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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Here we go. Sorry it took so long.

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Kendra | 1699 comments No worries. Sorry it took me a while to find it. XD Do you have any ideas for plots or did you like one of the ones I posted earlier?

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments What were the ones you posted?

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Kendra | 1699 comments Setting: A steampunk setting where most everyone who is either smart or rich enough to get one has a companion called a 'construct'. These are, simply put, robots with advanced enough AI to have their own personality and ability to reason, meaning they can function as nearly human, though any talents need to be specifically programmed, such as flying for speed or any musicality or penchant for art.

Background: The main character, Guy A, has been able to build 3 such constructs thanks to his grant for research towards his doctorate (you can choose, but something to do with mechanics would be useful). He lives in a smaller town with no mechanic, so any repairs for the constructs or even humans with mechanical body parts.

I'd like to be two of the constructs, so I'd like this to be doubles, but I could play all three if need be. Detail (eg. more than one line for a post) and activity would be greatly appreciated.

Or a mutants RP set in the X-men universe at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Alright I Like that first idea. I've never done anything like it before. Should be fun.

message 6: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments Yay! :) I've wanted to do that for a couple days. :3 Are you okay with being Guy A and a construct, or would you rather me be all three?

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Yeah that's totally fine.

message 8: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments Sweet! :) I'll make my characters, then. Give me a few mins.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Alright, I'll put mine up after you.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Name: Construct Alpha Delta 95, nickname Addy
Age: 9 months
Race: Construct
History: Built by (Guy A) as a companion for adventurers, Construct Alpha Delta 95 is incredibly durable, waterproof, and has incredible vision, able to switch between having her eyes act as lanterns or as telescopes.

Name: Construct Beta Omega 36, nickname Boo
Age: 1.5 years
Eyes: Though the iris is violet
Race: Construct
History: Built by (Guy A), Construct Beta Omega 36 was one of his first designs, structured to help him with maintaining and fixing other constructs. She has extra hydrolics in her legs and arms, giving her immense strength, but her fingers are thin enough to deal with tiny screws. Her fingertips also give way to tools, such as screwdrivers of varying sizes, to enable easier access.

A better idea of the seams along their skin:

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Name: London
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Name: Construct Beta Omega 72 Nickname: Olivia
Age: 2 months

message 12: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments She's adorable! :D

message 13: by Fangs sister (new)

Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments I like yours too. XD
So could you start?

message 14: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments Sure. :)

message 15: by Fangs sister (new)

Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Cool

message 16: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments Construct Omega Beta 36 slowly opened her eyes, wincing at the sun shining directly onto them. She grumbled softly and took a step forward off of her charging platform, slowly pulling the cord from the back of her neck. She shook herself loose, then walked over to the far smaller construct, the one she had deemed her little sister since they shared the same serial. "Olivia. Come on, it's time to wake up." She walked over to her control panel and pushed a few buttons before the sequence finally started for her. As the constructs aged, they would start to have their programming changed so that they woke up automatically, but that took a few months.

Construct Alpha Beta 95, on the other hand, simply liked to ignore the small warning in the corner of her vision that told her to wake up. Instead, she simply stood there with her eyes closed, listening to the other two wake up before she even bothered to move. Even then, she didn't open her eyes, making the flashing grow brighter as it warned her to let a visual input come in before she continued movement. She stretched, then finally opened her eyes, glancing over at Boo. "Mornin'."

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia opened her eyes slowly, blinking a few times as she was still getting used to everything. She was the youngest between the two. And still trying to adjust to all of it. She shook her head a bit and stepped out. She looked around at the room, taking in the still unfamiliar surroundings. She then looked over at her sister, smiling slightly.

London woke up with a sigh. Rolling out of bed and stretching as he stood up. He sighed again as he looked at the small clock next to his bed.
"Late again." he mumbled to himself. He went over and started to get ready for his long and full day.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (What was Olivia created to do? Like, what was she programmed for?)

Boo picked Olivia up easily and smiled at her. "Let's go find London." She took her up the stairs, living in the basement, as it were, and looked around. "Sir? Are you awake yet?" She walked towards his bedroom, still carrying her sister in her arm as Abby followed them. The latter rubbed her eyes again, flicking through the different settings so she could be sure nothing happened during the night. It wasn't particularly often that anything did, but she wanted to make sure to get Boo to fix it as soon as possible. The last time she had waited, Boo hadn't let up on her for days about checking all of her systems before she was even allowed to step off of her charging station, so it had become a force of habit now. "Do we really need to baby him, Boo? I mean, he's an adult."

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments ((I was thinking she was made to be a daughter for him or something. She's programmed to be a little kid.))

Olivia smiled as she held on to her sister, while they looked for him.
"I'll be out in a minute." London called from his room. Going through his closet as he picked his clothes to wear for the day. Standing in front of the mirror as he straightened his jacket. He took in a deep breath before walking out of the door. Already in deep thought as to everything he had to do.

message 20: by Kendra (new)

Kendra | 1699 comments Boo smiled back at Olivia, then glared over at Addy. "Because he is our creator and we have to take care of him. Not everyone was designed to not have any attachment, Addy." She looked back towards the door as London called to them. "Would you like us to make dinner, sir?" She raised an eyebrow at him, then sighed when he walked straight past her. Rolling her eyes, they trailed after him again, though Addy had become preoccupied by a window. Again.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia tilted her head curiously as he ignored them. Wondering if they had done something wrong.
"Father...?" Olivia said in her quiet voice. Reaching out and touching his shoulder. London blinked as he felt it.
"Yes." London said coming out of his sort of trance. He looked back at them, realizing they had been following him. "Please start dinner."

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Kendra | 1699 comments (I meant to say breakfast. I have no idea why I said dinner. XD)

Boo frowned slightly, worried for him, but didn't say anything. "Addy. Come on, we have to make breakfast." She looked over her shoulder, then sighed and set Olivia down. "Oli, go get Addy. I'm going to go start breakfast." She turned and went to the kitchen, sighing as she got the things ready. Sometimes, she hated this part of her existence, as if she weren't really living up to her potential. She had been designed to fix mechanics, to help her own kind, but most of her days now were filled with babysitting and cooking instead.

Addy stared out the window, getting lost in her own desires. She had similar lacking in her life, but to a far greater degree. While Boo sometimes got to help with the machines or to even fix herself or Olivia when they broke, Addy had nothing. She had been designed to adventure, to see the world, but instead she was stuck cooped up in her creator's home. When Boo mentioned her name, she looked up, then smiled at Olivia, glad that it was easier to hide emotions from others since she was a construct. London often was in moods like today, completely unable to hide it from Olivia, but she and Boo were able to show Olivia how she was supposed to act, at least, and help her keep her childhood seeming normal.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments ((Oh well. lol I should have known that.))

Olivia nodded and walked over to Addy. She didn't understand why her creator father tended to ignore her most days. Getting him to pay attention to her, and making him happy was really the only thing she wanted to do. But she found it a hard thing to do lately. She smiled up at Addy and took her hand. Them two she felt were the only ones that actually cared for her. She had grown attached to them both in the bit of time she existed.

London stopped in his tracks as he realized something. He hadn't been letting any of them live up to what they had been created to do. But had a lot on his mind lately. And he had been neglecting them all. He took in a deep breath and walked into his office/work room. He would figure out a way to make it up to them all.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo, by the time the pair got to the kitchen, was nearly half way done. She smiled at them, snapping out of her train of thought instantly when Olivia entered the room. "Oli, do you want to get the eggs for me? Abby, you wanna prepare the sausages for me?" She went back to beating the pancake batter, sighing softly. This was their routine every morning, making sure their creator had every food group he needed to make it through the day while still trying to make Olivia feel cared for. Both she and Abby had spoken when London had started creating Olivia, coming to the agreement that, no matter what, they would make sure the little one knew she had people who cared for her, even if London ended up going back to ignoring them.

Abby, to her credit, did her best to stay grounded around Olivia, keeping her thoughts from straying to the outside world and stop her urges to run, ones that had gotten out of control several times before Olivia had been taken online. Instead, she had taken to writing, something that she hadn't believed she could do, since she hadn't been programmed to do it. It was the common belief that constructs could only do what they had been programmed to do, so gaining an ability, especially once centered in the arts, as a construct was an amazing advancement of science. Of course, Addy didn't know this, she simply thought it was an error and, since she didn't want to be taken offline and taken apart, she hadn't mentioned it to anyone, not even Boo or Olivia. Instead, she followed the orders that Boo often gave her, in this case getting the sausage ready for London's breakfast. Soon enough, she was done and she handed them to Boo to cook before she turned to Olivia and helped her make two fried eggs.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia smiled and nodded as she went over and stood on her tip toes to grab the eggs. London had for the first month, devoted most of his time about Olivia. Olivia had taken to calling him father, her attachment to him more then he thought it would be. It was really as if she really were his daughter. She found it lonely whenever he wouldn't play with her, or pay attention to the small drawings she would try and give him. It was how she felt as she was cooking with them. Though she always hid it, putting her sweet smile on her face.

London smiled a bit as he flipped through the pages of one of his books. He smiled a bit wider as he stopped on a particular page. He stood up from his desk and paced back and forth as he read it. He knew exactly what he would do to make it up to them. His creations, he owed it to them. Ignoring them this long, he knew it must have taken a toll on more then just himself.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Once they finished cooking, Boo loaded all of it up on plates. She knelt down in front of Olivia and smiled slightly. "Why don't you go and grab a flower from the window garden to give to London? We can put it in a little vase just for him." She stood and got one, down, filling it a little with water before she set it on the trey she had grabbed for everything, then set it up. "Grab the silverware, Abby?" Though she asked it as a question, they both knew it was really an order.

Abby sighed and did as she asked, knowing full well that they would both be in trouble if she didn't. "Why do you have to order me around, Boo? You're not that much older than me." Boo glared at her in response as she set up the trey. "Because, in terms of machinery, I'm nearly ancient. You're barely an adult yet in my eyes." Abby sighed and ran a hand through her surprisingly soft hair. "Whatever..." She grumbled and waited for Olivia to get back.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia skipped off to go and get the flower. She got there and looked at them, deciding which one to take. She smiled suddenly as her eyes saw the perfect one, the only one in the little garden. A small bluebell. She reached over and tentatively picked it. She cradled it in her small hands as she quickly came back. Showing it to them proudly.

London smiled as he closed the book, with a soft thud. He set it down softly on his desk, and walked out of his study and into the dinning room. This would be perfect, he thought to himself as he sat down in his chair.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo, once Olivia got in the room, smiled at her and picked her up gently to let her place the flower. "There we go! Much prettier. Do you think you can carry it?" She set the construct down and held the trey to her. She wasn't entirely sure how much she could carry, not having been privy to her schematics in the same way she had been for Abby's.

Abby smiled slightly at the scene, wishing she could honestly feel like she was part of that. But she just didn't. Most of the time, she felt like an outsider, like she didn't quite belong there. What Boo had said earlier had been right, she simply wasn't programmed to create strong bonds to things, or places, or even people. She had been designed to travel, programmed to move around with no feeling of loss for each place she left. Instead, she just hung around here, slowly but surely growing attached to the people while knowing that she'd never really fit completely.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia looked at the tray for a second, and took it carefully from her. She smiled as she looked at the tray and then back up at her. She was able to carry quite a bit, but not to much.
"Shall I bring it to father?" She asked in her quiet voice. She had never really talked much. But when she did it was short sentences that usually were right to the point. The most she had ever talked was when she was first created. Opening her eyes for the first time and asking lots of questions to all of them.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo smiled down at her and nodded. "We'll be along in just a moment. Go ahead and take that in to him." She straightened up and looked over at Abby, silently telling her to stay back a moment. After Olivia left, she leaned against the counter and sighed softly, staring at the floor. "We need to talk to him soon, Abby. We can't... It can't stay like this..." She looked over at her and bit her lip gently, then shook her head.

Abby nodded and crossed her arms, looking over at her. "I keep getting more and more fidgety by the day. If I don't get let out, I'm going to malfunction." She sighed and looked around, then straightened up. "Alright, come on. We told Oli we'd be in soon." They both left the kitchen, going and sitting at their places in the dinning room, though none of the constructs ate.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia took the tray out to London. He looked up when he heard her come in. He couldn't help but smile as he saw her carrying the tray. The little construct struggling a bit, but still with the sweet smile on her face. She smiled a bit more as she sat the tray in front of him.
"Thank you Olivia." he said looking from it to her. He looked at the flower on the tray for a second. He pulled it out of the vase and turned toward her. Putting it gently into her hair. "There." he said stroking her hair. "Lovely." Olivia smiled up at him.
"Thank you Father." She said giving him a hug. London was a bit surprised, but hugged her back.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo and Abby sat quietly, though Boo smiled softly at the scene. It was good to see them interacting again, even if it was just him hugging her. She knew it would mean everything to Olivia to have that and it made her happy to see the little construct grinning as widely as she was. "You should eat before it gets cold, sir. Excuse me." She pushed away from the table and went back down to the basement. She looked back at the stairs, listening closely for a moment, before she pulled out a small journal from behind her charging station. She flipped it open and smiled at the small drawing there, a little construct she had designed herself. As soon as she got the chance, she was going to make it, but, as she had other duties at the moment, she couldn't pour the time and effort it needed. Not yet.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments London pulled back after a second, and gently ruffled her hair. Olivia smiled and pulled out her chair, climbing into it. Swinging her legs happily back and forth. The small bit of attention he had given her was enough to make her day. She hummed quietly to herself as she waited. Her hands folded in her lap.
"I have been thinking." London said suddenly as he ate. "How would you all like to go on a trip with me?"

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Kendra | 1699 comments Abby instantly perked up and grinned at him. "A trip? Where?!" She was nearly vibrating with excitement as she looked at him, already imagining all the places they could go. "Are we going to walk there? Oh! Or are we going to take the train? Wait, no, can we take a hot air balloon?!" She giggled and stood, absolutely giddy. "Oh my gosh, I have to go tell Boo!" She ran downstairs and found the other construct staring at a journal. At the moment, she was really too excited to care about how the other construct had slammed the journal shut and hidden it behind her, but she would ask about it later. "Boo, guess what?! We're going on a trip!" Boo stood and grinned, then walked over to her. "Really?"

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments London smiled at the construct's excitement. He was about to tell her where it was they were going, but she stood up and left the room to quickly. He chuckled and finished up his food. He looked over at Olivia, who was smiling at him with wide eager eyes.
"I take it you are excited too." he said as he stood up. She nodded her head vigorously. "Come on." he said picking her up in his arms. "Lets go and tell them where we will be heading." She held on to him happily as he walked out of the room and down to the basement.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Abby and Boo looked up at him when he entered, both grinning, though Boo's excitement was mostly for Abby at that point. "Where are we going?!" Abby, unable to contain her excitement, didn't even let him get out a sentence before she asked him, now literally vibrating. Boo raised an eyebrow at her and put her hands on her shoulders from behind, murmuring to her softly. "You'll overheat at this rate. Calm down."

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments London smiled and shook his head as he walked in toward them. Setting Olivia down and holding her hand.
"There are some ruins to the far north." He explained. "They have yet to be explored. "The trek getting there is said to be full of excitement and maybe some adventure." He smiled. "If anything, we can see the world and what else it has to offer. "Instead of being cooped up in this boring old house."

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Kendra | 1699 comments Addy grinned and jumped in the air. "Yes! This is AWESOME!" Boo laughed as she watched the other construct go wild, running around and cheering as she smiled up at her creator. "Thank you, sir..." She laughed again and smiled at Olivia. "Are you excited, Oli? It's your first adventure!"

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia smiled wide at her and nodded her head. She hugged her excitedly. Since she was created she had only seen a bit outside of the house and that was really it.
"You are very welcome." London said. "We are leaving first thing in the morning." He said as he continued to smile, watching as his creations celebrated. He laughed lightly and headed back up. "Start packing what you will need. "I will be in my study if you need me."

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo picked Olivia up and hugged her tightly, though she was sure to still be gentle. "Alright, what do you think we'll need for our trip?"

Abby ran and got a bag for the three of them, since clothes weren't really needed. The ones they wore were metal, so anything different had to be made in advance and made changing near impossible when not at home. She threw her journal in there, then their charging cables before she grinned and ran upstairs to get some more things.

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments "Teddy!" Olivia said smiling as she jumped out of Boo's arms and ran over to grab her blue Teddy, that London had given her. She picked it up off of the far table and hugged it tightly. She continued to hug it as she walked back over and set it gently inside the bag. She looked up at Boo and nodded as if she had accomplished exactly what she had needed to do for the day.

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Kendra | 1699 comments (I'm headin' off for the night. G'night. :) )

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments ((Aww. Okay. Goodnight. :) ))

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo laughed softly as she watched Olivia run over to get her bear, then knelt down in front of her. "Alright, so we have Teddy. What else do we need? Addy packed our charging cables already, so we don't need those. What about keeping clean? Do we have anything packed for that yet?"

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia looked in the bag for a second, and then shook her head. She walked over to the small cupboard on the wall, it was a bit out of her reach. She looked around until she found a stool, and pulled underneath it. Climbing on top of it and opening the cupboard to grab the few things they needed to keep themselves clean.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo smiled as she watched her problem-solve. With each day, she was getting smarter, getting more and more information in her system. "Very good!" She kissed the top of her head and smiled. "Alright, anything else that we need? Do we need any... Food?"

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia jumped off the stool and put the supplies in the bag as well. She shook her head, but frowned a little bit. She liked to watch London eat, he always seemed to enjoy it. She didn't quite understand yet, why she couldn't.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo smiled. "Good! Alright, what about..." She looked around for a moment before her eyes fell on Olivia again. She frowned and took her face into her hands gently. "Oli, what's wrong?"

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Fangs sister (fangssister) | 3115 comments Olivia tired to put the smile back on her face, but found it difficult this time.
"Why can father eat, but not me?" She asked. Looking up at her sister with wide eyes.

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Kendra | 1699 comments Boo took a deep breath and put her hands in her lap. "Well... You see... You know how... How you, Addy and I have metal skin? But London doesn't? Well... That's because you, Addy, and I... Well, we're not like London. We're called constructs. London built us all. Other little girls, they were born. They were made in their mommy's stomach, not in a lab like we were. That means that we don't eat. Instead of sleeping like London, we get charged up on our stations." She gestured behind her. "We don't eat because instead of having a stomach like humans do, we have gears, like these." She reached down and carefully lifted her arm panel up, showing her the tubes, gears, and hyrdolics that resided there. "We don't need to get energy from food like London does, so we don't eat it."

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