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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 842 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Hope your reading is going well!

This week I finished:

Palimpsest which is my ATY book with a map. It was alright. A lot of moments in it evoked The Night Circus, which is one of my favorite books. But it just failed to overall draw me in. Also, I don't mind sex in books. I have been known to read smut/romance/erotica, books with plots based around sex. But this book had a LOT of sex for a book not really presented as smut. And the scenes were described so briefly that it wasn't really sexy...I dont' know. It just felt weird and kind of unnecessary.

Six of Crows - Popsugar book about a heist. I liked this one a lot, but the ending kind of annoyed me. I know some people are going to read it soon, so I wont' go into too much detail. I mostly don't approve of one of the directions it went, and I don't super love major cliffhangers right in the last pages. If the book's good, I'll read the next one, I don't like to feel like I HAVE to read the next one to finish the story I started. I'll probably still read it, but I don't have time to read it right now which is a little frustrating. I have too many other books to get to first!

Currently reading (or about to start anyhow)

The Ship of the Dead - My library finally got this digitally, and I came up in the waiting list so reading it next. Since it's about a ship, I'm hoping enough of it takes place on water to count as my book set at sea.

How do people feel about spoilers? I know some people hate them, others go out of their way looking for them. Does media or situation matter?

For me, I prefer not to have them. Although I admit it depends on how much I care about the piece. For Harry Potter, each time I got the book I'd immediately sit down and try to finish it as fast as I could manage, avoiding being online or talking to anyone until I was finished. I didn't want so much as a breath of a spoiler. For other stuff I don't really care that much. However if I have a choice, I prefer no spoilers. I find it changes how I read, if I know too much about it. If i know something is going to happen, I'll be reading and watching for it, rather than letting it all unfold. However finding a spoiler won't stop me from reading/watching something in general.

message 2: by Cara (new)

Cara (thinkc) | 10 comments I traveled this week, so lots of good reading time at airports. I finally finished Girl in Disguise, which I think will be my Pop Sugar novel based on a real person. In many ways I liked it, but because it tried to cover Kate Warne's whole career, rather than one or two cases (first female Pinkerton detective) I found myself wanting more story, rather than rushing from one thing to the next.

Then I read The Battle for Skandia, the third book in the Ranger's Apprentice series. I flew through that on my trip and really enjoyed it. Finally, I started Steelheart and OH MY GOODNESS PEOPLE I can't believe that I haven't read Brandon Sanderson before. I am loving it so much!

As for spoilers, I dislike them a lot when reading. I don't seem to mind them so much for movies, which I suppose is a bit odd. But the anticipation of reading through a book and not knowing is so awesome to me. However, I love re-reading, and will certainly read something even knowing the ending.

message 3: by Daniele (new)

Daniele Powell (danielepowell) | 161 comments Only one finish this week: Stade Olympique de Montréal, mythes et scandales by Roger Taillibert, the architect of Montreal's Olympic Stadium. It's a retelling of the behind-the-scenes politicking that threatened the timely construction of the stadium. I'm counting it as a microhistory, so #8 of Popsugar advanced. 16/40+4/10 for the year.

I'm finding that when I have several books going at the same time, I have a harder time getting through any of them. Going through physical books and audiobooks concurrently doesn't cause such interference.

No spoilers for me, in any medium. The more emotionally invested I am, the less I want to know. I didn't even watch the trailers to The Last Jedi. I make an exception for Deadpool, though, because as much as I adore him, the marketing campaigns are so brilliant, I want to see what they come up with next.

I suppose that also explains why I just about never reread thrillers.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan LoVerso | 265 comments I traveled home from Australia. So on the flight I listened to Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time hoping it would help me sleep. Again it did not work. We use Scrum in my work so I must've been too mentally engaged in it comparing to my workplace practices. Or audiobooks just engage my brain too much for the desired effect.

I also started listening to The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter on audiobook on the flight. It is interesting so far but I don't really listen to audiobooks at home so I'll have to figure out when/how to finish it.

While on vacation I started reading Buns, the 3rd in Alice Clayton's Hudson Valley series. I'm almost finished with it and it is a good light read.

My daughter got me a 3 month subscription to Book of the Month club. I have the three books I've selected but haven't read any of them yet! They'll have to be next on my list.

message 5: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 842 comments Mod
Susan, I read the Strange Case of the Alchemist s daughter, I got it for my bookflood. I liked it! Hope you enjoy!

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