hated Nick. I believed the diary was real. Nick didn't deserve Amy…but then not all of it were real after all, etc etc. However, I still liked Amy since she was so charming. Bes..."

I was just taken by Amy & kept reading & wondering
& then time & again boy oh boy she did it
I enjoyed her & her ability to manipulate what had happened to her
& her need to get WHAT she WANTED from it all..
I only recently saw the movie & found myself saying
Boy Oh Boy
The book is so much better
but of course they could not have captured every wicked moment that she pulls us into
I kept saying
AMY really IS Amazing!~
I pulled for her .........
Do not know what that says about me & I think I do not care either insert wicked grin here

Nope, you're not alone. Amy is a fascinating character, I very much liked her. (I also already knew the twists though, so...)

I loved Amy, I wish I was as smart as she is. At the very end I thought she overstepped the mark a little but I never wanted her to be caught and thought she was pure genius and very likeable.

Amy as a villain is perfection. She has the patience, the intelligence, and the courage to do what it takes to get revenge. That woman can be scary but she was the best part of the book. I think Nick was just kind of like an idiot little puppet.
I don't think he ever loved or will ever love Amy because when they got married, Amy was pretending to be someone else. Now, she has shown her true colors who can actually fall in love with a sociopath?
As a character, Amy is the best. As a real person, someone needs to end her.

i really didnt like her in the beginning but in the middle i loved her she is smart and awsome but at the end i hated her

At first I was all for Nick. Had a feeling he was being set up, but not by her. I really thought she was dead. Then the tables were turned. I was intrigued by Amy when it revealed how she did it. I totally did not think anything about the fertility doctor even when she said at the end she was pregnant. I thought for sure Nick would have a way out. I want to see the movie just to see how they did a screenplay of the book because the book held you in its claw till the very end.

Amy's character is SICK - I love her!

Isabelle wrote: "At the beginning, I hated Nick. I believed the diary was real. Nick didn't deserve Amy…but then not all of it were real after all, etc etc. However, I still liked Amy since she was so charming. Bes..."

I loved Amy's character when I discovered who she really was and what she was capable of doing.

Amy is the worst! Best CHARACTER absolutely, but to like her as a person and understand her psycho path reasoning? Hmmm.... not so much...considering she is a murdering, lying, and conniving hypocrite. I would not want to associate myself with someone with no conscience. However she is the most incredibly complex character, but being smart enough to do those things and not doing them is cool, doing them is mentally unstable...writing this story? Incredible.

I hated amy period. At first I was like yea he totally deserves this, because he cheated but towards the end I was like "This woman is insane." Plus it made me wonder.....no one could actually do this and get away with it in real life....right?

I could not get enough of Amy's point of view. She was so complex and interesting, and I simultaneously loved, admired, and loathed her. I started to sympathize with her because her feelings were very human, but I was both disgusted and enthralled to read her insane responses. I really want to find another book in which the character is complex in a way that Amy is. I loved reading the entries about her and Nick in the beginning and slowly discovering how crazy she was. The "cool girl" rant was one of the things that set her apart from any other character I've read. Every time I try to find a book like this, all I get are murder mysteries. While the mystery was suspenseful and kept me turning the pages, it was really Amy that I was loving to read about. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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I didn't find her to be particularly complex. Rather the opposite. Woman flips out because guy cheats on her. Hardly complex. Her being pure evil doesn't really add much "complexity". She ended up being an intelligent version of a cliche.

And the fact that you "get Amy" because Nick is an asshole anyway is pretty disturbing. It's kind of like saying "I totally get what Ted Bundy did. I mean, they were whores, so Bundy was pretty much the good guy in the situation. He was so charming."

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