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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Dystopian setting- parents send kids to school [s]

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Sachi (sachi24) | 5 comments I read it in middle school which is the reason why I don't remember.
The book is set in a dystopian society where little girls are taken away or sometimes willing given away from their parents saying that it is for their own good but end up living in this place which looks like a jail but is sort of a boarding school for girls until they are adults. This one girl lights up the place by telling stories and everyone in there gives funny names to each other according to their own personality because otherwise, they are given numbers in place of their names. This one girl who is soo positive has two different eye colors and it turns out to be that her father is the principal of the school. I think there might have been boys and girls in the school but I don't really remember. The cover of the book has a bunch of kids dressed in grey and this one girl who is the main character, standing out in a bright colored clothing.If you want to know the when this book was published, I think it's pretty modern as middle school for me was 2-3 years ago. This girl used to tell stories about how the kids parents will come and save them from this torture

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6980 comments Mod
Sachi--my google-foo is not working right now. But someone in one of my groups (and I'd thought it was this one) has asked about this book in the past. Unfortunately, can't find it, and I have a headache starting. I also don't remember if it was found or not. But try doing a search in the "search discussion posts" box (to the right of the thread).

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Ayshe | 4118 comments I hope don't mind me butting in: Fearless?
It looks like it has been found three times:

Sachi (sachi24) | 5 comments No, it's not fearless, I checked

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SparksofEmber | 943 comments I know you said it's not Fearless, Sachi, but are you sure? "Their birth names are forgotten and replaced with a letter and number, but they give each other nicknames like Tattle or Stench or Little Fearless. As they slave away at chores, Little Fearless, who is actually the bravest girl in the school, tells the other girls stories, stories about the day their families will return for them." And they discover at the end that her father was the director. The cover you remember could be this one

This book has actually been shelved 5 times.

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Ayshe | 4118 comments Also this cover features girl with differently colored eyes?

Sachi (sachi24) | 5 comments Ladysaotome, yesss. That is the one. Sorry, it's just that when I googled "fearless book" nothing came up. But yes, the one you have given the link to is the one. Thanks everyone!!! I have literally been on the search for this book for months

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