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Bloodlust (Vampire Beach, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA series (I believe one cover is all orange with outline of teens on a dock, possibly by Alex something?) living in a family members beach house! Possibly vampires? [s]

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Kels | 2 comments I can’t remember if the narrator is a boy or girl, or if they’re vampires. I believe the author to be Alex something, possibly Alex V? It’s a series of books, and you could purchase them in one large book that had a completely orange cover with a grey outline of teens hanging out on a porch looking thing. I believe it’s two girl staying at an aunt’s house or something along those lines? There’s a cat. 2008-2012

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Kels | 2 comments YES! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ashley | 300 comments You’re welcome =)

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