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Take Me On (Pushing the Limits, #4)
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Take Me On by Katie McGarry-- Restarting December 15th 2014

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message 1: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda  (manka23) | 2385 comments Holly and I are starting this on August 9th. Feel free to join us. :)

Mishma Nixon I'll join you guys too.

message 3: by Holly (last edited Aug 09, 2014 09:25PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 98 comments Yay! I'll be starting this one later today. :)

Mishma Nixon Started it.I love Hayley already.

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 98 comments Sorry guys, I'll be reading this one tomorrow! I got busy and had to finish another book.

message 6: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda  (manka23) | 2385 comments Holly I did the same thing.

message 7: by Holly (last edited Aug 11, 2014 03:31PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 98 comments Haha, I'm behind on my buddy reads right now. This is what I get for starting other books at the same time. Anyway, I finally started it! I'm at 14% and enjoying it. Though the beginning was a bit of an info-dump.

Mishma Nixon I am really enjoying the story.I was a bit caught up with othrr books too.

Mishma Nixon What do you feel about the main characters? I am in love with them already?

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 98 comments These characters have such broken lives. I just want them to be happy. :) Loving their POVs.

Holly  (skizzles22hju) | 98 comments Okay, so I don't know if y'all kept reading it, but I finished the book finally! Man, it was very slow-paced, and loooong, but there was just a lot of story to tell. Sometimes it felt like too much. I remember thinking I would have liked Crash Into You more if it had a simpler story-line. But I just ended up loving this book. It might even be my favorite of the series.

What I loved the most were the relationships! Familial, romantic, friendship. Katie McGarry always writes the most amazing characters and their relationships with each other. I loved Jax's and Haley's the most, almost more than hers and West's. The family dynamic between her and her cousin and brother, and West's relationships with Ethan and Rachel, were some of my favorite parts of the book.

What a book! :)

Christina | 4418 comments Could we please restart this for 15th December? Irene and myself will be reading this :)

Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 84142 comments Mod

Date changed. Restarting December 15th 2014. Happy Reading ☺


Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 84142 comments Mod
Got the 'take on me' song stuck in my head now!

message 15: by Irene (new)

Irene (raenne) | 4929 comments I have to drop out of this one :( I have to help move for my boyfriend so I'm not sure I'll have that much time. So sorry! :(

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments No worries... I will still be reading it, anyone else plan on joining?

Christina | 4418 comments Rachael

I'll still be reading this ! :)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Yay :)

message 19: by Sophie (last edited Dec 11, 2014 10:33AM) (new)

Sophie I'm in!

Not sure if I'll be able to read it right on that day though since I'm on the waiting list at my library.

Christina | 4418 comments 8% - (view spoiler)

Ashley (readmewriteme) | 4518 comments starting tonight :)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Okay I JUST finished Crash Into You.. Starting this now. I wonder who it's gonna be about? I'm hoping for Abbey

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Chapter 2 - (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments @christina - Yep and messed up parental situations

Ashley (readmewriteme) | 4518 comments Just got this one. Starting now :)

Christina | 4418 comments 20%- (view spoiler)

Ashley (readmewriteme) | 4518 comments Christina wrote: "20%- [spoilers removed]"
I know! And she is the type who can take care of herself.

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments 15% (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Christina wrote: "20%- [spoilers removed]"

Yep.. so does the whole "pretending to be dating which turns into real dating" thing

Christina | 4418 comments 34% - (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments 44% - (view spoiler)

message 32: by Sophie (new)

Sophie I'll start this soon, sorry!

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments 75% (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments 78% (view spoiler)

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments Finished! (view spoiler)

Christina | 4418 comments 41%- (view spoiler)

Christina | 4418 comments 61% - (view spoiler)

message 38: by Christina (last edited Dec 20, 2014 06:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Christina | 4418 comments 65% - (view spoiler)

I was way off the mark. A red herring :P

Rachael (classycupcakezz) | 6113 comments I just had to look up the term "red herring" but I'm glad I did! Now I know :)

Christina | 4418 comments 79% - (view spoiler)

message 41: by Christina (last edited Dec 20, 2014 11:10PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Christina | 4418 comments Rachael wrote: "Finished! [spoilers removed]"

(view spoiler)

Ashley (readmewriteme) | 4518 comments 30%
(view spoiler)

Christina | 4418 comments @Ashley
Not quite but that was exactly what I was thinking! hahah

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