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Sewmamasew Does anyone have any tips for working with the patterns in this book? I was a little overwhelmed by all the intersecting, overlapping lines.

Stacey I know, those patterns sheets made my eyes cross. But after studying them a bit, I realized each pattern is one specific color-line. Once I focused on the color-line for the pattern I wanted, the rest was easy. I used freezer paper to trace the pieces and rolled them up for storage.
*Also be sure to check errata for weekend sewing on Heather Ross' blog.
I hope this helps you. :)

Wendy Darling I was really frustrated with the way these overlapping patterns were published as well. Retracing on freezer paper idea is a really good idea.

You can find a link to the author's errata on my review at www.handmadenews.org/article/index.ph...

Hope that helps!

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