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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Fiction read recently and I think published recently: A mother is driving with her kids and cops pull her over and kidnap the kids, framing her for their death..

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Maddie Kerch | 1 comments The cops plant drugs in her car and tell her she is crazy and she did not have kids with her she must have done something to them. The kids are being held captive by local small time police in exchange for trafficking money form an online forum of wealthy creeps

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Summer | 245 comments Maddie, you don't need to make more than one post about this. You're allowed to bump the original thread every thirty days to bring it back into sight.

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Kris | 33236 comments Mod
I deleted the duplicate thread. Note: you can update the topic header or your previous comments by the clicking the small "edit" links. But this only works on the full desktop website (not the mobile app).

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L | 5 comments Here and gone by Haylen Beck

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 4977 comments Here and Gone for the link.

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