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Five By Five (Survey Time)

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Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Five books you wish you could un-read.

Haunted, by Chuck Pauchahalicaloupoli (sp) – I think the guy’s a good writer, but why was this book written? I could discern no redeeming qualities. I loathed all of the characters. When I think about the hours I wasted reading half of that book, it makes me angry.
The Little Prince – I hate that kid, and his drawing, and his gay little planet.
The Jungle – I am not a fan of Socialist propaganda
Traveling Vampire Show – it’s just stupid. It had potential, but it was never realized.
Dreamcatcher – what a waste of paper!

Five people you want to meet in heaven,…… or hell, or wherever. And I don’t care if you don’t believe in an after life; that’s not the point, jackass. Just answer the @#!$@#% question. Or don’t.

Chris Farley – Hilarious. That was the first time a celebrity death actually bothered me.
Jimmy Stewart – He was a fighter pilot, actor, all-around good guy.
Simon Kenton – A frontiersman who survived the Shawnee gauntlet about a dozen times.
Ronald Reagan – I’m a right-winger. ‘Nuff said.
Tecumseh – Leader. Linguist. If not for his brother, he would have united numerous Indian nations to fight against the Europeans. Something nobody else ever came close to accomplishing.

Five quirks.

- I always have to have the jump seat. Whether I’m at church, on a plane, in a restaurant, on the bus, I have to have the seat that affords me the opportunity to get up and out of the area as quickly as possible. And I can’t sit between people – I have to be on the aisle. I don’t know if this is a paranoid thing, or a claustrophobic thing, but there you are.
- Love corn on the cob; hate corn off the cob.
- The more pissed-off I get, the quieter I talk. Until I explode, then it gets loud.
- If you come to dinner at my house and bring store-bought rolls, I consider it a personal insult.
- According to some, I'm a germaphobe.

Five things you feel like stabbing right now.

Adobe – Why do we need this? Why would anyone create a standard document using this worthless application?
Shredder – It will only take four pages at a time, max. It’s a real pain. I work for the federal government - I have a lot to cover up shred, so the paper can continue its journey, as it proceeds to be recycled and made into other useful products, thus prolonging the life of Mother Earth.
My body – it can’t even handle a volcano burrito from Taco Bell. ::hangs head in shame::
My gay company email - it keeps deleting old emails, no matter what I do to try and stop it.
My ear buds - the damn things only seem to last me two or three months/per pair.

Five best concerts you’ve attended.

- Pearl Jam
- Bare Naked Ladies
- Big-Head Todd & The Monsters
- Outdoor concert featuring Screaming Trees, Soul Asylum, Spin Doctors, Somebody else (can’t remember name of the other band)
- Kenny Chesney concert, which included Gretchen Wilson (mah), Uncle Kracker (Really? Why?), Pat Green (Very good), Keith Urban (Good), Kenny Chesney (mah) – I hate that little gnome. And after about five or six songs, he started to rap. The wife and I looked at each other, stood up and left.

This is not to say that all of these were good concerts, but I haven’t been to very many, especially now that they’re so damned expensive.

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Yay! I was just going to ask you guys for more surveys. I don't have time right now, but I'll be back.

KD has a case of the Tuesdays.

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Malbadeen The Little Prince! I know. egads. I can't stand that book. In keeping with my life of hypocrisy the guy I'm dating has a HUGE Little Prince tattoo on his forearm. oy!
I try to justify it by the fact that his grandpa read it to him when he was little so the sentimental value out weighs the literary merit.

*******Steve, I know that if you're reading this you're dying to make a sarcastic remark but I know that as a bday gift to me, you'll avoid it thanks*****

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******Biting tongue to the point of bleeding *sigh* Happy Birthday Marie*********

Five Books I wish I could unread.
1.The Bane of Lord Caladon - Douglas Mills
2.That one book that was really popular that's told from the ghostly perspective of the dead little girl who got raped & murdered....ARRGH! What was the name of that piece of saccharine tripe?
3. Guess how much I love you - Sam McBratney
4. Saturday - Ian McEwan (brilliant all the way to the end when he f**ks it all up with one of the most insipid endings ever)
5. DaVinci Code - First book. Illuminati are out to blow up the Vatican, COOL! DaVinci code secret bloodline of chri..zzzzzzz.....

5 People I want to meet in Heaven.

1. My Dad
2. Hendrix
3. Mark Twain (because how could it be heaven without him?)
4. Dante
5. Steinbeck (who first thing I'm introducing to my dad)

5 Quirks.

1. If I do any kind of amphetamine based drug (which I haven't in years) I lose the ability to speak (which is handy since most people on speed become quite the chatty cathys)
2. I ascribe qualities of luck to almost every piece of clothing I have (lucky shirt, cursed underpants, you get the idea)
3. I don't like pickles, but I like cucumbers
4. I can shake my eyes back & forth & often do so just 'for funsies'
5. Even though I'm far from fluent in Spanish, I like to swear in it.

5 things I feel like stabbing right now.

1. People who have no f**king idea what the healthcare debate is about but don't let that stop themselves from pontificating about it out loud at great length.
2. Linux & the NTFS file system
3. Someone who has to remain nameless (but I'll bet you can guess who it is Marie! **That's two bday gifts in this post!**)
4. The hosts of several offers I've received lately to get together whom are in 'open relationships'.
5. Saving one for a rainy day ;D

5 Best Concerts I've attended

1. Crash Worship/Zeni Geva
2. David Bowie (Glass Spider tour)
3. Flaming Lips
4. The Decemberists
5. Calexico

Runners Up (Leo Kottke, Delgados, Blonde Redhead, Iron Maiden, etc..etc..)<--thx KD!

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That's it! Thx BunWat!!

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Five Books I wish I could unread.

1. Rabbit, Run by John Updike
2. Of the Farm by John Updike
3. A Month of Sundays by John Updike
(I read them for a boy, okay? And lots of others. The Updike novels with female protagonists aren't that bad and his memoir is great and his short stories aren't shabby and his art criticism is unique. His novels with male protagonists can go to Hell.)
4. The English Roses by Madonna
(OMG. Someone take away her typewriter.)
5. Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot
(that shit is just embarrassing)

5 People I want to meet in Heaven.

1. Marie's dad
2. Grandma Montambo
3. Grandpa Montambo
4. John Steinbeck
5. David Attenborough (I know he's not dead, but I'm banking on it that he will be by the time I get there.)

5 Quirks

1. I wrap imaginary ropes around telephone polls with my big toes while I'm driving, criss-crossing around the road, holding the tension on the rope very tightly. If it gets too much slack, I get nervous and wrap it around trees and signs and then I double wrap it around the next poll. I've done this since I can remember, so I think it's here to stay.
2. While I'm reading, I have a little "guy" that runs along the tops of the lines, first left then right. If he gets dropped off where there are more than two lines gap, he's dead. This started when I was obsessed with Super Mario Bros. This quirk actually drives me really effing insane.
3. I point at cars while I'm going through intersections to make sure they stop like they're supposed to. Sometimes I say out loud, "You stop. Okay."
4. I have a bit of an oral fixation. Please don't think I'm trying to be sexy. It's annoying to bite your cheeks, knead your lips with your fingers, push on your teeth with your tongue, clench your jaws, etcetera.
5. I can't stand to wear flat shoes. I had to wear flip flops after a pedicure yesterday and I was uncomfortable and self-conscious until I could put my wedges back on. Tennis shoes are only for the gym.

5 things I feel like stabbing right now.

1. My mom's physical pain
2. My ex-boyfriend's mother-in-law
3. That's about it.

5 Best Concerts I've attended

1. Bonnie Prince Billy (the first time)
2. David Lee Roth (not a great concert, but definitely a great time)
3. The Dixie Chicks
4. The Gourds (the first time)
5. Neko Case

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smetchie | 5731 comments I don't understand your number 1 quirk, Sarah. You do this in your mind with your toes? Or you do it in your mind while moving your toes in real life?

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Malbadeen Five books you wish you could un-read

1.the only thing I wish I could un "read" was a Playgirl magazine I saw on the school bus in grade school or middle school. The size of the mens penis' scarred the bejesus out of me! At the time I thought it was good I'd seen it so that I wouldn't act surprise when I saw the real deal on my honeymoon night. Turns out there was a lot of anxiety about nothing. Turns out in real life men's penis are not so large that the can sit on a tree branch and drap them over the edge.

Five quirks.
1. Almost everytime I make my bed, I hear my ex-boyfriend's mom FROM 20 YEARS AGO, advising me on what kind of bed spread to by (she was right and it kills me that I didn't listen).

2. When I learn a new way to fold something I am religiously committed to it (fold my shirts the way I learned while working at Banana Republic, fold my towels according to Martha Stewart's guidelines).

3. I'm the only sibling out of 5 kids that can't draw worth a damn!

4. I enjoy socially awkward and/or challenging situations.

5. I love the ritual of attending church.

Five people you want to meet in heaven,…… or hell, or wherever. And I don’t care if you don’t believe in an after life; that’s not the point, jackass. Just answer the @#!$@#% question. Or don’t.

1. my dad. duh
(excluding people I've already known in real life)
2. that African American guy that was a slave but ended up starting a now highly esteemed college
3. that guy that died recently that was a newspaper writer and then a broadcaster
4. Jordan of "Jordan Jesse Go!"
5. this one is open for possibilities

5 Things I Feel Like Stabbing Right Now:
1. only myself for filling out this survey instead of preparing for the inservice I have to lead in an hour.
(some other things I feel like reprimanding strongly if it would bring about a change)
2. Fanny's mom
3. parent's that are mean to their kids
4. teachers that are mean to their students
5. countries that are mean to their kids

5 Best Concerts I've attended

1. Bonnie Prince Billy (was there a 2nd one?)
2. Gourds (also the 1st)
3. Sweaty Nipples
4. that one girl with the dark hair that sings that great song when she played in that tiny venue before she got big.
5. the every year end of the summer free symphony in the park with fireworks thing.

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Nikki Boisture Five books to unread:
3-New Moon
4-Breaking Dawn
5-Citizen Girl

(hangs head in shame for having read the whole horrible Twilight series)

Five people to meet in the after-life, wherever that may be:
1-My PopPop
2-Kurt Vonnegut
3-My friend Rob who died when we were 16.
4-Cal Ripken, Senior
5-Leroi Moore

Five quirks
1-I can't wear skirts to work because I like to sit in my office chair indian style.
2-I name my cars.
3-I like to read really bad (and really good) fan fiction.
4-I like to re-read books I read when I was an adolescent. Then write about it.
5-I'm surprisingly lazy.

5 things I want to stab
1-My laziness
2-My ever-growing pile of work
3-the part of my brain that actually cares that Michelle Duggar is pregnant again
4-The National Library of Medicine
5-My work voicemail

Five best concerts I've ever been to:
1-Ben Folds playing with the Baltimore Sympony
2-All other Ben Folds concerts I've been to
3-HORDE Fest in 1995
4-Paul Westerberg in 1996
5-Live. Surprisingly good past their prime in 2005!

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Gretchen wrote: "I don't understand your number 1 quirk, Sarah. You do this in your mind with your toes? Or you do it in your mind while moving your toes in real life?"

I really move them. They lasso the poles.

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Harry  (harry_harry) Montambo wrote:
"1. I wrap imaginary ropes around telephone polls with my big toes while I'm driving

2. While I'm reading, I have a little "guy" that runs along the tops of the lines, "

You're weird! But...

When I was a kid, I'd imagine a guy running along side of the car. He would hurdle the street signs, tip toe across guard rails, bob and weave around trees, etc. He was quite athletic and had great stamina. He made it from VA to FL every summer. Although sometimes, he would ride a motorcycle.

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smetchie | 5731 comments Hey, I had that guy too! But he ran across the telephone wires.

Sarah you are saying you really move your toes? Do you drive barefoot? It seems like this fantasy would get in the way of your driving.

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smetchie | 5731 comments Nikki,
3-HORDE Fest in 1995
@ Nissan Pavilion? I was there. Or was it at dreaded Merriweather Post also?

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Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments If you read some older threads, you'll discover that it often does.

For some reason, it also gets in the way of Marie's driving.

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Harry  (harry_harry) 5 Books:
-I've only read 5 books and they were all great!

5 People:
-Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. I'd like to see them "live" in concert at the Pearly Gates Festival Grounds.
-My Grandfather. We'd go fishing.
-Ben Franklin, have a few beers and cavort with some of his French prostitute friends.

5 Quirks:
-As I read on the computer, I constantly highlight chunks of text with my mouse. Not line by line, but every other line or rhyme or reason.
-I am a picky eater, but mostly it is due to textures as opposed to taste. Although, with spinach and bananas it is the taste!
-When pulling paper towels from a bathroom dispenser, I must get 3 full towels. If one rips, I need to pull an extra.
-I never get gas until the warning light comes on. Thus, I have run out of gas more than any 7 people ever should.
-I love the beach, but hate the sand and sun.

5 Stabbing victims:
-The estimator.
-The guy who ALWAYS needs a ride!
-His non-existent driver’s license
-His bike and the tire that is always flat...I know stabbing the flat tire will only make the situation worse.

5 Concerts:
-Charlie Daniels Band opening for Alabama (my first concert ever)
-Prince (The Musicology Tour)
-The Who
-Rose Hill Drive
-Tom Petty

Servius  Heiner I don't think She is worried about safe driving practices.

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Nikki Boisture Gretchen-

It was at Nissan. Wow, we were there together! Supposedly it took us hours (as always) to exit the parking lot. I wouldn't know. That's one of many many things I can't remember from that night.

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@Harry: Damn, I forgot about Franklin. Looks like I'm kickin' Dante to the curb (sorry Dante!)

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Harry  (harry_harry) Seth wrote: "Not the forgive-and-forget type"

That is not a quirk...that's a sign of integrity!

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Gretchen wrote: "Hey, I had that guy too! But he ran across the telephone wires.

Sarah you are saying you really move your toes? Do you drive barefoot? It seems like this fantasy would get in the way of your driv..."

I don't move them very much at all. They just sorta move around inside my shoes, lassoing tall things.

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I also use my toes to count the syllables in people's sentences as they're speaking to me. Evens are great. Odds not so much.

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Hi Kaput! Way to be a joiner. :)

Now, get an avatar! This is the first image that pops up on google when you input "Kaput," in case you're camera shy.

The brown silhouettes are depressing and ugly. Filling out surveys is important and fulfilling, though, so I believe in you.

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Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments I would also add to the list of things I feel like stabbing the cashier who said to my daughter: "You are so super sexy".

I don't want to ever hear anyone call my daughter sexy, ever. But if you do it when she's two, you get the stabbings and the twistings.

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Lori (tnbbc) Rusty, when did you go see that Soul Asylm, Screaming Trees concert? That was the first concert I ever went to, and I left when Spin Doctors came on (they were the final band)....

That was back in ohhhhh.... early nineties.... '92 or '93 me thinks.


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Lori (tnbbc) Kaput, are you sure you are not mixing up King with Koontz? King wrote about a killer clown in his super horrific novel "It"....

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh man, Rusty. I feel you on that one. I'd STILL be mortified if someone said that to me in front of my dad. :)

message 28: by Rusty (new)

Rusty (rustyshackleford) | 2198 comments Yes Lori, that was diffinitely around '92 or '93. Sadly, Screaming Trees was not so impressive, as they were all drunk off their asses.

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Lori (tnbbc) My turn, I suppose:

5 books I wish I could unread:
1-Saturday by Ian McEwan. What a waste of two weeks. So boring I would literally fall asleep within 5 minutes of opening it.
2-Heart of Darkness by Conrad. I read this becuase it was on the Lost lit list. It totally sucked balls. Another week of my life I will never back.
3-Angle of Repose by Stegner. (sorry Seth). I wanted to like this one. Just couldnt care enough about the characters and their struggles to do so.
4Turn of the Screw by James. Oh god. Awful. Really horribly awful. What the fuck happened at the end anyway? Was he trying to leave it open for a sequel?
5-Wuthering Heights by Bronte. Pure torture. How could something that started out so haunting and ghostly turn out to be such putrid crap? It's ruined me for all other victorian gothic lit. Honest. I shiver when I see them now. Just crap.

5 people in heaven

My grandmother, my step father, Jules Verne, my ferret Farley, and God - to prove his existence to me :)

5 quirks
--I am addicted to chapstick. I have to have it with me at all hours of the day. I have 10 tubes of it, all different brands, all different flavors.
--I always wish I could be inside everyone elses heads. I think it is strange that we each live a life separate from everyone else, even though we all interact with one another. And I hate being excluded by that separation.
--I find myself thinking about breathing and how important it is to my survival. And how weird it is that we can do it without thinking about it. That we just breathe. I still check on my kids in the middle of the night to be sure they are still breathing. I have been hyper aware of breathing since I was young. And it's kind of annoying.
--I am terrified of spiders. The smaller they are, the more afraid I am. Cause they can be on you or around you and you would never know. I can't kill one when I see it because I am terrified I will miss and it will run away and I wouldnt know where it was, and that scares me more than leaving it where I know it is. I actually lose my appetite when I see one.
--I like to be in charge of every group I am a part of. It kills me NOT to be the one in charge, although, I wont normally volunteer to be in charge. I prefer it when the group members nominate me for the leading the group. It inflates my ego, and makes me feel special.

5 things I want to Stab
that bitch at work

5 best conerts
Soul Asylm/Screaming Trees (it was my first!)
Bush (cause I got to meet them)
Nine Inch Nails and Bowie

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smetchie | 5731 comments Rusty wrote: "I would also add to the list of things I feel like stabbing the cashier who said to my daughter: "You are so super sexy."

Rusty, SHUTTHEFUCKUP! No one really said that to your 2 year old daughter! You have got to be kidding! Please give me the exact location of this twit so I can drive over there now and slap the shit out of her.
What's wrong with people?!?!

Oh and Nikki, upon further reflection I was not at HORDE 95. I'm thinking of HORDE 98.

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smetchie | 5731 comments I'm not actually sure I can do this because this is a hard one. (Good job Rusty!) but here goes.

Five books you wish you could un-read.

1) A Child Called It. The writing was so bad I've actually been scarred for life. I only read it because it was for book club and I have this compulsion to read every book because someone chose it and I owed them.
2)Weaveworld. Piece of CRAP!
3)The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle. I won't ruin it for anyone else by saying why.
4)My Dad's Playboys, obsessively, when I was 10. Sort of along the same lines as Marie, I assumed this was what women looked like naked and boy was I anxious to hit puberty. I'm still waiting.
5)The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Five people you want to meet in heaven,…… or hell, or wherever. And I don’t care if you don’t believe in an after life; that’s not the point, jackass. Just answer the @#!$@#% question. Or don’t.

--I'm going to choose don't because I can't think about this without getting upset right now.

Five quirks.

1)I'm always fidgeting. I doodle, pick at things, bite my nails and cuticles, touch/pinch/bite my lips, clench my teeth, wiggle my toes, twist my hair, and on and on.
2)I'm fascinated by missing limbs and prosthetics.
3)I'm afraid of ghosts even though I don't believe in them. (I don't! I don't believe in them!!)
4)I love concerts but hate crowds.
5)I usually say exactly what I'm thinking. (i'm not sure that's a quirk but i'm running out. i'm pretty normal really.)

Five things you feel like stabbing right now.
1)That stupid bitch who said Rusty's daughter was so super sexy.
That's it. I don't hold grudges so I can only remember to be mad about one thing at a time.

Five best concerts you’ve attended.
1)Drive By Truckers @ The National in Richmond
2)Willie Nelson @ Nissan Pavilion
3)Blues Traveler @ Red Rocks
4)Tom Petty, every time.
5)Rose Hill Drive @ DC 9

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Malbadeen "I'm still waiting" ha ha ha ha ha ha!

message 33: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Boisture I'm also going to add Rusty's cashier to my list of things/people I want to stab. That's just horrifying.

message 34: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments I like it!!

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

I love it!

message 36: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments we want some more of it!!

message 37: by Kasia (new)

Kasia 5 Books I wish I could un-read:

- Perfume
- Wonderful, Wonderful Times (Jelinek's book)
- Veronika Decides to Die (even the title is horrible)
- Love in the Time of Cholera (boring lame book turned into a boring lame movie)
- Vamped (way to ruin vampires for me)

5 People I Want To Meet (in Heaven?):

- my grandpa (never met the guy)
- my highschool friend (ass killed himself)
- Einstein
- Marie Curie
- Leonardo da Vinci

5 quirks:

- I use fountain pen
- reuse the same mug until its dark brown verging on black inside, only then do I wash it (disgusing, I know)
- my hair is almost always bunned, it's just easier that way
- I don't tan
- I've been known to talk to myself

5 Things I Feel Like Stabbing Right Now:

- that dude from downstairs who keeps drilling, hammering, sawing and God knows what
- Rusty's cashier (although it seem I'll have to get in line on that one)

5 Best Concerts I've Attended:

- Kult
- Kazik
- Elektryczne gitary
- Howie Day
- not really a concert person, there were few other but nothing that I realy liked

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Stina (stinalee) | 653 comments Five books you wish you could un-read.

1) The Shack... I cannot stand religious books that have a giant following of people who can honestly say things like, "Well I never even THOUGHT of what it would be like if God was a black woman!! Jesus Christ (with no apologies to sensitive coworkers)!
2) Pillars of the Earth... I used to feel that I would be comfortable living in almost any century. Then I read this book and thought nope! (Side note... I read this in college as part of a trade with a guy I was dating... he suggested I read this, I suggested he read The Poisonwood Bible. At the end of the relationship, he turned into a complete psycho and I had to run out of his apartment, leaving my copy of Poisonwood in his possession. He is an ass, and I wasted my time with him AND this stupid book).
3) The Almost Moon, by Alice Sebold... who also wrote that damn book about the raped/kidnapped ghost girl referenced earlier in this thread. Direct quote, for your reading displeasure... "And there it was, the hole that had given birth to me. The cleft that had compelled the mystery of my father's love for forty years."
4) The Education of Little Tree.... F*CK, this is not writing, this is a collection of annoying colloquialism wrapped around a retarded plot. DOUBLE F*CK!!
5)Anything by Jodi Picoult, who has great ideas, but manages to screw them all up in the last 20 pages. Her writing style reminds me of the parenting style inflicted upon one of my high school friends... she was smart and pretty and fun for the first 16 years of her life and then her parents started discussing their horrible sex life in front of her, got a divorce and her mom started sharing clothes with this girl in an attempt to recapture her own youth. By the end of high school, girl had an eating disorder and a string of abusive boyfriends. Sad, ridiculous way to write/parent.

Five people you want to meet in heaven,…… or hell, or wherever. And I don’t care if you don’t believe in an after life; that’s not the point, jackass. Just answer the @#!$@#% question. Or don’t.

1-2) My great grandmothers Vivian (who I knew and adored) and Cordelia (who died when my grandma was a teenager).
3) George Tiller
4) Dorothy Parker
5) Mark Twain

Five quirks.

1)I love picking things... like sunburned/peeling skin and anything that looks like it needs extracted while sitting in front of a magnifying mirror. FYI- Everything looks like it needs extracted while sitting in front of a magnifying mirror.
2)Death, last meals of death row inmates, cemeteries and the minds of teenaged girls absolutely fascinate me.
3) I am a liberal, but mostly only recycle old boyfriends.
4) I can tolerate about two more baby showers and bridesmaid dresses... after that I'm going to run screaming in a circle until I get thrown in a padded room and am given some tranquilizers.
5) I have spent the last 15 years convinced that I was born retarded, but that my overbearing mother just said, "No, you're wrong, she's not retarded." and then never bothered to tell me.

Five things you feel like stabbing right now.
1) The Health Care debate.
2) My thighs... I would stab them off.
3) T*m Kels* from Smart Payment Plan, who is a complete dick on the phone every time he calls my office.
4) Michelle Duggar and anyone else with too many kids.
5) My ex-landlord, who decided to keep some of my deposit, even though he knows he shouldn't have.

Five best concerts you’ve attended.
1) The Judds, with Garth Brooks opening, circa 1990.
2) Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
3) Bob Schneider/Ari Hest
4) Barenaked Ladies
5) Peter, Paul and Mary- with my parents!

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Kristina, I ♥ you.

message 40: by Georg (new)

Georg 5 books I would like to unread:

1. Tuesdays with Morrissey
2. Steppenwerewolf
5. War and Piece

People I wish they were in heaven:

1. Benedikt XVI („J.R.“)
2. Angela Merkel
3. Silvio B.
4. Dalai Lama
5. Sarkozy (+ spouse s’il vous plait)

5 Best Concerts I’ve attended

1. Neil Young (Deutschlandhalle Berlin, 1979)
2. Neil Young (Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, 1981)
3. Neil Young and Pearl Jam (Waldbühne Berlin, 1995)
4. Neil Young (Deichtorhalle Hamburg, 1997)
5. Neil Young (Tempodrom Berlin, 2004)
6. Neil Young (Zitadelle Spandau, 2007)
7. Neil Young (O² Halle Berlin, 2009)
and some Neil Young concerts between those

message 41: by Kasia (new)

Kasia People I wish they were in heaven


message 42: by Georg (new)

Georg Hi Gr tch n. Did you know th r is “our nov l” availabl ?

By Georges Perec (av c 4 “ “’s dans son nom!)

From th r vi w in GR:

“It is also an outrageous verbal stunt: a 300-page novel that never once employs the letter E.”

(compl t ly off-topic, but I couldn't r sist)

message 43: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 5731 comments awwww. how nice.

message 44: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill "We're in the pipe, five by five".
- Colonel Ferro, US Colonial Marines

message 45: by Jini (last edited Sep 05, 2009 06:19PM) (new)

Jini Okay...late to the party, but I'm bored.

5 books I would like to unread:
1. Breaking Dawn - I can't believe this got published.
2. Cell - A great start and a horrible end.
3. DaVinci Code - I only read it to see what all the fuss was about. I didn't get it.
4. Wicked - I actually got angry at this book.
5. Anything I was forced to read for college that was supposed to expand my horizons. Fuck off.

5 People I Hope to Meet in Heaven:
1. The grandfather I never met
2. The grandfather I did meet
3. Gene Roddenberry
4. The guy who invented the plastic tripod that keeps the top of the pizza box from sticking to the top of the pizza. How the hell did he come up with that?
5. Seneca

5 Quirks
1. I don't want my food touching, nor do I like to mix soft and crunchy foods, i.e. no celery in my tuna
2. I want to believe in ghosts, Nessie, Champ, Bigfoot, the Yeti, all of it. But I think people who listen to Coast To Coast AM are batshit crazy.
3. I may tell you to broaden your horizon and step out of your box, but don't ask me to do the same. I know where everything is in my box and it's comfy in here.
4. I like gross things. Give me a good picture/video of a bot fly being removed from someone or a sebaceous cyst being popped and I'm a happy girl.
5. I'm a hardcore Republican.

5 things I feel like stabbing
1. Hippies
2. Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid
3. The stupid people at Wendy's who have no idea what a 1/2 dollar is when I hand it to them.
4. The jackass in front of me doing five miles an hour UNDER the speed limit.
5. The waitress who ignores my kid. He's the happiest baby I've ever seen. At least say hi to the kid for fuck's sake.

5 Best Concerts I’ve attended
1. AC/DC, Meadowlands - my first ever w/o my parents!
2. Metallica, Providence, RI
3. WASP, The Ritz, NYC
4. Man-O-War, Bayshore, NY
5. Slayer, Providence, RI

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