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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Girl has dreams with a guy who she later finds out is real -- Y/A Romance. [s]

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Lolita (lonelylolita) | 2 comments I read this book around 2011-2013 on a kindle but I deleted the history and the book
The title had the word illumination or generations in it

The story starts with a girl that is an orphan and her brother, who's name might be Brad or Brody (something with a B), moving into a new apartment on the 5th floor (?) because her brother just turned 18 and finally has custody of her and they could both leave the system. One of the reason that she doesn't have a boyfriend is because she's in love with this dream guy, who she literally has dreams with, until one day it is revealed his name is Zeke, who is in fact a real person, and has powers (for example teleportation and shifting into a dog named boss.) They actually all have powers, the girl, her brother, a set of girl twins (one of them dates the brother), Zeke, and Zeke's brother Ben (the other twin has a crush on him). Her brother works as a waiter to make ends meet, which the girl feels guilty about, and to help out with rent and extra expenses the girl starts working at a bookstore. Her only coworker there is the owner of the store named Sony or Sunny, a kind man who was a war veteran, walks with a cane and his wife left him. One day Zeke tells her not to go to work there anymore because something feels off about the place, but she doesn't believe him and continues to work there, until she's attacked outside the bookstore while throwing out the trash.
They are one of the generations that reincarnate to give the world balance and fight off evil. The way this works is they are all given powers (I think they are descendants of angels and that's why they have powers) to fight off evil, but for some reason one of them has always turns to the dark side. The generation before them includes Zeke's and Ben's mother and father.

Please help me, this has been killing me for over 4 years, it's honestly not even about the book anymore, I just to stop being left in the dark.
Thank you so much for your help in advance :)

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Lolita (lonelylolita) | 2 comments Yes thank you!!

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