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message 2: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments Hello- It looks like we are buddies next month. I compared our books and we have quite a few to-reads in common. Want to look them over and see what appeals most and we'll go from there?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Sure. I counted 13 "to read" on yours that are also on mine. It doesn't really matter to me what we read, but these would be my top five choices. Today. Tomorrow might be completely different.

Accidental Tryst
The Learning Hours
Love the One You're With
Irresistible You
Free Hostage

I'm also up for doing a re-read, if any of my "read" books that are on your "to read" list are really calling out to you.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments All right, now I look a little silly. I actually did a sort of the "to read" shelves and discovered that there were 16. Yeah, I've got a LOT of books that I haven't read, and apparently can't remember what I own.

message 5: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments Of those five I think my top two are Love the One You're With or Irresistible You. Do either of those appeal more than the other? If not, how about we go with Irresistible You?

message 6: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments No worries, I didn't count so I wouldn't have known either way.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments "Irresistible You" sounds good.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Great, that was easy.

I'll let the moderator know and we can touch base next week to pick a day to start.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Hello - it's finally (almost) June! When will you have time to start reading our book? I can start whenever.

I thought we could read 3 or 4 chapters a day - that work for you?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Michaele wrote: "Hello - it's finally (almost) June! When will you have time to start reading our book? I can start whenever.

I thought we could read 3 or 4 chapters a day - that work for you?"

Hi, Michaele.

I can start any time, so today, maybe? Tomorrow?
3 or 4 chapters works for me, since I read just about every day. This will be interesting for me, because any time I've done a buddy read, it's been all about reading the book and then discussing it. I think discussing it piece by piece will let it sink in more, and make me analyse why I like/dislike it more, rather than just going over everything as a whole. And getting someone else's perspective in the same manner intrigues me. I am definitely looking forward to doing something I've never done before.
I don't have access to internet at home, so I'll read in the evening and them post the next day, if that's all right?

message 11: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments I can start today too. And yes, post whenever you can, it seems like most of the people I've been buddies with have been overseas so the time difference means we have posted at very different times, but it always seems to work out.

I've done buddy reads like this a few times and it's great- even if I've ended up not liking the book I've enjoyed the process because I have someone to commiserate with :)

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Michaele | 4751 comments I read the first three chapters.

So far, so good.

I'm listening to the audiobook. The narrator's voice for Remy is a little odd - I'm sure it is hard to come up with an accent like the author described.

It'll be interesting to see how the relationship between the sisters develops. Their dad sounds like he was a complete jerk.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I'm guess I'm glad I'm not listening to the audio, then? It's supposedly a really hard accent to do.

I'm interested in how the sisters' relationships with each other will develop. In that respect, it reminds me of "Montana Sky" by Nora Roberts. The father seems like the kindest thing that could be said of him is that he is a jerk.

I really want to know who Harper kept reassuring herself she wouldn't see when she entered Remy's house. Ex-boyfriend? Hockey player who screwed the team over? Although it kind of sounds like the father did a good job of that, too.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Something bad clearly happened to her, since she had to fight off that panic attack too.

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UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments OH, my goodness. I swear that I wasn't just writing what you wrote. They were my actual thoughts. Now it seems as though I don't have an original thought in my head!!!

It seems as though Remy and Harper are kind of on opposing sides, because Remy just wants to win the cup with any team except the one he's been traded to and Harper needs to get her team going. I sure it will make for an interesting battle of wills. I honestly don't understand why Remy doesn't think the Rebels' have a shot. They are under new management, they presumably have the pieces of a championship hockey team, since they've had top draft picks in recent years. The thing is the same in all sports: any team could get hot at any time for any number of unfathomable reasons.

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Michaele | 4751 comments True- it'll be interesting to see how it plays out- she wants a leader and he knows that, but really isn't under any obligation to be one. I'm guessing as long as he meets his contract she won't be able to do much about it.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Finished chapter 6, wow that heated up fast. And we got find out at least part of why she's so jumpy - I wonder what the rest of the story is - sounds bad.

I like them both so far.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I like them both, too. I really liked the line that Remy used, something about if she had been his date, he wouldn’t have left her alone. I remember Craig Ferguson talking about when he met his wife, she had come to a gallery showing with a date and then been abandoned, and he went up to her and said that to her. I always thought it was romantic.

So it’s almost definitely a hockey player. I wonder if he is still playing, if he’s been playing with Remy? That won’t go over well with Remy. He seems really protective and respectful. I really liked that he acknowledged that he couldn’t have kept up his barely playing shtick, that his competitive nature would have triumphed.

I also liked that they were both professional and didn’t let their hormones rule the day.

message 19: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments At least not yet ;)

I like that story about Craig Ferguson.

message 20: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments I finished chapter 9.

I'm glad we found out what happened with her ex. He's awful. I like that se felt protective of her sister and started talking to both of them, even if sh's holding a lot back.

I wish she'd been more honest with Remy, though I get why she wasn't. I'm kinda surprised he didn't figure it out on his own, he knows how jumpy she is around men, though maybe not the extent of it.

message 21: by UnusualChild{beppy} (last edited Jun 06, 2018 12:24PM) (new)

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Her ex is...I hope he gets what's coming to him.

I was a little upset that she didn't come clean with her sisters. She keeps saying that she wants to be closer to them, but doesn't give any good reason why Kroger is bad news, just warns them away from players because it might end badly. It sounds like she never told anyone, not even her supposed best friend. And did her father know? Did she tell him the real reason she wanted him traded? Or did she just admit they had been sleeping together against his orders and now they weren't and it ended badly? Is that why he left the team to all three of them instead of just her?
These chapters left me with more questions than answers, and I agree that Remy should at least have an idea what is going on with Harper. He has all the clues: nervous around men, has to steel herself to be in a room with hockey players, relationship with a player ended badly enough that the team executed a poor trade in order to dump him fast. For some reason, even though Remy respects women and has no problem with a woman boss, or so he says, he seems to think little enough of Harper that he leaps to conclusions about her that put her in the worst light. Trying to combat his attraction to her, maybe?
I'm happy to see Remy bonding with the team, though, even though they are making all the overtures right now.

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UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I'm (sort of) all right with characters acting a little unprofessional, especially if they actually know each other. But it was really only their second time seeing each other, so they didn't know each other at all. It would have just been physical attraction, and I don't think that should be enough to abandon professionalism. (It's kind of becoming one of my pet peeves/soap box topics in romance stories. You know, the lawyer who sleeps with a client, all the while saying that it isn't ethical and they could get disbarred. SO DON'T DO IT!!! Resist, at least until you can do something to make it not so unethical, like hand the client over to another lawyer, or firm. Seriously. They are not animals to be ruled by their raging hormones. Oops, sorry. Rant over.)

Re: Craig Ferguson. I know. I may have swooned a little when he told that story. Plus, he said it in his Scottish accent, which made it even better. :)

message 23: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments Couldn't agree more, about everything. She needs to put her money where her mouth is with her sisters. And office place romance novels can get on my nerves too - especially when there is a lot at risk - or they say they will keep it a secret and then have sex in the workplace. I read a book like that recently (Maverick) and I couldn't get past it, they were so unprofessional and it was a job where lives were on the line. It ruined the book for me.

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Michaele | 4751 comments I finished chapter 12, it went by really fast.

She got so close to telling him the truth, ugh frustrating.

I don't really have anything else to say right now.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I'm a little ticked off at both of them right now with how they both seem to expect the other to read their minds.

I thought that the shoe shop scene was subtle and sexy.

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Michaele | 4751 comments It was a good scene.

That's another pet peeve in romance novels, poor communication - it's like the go-to for writers to stretch out the story.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Finished 15. I liked his family that scene was fun.

I also liked that he understands that their relationship is a much bigger risk for her than him.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I was calling the h "Hayden" this morning, and then I second guessed myself. Apparently, I've decided that's a better name for her than "Harper". I do that in real life, too. Just warning you that anytime I say "Hayden", I actually mean "Harper".

I liked Remy's family, too. They acted like a family. I was a little surprised that Harper wasn't more overwhelmed by them, as she has little to no experience with family, let alone a large, loving, teasing family.

Except for his little blind spot in not understanding that, unless it was something really serious, Harper would not have prevailed upon her father to trade a player because her relationship ended, Remy is a very thoughtful guy.

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Michaele | 4751 comments :) I think I like Hayden better than Harper.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Finished chapter 18.

I like that she's spending more time with her sisters, the pottery scene was fun.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Wow, those chapters went by fast!! I couldn't believe that it was chapter 19 already.

I liked that Remy was taking care of Harper and feeding her. I enjoyed the pottery with the sisters. And although I liked the "Who let all the little girls in the locker room?" comment, I was very skeptical that anyone but players and team personnel are allowed in there. As far as I understand, there is a family waiting room.

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Michaele | 4751 comments I wouldn't know about the locker room- though it makes sense not to let anyone but team personnel in.

They did go by fast - should we read four chapters in stead of three?

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Michaele | 4751 comments Finished 21.

I was a little bored with these chapters, not sure why. The shower scene irritated me- it's the whole workplace romance thing- if you don't want to get caught, don't have sex at work. Though I guess it worked out for them.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I'm all right with reading 3 chapters. These last 3 seemed to go back the a reasonable length.

I feel as though these chapters were supposed to show bonding between Harper and Remy, but all they really did was have sex. And Remy still can't figure out that Harper was in an abusive relationship? At least Remy admitted to himself that he maybe didn't want to be traded. It seems as though they both have their goals in mind, and can't see anything else that might be there along the way. Not even on a different path, just sitting there on the path to the goals, and they've got their blinders on.

I kept waiting for them to be discovered when they were in the shower, like Remy would go back to the exercise room and someone would be there, or something. I guess that we don't know that someone didn't see them, or doesn't know, aside from Violet, until one of them gets threatened or inadvertently outed.

message 35: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments Good point- someone could blackmail them now. I kept waiting for something bad to happen to her when she was alone in the building, (or thought she was alone).

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I don't think that we've seen the last of Kroger, and not in a Remy-is-going-to-kill-him kind of way.

message 37: by Michaele (new)

Michaele | 4751 comments I think you're right.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Read chapter 22, will read 2 more later, but had something to say after 22 :)

(view spoiler)

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Oh, it gets worse...on both counts.

I was actually really ticked off at her for not telling her sisters later on. I mean, they're baring their souls and she's...I don't know...she's not protecting them. Herself? Her reputation? It was just the perfect opportunity of female camaraderie, and she never even considered it.

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Michaele | 4751 comments I was really annoyed by that too- it was the perfect moment. I was surprised by Violet's (I think that's the right name) revelation.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Whoops, I accidentally went too far. I finished chapter 28.

(view spoiler)

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Lol. I didn’t accidentally read too far. I was so frustrated by them both that I deliberately went on for another chapter, and then (barely) resisted going further. I was apparently wrong in the way that we would see Kroger again. It was in a Remy-is-gonna-kill-him way. Apparently Bren has a big mouth, since he spilled the beans to her father (don’t get me started on that waste of space; Isabel feels as though she has nothing to offer anyone without hockey because of him) and Remy.
I understand Remy’s reaction to the info, but I was a little disappointed, too. Does Stroger even know why he went after him? And to take it that far, completely outside of the game within the game, was stupid.
I liked that Harper went into the locker room alone with Remy, even though she knew that he was furious, because she knew Remy wouldn’t hurt her.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Oh, wanted to add that I don’t have a lot of confidence in her telling her sisters, since it seems that everything that has been kept secret so far has been discovered either by accident or through someone else revealing it to them. They still have to come out of the equipment room; their relationship could still be exposed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her sisters mentions something about the will conditions in passing, thinking Remy knows them already.

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Michaele | 4751 comments You're right- she hasn't had to tell anyone anything. That makes her seem like a coward.

When they started making out in the locker room I rolled my eyes. But maybe it;s like what you said, since people keep finding things out by accident, etc- maybe she hoping to get outed so the choice isn't hers?

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Michaele | 4751 comments I read the next three chapters and then realized only the epilogue was left so I kept going. Now I'm done!

I'll hold comment for now.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I read the three chapters, but resisted reading the epilogue until you wrote that. I'll just do a post about the chapters right now, because I'm still processing the book as a whole.

Well, I'm glad that she actually told her sisters, instead of having them find out through someone else. I liked that they both changed their vision, rather than just one of them giving up what they thought they wanted.
I'm miffed that Harper knew what her father was like, and how he treated people that he should have loved, but was still letting him influence her and be her shining light. Even Isabel, who never really lost his approval until she couldn't play anymore, didn't live for him the way that Harper did. And I felt as though it wasn't in an "I'll show you, Dad" kind of way, but a seeking approval kind of way.

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Michaele | 4751 comments When she told her sister I thought "about damn time!" I'm glad they reacted the way they did, they were supportive.

She was still hoping for his approval- which likely would have never happened even if he wasn't dead.

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Michaele | 4751 comments Do you want to read the second in the series together?

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments I actually liked her sisters better than I did Harper.

I've been thinking, and I think that if I had read this book in one go, without stopping to analyse after each section, I probably would have liked it more, because I wouldn't have had as much time to dwell on everything.

I feel as though we didn't really get to see Harper and Remy getting to know one another. Even though it was mentioned that they talked and got to know one another, we never really saw it. They were either in a group, having sex, or not around each other on page.

And the ending felt very...pat. There were no obstacles or repercussions or anything.

UnusualChild{beppy} | 1142 comments Sure, that sounds good, since I have it.

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