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The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less
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JOMO: Discovery (ch. 1-3) > Chapter 1: Discover Yourself

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Briana DiCenzo (travelnursebri) Who's excited to start our self-discovery!?! Here's Tonya's discussion guide, but don't be afraid to take it further so we can delve deeply into this!

1. What did you do today to fill your marble jar?
List a few good things that happened.... Did you celebrate your wins (yes/no)?

2. Do you often connect your self-worth to how busy you are throughout your day?

3. What do you think about Tonya’s idea of work/life balance?
Do you agree or disagree that we don’t want balance in our lives?

4. How did you finish the statement: “A good person always ______________”?
Is your statement really true or is it a story you are telling yourself?

The Joy of Missing Out: Live More by Doing Less
5. Is there one main role you closely identify with? (It might be mom, career woman, caregiver, student or something else.) Do you think you could add an and to this role?

"I'm a __(Main Role)__ AND __(other role)__"

How do you want to define yourself? What would life look like if you added a little and?

Amanda (amandastarg) | 3 comments 1. Early in the AM but yesterday I went to church, helped my friend with her newborn, got a baby picture and frame as a gift for my husband. I didn't celebrate them but they go in my log of things I did for others.
2. Most days I'm pretty content with whatever I get done but when I get overwhelmed all I see is my faults. I sympathized with Tonya in this chapter.
3. I never saw work life balance as equal I saw it as different buckets like she says Harmony. I think of it as balanced on you, the weight on your shoulders. Not too much of either to kill you.
4. To me: A good person always makes time to help others. I think it's true and probably cheating as Tonya helped me with my mission statement which includes "in order to serve others better"
5. A month ago I'd say a wife and a friend but these days its a wife and a mom. I could probably add friend to that too.

It's odd that my job is so little part of me but thats the job and path I picked. I'm a big important data developer but our company is big on family life and right now I'm enjoying 6 months paid leave so my job is far from my mind. I want a job that is just that, mental stimulation and money in the background of family and friends. I picked it for this reason.

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