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2016 Reading Plans:

Besides reading at least 12 books that I currently own, I plan to participate in as many monthly YLTO challenges as my schedule allows. I hope that will also help me to knock off my list some of the unread books that I own.

Lisa's 2016 TBR Personal Whittler Challenge:

Books Completed to Date:

1. The Fifth Gospel (Read in Jan; Noting that I read 61 pages out of 431 during Dec 2015)

2. Tears of the Giraffe (Read in Jan)

3. The Song of the Lark (Read in Jan/DNF)

4. Ready Player One (Read in Feb)

5. Rebecca (Read in Feb)

6. The Last Runaway (Read in Feb)







(All books counted owned prior to January 2016)

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Monthly Reading Plans for 2016:

Plans for March:
Girl in Hyacinth Blue (YLTO monthly challenge; Books I Own))
The Book of Dragons (buddy read)
North and South (Female author; Books I Own))
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Bees)

Plans for April:

West with the Night
Out of Africa / Shadows on the Grass
Group reads:??

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Stephanie Love love love The Art of Racing in the Rain!!!

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Tasha You have a lot of reading to do...better get crackin'! ;)

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Tasha What do the *s mean?

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Stephanie wrote: "Love love love The Art of Racing in the Rain!!!"

Thanks Stephanie! So glad to hear you enjoyed it. I bought it on sale and hope to get to it someday. *Sigh*

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Tasha wrote: "What do the *s mean?"

The asterisks are for Bee books. :)

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Tasha wrote: "You have a lot of reading to do...better get crackin'! ;)"

Ha!! I had planned to focus on getting through some of these wonderful books I bought on sale during the past two years but am not doing a very good job of it so far. I hope some of the upcoming monthly challenges will allow me to knock some of these off my tbr.

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Tasha I didn't notice that they were bee books!

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Cherie (crobins0) | 19984 comments What is a bee book?

I noticed that you said you DNF The Song of the Lark. too slow? I listened to it on audio and really enjoyed the story. there were a few places it dragged, but I was doing yard work while I listened and it helped. I think it could have been shorter but I was determined to find out what happened to the MC. Even though I owned My Ántonia, I listened to the audio. I really liked that one!

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Tasha It's from another group we are in. It's called Busy as a Bee so we just call it bee or bees for short. :)

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Cherie- Yes, The Song of the Lark was too slow and I really didn't feel any connection to the characters. Many years ago, I recall reading and enjoying My Antonia. Since I don't remember most of the details from that one, I do plan to read it at some point. Hoping I like it the second time around. :)

Also, as Tasha mentioned a "Bee" book is for another group that Tasha and I belong to.

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