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message 1: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
So I figure we can post links to serials here. Also, I'd like some reader discussion on what makes a great serial, which ones you read and why, what you want from a serial, etc.

For starts, here's a mass list of serials and reviews:

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy (crowgirl) I enjoy anime but often have to turn to the manga version to get the whole story line. Here's where I go:

Anime Media
http://anime-media.com/ {I highly recommened the anime Kuroshitsuji.)

One Manga
http://www.onemanga.com/ 'Berserk' is a favorite.

message 3: by Joy (new)

Joy (crowgirl) The author of The Vampyricon The Priest of Blood Douglas Clegg has a website that features free short stores for members.

message 4: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I'm a big Anime fan too. I started ages ago with Sailor Moon believe it or not. Now, I'd have to agree that I think I prefer Manga most of the time.

:-) Thanks for the links too.

message 5: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I just found two more sites that feature web novels and serials... one is:


and the other is:


message 6: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Joyner (spearcarrier) Crowgirl wrote: "I enjoy anime but often have to turn to the manga version to get the whole story line. Here's where I go:

I like onemanga, too. But I also try to save my pennies to buy the books when they're released here in the states. I like being able to curl up on the couch and relax with a good manga or prose book.= =^-^=

Serials... hrm... how about


Red String is good if you like teen romance.

Now that I'm sitting here under the gun I can't think of a thing! LOL

message 7: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I'll check out that one. Don't worry, now that we're starting to attract members we have some listings accumulating. Hopefully we can spread the word and get more of both fans and authors over time.
I'm just happy for those of us who are here.
Okay, off to read some of these links. :-)

message 8: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
The Web Fiction Guide just went through a total site make over, and it looks great. I'm trying to get 'Slugs' posted there. It's a great place to have visibility for your serial.


message 9: by Joy (new)

Joy (crowgirl) From a blog I get:
Sept. 10, 2009

If you enjoy dark, moody art, serious storytelling that delves into characters thoughts and emotions, as well as wanting your fill of explosions and intrigue – than you are in luck!

Ellium is an ongoing series presented for free in full color at asylumink.net every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are familiar with the series, than these early pages will be a nice reminder where Ellium began – plus having them re-mastered for the web doesn’t hurt either! And if you’ve never heard of Ellium, than even better - this is an ideal place to jump onboard!

Throughout issue 1, we'll see murder, betrayal, and mutilation during the hunt for a scared and lonely missing girl and a cult leader whose path can only end with deadly results.

ELLIUM tells the story of a secret society determined to save the world, whether we want them to or not! Prepare to enter a futuristic world of espionage and the occult, where the true powers behind puppet governments are factions vying for control of humanity with only the members of ELLIUM to stand in their way!

message 10: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments I get most of my traffic from Web Fiction Guide, so I'd really recommend submitting your story there. I tend to write a lot of reviews on there as well.

One of my fave current (text, not comic!) serials is Addergoole: http://addergoole.com/

Be warned it's for mature audiences. :) To get a better idea of what it's all about you can take a look at it's Web Fiction Guide listing:

message 11: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
So I just found a new serial novel and started reading it, and couldn't STOP.
Really love this one.



message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Roberts (michaelroberts) Do you guys do a lot of novel reading online?

message 13: by Michael (new)

Michael Roberts (michaelroberts) Crowgirl wrote: "From a blog I get:
Sept. 10, 2009

If you enjoy dark, moody art, serious storytelling that delves into characters thoughts ..."

This has some great art. Looks like an interesting story!

message 14: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Thanks, that one sounds like a fun read.
I read a few online serials, my current fave is the Golden Shackle...but I'm behind a bit from NaNoWriMo maddness..

I like Web Fiction Guide for finding serials and for promoting.
If anyone else is a member there and wants to swap reviews, let me know.


message 15: by Joe (new)

Joe Vadalma (JoeVadalma) | 4 comments I post an episode of a serial on my web site each month. My current serial is Gunther the Viking. It's the adventures of a Viking young man during the age of Vikings, around the end of the tenth century. If you're interested, my web site is http://papajoesfantasticworld.com. Click on Enter and then click on Gunther the Viking.

message 16: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments Michael wrote: "Do you guys do a lot of novel reading online?"

I read quite a bit online - there is a lot of good quality free stuff up, and I am not adverse to paying a little for ebooks I really want, either.

message 17: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I'm with you Anna, I've found some great free reads, but I'll go for the e-books every chance I get as well.


message 18: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments Looks intriguing, Dash - I'll be sure to give it a proper look later!

message 19: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Excellent point Bex! I love the interactive nature of the serial too.
Thanks for the link to epiguide.

Also, there is a fantastic webfiction magazine: Ergo Fiction.
they are one Twitter as well. Ergofiction. Worth following.


message 20: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments Aw! Thanks for the shoutout to Ergofiction.

For the curious, the link to our magazine is http://www.ergofiction.com/

It's a magazine aimed at spreading the word and the love about webfiction. I should've thought to mention it here!

message 21: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Funny! Anna, I had no idea you were affiliated. The magazine is really fantastic.


message 22: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments Well Jan is the head of it all, I'm the lowly editor who runs after her screaming about typos. :-)

message 23: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Has anyone else discovered textnovel.com?

Inspired by cell phone novels (and we thought our serials were cutting edge!) it is a perfect place to showcase your serial and get readers! Lots of traffic.

There is also a contest ongoing. Free to enter, cash and publication sort of prizes!

Come by and check it out, list your story and we can vote for each other!
Space Slugs is up there as well.

Frances Pauli

message 24: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments No I haven't seen textnovel.com -- I will have to check it out!

message 25: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
So far it's the only site I've found with regular, consistent traffic and a lot of it.
I've also found a high percentage of really good writing on there.
You get feedback, comments, etc. and it's set up like a social networking site, though underneath all that, it really is a contest.
There are no fees, but you can buy "featured" status which I noted didn't really up my views or fans any... "premium" status, however will guarantee you a look by the judges and consideration, but you don't have to pay either and you still get a lot more attention than I've had on other sites.


message 26: by A.M. (new)

A.M. (amharte) | 23 comments But do you have to write bite-sized fiction? Or fiction solely for the site? Or can you repost stuff?

message 27: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
I had my Space Slugs serial already offered as a free read, so I put it up. Definitely not bite sized and it seems like a lot of the fiction on there is regular length.
BUT, I wanted to try my hand at the bite sized thing too, so I started a new one, All Bottled Up, about a djinni.
Im having way too much fun on there.


message 28: by Andy (new)

Andy Fanton (FantonEsquire) | 2 comments I had no idea Goodreads had a group for this, hooray! Thank heavens for the Web Fiction Guide, for pointing it out to me.

I'd like to humbly proffer my own online serials at www.lordlikely.com,although I must warn that it is slightly bawdy in places :D

message 29: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Bawdy, huh. ;-) I'd better check it out and make sure.
Glad you found us!!!


message 30: by Andy (last edited Jun 30, 2010 04:42PM) (new)

Andy Fanton (FantonEsquire) | 2 comments Thank you! I've been a member of Goodreads for a little while, and never knew this little corner existed. Well, now I do -hooray! :)

Also, good find with textnovels.com - looks interesting!

message 31: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Well, my serial is one year old today! In honor of the occasion I am holding an all day birthday party with trivia and a slew of prizes.
come on over and celebrate with the Space Slugs...



message 32: by Claudia (new)

Claudia  (claudiac) | 3 comments I write a traditional serial fiction with romance, intrigue, adventure, and a few psychics thrown in. It's set in uptown Denver, Colorado and reflects the urban struggles and delights of middle America. We call it crunchy but sweet, and always addicting. You can find it at: DenverCereal.com

The first chapter is located here: http://storiesbyclaudia.com/2008/06/s...

Reviews are posted here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61... for the first Volume, Denver Cereal and here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/72... for Volume 2, Celia's Puppies.

Thanks for the opportunity to share Denver Cereal with you! Enjoy!

message 33: by Jaleta (new)

Jaleta Clegg | 1 comments Hm, I find the most interesting places when I surf instead of write. *cheesy grin*

I've got a serial story at http://adrianstevensquartermaster.blo...

I really need to get it up other places, but since it's sort of a Star Trek fanfic, I don't want to step on copyright toes anywhere.

I also need to figure out how to index it properly so it's easier to read. Enjoy!

message 34: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) | 1 comments Oh hey... now that I've found this group I guess I'll post a link to my serial!

Chatoyant College is about a small college that offers magic as a major, and the adventures of three students there.

message 35: by Nat Morrison (new)

Nat Morrison | 1 comments I've been writing a serial fiction which is more character based. I'd love some feedback.


message 36: by Claudia (last edited Apr 18, 2011 07:57AM) (new)

Claudia  (claudiac) | 3 comments I just started The Queen of Cool, a new serial fiction set in Fort Worth, Texas. It will run for a year at http://sheisdallas.com/category/fort-... This is my first new serial since starting http://denvercereal.com in June, 2008


message 37: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Wright | 2 comments As publisher of Bewildering Stories, a webzine with a server based in Ephrata, and a mailing address in Moses Lake, we run serials ALL the time. As well as a plethora of short fiction, essays, and book reviews. And we have a staff of talented editors that can help whip YOUR story into shape. With no fees!!!


message 38: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Wright | 2 comments And of course, the URL is http://www.bewilderingstories.com

message 39: by Eric (new)

Eric Bercegeay (irkdesu) | 1 comments I cowrite the multi-novel fantasy epic The Peacock King Trilogy. It has flying kittens and talking guns. It's all online with one new chapter every Friday.


message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

I also have one going right now. I'm adding the first teaser to it today and the official first chapter on the 13th. :)

message 41: by Leigh (new)

Leigh Chandler (LALeigh) | 1 comments New serial fiction at www.storiesinpieces.wordpress.com

I'm posting short stories, with a new installment every Friday morning. Each story will take 1-2 months to be completely posted.

I just started, so the first installment is posted,and the second will be posted August 26.

message 42: by A. (new)

A. M. (amcicero) | 1 comments I humbly submit
a serial fiction blog that I am currently writing

message 43: by Isa (new)

Isa K. | 1 comments Actually fluffyseme.com is starting to develop a nice little collection of writers ^^

All The Gods by Taylor Rae

Outside of Us by Little Alex

And of course Virginia Ruth is back and still working on Nona Umbra ^_^

Remember to rate~ :D

message 44: by Chrysoula (new)

Chrysoula Tzavelas | 1 comments Hi there!

Can I mention http://www.dreamfarmer.net/nightlight..., which is a YAish serial I'm writing about weapons, monsters and relationships? There's about 30 (shortish) installments so far.

message 45: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin | 1 comments I never even knew this place existed. As a serial fan, I am pleased.

If you want, you can check out http://duskorigins.blogspot.com/ which is the serial I (and three other people!) write. It's Dark Future with lots of weirdness.

message 46: by S.G. (last edited Feb 02, 2012 07:26PM) (new)

S.G. (s-girl) | 54 comments Webfiction guide is a good place to find serials, usually those published on independent websites. Also wattpad and pandamian are other places to find serials.

As for me - I'm about 200 pages into mine, it's a fantasy based off a fairy-tale set of themes. It updates weekly at Tales of the Big Bad Wolf and is set around a trio of three persons, a "Wolf", a "red riding hood" and the hunter that she grew up with. It's kind of my nod to Jane Austen/period regency style writing and while there's romance, it's more a coming of age tale.

message 47: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 2 comments Any serial writers or or readers or publishers out there that are willing to share their experiences or statistics? I'm doing a Master's (in Science Communication) and want to find out how many people are reading online serials, how they find them, what they like about them etc.

Of course, I'm writing my own for middle schoolers - an eco-adventure story set in New Zealand. Friends make a remarkable discovery, which is threatened by the demand for sustainable energy.

If you would like to help, contact me via www.disruptednarrative.co.nz/wordpress. To read the serial, knock wordpress off the end.

Thanks, Michelle

message 48: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Greer | 4 comments Hi, all! I just joined this group because I love serials, and I write them. I have two serial sets going at the moment. Michelle, I can answer your questions. It seems I have as many or more readers for my serials as I do my novels, so that's cool. I have mine for sale at Amazon only for .99 and one is offered free at my website (and one with a publisher at many places). I'll check your questions out at your site.

message 49: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Greer | 4 comments Oh, and www.lisalgreer.com has a free gothic romance serial up since others are posting serial sites. I will be offering different ones as time goes on.

message 50: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 2 comments Ooh, Lisa, I'd love to hear from you.

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