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Aaron Nagy | 76 comments Series:

Legend of the Sun Knight騎士基本理論 - Amazing light fantasy series very funny, I literally don't know anyone who doesn't love it. - Very profession grade translations found on princerevolution.org

Log Horizonログ・ホライズン1 異世界のはじまり - Not for everyone, it's basically a slow empire building series think of a Baen Publishing book but in a MMO world. - Passable translations on baka-tsuki...but it's getting officially released in March 2015 by Yen Press

Accel World 黒雪姫の帰還 / Return of Princess Snow Black - Really good YA series, I think it starts off a bit slow but it's one of my favorite YA series. - Officially getting released by Yen Press

Sword Art OnlineSword Art Online: Aincrad - Everyone knows about this the series goes up and down, eventually gets really good starting in Alicization in other words the next season of the anime. - Officially getting released by Yen Press

Spice and Wolf, Book 1 - Moeconomics -Officially getting released by Yen Press

No Game, No Life Vol. 1 - Really fun series, in general I would compare it to a way faster paced lighter and fantasy version of Ultimate Survivor Kaiji...with less manly tears. - Officially getting released by Yen Press.

High School DxD旧校舎のディアボロス / Diabolus of the Old School Building - Hilarious battle shounen series where the plot device is always breasts. While the english dub(that's right dub) of the series is great the anime still had the fault of focusing too much on the fanservice while the book was really about Issei's reaction to said fanservice. It also pretty quickly becomes an extremely competent battle fantasy. - Good translation on baka-tsuki

The Irregular at Magic High入学編(上) - Enrollment Chapter (I) - The amazing adventures of god emperor onii-sama. This series actually has great world building in both it's magic and general political field...too bad it has massive character issues. - Passable translation on baka-tsuki

Unbreakable Machine-Doll 機巧少女は傷つかない 1 Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai
Crazy hilarious and kick-ass, the main character is such a great straight-man for everyone around him, and Yaya's antics never cease to amuse. Then, things kick ass with a pretty girl in a kimono who beats everything up with her bare hands including a dragon with an antimatter cannon that can change into a cute little form. Plot gets intense and suspenseful at times too.
-Suggested by Parker

Grind/get items/get skills/beat monsters. This is becoming insanely popular lately they are all pretty much the same thing but some are better then others. I'm putting them top to bottom from my favorite to passable.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari 盾の勇者の成り上がり (Wave 1) novel - By far the best story telling of them all less of a focus on new skill and more on the plot and characters. - Passable translation on baka-tsuki

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou - It takes the opposite route in going hilarious hard into broken skills and insane abilities it's a fun series with good laughs. - Good translation on japtem

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor달빛 조각사 1 - TIME TO GRIND, this series actually manages to capture the insane mindset of a true grinding pro, and it can be fun to see Weed's antics...however the series goes on entirely too long and gets repetitive. - All over the place in quality translation on a whole bunch of different sites.

All You Need Is Kill
It's the book that inspired Edge of Tommorow, I think it's better then the movie and it's a good bit different. Both are enjoyable experiences and I would recommend reading/watching both.

If you have read at least a few chapters of most of the fan-translated LNs and pretty much all the officially translated ones. The ones above I think are the ones I personally really enjoyed. I'm pretty unknowledgable on standalones so odds are high I havn't read whatever good book you are thinking of.]

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Aaron Nagy | 76 comments It's been a year planning on updating this list with new entries and changing it to probably just mine since everyone else was posting big threads anyways for the new year, and updating stuff as Mahouka is now being translated officially.


Mushoku Tensei (seriously where is the anime on this one)
Knights and Magic
Only Sense Online
So I became a spider, what of it?

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