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Apollo's Outcasts
This topic is about Apollo's Outcasts
SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. SciFi (maybe) Boy born on Moon - I know it's space related! [s]

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Veronica Abt | 3 comments So this book's main character is a boy with a disease because he was born on the moon but grew up on Earth with his family. They move to the moon/space during the first chapter, and soon the main character can use his legs and hold his weight by himself. Also, people on the moon are in colonies maybe? I know there are a lot of people born on the moon and stay there.

I forget when I read this book, but I was maybe in middle school or high school. I just graduated from University. Please and thank you!! I want to find this book!

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Elias (iamnotthrowingawaymyshot) | 78 comments Is it Maggot Moon?

Veronica Abt | 3 comments No, but thank you.

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Ayshe | 4326 comments Apollo's Outcasts was suggested on librarything.

Veronica Abt | 3 comments Thank you so much!!!!! That is the book!!!!!

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