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This topic has been closed to new comments. * ► Header/ Topic Title must contain GENRE and PLOT details. "YA" refers to TEENS Kris 1 4096 Nov 08, 2020 08:40AM  
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YA / sci-fi dystopian (hunger agents era ?) book 2010-2013 ish Zully 2 8 1 hour, 22 min ago  
Adult Fantasy. Wolf like traits/ powers could manifest in people (the main character), but they were undesirable or thought to be evil? Castle/ medieval setting. Read around 2000-2002. John 4 42 1 hour, 28 min ago  
wolves, rejected mate, 2nd chance mate Meadow 3 15 4 hours, 10 min ago  
Saw it in a tiktok, written in Polish, characters named Minnie and Zoe, and had lyrics to I Wanna Be Yours written in it. Maggie 1 3 5 hours, 21 min ago  
Looking for a children’s book involving a girl and boy who jump from world to world looking for a painter [SPOILERS AHEAD] Gracie 2 852 5 hours, 30 min ago  
american kid or craft childrens book Meeka 1 3 5 hours, 58 min ago  
This topic has been closed to new comments. i read the preview for this book Years ago and have since lost the name!!! (ROMANCE, Supernatural etc.) Sylvie 2 19 6 hours, 20 min ago  
This topic has been closed to new comments. murder mystery book Catherine 2 11 6 hours, 20 min ago  
This topic has been closed to new comments. Mystery book trying to find floofzombrs 3 867 6 hours, 24 min ago  
This topic has been closed to new comments. I think the book is called OTHER can’t find it Terrica 3 20 6 hours, 28 min ago  
Woman hiding because of witnessing a murder. Anne 2 8 6 hours, 30 min ago  
Historical Fiction. Set in UK around WWII. Begins with encounter at post office and woman bicycles home. Maura 2 9 8 hours, 39 min ago  
YA Book, girl moves with her family to a perfect community where nothing goes wrong (spoilers ahead) Harry 1 10 8 hours, 45 min ago  
Children's Book. Lonely, imaginative girl fantasizes to cope with reality and eventually accepts life and family. Read 2006-2008. Ashley 4 21 10 hours, 10 min ago  
Fantasy book about girl with lethal voice Domi 2 11 10 hours, 33 min ago  
Missing Husband - Boat Accident? Spoilers Ahead Sarah 1 8 10 hours, 54 min ago  
Adult Historical Romance, Bodice-ripper read in early 1990s. Post Civil War, American West. Dark-haired heroine is drugged with laudanum and put in a frontier bordello. Trixie 28 1443 11 hours, 23 min ago  
A crime novel with a side story involving a candidate Castrato Reader 1 5 11 hours, 42 min ago  
Bodyguard falls for woman who has a little girl that calls him Horsey Tara 4 54 12 hours, 27 min ago  
Children's book from 1990s/early 2000s. Kids living on the same property over different time periods bury objects to be found years later (e.g., arrowhead? tea cup?). Adam 2 57 12 hours, 34 min ago  
Adult Horror/ Mystery. 2 sisters/ friends kidnapped. They grew up scared of outside world & took lots of precautions, didn't leave house much. At college, they get kidnapped in a cab, fume knocks them unconscious. Read around 2017?, recent book. S 3 44 12 hours, 42 min ago  
Romance Contemporary. Girl falls in love with her boyfriend's cousin (bad boy criminal) who eventually goes to prison. Starts with couple in his car, get a call from cousin who's having a party. Lacy 3 465 13 hours, 0 min ago  
Horror story. Guy realizes that things are starting to disappear. He has an obsession with counting things in his apartment building (e.g., 14 steps becomes 13 steps the next day, keep disappearing). Read around 2010-2014. Spoiler. Gabriel 2 53 13 hours, 4 min ago  
New Adult fiction: College student is a fashion intern in New York City for the summer, has an extremely rich roommate in a walk-up brownstone apartment, living the high life, clothes shopping, party. Cover: pink? Read around 2015-2018. Haile 9 296 13 hours, 24 min ago  
Science Fiction. Read around 1978. Cover: like a giant tank machine is coming towards the observer, lots of heavily armoured storm troopers/ soldiers (dressed in black) running out of the tank, sunny weather? Paul 13 96 13 hours, 49 min ago  
Adult fiction, Alternate History: Romans invade Britain & steal Druid leyline technology. Read in 1980's. Andrew 7 66 13 hours, 54 min ago  
Medieval Romance/Action - There was a knight who was the male lead and the princess was the female lead. The knight helped the princess defend her kingdom when it entered war by using devious means like pouring hot oil over them, etc. Deke 1 4 14 hours, 9 min ago  
YA Action/Adventure Fiction: Main character named Jack who likes to bike and, while biking, he has a terrorist bombed airplane crash beside him Jennifer 2 6 15 hours, 39 min ago  

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