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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Dembina | 15 comments Hi, my name's Paul and I live in London. Been a huge PKD fan since reading my 1st Dick novel (The Zap Gun) back in 1974. Since then I've read all the original novels although not too many of the posthumous non-SF ones plus all the short stories.

Favourites are Ubik, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and 3 Stigmata

message 2: by Daniel (last edited Jan 19, 2013 05:52PM) (new)

Daniel Abella | 1 comments My name is Daniel Abella, I am programmer and founder of The Philip K Dick Film Festival in NYC. A festival devoted to promoting the adapted and inspired films of
PKD. We have a facebook page

Our last festival featured Radio Free Albemuth. We are looking to do a festival in Europe soon ; Lodz, Paris or even London. Any thoughts?

message 3: by Simon (new)

Simon (toastermantis) | 24 comments Philip K. Dick was one of my favourite authors back in high school, and re-acquainting myself with his work a year ago I've found his better novels to age much better than most American science-fiction of its era.

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