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Help! what to read next?
Rayne Rayne Dec 23, 2017 12:46PM
so, i just finished Oathbringer (The Stormlight Archive, #3) by Brandon Sanderson , I also read most of the other Sanderson works, and besides that these are my preferred authors of whom I have mostly read everything: J. Butcher, B. Jacka, M. Carrey, K. Harrisson, E. Wilks, K. Hearne, I. Andrews, P. Briggs, Diana Rowland, Faith Hunter, Michelle Sagara, P. Rothfuss, Brian Staverley, GRR Martin, Of course i've read Tolkien, and mostly any other writer closely related to these mentioned (S. Mcguire, K. Chance, K. Armstrong, D. Dark, etc.) SO back to so...i'm a bit out of reading materials. That's my worst problem. I want some Butcher or Sanderson style written good ol' Urban fantasy or High Fantasy. I HATE badly written works with Black and white Good bad characters (so not twilight, six hundred shades or Vampire diaries) Not into YA either. Anyone able to help? I've also read the Malazan (not a fan, a bit too dark and gritty for my taste) and i'm not sure i'm a Brent Weeks fan either. I've been thinking Joe Abercrombie with The Blade Itself (The First Law, #1) by Joe Abercrombie but i haven't found the excerpt to be conclusive to actually go ahead and buy it in audible (I mostly "read" on my way to work) and since audible is expensive... Anyone there to help? should I start abercrombie? any other titles that pop to mind? Also the list above is a reflection of what i've read, pretty sure most of the things that will be mentioned here I will also have read... I read a lot... sorry

When you say that you're not sure that you're a Weeks fan--is that because of Night Angel or Lightbringer?

I ask because I was not in the least bit impressed by Night Angel, but I love Lightbringer. I know of others who share my opinion, so give Lightbringer a shot if you've only read Night Angel.

The Powder Mage books are definitely Sanderson-esque. McClellan is a former student of his, and I picked up on the influence immediately, even though I only found out later about him taking Sanderson's class. I'll second the Powder Mage recommendation, along with the Licanius Trilogy. Islington is really doing great work there.

Christopher Husberg is another former Sanderson student. The influence isn't as obvious in his books, but they're really good, and the author is a really nice guy, too (never met him, but he's nice on Twitter).

The Eli Monpress series is a lot of fun. The magic is a lot like Soulcasting, actually. While there's no changing of form, using magic involves persuading the souls of things around you to do stuff. It starts out very lighthearted and adventure-y, but the ante is upped as things progress, with godlike beings and threats to the world itself.

I, too, don't know what to with my life after reading the Stormlight Archive. I know I will re-read them all again. I am a new fantasy reader and this series is my first ever. Reading was not my friend growing up. As of late, I am attempting to get going...I mean to binge read on books, fantasy books preferably. Before binge-ordering fantasy books from Thrift books and Amazon, William Kent Kreuger type books were my thing.

Right now, I'd say, read other Popular Fantasy books or discover up and coming new authors!

Ruth Lanton If you're looking for a lot of reading, try The Wheel of Time. It was started by Robert Jordan, then completed by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan's dea ...more
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Victoria Schwab's Shades of Magic trilogy is very good and has some interesting parallels to Mistborn (rare magic user named Kell with an awesome coat teams up with a badass street girl and shit happens). I recently read the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss and the Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch and they are also good. Brandon Sanderson has also written some really good novels that he never actually published by are available free online, in case you haven't already read them. I personally found White Sand amazing - just as good as Elantris and Warbreaker, and certainly better than the graphic novel. You can get a free link by signing up to his newsletter. You can also request a copy of Aether of Night here: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/... It's not as good as White Sand but still worth reading in my opinion.

I'm now reading the Demon Cycle by Peter J BrettThe Warded Man I've included the link to book one, but there are now 5 books in the series. I just reread the first four and am anxiously waiting for book 5 from the library!

Abercrombie is on the top, if you are looking for recognizable characters and their development. He is also great on language, but just ok on plot.. The tone is comparable to GRRM’s .. i usually recommend to everyone that have read GRRM and liked/can stand that dark tone .. and like i said, in terms of characters, there is noone better .. if you start reading, and continue until you get to Heroes, you should know, its one of the best fantasy books in the last decade or so

-Django Wexler (Shadow Campaign series).
-James Islington (Licanus Trilogy).
-Mark Lawrence (Red Sister).
-Brian McClellan-(Powder Mage Trilogy and Sins of Empire book).
-Bradley Beaulieau-(Song of Shattered Sands series).
-VE Schwab-(Shades of Magic Series).
-Jay Kristoff-(Nevernight Chronicle).
-Seth Dickinson (Baru Cormorant).

I've had this issue before. It looks like we're very similar in the authors we choose to read and the stories we enjoy. A series I stumbled onto that I will very highly recommend is A Pattern of Shadow and Light by Melissa McPhail. The first book in the series is called Cephrael's Hand. It excels at all the major requirements of a fantastic epic fantasy novel.

I didn't see Christopher Paolini on your list, so if you haven't checked out the Inheritance Cycle you should give it a read. It is also a good series, but I've notice it's a love or hate thing.

My Wife also really enjoyed the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. I didn't get a chance to read it, but from the way she raves about it I thought I'd put it on the list.

Kate Elliot's Crown of Stars series is a 7 (long) book epic fantasy that is actually finished. I think that the ending was one of the best I've every read, the characters were nuanced and well developed, the plot was elaborate and held together and the writing was excellent.

Ruth Lanton Thanks for the suggestion! I just reserved the first 3 books from the library, I'll wait to reserve books 4-7 if I'm sure I enjoy it. ...more
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