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Bisky Scribbles (bisky_scribbles) | 2536 comments Mod
Bisky’s Book of the Month. Where I pull a book out of a hat for discussion!

If you would like to have your book in participation, let me know its title in this thread.

General rules apply. I won’t allow snarky comments about writing, but if your book is participating remember that everyone has different opinions but feel free to answer questions. Or ask them :3

Read at your own pace. The threads won’t close so if you take longer to read it than a month you can always return to the thread later :] But if you are a fast reader (like me :p) and really want to ask something that might be a bit of a spoiler, you can use < spoiler>...< /spoiler> (without spaces) to hide it :]

Feel free to add suggestions :]

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R. Jackson-Lawrence | 54 comments Tried to click on the 'thread' but nothing happens?

I would love to have my Benjamin Knight books in the hat (there are three of them and they need to be read in order!). First one is called Knightfall.

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J.A.C.H. (jachmd) | 12 comments I'm listening to Knightfall, and it's really good. Currently just left Sanctuary, but when I've finished I plan to leave a glowing review, unless the ending just dives--unlikely.
I'd rec. this book also.

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R. Jackson-Lawrence | 54 comments That's awesome, thanks!

If anyone wants to read or listen to it, I have some audible codes left (both US and UK) or can do an epub, mobi or pdf.

Oh, the second book (Darkest Before Dawn) has just been released in audiobook too, so feel free to ask for codes for book 2 if you'd like

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J.A.C.H. (jachmd) | 12 comments Sure, if you give me a code, I'll listen to it next.

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R. Jackson-Lawrence | 54 comments Of course, where shall I send it?

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J.A.C.H. (jachmd) | 12 comments

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R. Jackson-Lawrence | 54 comments sent!

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