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This thread is open to discuss The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

Lyra is rushing to the cold, far North, where witch clans and armored bears rule. North, where the Gobblers take the children they steal--including her friend Roger. North, where her fearsome uncle Asriel is trying to build a bridge to a parallel world.

Can one small girl make a difference in such great and terrible endeavors? This is Lyra: a savage, a schemer, a liar, and as fierce and true a champion as Roger or Asriel could want--but what Lyra doesn't know is that to help one of them will be to betray the other.

A masterwork of storytelling and suspense, Philip Pullman's award-winning The Golden Compass is the first in the His Dark Materials series, which continues with The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.

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      ~ Buddy Style Reads ~
    Three Ways to Enjoy a Book!
At NRBC we use three styles of buddy reads. These will be indicated in the thread title as “Buddy Read”, “Relaxed Buddy Read” or “Informal Buddy Read”.
A “Buddy Read” has a discussion leader and a reading date is set to start the book. A reading schedule is posted prior to the start date and discussion questions are posted each day regarding that section of the book. More information about these types of reads is below. An example is here, showing a reading schedule here.

A “Relaxed Buddy Read” is similar to our usual “buddy reads” except there are less questions and break points. For example, a book may be split into three sections and those reading the book should pause at the end of the section to answer some discussion questions, make comments, or ask their own questions to other readers. An example is here.

An “Informal Buddy Read” doesn’t have a discussion leader and participants are asked to consider some generic questions when making comments about the book. An example is here.

A “Read and Watch Buddy Read” may be set up as any of the above, but we will also watch the movie or T.V. series - or even go to a play! - and make comparisons, discussing what has been left out or changed as well as the actors and actresses. There is a long debate of what one should do first: read the books or watch the movie? We usually read first, but it isn’t essential. Also, if you would like to join in, but don’t want to watch the movie, show, or play, but only read the books, that is fine, too. An example is here.

(view spoiler)

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Shelby (stang_lee) | 1202 comments Thanks for setting up the thread. :)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments I am so excited to read this finally

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura | 9707 comments Shelby wrote: "Thanks for setting up the thread. :)"

No problem!

Jenny | 5891 comments Count me in! It has been years since I read this one. Team Remus Lupin.

Jenny | 5891 comments I am finishing up another BR, and will start this one tomorrow.
Listening to it this time, should be good.

Judy | 2151 comments I started this yesterday and got 17% in, but I'm still not really into it... I'll give it another shot today.

Team Myrtle 😊

message 10: by Ozana (last edited Jul 24, 2018 03:43AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ozana (barbozzy) | 1018 comments I started. This one of best book trilogy ever apart from HP books, a Hobbit and LOTR.

Team Myrtle

message 11: by Judy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Judy | 2151 comments 39% / end of part 1

I'm enjoying it more now but I'm still not loving it - maybe I really should have read this as a child. The daemons are my favorite thing obviously but I don't think there's really been much insight into them so far (though I know what they are and how they work cause I've read quite a bit of daemon AU fanfiction 😅).

I am really curious to see (view spoiler)

Jenny | 5891 comments It has been years since I read this, and I am loving it this time around too. The audio is great.
This seems to be a love it or hate it kind of book. I'm not sure why that is. The world building is interesting, the characters are compelling, and not cookie cutter versions of good vs evil. The writing is good as well I think. Oh well.

I read a few negative reviews of this to see why, and there seemed to be two camps. The ones who did not like the implied anti religious theme, and the ones who didn't like the fact that Lyra's parents are not typical or good parental figures.

I imagine that just not being swept up in the story is possible too. There have been more than a few popular books that I didn't love.

I do love this one though.

message 13: by Judy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Judy | 2151 comments Jenny wrote: "It has been years since I read this, and I am loving it this time around too. The audio is great.
This seems to be a love it or hate it kind of book. I'm not sure why that is. The world building i..."

These are definitely not things that bother me! I think I'm just not gelling with the story and that frustrates me so much cause I have no concrete reason why. I was so excited to finally read this and expected to love it... But yeah, there have been so many popular books I don't particularly like.

Jenny | 5891 comments I end up avoiding some of the more popular books because they almost never live up to the hype.
Personally I blame Oprah. When she started her book club with The Bridges of Madison County, and I had many people tell me how I would love it. One of the top five worst books I ever read. And that includes Taken by the T-Rex!

I haven't trusted an Oprah pick since. I probably missed some good stuff, but I'll probably live.

message 15: by Judy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Judy | 2151 comments I think by now I'm pretty good at figuring out which (popular) books I'll actually enjoy so I'm a lot more picky - and nearly everything I read is pretty good.
That book really doesn't sound very good - and just the title of Taken by the T-Rex makes me laugh every time 😂

Jenny | 5891 comments I am a big review reader. Publisher's Weekly, NYT books review, Washington Post book review, etc. I tend to end up reading really good books too. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole of popular but not good books, but not too often.

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments For some reason my notifications for this got turned off, so I apologize!

I started reading it yesterday. It immediately pulled me in and I'm in love with the story. And I want my own daemon now lmao (I actually just took an online quiz to see which kind of daemon I would have!

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments I'm now up to chapter 7. some thoughts:

(view spoiler)

In general though I really like the Lyra character.

Jenny | 5891 comments Rachel, I think I took that quiz, or one like it, when I read this years ago. If I remember correctly, my daemon was a lynx. It was some kind of wild kitty anyway.

Mrs. Coulter's daemon creeps me out too.
It has been long enough since the last time I read this, that I have forgotten some events and nuances of characters. I agree that Lyra is a cool character.
I wonder if Pullman wrote that children's daemons aren't set to one animal until they mature because he wasn't sure what he wanted Lyra's daemon to be until he got to know her character well enough? Did that sentence make sense?

message 20: by Judy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Judy | 2151 comments Finished!

I liked the second half a lot more but this still wasn’t for me. The characters were interesting and so were the daemons, but obviously I thought it was quite predictable - except maybe (view spoiler).

So disappointed I didn’t enjoy this more, but I can see why so many people love it!

Jenny | 5891 comments I'm almost done, about an hour to go on audio, which I will listen to while cleaning my house this morning.

There are so many disturbing and/or wonderful things in this story.

(view spoiler)

Jenny | 5891 comments Just finished.
(view spoiler)

I have to reread the next two books soon. I barely remember what happens, and I want to know again.

Shelby (stang_lee) | 1202 comments Ok finally got to read this while on my vacation instead of beforehand liked I'd wanted to.

I really liked the daemon's as well. I mean who wouldn't want to have their own little daemon alongside at all time. This book falls into the good, but not great category for me. I enjoyed the second half of the book much more than the first personally.

I think my problems stemmed from (view spoiler)

Lyra was an interesting character and I liked her for the most part. (view spoiler)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments I'm about halfway through. When (view spoiler)

I'll definitely finish it by tomorrow night. So far I'm still really liking it. I'm so tempted to click spoilers but I'm trying to hold off. Lol.

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments Oh, another scene that disturbed me was (view spoiler)

And something else I really like: (view spoiler)

Jenny | 5891 comments Glad you are enjoying it! I need to reread the next two NOW, but I have a bunch of books ahead of them in my pile. Why exactly do we all have to work and sleep again?

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments Got up to chapter 19!
(view spoiler)

Shelby (stang_lee) | 1202 comments Rachel wrote: "Oh, another scene that disturbed me was [spoilers removed]

And something else I really like:
I really LOVE the witches btw. I hope they won't be fighting any, I'd like to see the witches on their..."

I agree with you about both these situations. The scene she stumbled into just about broke my heart.

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments finished it!!! I LOVED IT!!!

it was a bit disturbing? i was surprised when (view spoiler)

damn, i thought i had until 11 pm tonight to finish the BR and claim it for tower teams, but i guess that was wrong. oops heh. but that's ok because i really wanted to read this book and i'm soo happy i did. i MUST read the rest of the series now!

Jenny | 5891 comments We should set up BRs for the next ones too. No tower points, but it is fun to discuss them!

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments i would love to BR the rest of the series!

Jenny | 5891 comments Do you want to ask in the request thread or should I? And, when? Not during Quidditch though.

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 236 comments Jenny wrote: "Do you want to ask in the request thread or should I? And, when? Not during Quidditch though."

Jenny, so sorry for my delayed response.

I wouldn't have been able to get to the book during the tower teams challenge, but I am definitely available now to read it! There was someone else in the buddy reads thread who had expressed interest in reading the second book as well. If you're still interested too, let's do it! I can make the comment in the request thread.

Jenny | 5891 comments Hi Rachel. I forgot about this. Sure, now that TT is done, I actually have some time again as well. Go ahead and request it. If you have a time that you would like to start, we can use that.

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