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Wait, so were Mac and Barrons... *spoiler question*

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bookworm25 some kind of twins to the Seelie Queen and the UK? I was so effing confused by the ending of the book with the mural scene? lol

I don't know if I'm reading into it the wrong way or what.

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Kimberly Sternes I was confused also. However my best guess is that barrons and mac are destined to become the new seelie queen and unseelie king because whenever a fae dies they are 'reborn'. That is what happens throughout the book in relation to the unseelie princes, and it is even written 'fae were starfish, regenerating as old ones passed, and new ones arose.' So I am guessing someone foresaw this and painted it? Would be good to hear other insights!

bookworm25 I didn't get that though since it appears Cruce is destined to become the next UK. Also, how did he survive? Lol.

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Kimberly Sternes The next UK is still up for grabs. I think the painting represents a possible future, not necessarily the future. But I'm just guessing, and I'miss hoping KMM will explain. As for Cruce, not sure how he survived. Hopefully we will find out!

R'Shara I'm confused by this too. Has Barrons always been a part of the UK? Mac says something about how it'd been easier if "you had told me I wasn't you" or something like that.

Also, Barrons has been stabbed with the spear...so how could he be the UK? I'm sooo confused.

For Cruce, my guess is that he was the last one created, with the closest the UK got to the actual Song. So he might have been created with the Song, rather than the flawed Song, and so got to survive.

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Amy Kimberly wrote: "I was confused also. However my best guess is that barrons and mac are destined to become the new seelie queen and unseelie king because whenever a fae dies they are 'reborn'. That is what happens ..."

Oh, Kimberly, I like this! I think I'm rooting for your theory!

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Kimberly Sternes I don't think Barrons was ever a part of one of the UK, or yes he should have died when stabbed by the spear (and shouldn't have died going into the concubines chamber). I think that he had seen the mural a long time ago so knew that a possible future for him was to become the next UK. He could have told Mac that he had seen it, and thus stopped her from thinking she was the UK. I think he wanted her to choose her own destiny. All theories though and I want KMM to tell us so badly!

Sofia I was really excited for the final fever series book. I really thought the loose ends and unanswered questions would get wrapped up, but I feel like there were a lot of little hints and mysteries that were forgotten.

Why is is that Mac couldn't discern the contents of the mural until she climbed up there? Use those mysterious Binocoulars.

When Mac was Priya she invaded Barron's mind from when he was cursed. Who was the woman that was their world. "What have we become? Have they gotten to her? Does she know? Will she denounce us? Turn her face away? She is our world. Our highest star, our brightest sun, and now we are dark as night. We were always dark, feared, above and beyond any law. But she loved us anyway. Will she love us now?" And Mac says she knows this woman has been dead a while so who is she that Barron's got so upset with Mac.

After all the WeCare mystery, we are supposed to assume Ryodan was the puppeteer and did it to keep Dani busy?

Who is DEG? Is he planning on trying to get Zara to love him again?

I guess the Nines death reset location is on Earth? So they were cursed by an earthlu magic?

So if Cruce didn't die doesn't that mean he is no longer a self-scarficine, fae martyr legend?

If Barron's knew that MAC and him were destined what was the point of Fiona in the first couple books?

Also, I was kind of peeved that Mac was about to have Barron's tell her he loved her and it's just "He said ---" and chaos interrupts.

Overall I feel like the focus of the series changed based on how KMM reacted to fans comments. One second Barron's is a moody hot tempered secretive beast and the next he can feel all of Macs feelings? I feel like if Barron's always knew how Mac was feelings a lot of the interactions from the first books of the series would be different.

Also, the book inside of Mac was waiting to take over this whole time, but then why not do it when she was Priya, where she is described as empty. If the book just needed consent from Mac to take over, I feel like that was great opportunity.

Final comment, what was the point of the mini elemental Fae in terms of story plot? It seemed completely random. Mac could have figured out about the faes magic with the earth by bonding with her mom over gardening or something.

I really hope someone has some answers, because I really want to love this book and I'm having trouble.

Carol Sofia wrote: "I was really excited for the final fever series book. I really thought the loose ends and unanswered questions would get wrapped up, but I feel like there were a lot of little hints and mysteries t..."

This post perfectly sums up all of my disappointments about the book. Some things were handled well enough but there are just too many questions for me to feel like this was a proper finale. To me it felt like she purposely left them out to get people to buy her next book. I wanted answers lol. I sort of blame myself for expecting more since she only explicitly stated finishing Mac/Barrons/Book plot line (and arguably didn't quite finish that either as seen by the confusion over the ending) but still. All these years and I don't even have a legend about the Nine.

Steph I feel like kmm went in too many uneccessary directions. Alina coming back was unnecessary, the whole shazaam story and Daegus becoming one of the 9 was pointless. Kats story which kmm started in the 8th book went nowhere....???

Mrsbooks I'm still confused. I have no idea what the nine were. If Barnes new Mac would become the queen. And what was up with Kats story? That seemed to be going places in the last book and just dropped in this one.

I have more questions now then I did before I think.

Saphia I feel like if KMM answered allll those questions, and tried to fit it in this book, then it'd ruin the story. We've already gotten so many answers and revelations in this book. Also, one of the things that makes her books so good is all the questions we have at the end of them and trying to figure them out.
We'll probably find out the majority of the answers to these questions in the next book.

Sofia - I'll try to answer a few of your questions....
DEG (Dreamy Eyes Guy) is one of the Kings many 'faces' that began to have a sentient life of it's own. He seems to still have a connection to the King and embodies many attributes of the King and his memory. And yes it does seem like the Unseelie King is going to try to win her back, as a human this time.

Yes, the Nines death reset location is on Earth. Btw we still don't know who the Tribunal is and who governs the Laws of the Nine as mentioned in Feverborn.

Lol I still don't know how Cruce is even alive. Maybe he used Sinsar Dubh knowledge or the White Mantion pretected him perhaps?

Even if Barrons knew Mac and he were destined to be together. When they first met it wasn't like he instantly fell madly in love with her. Fiona was still his bit on the side but someone he had a slight fondness for. He probably didn't expect Fiona to get jelous of Mac and try to get the shades to kill her.

Me too! I would have loved to hear Barrons say he loved Mac. But I guess we don't need to hear it when we can see it in his actions.

As for Barrons being able to sense Mac's feeling in the recent books and not in the beginning books of the series was because he didn't tattoo her until, was it the 4th or 5th book? Thats why Ryodan can sense Danis feelings and Barrons can sense Macs.
Not only that, but they're ancient beings who've figured out the nuances of humans emotions, so I feel like he can read Mac very easily since she was described as an open book at one point.

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Nina Kennett Sofia wrote: "I was really excited for the final fever series book. I really thought the loose ends and unanswered questions would get wrapped up, but I feel like there were a lot of little hints and mysteries t..."
the prya-book taking over then thing you said....makes so much sense.... omg you are so right

Mrsbooks I thought this was the last book....

Saphia She's still contracted for two more books in the Fever Series. Though the next book will focus on Dani and Ryodan.

Mrsbooks The blurb says this is the conclusion of the fever series?

Saphia She meant the conclusion of Mac's and Barrons story line. Not the entire series.

I read in one of her past Q&A's that her aim was to get Mac to find inner strength (which she's finally done in Feversong) and Dani to find/know love (which she will do in the next books).
She put it in a much more philasophical and complex way Lol, but I can't.

All in all, she said in a recent Q&A, that she's contracted for two more Feversong books.

Mrsbooks Awesome! You have made my day lol.

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Dana Finally I finished the book and came here to get insights. I loved the story's evolution. Mac, Dani Dancer...everyone changed(even the 9) as things do in nature when under duress. Like a diamond forming or steel being forged KMM captured the change in the humans and non humans eloquently. I want answers tho! I like the idea that it was a possible future on the ceiling of B&B. But want the prequal so i can get the history of the 9. i want spin offs of each of them. i want stories of Mac and Alina growing up. I am here for it all.

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* I wasn't crazy about this book because some of the changes seemed out of character. Personally I couldn't see Barrons being okay with the possibility of turning into the king, it doesn't match the earlier Barrons. Mac has evolved but I have a tough time with her also leaving with Barrons to rule in Fae. She's not a fan of them and feels like she belongs in her actual world. I was happy to see Cruce survived and wasn't surprised since he must have had something up his sleeve obviously. Dani was more likable in this book with the Jada blend but still not a big fan of that storyline.

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Amber I feel like the mansion did somehow protect Cruce. The same way the unseelie weren't destroyed when the original queen used the song to create the prison walls.
I agree Barrons senses if he wanted to he could become the next UK but it's unclear what he chooses.
I also liked Ryodan saying he will eventually be Dani/Jada's last. I don't think they needed to spell it out in the book that he would always be there and eventually she will see that and love him for it. She has already started to but had to choose Dancer because she couldn't miss that time with him (ugh I cried!) Still wanna see some Dani and Ryodan story down the track.
Shazam was odd but I feel like he will become relevant later.
My main issue was the dwindling Kat and Daegus story lines. I am hoping we will get some answers there. And more of Dani and Ryodan. At the risk of being unpopular I am sooooo over Mac lol

Fresiako KMM is releasing a dani/ryodan book called high voltage in march Amber. <3

Brandi This was so helpful to read.

Jennifer Kile I just reread this series to this point and I feel like I have some answers to the above! Here’s my interpretation: Cruce was the last Unseelie made, after the King had discovered the full song. At that point in time, he knew what he was doing, and must have known how to create with the perfect song? Maybe “creating” one thing with the song was different than “fixing” with the song... OR, maybe Cruce knew of a place that the song wouldn’t reach him, thus why he asked Mac for 4 hours before she released it, so he could get there. Maybe it was somewhere the King has warded himself to test the song, and maybe that’s where he created Cruce without destroying the other unseelie... like his laboratory???

Mac and Jericho have the potential to respawn as the new king and queen. Barrons isn’t one of the King’s skins.

My question is, where does the silver in the ceiling go? Where Mac went when she met the all powerful entity and accepted the True Magic?

I agree that Barrons couldn’t discern Mac’s emotions until after he tattooed her.

Is Cruce going to now hold Mac to their compact since he is still alive? Can he?

bookworm25 I think I've figured out a couple of things with re-reading I've done. These revelations mainly concern the mural discovery.

So, as some people have stated, the mural is a POSSIBLE future in which Mac and Barrons basically become the new Seelie Queen and UK. Barrons says in Feversong that it's "never destined. And still not written in stone. Merely possible." After seeing the mural, Mac asks Barrons about it, and he says that it's been there since he first purchased the bookstore and that the "building has morphed over time." I think he implies that he knows it's a possible future from the moment he first sees it, but he doesn't know who the woman in the mural is because he would not meet Mac for a long long time after first purchasing the bookstore. He didn't even know, at that point, WHEN they would actually meet each other.

However, I think Barrons recognized Mac from the mural as soon as they met for the first time, BUT he doesn't say anything and treats her the way he does in the beginning of the series because she needs to BECOME that person beside him in the mural. She has to evolve and transform, and while she can get some guidance from him, a lot of the growth is going to come from her own inner strength. He basically says all of this when Mac says, "You could have told me. Saved from worrying that I was you," and he responds with saying, "Some things can't be told. Only learned. Or not."

mahlon styczinski Bookworm25 "You could have told me. Saved me from worrying that I was you" is where my confusion lies. If Barrons wasn't one of the UKs skins then what does that mean? His response doesn't deny that he is the UK at all. In fact, it basically says he is. Even the rest of the conversation is much like the conversations she had with DEG.

Amber Johnson I guess I can't link but Google "karenmoning extra-scene-4th-epilogue"

It doesn't explain everything but I like the addition.

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