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It all began with a ring.

And the Moonshadows.

And the Rowanoaks.

And the - oh, nevermind, let's just say it all began with a ring.

A beautiful ring of polished gold, shaped to look like a tiny snake wrapping around someone's finger. It's eyes were green emeralds and its body was etched with a neverending pattern. This ring was first made my a poor, simple blacksmith who only was trying to make a living. He gave it to the princess of his country, and she loved it. She loved it so much she declared she would marry this man, and on the wedding day, the ring was first used.

From that day on, the two were cursed. For, the emerald, so beautiful and brilliant, was also dark and evil. It was mined in the old mines of the dwarfish kingdoms, by dwarves looking for the fabled gold, and when they found nothing but small emeralds, the dwarves sold the gems. But they had no idea what happened when a dwarfish gem left dwarfish territory. If a gem of dwarfish soil leaves its home land, it becomes cursed. Horribly, evilly cursed.

At first the Princess Mary Rowanoak and the blacksmith were happy. They had a handsome and strong son and a beautiful and talented daughter. Then, suddenly, the blacksmith died. Medics from all over the world came to the princess's bidding, but none could diagnose the man. In despair, the princess threw her wedding ring into the sea, hoping never to be reminded of her sadness again.

But, the next day the princess woke up to find her old ring back on her finger. She tried to throw it away again, but it just kept coming back. She did some research, and finally, by her death day, found the truth. In terror and fear, she killed herself, hoping no one would have to deal with the cursed ring after her.

But, when the princess and blacksmith's daughter grew to be 21, she found the ring. Years later, she also found her mother's diary, which spoke of the terrible ring. Just like her mother, she cast it away hoping it would never fall into her hands again. But, just as had happened to her mother, the ring somehow found itself back to its new master. For years the daughter tried many ways to get rid of the ring, she tried crushing it, losing it, dropping it, selling it, even melting it, but she never could rid herself of the burden.

She died, not from old age, like her mother, but from despair and loneliness, for her husband and three children left her when he learned. After its master died, the ring was suddenly found in the hand of her 21 year old daughter. She did not find out about the ring's curse until she was a middle-aged woman. She came across two diaries, one was her grandmother's, and one was her mother's. It took her a year to finish reading her mother's diary, and by then she was fascinated. Instead of throwing away the ring, like her mother and grandmother, she kept it and studied it. She found the ways of the ring and loved it like a child, more love was put into that ring than towards her own twin daughter and son.

When she died, she wished to keep the ring with her in her coffin, but, the ring found a new master yet again, and so it went.

Generations found the ring, and the diary of the woman before them. Generations lived and died for the ring, and soon another family got wind of it. They became known as the Moonshadows.

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Chapter 1

"Megan! Where is my eyeliner?!" Kaleigh stormed into the room.
"Mm?" Megan mumbled. "Wha? I dinn. Lemme sleep. No school." She turned around and closed her eyes again. Kaleigh ran out of the room to the big balcony across the front door.
"MOM! Megan stole my eyeliner!"
Mrs. Rowan appeared in front of the door. "Kaleigh, find another. And leave your sister alone, she has to study."
"But, mom!"
"No buts young lady. Come on, Julie just told me breakfast is ready."
Kaleigh walked down to the main kitchen. Oak Manor held 4 kitchens in total, but Kaleigh preferred this one. This was the one they stashed the ice cream.

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Kaleigh sat herself down at the kitchen counter, where Julie was bustling about, putting finishing touches on the huge breakfast she had made.

"Mmmm, smells good Julie! What is it today?"

Julie, the Rowanoak family's cook and old friend went a little pink. "Oh, just the usual, Kalli dear, sausages, eggs, toast, waffles, pancakes, syrup, butter, jam, and no, I did not forget your peanut butter." At the last remark, Kaleigh grinned.

"You're the best, Julie! Where's mom?"

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"She went to make sure that Megan got enough sleep."

Kaleigh snorts. "Of course... I should have guessed."

Megan was a sweetheart, but got away with too much.

"Cut your mother some slack. You know why Megan needs rest." Julie says, dusting the food with sugar.

"Yes," Kaleigh say, "I know that since the accident... But we all suffered through that- even me."

"Kalli, you can't blame her. Your father wouldn't have wanted it."

Kaleigh sighed. " I don't know what daddy would have wanted anymore."

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A maid walks in, and curtseys.
"Your mother asked me to tell you to make sure to be on time today, and that she just left with Trenton to check out today's schedule."
"Great." Kaleigh mutters between two bites.
Trenton was mom's personal assistant. Which wasn't a really weird thing, if you considered that father... Kaleigh swallows her last bite of eggs. "Where's father?"
"Your fater is with the minister of Foreign Affairs and the minister of Defence."
"Again?" Kaleigh groans.
"Tell you a secret? They never left."
"Why must the crown prince from Northland come over? He's no fun!"
"Not my place to say, Kalli. Now, eat. I got other matters to attend."

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Kaleigh did so without hesitation. "Its delicious, Julie."

She nods to show she heard, and leaves to get the eggs for the lunch.

Kaleigh went to the wardrobe, and pull a note off of it. It reads "Wear your best dress for Prince Andrew is coming at noon." Kaleigh pulls on a beautiful silver and black diamond dress. It flowed down to her feet it silk, tulle, and diamonds.

Maids pin her dark brown, almost black hair to the top of her he'd in a braided knpt, and expertly add on diamond extentions to the hair. Prince Andrew wasn't half bad and was fairly attractive. Not as bad as the prince of Northland, but Kaleigh guessed that both would be there. Both were her intended suitors.

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Kaleigh stepped out of her room and clomped noisily down the halls to the dining room.

When she arrived she was greeted with her mother, saying, "Kaleigh! Hush! You don't need to make your point any clearer! I know how you hate these meetings, but you know you must! Now, sit down and begin acting like a proper young lady! Prince Andrew comes in a few hours and I want to give you your lessons beforehand."

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She places a silver platter atop Kaleigh's head.
"A lady must have perfect posture."
"Mom?" Kaleigh says. "I feel stupid."
She ignores Kaleigh, and continues to precariously place books atop the platter, and turns on a steady waltzing tune. "Now dance!"

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"Dance!" Mother instructed again.
Kaleigh sighed, and slowly waltzed with an imaginery human. It was either that, or dance with mom. The platter wobbled slightly, and one of the books fell off.
"Kaleigh Emerald Roanoake! Remember, right foot first, good posture!"

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Kaleigh glared daggers at her mother and continued, a bit more carefully. After half an hour, and many books on the floor, her dance lesson was over.

She sank to her chair, exhausted. "May I go now?"

"No! Of course not, Kaleigh! Now your history lesson."

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After history came music, and then the proper introductions. If Kaleigh had to hear 'Her Royal Highness, Dutchess of Gerfox, Lady in the order of Rhedrilath' one more time, she'd scream.

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Her mother than went on to commenting on Kaleigh's "poor attitude".
Mother said, "You need to be approachable! If you bite off the Prince Clifford's head every time he asks to dance, you'll be married at the age of 50!"

"Mom, Prince Clifford practically is 50, and he is just creepy! And the prince of Northrup is 18, yes, but he thinks that stalking a girl is the best way to charm her!"

"What about Prince Andrew, and Prince Dylan?"Mom insists.

Kaleigh blushed bright. Both were decent, and she liked both. " I... They're...pretty good, I guess." She said, embarrassed. She would have to start finding suitors soon.
"Just remember what we practises, alright?" Mother said.
"Yes mom."

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"Good, now, I believe you are finished for the day, you may go now."

Kaleigh practically jumped out of her chair.

"Thanks mom!" She yelled as she bounded up the stairs, two at a time. When she arrived at the third floor, she made her way to the balcony and looked out onto the immaculate lawns.

Rowanoak Estate was undoubtedly the most amazing property in the country, with its rows of fruit trees, long, bright green grass lawns, and, of course, the building itself. It was of considerable size, since it had nine floors and countless rooms and stairways. Four towers curved up to form a diamond and on each side of the huge mansion a curling staircase was cut into the stone. Huge double doors opened out in the front of the building and two staircases, one on either side, led down from the door and onto the perfect lawns.

Many paved paths curled around the Rowanoak Estate, and Kaleigh had only explored perhaps half of them. As she looked out from only one of the two outside balconies, she sighed and tried to think of something to ponder, besides princes and meetings and especially dinner that was coming up. Suddenly she was overcome with a sadness.

She had remembered the last time she had seen her father before he had left.

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A light knock on the door startles her. She broke from my daze and pretended to be asleep. The door opened and she heard footsteps stop at her bed. Limegrass and primrose...a slight hint of grape tobacco. It was her father. She felt the blankets stir and pulled higher to her chest. she snuggled into the warmness of her bed her yes still glued shut. she felt a light kiss on her forehead. "hey buddy. I'm gonna have to go for a while ok, but i'll be back. i promise. when i do ill bring you lots of candy and toys and dolls and dresses...your may be to old for dolls by then though...oh my baby...i'm gonna miss you so much" she felt him stand and heard hid footsteps walk to the door. "Daddy!" Kaleigh jumped out of bed and hugged her father...still to small to hug over his knees. he lifted her into his arms and cradled her in his arms. "you wanna do the rocket thingy." she nodded. he tickled her stomach and under her shins. he threw her up then caught her then dropped her onto her bed making a loud bomb sound with his mouth. she laughed and he smiled. he stroked her hair and tucked her into bed.
"do you have to go daddy"
"hey...hey kiddo...I'll be back..pinky sear?"
they connected hands and laughed simultaneously...
"i'm gonna miss you kale"
"i'll miss you more daddy"
"i'll miss you most...

tears welled Kaleigh's eyes and she wiped them before they smudged her mascara.

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With a shock Kaleigh sits up straight in bed. She presses a button on her night stand.
"Yes, miss?"
"Sophie, where's my father?"
"In bed, miss."
"No, no, no." Kaleigh pushes away the covers. "No, he was here. I swear he was here. He... He... He said he was leaving. I must go to him. I must-" Kaleigh starts putting on clothes, but Sophie stops her.
"Miss, are you feeling well? Shall I call the doctor? Miss, please get back into bed."
"NO! Sophie, I must go to him! Let me go!" Kaleigh pulls herself free from Sophie and storms out of her bedroom. She runs to the west wing, where her parents have their rooms. She pushes open the bedroom door, but all she sees is her mother. "Papa?" Kaleigh sobs. "Papa?" She vaguely feels her mother closing her arms around her, but Kaleigh keeps sobbing. "Papa."

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That was ten years ago. She should have tried harder to convince him to stay, but he left in the night. He had told her that he would come back. Kaleigh vaguely remembered his speaking of a curse, but it was so long ago that she didn't know what he actually said.

Kaleigh rested against the balcony fence and brushed a tear from her eye. That had been her father. Her real father.

Her mother was extremely sad. Kaleigh knew that her mother had loved her father, and so had Megan. Megan was only two at the time. Mother always referred to his disappearance as "the accident" and the saying had stuck.

Mother had remarried six years later to the wealthy Lord Geminore. They still lived in the Rowanoak Estate, and mother kept her maiden name. Kaleigh always referred to their new dad as "Stepfather", and not Daddy, as she had called her real father.

Mother always went on about how the "accident" impacted Megan. Megan had always had a weak immune system, and after Daddy left, it got worse. Much worse.

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Kaleigh shook her head, trying to clear away the sad thoughts. Suddenly she perked up. There was _____ striding across the grounds, looking very buisness like in a crisp suit and tie, with an expression of pure distaste on his face.

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There was King Gilligan striding across the grounds, looking very business like in a crisp suit and tie, with an expression of pure distaste on his face. He was Prince Dylan's father, the ruler of Actasia. Kaleigh glanced around, looking for Dylan, but he was no where in sight. "Hello, Your Highness. Taking a stroll on our fine grounds to day?" Kaleigh asked, with a crusty.
"No, silly child. I am looking for your mother. We need to discuss matters over the...." he hesitated.
"Over a situation. Go fetch her at once." he ordered. Kaleigh hurried off, not wanting to spend another moment with that awful man. Always bossing her around, acting like she was a servant. She climbed the creaky wooden stairs, searching for her mother. She walked down a hall way, and turned into a large bed room.
"Mother?" Kaleigh called, but she wasn't in sight. She turned and went down the stairs again. She saw Lily the old maid walking up the stairs beside her. "Lily? Have you seen Mother?" she asked.
"Oh, no dear. I haven't seen her sense breakfast." said the old woman.
"Alright. Thank you." Kaleigh continued down the stairs.

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She was starting to become anxious. this was very much unlike her mother. she twirled her long hair in her hands as she usually done when she was anxious. she played with the ring on her finger swirling it round and round and round and round and...a call from behind her shook her out of her daze. "Kaleigh?" said a quiet voice. She turned and blushed as she prince Dylan walk to her

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"Lord Dylan!" Kaleigh nearly hard a heart-attack. "Wh-what are you doing here?"
"I was on my way back to my room. This is the East wing, right?" Dylan replied.
"Uhm." Kaleigh said. Very good, Kaleigh, She thought any other intellectual answers? Like actual words? Kaleigh looked around. "Y-yes. This is the East wing. I, uhm, I was looking for, uhm, for...." Why can't I say that I'm looking for my Mother? Why can't I say it? Something is stopping me from saying it.

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Then, through her mixed up thoughts, she remembered that Prince Dylan's mother had passed three years ago.

"Um.... Well, I... Never mind. So, what's up?"

Kaleigh tried to recall what Mother told her about proper conversation starters, and she highly doubted that " what's up" made the list.

"Well, other than having to travel for six hours by carriage to attend a feast to find a wife, my morning has been quite charming? And yours, Princess Kaleigh Emerald?"

Kaleigh laughed and said,"About the same for me, but finding a husband." They laughed.

"Listen." Kaleigh said, suddenly serious. "Have you seen my Mothe- I mean Lady Pearl Rowanoak?"

He shakes his head solemnly. "No, I just arrived."

"I can help you, if you desire, Em." Only one person called Kaleigh by her middle name. Only her lifelong childhood best friend, Prince Andrew. And she knew that this conversation her going to get really awkward, really fast.

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Kaleigh whirled around, and gave a little squeak. There was Prince Andrew, standing in the doorway, and looking distastfully at Prince Dylan. He was returning the look.

"Hello. Derek? Is it?" Prince Andrew said curtly, reaching a hand out. Prince Dylan took it and ruffly shook it saying, "Sorry, Dylan, it's Dylan. And you are-?"

Kaleigh groaned inwardly. This was going to be rough.

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Andrew walked to me and took my arm. He smiled at me and i smiled back. I turned and saw Dylan staring at me, his eyes...was that longing. i realized that i may be longing for him too. I had know Andrew for years but i'd know Dylan for years too. Andrew was my best friend but Dylan...I didn't know what he was to me...an ally, a friend...maybe more. He smiled at me and my heart skipped. He waved and i waved back.

"I s. shall see you at dinner Kaleigh... For now though, I bid you farewell"


"ummm...i hate to break up this little love fest" Andrew said smirking and i could tell by his expression that he did not hate it one little bit...

"but your mother is summoning you Kaleigh"

i saw Dylan's eyes flutter and is jaw tighten. he fingers flexed and balled into fists.

"Ummm..yeah Andrew lets go...see you Dylan" i turned and ran up the steps then stopped after Dylan was out of sight...

"andrew why did you do that...my mothers not looking for me...you know that...that is just evil...you mentioned mother in front of him...he lost him mom years ago...you know that-" andrew scowled and dropped my arm.

"Dylan...he is not a good kid...can't you see whose good for you and whose not" "oh and you think your good for me"

"yes....yes kaleigh i do"

"well i know how to live my life Drew and you cant tell me how to...ok...if i want to talk or spend time with Dylan then i can and theirs nothing you can do to stop me"

and with that i stalked off in the other direction.

"oh and kaleigh...your mother really is looking for you" i could hear the smiel in hsi voice

i stopped and my mouth twitched into a small smile.

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Kaleigh sighed. "Fine, Andrew. But just back off of Dylan, okay? He hasn't gotten over it. Okay. Bye."

Kaleig quickly walked towards the west wing, trying to make a dramatic exit.

"Other way, K." He smirks, suppressing a laugh. Kaleigh avoided his eyes and stalked towards the east wing."I knew that."

He rolls his eyes, and Kaleigh left.

Kaleigh hurried in through the East Kitchen.

"Your mother is in the East Ballroom." Said the kitchen maid.

Kaleigh walked into the Ballroom and straightened her hair and dress. The ballroom was now decorated for the arrival of visitors. Mother was straightening everything to perfection.

"Mother, I was worried! I couldn't find you!"

She smiles and pats my shoulder. "Kaleigh,dear, I have news."

Kaleigh looked up. "Good or bad?"

"Not so great." She answers after a moments hesitation. "Prince Andrew's father, King Stafford, had alerted me that they are cutting off their alliance. We are not enemies, but they will not be a part of our trade system."

Kaleigh furrowed her eyebrows. "What does that mean for us?"

She sighed, "It means that he is not a potential suitor anymore. It means you have to stop seeing him. You may not discuss anything relating to the kingdoms."


"I hate to tell you this, sweetie. I'm sorry."

"But-! How!?" Kaleigh stumbled out of the room and to the grounds. Sure, Andrew was sometimes annoying, but they had known each other since birth. Both him and Dylan were her suitors, and were always sweet to her. Dylan was more kind, and Andrew more on edge.

She ran Andrew.

"Kaleigh? What's wrong?"

She repeated what Mother had said. His eyes widened with shock.

"Oh no, Kaleigh."

And then he wrapped his arms around me, and we just stood there.

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"I'm... I'm gonna miss you." Kaleigh whispered and she sqeezed tighter. Andrew combed his fingers through my hair, which Kaleigh didn't whether she liked it or not.
"What makes you think we are gonna stay apart? I don't care if I have to run over a valley of hot coals, I won't stop being part of your life." he said, much potention in his voice.
"But... Andrew, you can't disobey your father and I can't disobey my mother. Andrew... I want to be with you too, but not by breaking the rules to do it." Kaleigh says, her voice hoarse, on the verge of tears. They seperated from their hug and Andrew looked into Kaleigh's eyes.
"I'll try to reason with my father. You do the same with your mother, alright?" he says, hope twinkling in his cocoa eyes.
"I don't want you to leave, but I doubt we can make a difference. But, we can try to have a friendship, can't we?" Andrew shook his head.
"No, we can't. Because we both know its more than that."
"Actually... I don't know. With Dylan and all..." Andrew's eyes darkened.
"What do you see in him that I can't give you?" he questioned, anger growing in his voice.
"Andrew, please. Don't make me do this. I will do all I can in my power to keep us from being seperated, but, anger at Dylan isn't going to help anyone."

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"I'm sorry, Andrew. I'll do my best to convince mother..."

"Kaleigh, I am willing to work around our parents to be together."

Kaleigh thought about a life without Andrew,but she could hardly manage imagining it.

"I am too, Andrew. But if it doesn't work, you'll always be my best friend."

"Me too." He whispers, clasping Kaleigh's hand on his.

"Andrew, don't get mad about Dylan, okay? I can't help Tue future that was planned for me." Kaleigh begged.

He nodded. "Sorry. I can't help it. I just am... Protective of you."

"I know." Kaleigh whispered. She hugged him tight, and their lips met.

That's when she heard Dylan clear his throat behind them. Uh oh.

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I slowly turn around to see Dylan's raged face. His arms were crossed and he was glaring are pointed at Andrew. "I'm sorry that I have to break up this little... pow wow here, but I beleve Kaleigh and I have some buisiness to discuss." Dylan said cooly.
"Dylan, Kaleigh is having a serious discussion with me right now, so I think your litte 'buisiness' can wait." Andrew growled.
"Boys! Please, don't fight!" Kaleigh said, worried about what was going to happen between the two. Dylan glanced worriedly at Kaleigh, then turned back to Andrew. His fists balled along with Andrew's. They advanced on each other, getting just a foot away from each other.
"Kaleigh doesn't need an urchent like you in her life." Andrew sneered.

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"Look who's talking." Dylan sneered back.

"Listen! Kaleigh and I are talking about something personal, okay? It is not your place to barge in!" Andrew hissed.

"Kaleigh will be the judge of that!" Dylan replied.

"Uh, actually, Dylan, I kind of need to talk to Andrew....-" Kaleigh mumbled.

"Oh. I see. You prefer him." Dylan said coldly.

"No! It not-"

Before I could speak, Andrew put his arm around Kaleigh. "C'mon, Kal."

Dylan looked at them coldly. "I never stood a chance, did I?" And he began to leave.

"No, Dylan!" Kaleigh shrugged off Andrew.

"Kaleigh, we need to talk!" Andrew says.

"Fine!" I hiss.

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"But later." Kaleigh ran after Dylan, hoping to catch him before he left. She ran right up to Dylan who was sitting in the kitchen corner. "Dylan... its nothing like what you saw or what he told you. I don't perfer either of you. I perfer both of you. For me to choose right now is difficult. The best you could do right now is not quirrle with Andrew, and let me think. I need you to help me out here, alright?" she gives him a kind smile.
"I will be good, Kaleigh, I promise. But all I can say right now is... he is not meant for you. All I need you to do for me is think about this: Has he ever complemented you? Has he ever said something beside how great you will be together? Ponder me that, and I will do as you please."

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"Whoa." I say nervously. "Don't get all philosophical on me."

"I'm serious, Kal. Really." He says.

I sigh. "Dyl, I can't choose. You can't make me do that. And yes, Andrew has complimented me, plenty. He just... kinda hates you, no offense. I know that he is sometimes infuriating but..." I struggle to come up with something that will make Andrew seem better.

"See, Kal? Just pick! It is not hard!"

"I can't do that!" I whisper.

"It's not hard!" he hisses, and looks regretful immediately. "Sorry Kal, I didn't mean-!"

"No, Dyl! I am done! Let me pick on my own terms!"

He sighed. "Sorry, Kaleigh. Sorry."

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Kaleigh walked off, not knowing where to go. Eventually, she found herself on her bed, on the verge of tears.

"Andrew...Dylan...Andrew...Dylan......Andrew........Dylan..." She collapsed into her huge pillow. "I-I can't choose...I can't....."

A little while later, there was a soft knock at the door. Kaleigh looked up, trying her best to hide her tear stained face.

"Oh, honey-" Julie hurried over and came to sit next to Kaleigh. "What's the matter, huh?" Kaleigh burst into tears again and hid her face in Julie's arm.

Julie looked sympathetic and rubbed Kaleigh's back gently. "Oh, come now. It's about your father?"

Kaleigh shook her head, still sobbing uncontrollably into the housekeeper's arm.

Julie thought for a moment, then said, "Then you're upset about lessons or something?"

Again, she shook her head.

"Well, honey, I just don't know- oh. Andrew?"

Kaleigh began sobbing even harder and burrowed deeper underneath Julie's arm.

"Oh, poor dear... And I gather Dylan had something to do with this, too?" Julie said sympathetically.

Kaleigh wailed and nodded, moaning and hiccuping as her crying was getting finished.

"Oh... Probably that choosing buisness every girl has to do. Oh yes! I had to choose also, in my day..." Kaleigh looked up, her make up smeared, and said, "Y-you had to choose between two guys... That hated eachother?" She asked incredulously.

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"Yes, child. Every woman has to. Collin and Joseph, both handsome and sweet. I had such a hard time choosing, I'd stay in my room for days and just think. I tried to choose, then it came the day I had to pick. So, I just thought, it was kind of like choosing a paint color. Do you want blue or purple in your life? Honey, all you have to do is ask yourself-" Julie was cut off by the maid bell, which meant mother needed assistants of some kind. She looked to me as she rose from the bed, giving her an apoligetic look. She kissed Kaleigh's forehead and then hurried out of the room.

Kaleigh collasped on the bed, staring at the ceilling. What to do... Andrew or Dylan? Blue or purple? What does that even mean?!?! Kaleigh thought. She groaned and rolled over, face down on the pillow.

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sh was drwoning, falling, sinking into a dark and soakign oblvion. the water. the sky. she saw a figure on ehr left swimmignt owards her. Andrew. she truend to see dylan on her right. they both held their hands out to her.
"kal take my hand and never let go"

andrew said holding his arm towards me...my lady, reach for my hand and you can reach for the stars."

i clsoed my eyes and reached or him the boy i chose. i gasped and woke up

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(How about we just do this from Kaleigh's POV? It makes it easier.)

I am breathing hard, my forehead beaded with sweat. Jewel entered the room with a breakfast tray in hand. "Are you alright ma'am?" she asked, her voice quivering with worry.
"Fine. Just. Fine." I say.

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I start on the eggs in front of me, and devour the pancakes.

I try to recall my dream. I reached for something.. no, someone.... but who? Was his hair dark like Andrew or light brown, like Dylan? Were his eyes Andrew blue or Dylan brown? They were blue, I think.

But I can't choose Andrew over Dylan, or vice versa!

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"Ma'am? Are you finished?" Jewel asked, entering the room. I glance down at my empty tray and nod my head. She takes the tray and walks out of the room. Soon the clothing maids enter, and they pick out my outfit. Once dressed, I exit the room only to bump into Andrew. I jump in surprise and smile.
"Good morning!" I squeak.
"Good morning to you. You look beautiful." Andrew said in a voice like smooth caramel.
"You look very handsome yourself." I replied, regaining control of my voice. He smiled, blue eyes twinkling. I couldn't help but sigh.
"Whats wrong?" he asked, concerned.
"My life. I... I'm having a hard time choosing." I admit.
"I know its tough on you. I've been thinking about our situation, and I think I've figured out a little something that might help us both."

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"What?" I ask.

"I can't tell you here. Let's go to the courtyard."

We walk in silence.

"Listen, Kal, I'm sorry I was so insistent on you choosing. I know it must be hard." He talks as we descend the staircase to the outdoor courtyard.

"S'alright." I say. "Soooo, what's the plan."

He speaks urgently, his hand in mine. "We are going to run away. We are going to find the Rowanoak Ring, and recreate the allegiance between our people. You are a Moonshadow."

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"A what what? A what ring? Andrew, if you've got'en so desperate that you are making up things, maybe you should go see the head doter." I said, worried about his health. I felt his forehead for a temperature.
"Kaleigh! I'm fine." he pulls his head away from my reach.
"You're a Moonshadow, and the only way to stop the separation is to find the Rowanoak Ring." Every time he said , 'The Rowanoak Ring" a chill went down my spine. "Please, Kal. Come with me, and we'll be together."
"I don't know Drew... This all seems a little strange."

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"Kal, I swear I am not lying. You are a Moonshadow, but somehow you broke the curse. Somehow you were separated by the ring. And if you are separated any longer... Well, it will not be good."

And then Andrew explained the curse of the ring.

"But.... How?.....you.... You read too much Lord of the Rings!" I say finally.

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"i'm not mad kal...i'm serious...its true. you broke it. we can be together"

but maybe i did believe the story of the curse but perhaps it was who i could be with...that was what i was denying...dylan...maybe it was him!

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"What do I have to do to get this 'Ring'?"
Andrew smiled at me. "Glad to see you've come to your sense. Now, to get the Ring, we have to travel to where it was last seen, then prove you are a descendant of the previous owner. Then it will rebound itself with you." Andrew explains.
"And we do this... why?" I ask, totally lost.

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"We need to figure out how you broke the curse- or if you didn't. The ring is what tore the kingdoms apart, I thought you knew! My... My father thought that because your kingdom had a Moonshadow, the curse would befall on our kingdom. But if you broke the curse, we need to find the ring, reconnect you to it, before it chooses a new master and curses them. You are immune to the curse."

I think about it. "But..." I realize that now that our kingdoms are separate, I don't have a strong enough resolution to stay. Sure, there is Mom and Megan, but they will care for themselves.

"I... Alright. We can go." I say.

"We leave at sundown tonight. Bring one bag." Andrew stated.

"I am coming. I need to help protect Kaleigh." Dylan said quietly.

'Dylan said quietly'? Oh no. He heard us.

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"Dylan are you sure...i mean a painful and merciless death is not out of the question ya know"

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Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments I blush. "You don't have to protect me, I'll be fine," Dylan smiles.
"I highly doubt that." He looks at Andrew and I can practically see the hatred that's coming out of both of them. Uh-oh.
"Uh-uh. You guys are not going to start arguing right now. I'm going to go pack. You guys do that, too." They nod reluctantly and I sigh with relief. "Those two are a handful," I mutter.

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I figure i will need more, and I begin adding more to my backpack. I pull on some comfortable jeans, a long sleeved white shirt, and a black jacket. It is fairly cold, almost winter.

I pack some more traveling clothes, and , just in case, my favorite casual dress. I put in a HUGE wad of cash, and a few gems that we could sell later. I grab some packs of dried fruit and jerky, as well as some granola and trail mix. At the last minute, I head to the weaponry. I grab a belt of daggers, good for throwing and a dart gun, with a pack of sedative darts. I learned to protect myself fairely well throughout my defence lessons.

I grab a few short knives and two hand guns for Dylan and Andrew. Hopefully we won't need them.

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Kamiko (kamiko1108) | 1125 comments "So," I intervene. "Where was the ring last seen, Andrew?"
"Well, it's a considerably far distance, but I have a map." I look around to see if anyone's here. "Let's talk while we're on the road, I don't want to get caught."
"Good idea," says Dylan. We leave as quickly as possible, but little did we know, someone was there the whole time...watching.

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"Dylan!" I say. "I'm sorry, but Andrew kinda started this thing. It's not that I don't trust you or anything, but you're reading the map upsidown!"

Dylan blushed and handed the map to Andrew.

"Anyways." Andrew says. "In a few miles, we reach the road to Evershire."

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"Which is where?" Dylan asks.
"Experecaught. Home of the Gibbideson." Andrew explains.
"Gibby what?" I ask.
"Gibbideson. I think its a mix of a snake and an android."
'Oh great.' I think.

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"dylan, if you don't even know where it is, then what are you doing here...i can take care of kal myslef" drew says. "i don't start again" i say "no kaleigh, let me handle this...2 words Drew SHUT UP!"

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"Why I 'oughta..." Dylan started, stomping towards Andrew, fist clenched.
Would you two give it a rest?! I don't need protecting! You know what will would make me happy?" I exclaimed.
"What?!" they said in unison, turning to me, the hatred of each other flaring in their eyes.
"If you two would stop fighting! For crying out loud that would make me so bloody happy! So do it!" I scream. They looked at first shocked at my tone, then nodded their heads and trudged on.

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