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message 1: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments cool so where do we start?

message 2: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne Hmmmmmm I don't know could we do something like different most medievals have a curse or on a fair maiden and Prince Charming.

message 3: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments will you be mad if i say that's boring...How about something along the line around There is a queen that rules a kingdom and she is in need of a husband and her fool comes along and she starts to fall in love with him but she has to hid it from everyone or else she will be hated...

message 4: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne Yeah I know that's boring it's in almost every Disney movie and happing endings are over rated. Like where that idea is going.

message 5: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Ok Yeah and this idea...

He doesn't realize she is falling for him till she starts calling him alone to her chambers.Then he panics and we go on so fourth

Let's start around the time she is falling for him.

message 6: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne Ok :)

message 7: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments OK so let's make charries...

Age:((around 20- 25))

message 8: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne Name: Paris

message 9: by Day (last edited May 08, 2014 07:08PM) (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Name:Royal Fool Day Keller
Age: 23
Appearance: description

((He got all those scars when he didn't make her happy and when he left the queen they would make him pay))


~Dare devil
~Hates Royals

message 10: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne ((Ok can you start?))

message 11: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments ~Sure

Falling on his face as he was thrown in."damit" he said rubbing his sore face.He beat him again.He didn't understand the queen was smiling and even laugh why did they do that to him again.It was always the same anyway.They told him that if he ever told anyone what happened they would cut off his man parts and feet them to the dogs he of course he would never complain.He crawled on the bed feeling dead or at least close to it.It was so cold in here again.

message 12: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She sat there. She hated doing this but she had to. He wasn't accepted into the society here and they would outcast her if she didn't do it. She thought she was falling for him big time. She smiled at the the next time she will seem him. This was wrong. She didn't want this position she was only starting off in her life. She will get to see him tomorrow.

message 13: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Day turned looking at the door."Thanks for the talk we had I love those" He said sarcastically.The guard unlocked the door and walked in quickly with a large bat like stick.He quickly swung the stick over to Days's gut hitting him over and over."Anymore smart talk there and remember about our deal" he said smiling as he took out a small dagger lowering it passed Day's waist...

"No no no, It's fine I understand" Day said coughing out blood from the strikes."Forgive me" He said sighing in pain.

message 14: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She hope the guards will be out of there soon. She knew how she could help for now. Maybe even more later on. She waited and waited for the guards to leave. She had some medical supplies and other things for him. She will fix him up then go back to his chambers. She had to be careful so no one would find out.

message 15: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments As the guards left he kept coughing out blood."Me and my mouth will be the death of me" he said sighing in pain as he rolled on the bed clutching his abs in pain."I have to find a way out of here" Day told himself."I am not wanted here"

message 16: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She disguised herself as a maid and made herself look impossible to tell she was the queen. She slowly walked into the cells. She saw him. She took a breath. "My lady sent me to treat you wounds." She said sweetly through the cell doors. She looked at him laying on the bed.

message 17: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Day looked over at the Maid smiling."Thank you for there is no need" he said lying.Maybe if he lied she would go away and not be caught in the middle of this.He didn't want that for anyone."this is all fine just i fell and tripped on a pot" he said smiling weakly.

message 18: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne "I was told to treat your wounds and will not go until I do so" she walked into his cell. She had some alcohol to disinfect the wound. "This is going to hurt a lot but do you think you can hold it in? " she asked. She looked down at him. She didn't move an inch and made sure she didn't blow her cover.

message 19: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He sighed."Ok it's fine just get on with it maid" he said sitting up and looking at her.He stopped for a second."Your new around here but i feel like i have seen your face somewhere" he said watching her pretty face.She was way to pretty to be a maid he thought to himself.

message 20: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She bit her lip. She hope he didn't know. "You think you saw me somewhere?" She asked. "I'm no one special." She told him. She dabbed it gently on his wounds. "So what did you do to get in here?" She ask.ed

message 21: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He blushed nervously."Oh nothing just fell like i told you down the stairs" he said not realizing he changed the story."Yeah i have some bad mates that play around to much sometimes" he said shrugging.

message 22: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She nodded her head and finish cleaning his wounds and wrapping them. "Here's a basket full of food." She handed him the basket. "Is there anything else you need?" She asked. She paused. "I don't think the queen is cruel I think she is misunderstand like I don't think you are a criminal just misunderstood."

message 23: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He watched her surprised."Well I'd give the queen a piece of my mind"He said."You don't really see how my life is so please don't just try to understand it...I've been alone all my life " He said sighing."Take the food i don't need it"

message 24: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She nodded her head. She took the food. She didn't say anything as she left. She was wrong she guessed. She thought he would want someone. He was a jerk and I got what he had coming. When she got to her chambers she threw the basket of food. She tired being nice.

message 25: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He sighed watching her leave."Like that for example,I keep getting left alone..." He said laying his head on the bed."It's not fair" he said smashing his hands on the wall."Quiet in there!" A guard yelled as he ran inside and got his bat again betting him till Day fell asleep.

message 26: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She liked him. She was falling for him. She would kill him with kindness. She hoped and prayed it would work. She smiled a bit as she fell asleep. She didn't want to make him hate her. Hopefully he would get to know the real her.

message 27: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments ((sorry to sad to post ...i hope i dont forget this later cya))

message 28: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne ((Bye))

message 29: by Day (last edited May 09, 2014 11:10AM) (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments hey :)'

Day woke up the next morning so sore he couldn't move.He stood up with so much pain rushing through his body he didn't know how he did it.

message 30: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She dressed up as the maid again. She walked to down to him. She smiled at him. "Good morning to you." She bopped her head down some. "My lady wants me to dress your wounds then maybe go for a walk in the garden."

message 31: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments he looked at her sighing."Glad you are not mad at me for being very peculiar last time we met,I just feel alone sometimes" he said smiling at her now.

message 32: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne "Peculiar no I understand." She said. She heard the guards coming they would know her red hair right away. "I have to go." She whispered. "sorry I'll be right back." She told him. She started to run. She ran all the way down to the hall and slipped into a white dress let her hair fall down. She smile at the guards. "I see the prisoner is doing good why did my mom want him down here?" She asked. Her mom kept him here and she didn't know. She didn't even know if he knew about her being queen.

message 33: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He watched her leave sadly."Ok" he said pacing aroudn in pain when he should be resting.He heard her talk to the guards an tried to hear what they where talking about.

message 34: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She followed looked up at the guards. "Tell me." She said. They wouldn't answer her. "Fine then I say let him go." She said. They shook there head no. She just wanted to know why. She walked with them to the prisoner. He wasn't suppose to know this. She looked up her eyes shinning. "Tell me why they put you here,"

message 35: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments "i don't know" he said looking away."It's fine though don't worry just leave me in here please" he said as he walked to his bunk."I do no one any trouble in here"

message 36: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She looked at him and nodded her head. "Ok." She whispered. She slowly walked away. She wonder what she did to dears eve to hurt someone. She liked him. He probably didn't want to know her now.

message 37: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments He sighed he did it again...He kept scaring her away."I'm sorry" he said as she left."Not that it makes a difference since i will get hurt once you she leaves" He said.

message 38: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne He hurt her worse than some people did not from saying that she's just a girl and can't do anything. He hurt by believing that she was an evil monster. She sighed she didn't pay attention to what he said. All she wanted to do is cry. She never did but she thought she could have a friend.

message 39: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments The guards watched him smirking as she walked out."Oh no" he said walked backwards. "What's the matter"They said unlocking the door and walking in.

message 40: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She didn't say anything else. She sighed dome as she return yo her cambers. She curled into a ball and cried.

message 41: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne ((...))

message 42: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Day sighed...He covered his face again...The whole time they hit him and beat him even kicked.He was their scapegoat.

message 43: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She walked out and refreshed. She walked down to his cell. "Why are you guys beating the prisoner? Did I order this?" She asked. "My mom did."

message 44: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments Day looked at her with thankful eyes as the punishment was cut short by her enttrance.

message 45: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne She smiled slightly. "Answer me guards now."

message 46: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments "Well it was...Someone with that said we need this done on him if he does not make the queen laugh"One said nervously.

message 47: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne "I am the queen not my mom."

message 48: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments "Yes ma lady" the guards said bowing quickly."what's your command?" Pne asked.

message 49: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne "Only beat someone has a reason I could see if he was a criminal or a murder. But he's not that."

message 50: by Day (new)

Day (yes2danny) | 186 comments "Okay,Forgive us" They said leaving quickly.

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