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The Accidental Hero (Jack Blank Adventure, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Kid with technological powers goes to an island filled with people who have powers. [s]

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Ameeshd | 2 comments So I read this book maybe around 2012 and I've forgotten pretty much all the names and I'd really like to find it again so I'm just going to write down all the unique plot details that I can remember:
-Earliest thing i can remember in the book is this kid, the main protagaanist, running (protaganist is an orphan) from something.... then theres an explosion.
-Protaganist gets taken to an island by an android and a blue person
-Protaganist is taken to a high council where he realizes his powers are to controll technology and that he caused the earlier explosion.
- Old man on the council takes him to be a part of his class (It was called the School of Thought i think im not positive it may be from another book)
-Old man tells the Protaganist that he has lived for a very long time by ageing himself backwards once a day every day in the very morning.
- I'v forgoten most of the middle details but in the end the protaganist defeats a warrior from a race of malicious technological parasites that fought the people on the island a long time ago.

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Sean | 24 comments im like 80% thats it's Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by the way that's one of my fave series I LOVE IT

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Ameeshd | 2 comments IT IS. Thank you sooo much!!!!!! Imma go read this now!!!

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