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message 1: by Joslyn (new)

Joslyn | 3 comments Okay I read this book in middle school(2004ish). If I remember correctly the title had one word and I don't think I could pronounce it or never tried to pronounce it. The cover art had just a lantern in the woods. The cover is the only detail that I am sure of.

All I can remember (and this is really just guessing) a teenage girl in present day meets a guy in the woods... maybe 2, maybe the guy has a companion with him. Maybe they time travel. I think I remember at some point there were knights involved. One thing that I think is for sure is that at some point the girls receives or finds a quilt from her grandmother or some family member. It might not have even been a quilt, could've been a common family heirloom, such as a quilt.

Thanks for reading!!

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary | 39 comments This could be Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones.
A girl from the modern day meets a man from another time in the woods, then keeps visiting him and his apprentice. Time moves differently in the woods than it does outside them. Later, there is a castle with knights, a dragon, a band of Robin Hood style men in the woods as well. There is also a parallel plot that takes place on another planet, and a woman there is given something that she pretends is a family heirloom - I think it was a hair ornament. Are these details familiar?

message 3: by Joslyn (new)

Joslyn | 3 comments Yes!!!!!

message 4: by Joslyn (new)

Joslyn | 3 comments Thank you so much!

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