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i hate that i may

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have just warned all the pedophiles within typing distance and blown sierra's cover story
change your profile mr. pot bellied 40 year old online vice cop
it's not that hard to do
there must be a gazillion anime schoolgirls
and sorry about the pot bellied stereotype
i'm sure you're buff

yah know, alberts right
this is really banal stuff
why do i find it amusing
oh right
i don't have a life
or friends to talk to

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Michelle (ingenting) Well he was very proficient in that ignorant chat-speak the kids are so fond of these days.

U no cuz they didnt pay attention in theys grammar classez.

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yes he was proficient that's what i thought
she has some nice writings on her profile
either she's a bit of a prodigy or my chris hanson theory is accurate
at any rate we've befriended each other
interestingly enough i had a 15 year old foster child for about 4 months until social services reunited her with her father and step mother
teens today are basically raised by myspace, and their peers
they are beyond anything we could think of in terms of language and behavior

and donald don't worry we won't mistake you for a 13 year old girl

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments so... wait.... I was right???? it was anundercover dude...???

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Meels (amelia) No Goofy, she's just kidding!

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