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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 817 comments Mod
Hi Everyone!

Weather's really nice and sunny this week, good change from last week.

I had a tragic occurrence this week. My beloved kindle died mid page-flip. It was my dear friend for 5+ years, and I will miss it so. Can I get a dirge?

The good news is my new Kindle Voyager is coming today. I really wish they'd bring actual buttons back, but voyager at least has "pressing" spots, not just bad touch-screen technology. (I almost got an oasis just for the buttons, but I couldn't quite justify an extra 100 bucks just for that).

I had a really busy weekend, so again didn't read as much as usual. Kind of a theme now that weather's nicer. Neither book I finished counted for a challenge, either!

Princesses Behaving Badly: Real Stories from History—without the Fairy-Tale Endings I really liked this. Lots of stories about various princesses through history. Her point was to shake up the idea that princesses are always beautiful and kind, and everything goes their way. Some of the reviews mention that the bibliography wasn't as extensive as it should have been, so I guess if you're a big history buff your milage may vary.

The Chemist I know Stephanie Meyer gets a lot of guff for not being a good writer. I've always enjoyed her books. I think she's really creative and tells good stories, even if her actual style isn't amazing. It was a great fluffy thriller, and a good break in the midst of the more serious and heavy stuff I'd read the last couple weeks.

Currently I am reading The Little Paris Bookshop, which I'm counting as my book about books fro Read Harder, and my book by an author that is from a country you've never visited. She's from Germany, and I haven't been there yet. This one was highly recommended by my friend, so looking forward to it!

How's everyone else doing?

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 207 comments Mod
Hi Sherri,

I continue to be mired down with work, so I'm still working on Oryx and Crake and The Humans. Well, I didn't even get to touch Oryx and Crake this week, but did manage to chip away at the Humans when I was getting a pedicure for a friend's wedding last weekend and then a bit last night when I finally had some free time. Aside from that, I read and edited half the author first drafts for an academic book I'm co-editing as well as several grad student assignments--all outside of my "day job"--so does that count? Sadly, not toward the challenge, but it was a significant amount for reading. I had such a great start to this, but now I'm having a really hard time finding time--it's the 5AM-10PM working hours and then travel commitments on the weekend. This weekend, however, I'm not going anywhere and then only things on my to do list are gardening, baking, and making something for Q.U.A.C.K, so I should be able to finish some books!

A moment of silence for you Kindle, Sherri.........

May your next one serve you long and well! I upgraded from a first gen Kobo, which would crash all the time and had barely any battery life, to a Kobo Aura this Christmas (it was my requested Xmas gift!) and I love it so much--primarily b/c I can use it in the bathtub :-) I still prefer paper books, but the convenience of my Kobo when I'm travelling or drinking wine in the bathtub is not lost on me! Do you have a preference for paper over eReader?

message 3: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 817 comments Mod
Stephanie, I'd say you were reading plenty, even if not for the challenge!

I love paper books, but I find the convenience of a kindle ends up making it my first choice most of the time. I pretty much ALWAYS have a book on digital loan from the library. My physical library is inconveniently located, it's annoying getting over there, so e-library has enabled me to expand what I read without going broke. Plus it doesn't strain my bookshelf capacity when I buy ebooks. Also not having 20+ lbs of books when I travel is awesome. Now I basically save paper book purchases for authors I love or special books I just really want on my shelf.

It makes me feel like a book traitor but it's true! It doesn't help that there's no longer any physical bookstores anywhere conveniently for me to get to regularly.

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