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Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, #1)
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message 1: by Mary Pat (last edited Apr 12, 2018 05:56PM) (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments This thread is to discuss James Patterson‘s book, Along Came a Spider.

***Please remember to mark spoilers.***

Participants: Daph, Beth, Spicedmama, Dyln, Ashley, Amanda, Angela, Sarah, Kerry, CharlieAngel

message 2: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Suggested break down of reading so that you can check in and let us know how you're doing. The following breakdown is purely a suggestion and is therefore not set in stone.

Rather than putting dates for each section I've done it so that it takes into account that not everybody will necessarily have the book at the same time.

Week 1: 109
Week 2: 109
Week 3: 109
Week 4: 109

message 3: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 297 comments I read this book YEARS ago so I am looking forward to the re-read.

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments I want to join in

message 5: by Lynn (new)

Lynn | 297 comments Amanda wrote: "I want to join in"

Please do join us. The more, the merrier!!!

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments Great! This book has been on my shelf for a long time.

message 7: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Amanda wrote: "I want to join in"

I have added you to the list of participants! Enjoy!

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments Thanks

Angela Jr. I'd also like to join :) i read this series (up to book 14) years ago when i went through a phase of exclusively reading crime fiction haha. i remember really enjoying it, so a reread sounds great to me!

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (harasnicolebooks) | 19 comments Ooh! I’ve been meaning to get back to this book for the longest time. I’ve sporadically read Alex Cross at random, out of order, but never did start from the beginning, so I’d like to try and join in too.

message 11: by Kerry (new) - added it

Kerry Dusablon (kaesmmtd720810) | 84 comments Count me in

~CharlieAngel~ | 5 comments If I Get Through #BigLittleLies Before The End Of April - Which I Do Plan On Doing - I'll Get #AlomgCameASpider Next...
Seen The Movie, As I'm Sure We All Have By Now, But There's Nothing Like Reading The 📚 Too, Preferably Before You S👀 The Movie... LOL!!!
& #JamesPatterson Rocks, So I'm Sure The 📚 Is Gonna Rock Too!

~CharlieAngel~ | 5 comments Correction: #AlongCameASpider
I Hate Misspelling Words! LOL!!! #PetPeeve

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1155 comments This book is what I would expect from James Patterson. Enjoying it so far. Hope everyone else is enjoying it too

message 15: by Mary Pat (new)

Mary Pat | 2186 comments Angela, Sarah, Kerry, CharlieAngel - I have added you to the list of participants!

Angela Jr. I'm at chapter 58

(view spoiler)

I don't know if there's someone else here who's rereading the series, but the following contains spoilers for later books:
(view spoiler)

Angela Jr. just finished reading! i did not see the twist in this book coming at all.

(view spoiler)

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1155 comments I just finished reading this book. There was a good twist in the book that I also did not see coming. The investigation was interesting and easy to follow.

(view spoiler)

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments I've just finished Part 1, Chapter 25. It reads quickly. The chapters tend to be short which makes it easy to continue reading a few more chapters when you actually should be going to sleep! This is the first book i've read by James Patterson and I like his writing style.

Angela Jr. would anyone be up for reading the next book in the series in may?

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments I forgot to update this. I finished the book. Really enjoyed it. I gave it 4 stars. It was a good page turner

Amanda R (fairyteapot) | 1474 comments Angela, I've got books lined up for various challenges so I'm not able to join you in reading the second one.

Ashley Moore (ashleym99) | 1155 comments I was already planning on reading the next one. I will read it on May

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