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message 1: by David (new)

David (davidyoud) | 21 comments As a librarian, is there any way for me to fix how books 17, 19, 20, and 21 display in this list?:

All other books in the list display with "(Boss Fight Books, #x)" after the title. Example excerpt:

Kingdom Hearts II (Boss Fight Books, #16)
by Alexa Ray Corriea
3.84 avg rating — 70 ratings — 2 editions book 16

Katamari Damacy
by L E Hall
0.00 avg rating — 0 ratings — 1 edition book 17

Final Fantasy V (Boss Fight Books, #18)
by Chris Kohler
4.16 avg rating — 101 ratings — 2 editions book 18

Katamari Damacy should be "Katamari Damacy (Boss Fight Books, #17)"

message 2: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45527 comments Mod
Yes, if you add that information to the book's title line, it will show up there as well.

You should correct the author name at the same time.

message 3: by David (new)

David (davidyoud) | 21 comments Oh, interesting, I never noticed that. Thanks!

To recap, the title "Katamari Damacy" automatically turns into "Katamari Damacy (Boss Fight Books #17)" on the book's page, without the librarian explicitly adding "(Boss Fight Books #17)" to the title, and that extra bit automagically becomes a link to the series.

However, when the given title already includes the series name, such as "Kingdom Hearts II (Boss Fight Books, #16)", then goodreads automatically changes the 2nd half of the title into a link to the series.

Q: What if the series name changes? Would "Kingdom Hearts II (Boss Fight Books, #16)" no longer create a link to the series, since the book's name (which explicitly includes series data) and the series name no longer match? Is the auto link generation done by an exact match, or does it create a link to anything inside trailing parenthesis?

message 4: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45527 comments Mod
The series information shown with the title on the book page itself will override whatever is in the parentheses.

message 5: by David (new)

David (davidyoud) | 21 comments Thanks!

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