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Finding your way around a group can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, so to help you out we've created this group 'map' with handy links to all the different content available here at The Lost Challenges.

Most important for a challenge group are the challenges. Just below this topic, in this folder, you should see the Challenge Directory, a comprehensive list of all our current challenges.

The challenges are divided into separate folders according to their duration.

Monthly - Challenges with a one month time limit.
Quarterly - Challenges with a three month time limit.
Semi-Annual - Challenges with time limits that range from 6 - 11 months.
Yearly - Challenges with a maximum of a year to complete.
You Set The Pace - Challenges with time frames that vary depending on the level you choose.
Open Ended - Challenges with no time limit, to play at your own pace.
A-Z Challenges - Read the alphabet using book titles, authors and a variety of others.
Spell Out Challenges - Spell out words using the first letters of your book titles and authors names.
Create a Challenge - a folder for our creative members to post their own challenges. (Please be sure to check out the rules before posting!)

Before signing up for the challenges, please read the TLC Standard Challenge Rules.

Also in this folder you will find:

New Members Start Here - a quick guide to getting started for our new members.

Questions, Suggestions and Feedback - a place to share your thoughts on the group.

Other Content


This is where you''ll find the monthly newsletter, important information, updates when new challenges are posted and

Polls, Polls, Polls - links to all the group's current polls.

Welcome to TLC

In this folder you'll find

Meet & Greet - a place to say Hi and meet your fellow challengers.

The Birthday List - add your birthday to get a mention in that month's newsletter.

Meet Your Mods - an introduction to the current TLC moderators.

The Hall of Fame

Collect "virtual badges" for completing challenges and display them in your own 'Hall of Fame' thread. Check out which badges others have earned and congratulate them on their collections.

Just Chatting

A folder for chatting about anything and everything. Current topics include "What Are You Reading?", "Happy Challengers" and "Confessions of a Book Hoarder".

Plus Challenge Help - ask our members for book suggestions to help you complete those last tricky challenge tasks.

The Games Room

Like games? This is the folder for you. A selection of quick, casual games for people to jump in to at any time.

Current games include "Alpha & Omega", "The Book Chain Game" and "Twenty Questions".

How To 101

Wondering how to post a link? Or start your own thread? This is the place to ask those questions.

Member Challenge Logs

A place for our members to keep track of challenges they are participating in.

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TLC Mods | 7019 comments Mod
Spotted a broken link? Please let us know about it in the Broken Links thread so we can get it fixed.

Thank you for your help :)

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