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The Three-Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past #1)
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This thread is open to discuss The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin.

The Three-Body Problem is the first chance for English-speaking readers to experience this multiple award winning phenomenon from China's most beloved science fiction author, Liu Cixin.

"Fans of hard SF will revel in this intricate and imaginative novel by one of China’s most celebrated genre writers. In 1967, physics professor Ye Zhetai is killed after he refuses to denounce the theory of relativity. His daughter, Ye Wenjie, witnesses his gruesome death.

"Shortly after, she’s falsely charged with sedition for promoting the works of environmentalist Rachel Carson, and told she can avoid punishment by working at a defense research facility involved with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. More than 40 years later, Ye’s work becomes linked to a string of physicist suicides and a complex role-playing game involving the classic physics problem of the title.

"Liu impressively succeeds in integrating complex topics—such as the field of frontier science, which attempts to define the limits of science’s ability to know nature—without slowing down the action or sacrificing characterization. His smooth handling of the disparate plot elements cleverly sets up the second volume of the trilogy." —Publishers Weekly

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At NRBC we use three styles of buddy reads. These will be indicated in the thread title as “Buddy Read”, “Relaxed Buddy Read” or “Informal Buddy Read”.
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Jenny | 4908 comments Yay! My sister gave me this book, and I keep wanting to start it. Now I will.

Sarah | 1575 comments I'm in for Team Cedric Diggory. I was just thinking I would read this really soon, and a buddy read appeared. What a happy coincidence. :)

Joanne | 3217 comments Me too Sarah. I’ve had it on my up-next shelf for a while so when a buddy read was announced figured I’d jump on it. I’m first in line for it from the library so I should have it soon.

Jenny | 4908 comments I started this yesterday. Wow. No wonder this has made so many best of lists.
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I am reading four books at the same time right now, and this is the one I have at work to read during lunch and breaks, but it is about to be bumped up to the one I carry with me until I am done with it!

Jenny | 4908 comments Up to about page 200. The story keeps getting weirder, but I need to know what happens next!!!

Has anyone else started?

Joanne | 3217 comments I just started. Finished Chapter 1. Not sure yet what to think. I have heard people say this one was a bit hard to read, so I'm glad to see you're wanting to keep reading Jenny. I can see it being a bit slow-going especially at first, since there seems to be a lot of Physics in the first chapter and because I'm not that familiar with the Cultural Revolution in China. Maybe I need to do a bit of research first.

Jenny | 4908 comments I am a bit of a physics geek, but you really don't need to know anything about it to get the gist of the story.

My issue is I keep mixing up the names of characters in my head. I ended up dog-earing the page when a new character was introduced, so I could easily flip back to read the name again. Language blindness.

And yes, I dog-eared the pages. My book- I get to do that.

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Keli | 635 comments Checking in for team Moaning Myrtle. I'll have to start it a few days later than scheduled but hopefully will get stuck in tomorrow.

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Joanne | 3217 comments Just finished Chapter 2.

I'm liking it so far! I haven't read the book synopsis so I don't know where exactly the book will go, but I hope we learn more about (view spoiler)

Poor (view spoiler)

Jenny | 4908 comments Yup. I didn't read the synopsis either. Makes it more fun.

On your spoilers yes, we will learn more, and right? How hard would that have been to go through?

Jenny | 4908 comments Almost done. I almost don't want to finish because I am enjoying it so much. At least there are two more books in this world.

Joanne | 3217 comments About to start chapter 12

(view spoiler)

Joanne | 3217 comments Up to Chapter 16

(view spoiler)

Jenny | 4908 comments I know, right? I paused reading this yesterday to read something else. I kind of wanted to draw this out. But, I should finish it sometime today. So many brain twirling ideas in this book.

Jenny | 4908 comments Just finished. Wow. I am going to buy the next book this week.

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Loved, Loved this book!!!

Joanne | 3217 comments Up to Chapter 25

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Keli | 635 comments Jenny wrote: "I started this yesterday. Wow. No wonder this has made so many best of lists.
The Chinese communist revolution weirds me out. Perhaps because I grew up and live in the US, I can't imagine having ..."

I'm quite late coming to the party. Just trying to get it finished before tonight! I know what you mean about not understanding. I'm thinking, how can these people do this to one another, they all know each other. But when revolution takes hold, it's not always for the best or the best people. Incredible premise to this story.

Jenny | 4908 comments Yup, Just wait. You are about to get your mind blown. I hope you like it.

Joanne | 3217 comments Finished!

Just in time for extra points too. I really liked it and will be continuing with the series, but I found some of the times when the author went on and on about something physics based, I did get bored. And I didn't feel right just skimming them because I didn't know if they would be important so I would try to understand, but would be annoyed when something was way over my head. The story parts of the book were very fascinating and that game was so neat. Can't wait to see what the next book has in store.

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