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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Thank you. So, do you have a preference in which character you portray? I don't mind either way. Also, did you want it to be MxF or..?

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Mxf and can i be the girl please????

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Yep, I don't mind being a guy, so go right ahead XD
Do you want to keep the intail plan, of the male being a werewolf and female being a werecat, or did you prefer switching them?

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments I actaully wanted the girl to be a shapeshifter that can turn into a cat. I dont know if there is any difference between that and werecat i just liked 'shapeshifter' better XD

๖ۣۜƧilverlight A werecat is basically just a shape-shifter, but with only one cat form, instead of several various forms. At least I think that's the only real difference between the forms :P

Alrighty, I'm only going to do a simple format for my charrie

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Ok. And i was planning on mine only having one form, except she could bring bits of the cat to the human. Like sharp teeth and claws. You demonstrate on the character format??? (I just want you to do it first XD)

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Well she is your character, so it you want a partial shift that's your choice. It might be interesting :3 With my wolf, I think I'll just allow him to have two forms, but maybe during full-moons he can get somewhat caught between them. Sure, I'll post him in a second

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Name:Caleb Louis Randell


Rank:Omega, due to being assumed mateless

Physical Apparition:

ᴇʏᴇ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ:Nut Brown; However they take on a yellowish hue when his wolf side emerges.
ʜᴀɪʀ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ:Burnett
ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇxɪᴏɴ:Light tan
ᴍᴀʀᴋs:Pale, white scars on his backside

Other:Despite his frustration and disbelief towards ancient traditions, Caleb has always been a dedicated member of the pack, having been raised by the beta pair after the demise of his birth-parents. He obtained the omega status shortly after his eighteenth birthday, when a ceremony revealed him to have no werewolf mate; This earned the assumption that he was one of few mateless wolves and therefor could never be a proper member of the pack.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Ok guve me a sec here...

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Name Maya Fletcher
Age 18
Physical Appearance

>Hair Color: light brown/ dirty blond (same as the mountain lion's)
>Eye Color: a blue grey, same in both forms
>Height: 5"5.....ok fine 5"3
>Weight: 121
Other Maya is currently not part of a pack or a group and has no connections to other people whatsoever. For her own reasons. Mainly because she wanted the peace and the quiet, but it never quite worked out that way

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Awesome; if you'd like me to start, i can post later this evening (when i have computer acess)

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments You can start. And im sorry it took so long, my phone was being in a pain in the a**

๖ۣۜƧilverlight There was a chill embedded in the early dawn air, a thin frost layer powdering the forest floor. If not for his shivering, Caleb might have enjoyed the sight, having always been found of colder seasons. The male was walking, in his human form, with arms crossed; Only jeans and a thin shirt offered warmth, but he wasn't prepared to return to the pack village. Instead, he'd spent the night wondering the territory in wolf form, until his exhaustion prompted him to shift. Now, having wondered aimlessly for hours, Caleb was circling back around to the village, taking a longer route. It wouldn't be long before the other wolves stirred, yet he was confident none would search for him. They never did. Since the ceremony, Caleb had been near forgotten, with the expectation of the beta male who remained kind towards him. With a sigh, Caleb knelt at the side of a stream, cupping his hands and drinking a few gulps. However, he abruptly froze when he caught onto a faint fragrances; A foreign scent to him but belonging to something he was sure didn't belong. His wolf growled softly inside the rear of his mind.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments The mountain lion slinked close to the groumd, with her ears back with no idea where to go. There was an atmosphere of something wrong, but she couldnt tell what. It just made her edgy.Everytime a twig snapped or frost crunched to loudly she froze, completely still, before moving on. That thing she wanted was another 'encounter'. The large cat had long scratches on her flanks and sides that still stung painfully from the last time.She could still the teeth and claws and an almost human like shudder passed through its body. It paused to lick its wounds, cautiosly looking around for threats. When none where spotted, she gave a pleased wave of her tail and started on her journey, still slightly unsettled by the feeling of wrongness. Maybe it was something in the air, or the way it seemed a little too quiet.
((Sorry if it sucked, im trying to get better on more detailed rp's XD ))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((No it's good ^.^))

Caleb felt the hair along his nape prickle as he tasted the air, realizing the scent was fresh, meaning the source was near. Slowly, he lowered his hands and released the water back into the stream. Yellow rimming his irises, he scanned the trees but saw nothing unusual. Most likely it was on the other side of the hill. Caleb shifted mutely before stepping back and leaping across the brooke, briefly freezing as frost crackled beneath his paws. Ears perked, he moved briskly along the hillside, keeping close to the underbrush where his pelt offered the most camouflage. Once he reached the top, he caught his first sight of her. He'd seen cougars before but there was something different about her. She's a shifter. The thought startled him, as he'd heard tales of werecats, how werewolves had chased them to the brink of extinction. Abruptly, his feet slipped, causing him to half-slide, half-tumble down towards her.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya paused, flattening herself to the ground, feeling watched. It felt like eyes were burning holes in her pelt. Listening carefully, the cat could hear nothing but a low rustling from the wind blowing through the treeves. She started to relax, abd then the wolf appeared out of freaking nowhere, sliding down a hill. It scared the crap out of her and sent her into a panic. Tha large cat let out a loud screech, her frazzled nerves making her take off without a second thought on how there might be more wolves around Abort Abort Abort Abort!!! She thought frantically, adding this stretch of woods to the extraordinarily long mental list of werewolf infested places Where there was one wolf, there was always a goddamn pack somewhere. The faster she got out of there, the better.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb managed to find his balance after a final role that sent him sprawling at the bottom of hill. For a moment he remained there, dazed and dizzy. Blinking, he peered at where the cat had been, now a retreating figure between the trees. He rose shakily, nearly falling back but able to remain upright, and shook the frost from his pelt. Of course the cat had run, such clumsiness must have alerted the entire forest, at least to his mind. She's going deeper into the territory. The realization sent a cold prickle along his spine; He knew what would happen if the other wolves found her in their territory. It wouldn't be a pretty sight. Now fully alert, Caleb dashed after her, muzzle lowered to track her scent.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya risked a glance behind her, her wounds flaring with pain when she saw he was chasing after her. Of course he was chasing her. That meant that she had to think fast. Sure she could run fast, but the large cat was built for ambushes, not long chases. Maya was already tiring, and was pretty sure that some of the large scratches reopened judging from the way they burned. Eyes darting, she noticed a good, sturdy looking tree ahead. That could work. It would work. The massive cat skidded to a stop and gathered the last of her strength before leaping a suprising 10 feet in the air and grabbing ahold of a tree branch with her sharp claws. She pulled herself up with difficulty and growled at the wolf with sides heaving.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Cabel slowed upon witnessing her leap, head lifted to peer at the branches. Slowly, he circled around the tree, aware she'd have to come down eventaully. Although he was unsure what to do when she did; Intruder or not, he didn't intend harming her. Ears flatt, he ceased pacing and barked. From the way she held herself, the ruffle of her fur, he thought she might be injured. No wonder she ran from him. After a moments hesitation, Caleb shifted, quickly backing from the tree in case she leapt down. His human form was less durable which made him cautious. "You're going to get killed, wondering around pack land." He stated, frowning. Pack knew i was talking to a werecat... he shook his head faintly, banishing the thought.

((Sorry if its short, on mobile))

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments The mountain lion screamed at him as he circled, tail lashing in agitation. When Caleb shifted, she snarled and tensed up, only to hiss in pain and collapse on the branch when he moved away. Maya shifted and glared down at him from the branch, one hand still holding the branch and the other pressed to her side. Her teeth sharpened themselves to the sharp feline teeth when she was feeling emotions like anger or pain. And now she was feeling both, her teeth looking razor sharp as she spat,"we wouldn't have this problem if you f**** weren't everywhere". Removing her hand from her side, she winced when it came away red. Dammit. "Besides, your territory is too big to go around"

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments ((Wont be on much for a week, maybe more:( so sorry))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb backed up another few steps, partly to catch a better glimpse of the intruder, while still anticipating a possible attack. He wasn't looking for a fight, at least not alone; Even with her injuries he didn't want to take the risk. Especially being this far from the rest of the pack. A low growl rumbled in his throat, causing him to inhale sharply to regain some calmness. "Then maybe you should have turned back and found a different route." His nose twitched, catching the odor of blood. Yes, she was defiantly injured. This made him frown as he cautiously neared the tree. His next words even startled himself, yet his wolf-side seemed content with the choice, "You're hurt, I can help you. I know a place you can rest."

((Don't worry; I won't be on as much this week either, with finals coming up.))

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya glared at him and pressed her hand against her side with a hiss of pain before it could start dripping, if it hadnt already. The last thing she wanted was a blood trail they could follow. She narrowed her eyes "I tried, and the wolfpack back there didn't really gave me a choice. ". She let out a warning hiss when he got close again and stiffened up, until she heard what he had to say. There had to be a catch. Maya wasnt going to trust him blindly after the last wolf pack. Narrowing her eyes, she sat up with difficulty and dangled her legs off the tree branch "what's the catch????" She asked cautiously

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb tensed, briefly pondering the source of such a ridicules notion. If she was discovered under his care, not only would she be killed but he might be exiled as well. It seemed a lot of trouble for a stranger. Still, he stood by the offer. That would explain the wounds. He recalled the other pack being a few days travel, by foot, from them. But why had she dared cross them in the first place? Why not turn back all together before than? He shook his head, deciding to save questions for later. "There's no catch," Caleb scowled. She won't trust me if she thinks I'm lying. "Not a catch... A job. I'll help you, in exchange for house work. Cleaning, cooking." It wasn't perfect, and there wasn't really much to do in his cabin, but perhaps it would lower her suspicion. "Until you're well enough to travel again."

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya kicked her legs lightly and plastered a grin to her face, when in reality blood was starting to ooze through her fingers and her right side felt like it was burning "3 things. Numero uno" she put up a finger. "you would really trust me to cook your food??? I could poison you and be out of town before morning." If i dont die first "secondly" another finger "do you really expect me to work in this condition???? I doubt ill even be able to get out of the tree. " she put up a third finger "and last but not least, that is still considered a catch... considering that you want something out of it in return. At least in my book it does. You want my service."putting down two fingers, she left one up. You could probably guess which "im not a slave...... but ill do it". Maya finished and panted and leaned against the trunk of the tree. Maybe she shouldnt have talked so much, because the words seemed to have taken a little too much effort to say

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb scrowld. Were all werecats thjs stubborn? If so, he could imagine the reason his own species disliked them. Although, he still considered slaughtering them a bit extreme. It sounded better in my head. He shook his head, and surveyed their surroundings, growing more anxious to move her with each passing moment. "One," He repeated, waving a finger at her, "I can smell poison a mile away." Another finger, almost mockingly, "I don't expect anything right away. And if you try to wonder around, someone is going to smell blood and come chasing you." He lowered his hands. "Its not slavery if you get something in return. Its called bargaining. Four, what choice do you really have? Bleeding out or being slaughtered as a tresspasser?"

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya closed her eyes abd let her head thunk against the tree trunk. Normally she wasnt like this. That was the pain talking. Cracking open her eyes again when he started talking, she felt annoynace build up in her when she realized he was mocking her, and even more when she realized he was right. What other choice did she have really??? None except for the other two he already stated. She growled in frustration and looked down at the stranger "fine. Fine i'll do it. " Maya sat up and looked for a way down that wouldnt be too painful, and quickly realized there wasnt a way without some pain. Oh boy. Bracing her self, she scooted to the edge of the branch and just let herself fall and landed nimbly on her . At least thats what she wanted to happen. Instead, the second her feet touched the ground, her right side sent a wave of pain in protest and she stumbled, letting out a string of curses

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb sighed in relief, having no inturest in further quarrel. He imaged a timer, counting down the seconds until they were discovered. Then what? He couldn't betray his pack by siding with her, could he? I already am. "What are y-" Realizing her intention, he lurched forward with arms extended. Only, he wasn't quick enough to catch her. Wincing when she landed, Caleb reached out to steady her. "You like endangering yourself, don't you?" He mumbled with a shake of his head. "Can you walk?" He didn't think she would make it far in her condition. Not waiting for a reply, he leaned down and scooped her up, bridal style. After some adjustments, he started off in the direction of his cabin.

((How was your holiday?))

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments (Fantastic :D))
Maya jerked away when he tried to steady her "'endangering' is such a strong word. I prefer 'having a death wish'". In all reality, she didnt care whether she lived or died. She pretty much had nothing to lose, and a tendancy to act before thinking. She shuffled forward a bit to show him that he could walk before she was suddenly swept off the ground "Put me down!!! Put me down!!!!" She hissed angrily and swatted at him. Maya did not like being picked up. She hated it. And being picked up suddenly was worse. Continuously hissing out a string of curses, she writhed and squirmed for all of about 2 seconds before her side twinged. Her face breifly reflected the amount of pain she was in before composing herself again abd practically turning into a dead weight "where are you taking me?????" She panted

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "What's the difference?" Caleb inquired with a roll of his eyes to the fjrst comment. Forced to cease walking, he pressed his elbow against a tree for balance, and lifted his knee so he could adjust his hold. "I'm trying to help you," he growled, growing impatient with the attitude, "Why should it matter? You have a 'death wish' anyways." When her struggled stopped, he began to walk again, attempting not to bump her around much at his frisk pace. Sighing low, he softened his tone, reminding himself her pain played a role in the agression, "Somewhere safe. You can rest there." He suddenly wished they were closer to his cabin, straining each sense for any nearby wolves. The last thing they needed was that. Just as they finally arrived within sight of the cabin, after several painstakingly slow minutes, he heard underbrush crunch, and froze.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya let her eyes drift half closed, feeling tired, physically and mentally. And yet her mind hadnt stopped racingWhat the heck was she even getting herself into???? She had no idea who this guy was, only that he was a werewolf who wanted to help her, for some reason. Despite everything, there was still that small spark of fear that she most likely wouldnt walk away from this. That this was a trick, a trap. "Thank you......." she mumbled without even bothering to open her eyes. The main part pf her appreciated that he was taking the trouble, and most likely risking something big. Maya didnt feel like she said enough, so she tried again "i mean it. I cant inagine how much you are ris-" her grey-blue eyes snapped open wide to the size of dinner plates when Caleb stopped "what is it???" She asked, a little fearful about the obvious answer. Looking down, she made sure that her side wasnt leaving a blood trail

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Glancing down and seeing her eyes shut, Caleb had bumped the arm beneath he back. Falling asleep now might mean not waking up, and he didn't want this to be for nothing. As selfish as that sounded. Hushing her softly, his head tilted, straining his ears but unable to detect further noise. Slowly crouching, he set her down and signaled that he would be back in a minute. Then he crept towards the direction the step had come from. Abruptly, an orange figure darted out, bolting between hus legs, throwing him off balance. He fell back, wincing when he landed, before pushing himself back onto his feet. He searched the trees a moment then returned to the she-cat, leaning down to pick her up again. "Only a startled fox." Hopefully. A nagging feeling remained with him - What had scared the fox enough that it would run directly at them?

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya hissed a slow breath out from between her teeth when he set her down. It still hurt, careful as he was. Nodding when he signaled to her, the second he turned his back she scooted forward with difficulty and occasionally pain until she could clearly see what was still going on. This whole thing had a strict movie feel to it. Guy hears noise, guy goes to investigate it, when guy gets close enough monster snatches him and drags him into the forest while guy is screaming and is never seen again. Literally right after she had that slightly disturbing thought, the fox darted out of the bushes making her nearly squeal like a little girl. She let out a sigh of relief when she realized that was all it was and scooted back to where Caleb left her before he got up . Putting on an innocent face, the cat asked "what, is the big bad wolf scared of a little fox????" She hissed in pain when her tried to pick her up again "im pretty sure i can walk the rest of the way...." she tried to stand up again

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb bunched his shoulders, annoyance flickering through his eyes. He tried not to let it show, instead looking over his shoulder, still able to feel a prickle of unease. He hadn't smelt anyone, but they were upwind, meaning anyone in that direction could have sensed them. "How do you manage to be such a sarcastic pain in the ass, even when you're bleeding everywhere." He looked pointedly to the blood-droplets on the ground, the slight marks where she had moved. "I'm not the big bad wolf. I've been rather nice, thank you very much. Too bad I can't say the same about you." Slipping his arm around her shoulders, he pulled her upright with a grunt, and began to lead her to the cabin, momentarily pausing to push open the door. Once inside, he set her onto the couch.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya looked over her shoulder, a flicker of fear running through her. "It's either that or be scared out of my mind. A few days ago, i nearly died when i tried to get help for something. Now this happens, i'm stuck in another wolf's territory, where guess what??? I can get ripped to shreds if im caught." She started hobbling "and while i'll admit that yeah, you are pretty nice, im having a hard time believing anything after almost dying. " she stumbled and sat on the couch. Eying him, maya shifted, careful not to get blood on the couch "given the situation, would you be any different? Or maybe its just the way i handle things"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "You're not going to get caught." Caleb said determinedly, quickly crossing the living room to shut and lock the door. Then he walked around, pulling down blinds and curtains, turning on the light afterwards. It wasn't until then that he began to relax. "Well, you already got caught. But I don't bite." He smiled softly but it didn't last long. "Not every wolf is out to get you. Just be grateful it was me that found you and not someone else." With that, he walked out from the room and to the restroom down the hall. He shuffled through all his cabinets, managing to find bandages and a bottle of peroxide. it wasn't much, but maybe it would be enough to help the bleeding. He shivered to think he might need to give her stitches. First thing to do was see the wound.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments With every curtain closed, Maya felt that tight knot of anxiety begin to ease. Her life was still practically in the hands of a guy she didnt know, but it was better than being outside. "I dont think of it that way. That im caught. It feels more like im getting help." the cat said, starting to look around. She could already feel the aggression starting to ebb away. "Maybe so, but so far most of the wolves i met havent been all too friendly. Im pretty sure the other wolves tried to eat me" waiting until he left the room, maya lifted up her ahirt to examine her wounds. She had others, but the one on her right side was the deepest, so of course it had to reopen"Curiosity almost killed this cat" She grumbled to herself and poked at a perfectly shaped bite mark that was still on the mend and asked loudly so he could hear."It's not possible for me to turn into a werewolf after getting bitten by one multiple times, is it????" She had other bite marks and scratches, but none too serious

๖ۣۜƧilverlight At least she had admitted that he was on her side; Which Caleb supposed was the first step to trusting him. He spent another moment in the bathroom, searching for something - anything - that might be useful. The strongest pain pills available were advil, which would do little to numb the pain. Sighing, he gathered the supplies and started for the living room, pausing in the hall to retrieve a few wash-clothes from the closet. "I don't think you'd make a very good stew," He muttered upon walking into the room, averting his eyes awkwardly due to having caught her with her shirt up. Have to bandage the wound anyways.Slowly, he walked to the couch, offering the advil bottle to her with an apologetic look. "I want to clean up any wounds you have, before they get infected," At her question he scowled, unsure if she was serious. "No, it's impossible for a werecat to turn into a werewolf."

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya glanced up and continued to poke and prod st thd bitemark. Suprisingly, it didnt hurt much "right. This is going to suck. Badly." Letting her shirt drop, she took the bottle of pills and popped four of them into her mouth, dry. It would have to do for now "Lets just get this done and over with, no name." Crossing her arms carefully, she stsrted tapping her fingers "what's with the look for?? Its an honest quesgion. Unlike you, i wasnt raised in a pack who knew exsctly whats going on. To this day im still learning things." A low rumbling, much like a truck engine, stsrted in her chest, and it wssnt from happiness. Instead it wss from the stress of more pain she was had to go through

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb arranged the supplies onto the small coffee-table, taking away the bottle once she had swallowed some of the pills, setting it beside everything else. "What an understatement." He agreed in a mutter, mutely reminding himself the stress of the situation was tolling on her. Perhaps when she was matched up and rested, she'd be less grumpy. Only one way to find out. "Caleb. My name's Caleb. You might have to bite down on this." He handed her one of the wash-clothes, concerned any noise would attract attention. Not waiting for permission, but blushing brightly, he pushed up her shirt to observe the wound. He didn't think any of them were infected at least. "I didn't always belong to a pack either." He grumbled back, popping open the lid off the peroxide and position the cloth lower to catch any drip. "Ready?"

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya stuffed the washcloth into her mouth, the rumbling noise growing louder. Despite her best efforts, she couldnt help but blush the tiniest bit when he lifted her shirt up. She started tapping her foot anxiously too, along with the tapping fingers. The sooner he got this done, the sooner the cst could stop worrying about this and get some rest. "Mhhhmhhhhmmmmmmm hmmmfmmmmm"she mumbled around the washcloth, not even bothering to remove it. Then realizing he wouldnt understand her most likely, she held up a thumbs up, basically meaning 'as resdy as i'll ever be'

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb waited for her gesture before pouring the peroxide onto her side, wincing sympathetically as he observed it bubble and sizzle, aware how badly it must sting. Especially to the deeper wounds. Once the bubbling had subsided, he dabbled the cloth across her side. , cleaning up the liquid and dried blood. Still holding up her shirt with one hand, he picked up the bandages and began to wrap them around her side. Starting from the bottom of her ribs, winding around to just above her hips. After securing the bandages, he pulled down her shirt and stood. "I'll get you one of my shirts. It might smelt like wolf, but at least it won't be covered in blood." He gathered the supplies and left the room. Pausing in the bathroom, he washed his hands and put away things. Then he went to his room, grabbing a shirt and a few blankets, and bringing them out. "If you want, you could sleep on my bed." He checked her forehead for a temperature, while handing her the shirt with the other hand.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments The instant the peroxide touched her skin, Maya bolted upright with her fingers digging into the cushions. Biting down on the washcloth as hard as she could, the cat growled and snarled, sounding like a wild animal. But it was over as quick as it started, and Maya pulled the cloth out of her mouth before settling carefully back against the couch cushions and breathing heavily. It hurt. Badly. But at least now she didnt have to worry about infections. Maya alowed her eyes to slip closed and her breathing to even out, staying that way even when Caleb came back. "Im good here. Believe me. I could sleep on solid concrete and still be comfortable. You keep the bed tonight. " a blue grey eye cracked open "however i wont refuse the shirt." Maya took the out stretched shirt and looked up at him "my name is Maya by the way. Maya Fletcher"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Caleb wanted to apologize the moment pain registered on her face, instead giving her a sympathetic glance and remained silent. "I don't think that's a good idea." He replied, scooting away the coffee table with his knee. There wasn't much room on the couch and he worried she might fall off and further help herself. But to avoid argument he merely nodded and opted to move her to the bed once she fell asleep. "Smelling like wolf might not be a bad thing."He murmured as a second thought, "Might be able to pass you off as a wondering loner." At least it might work as long as nobody got close enough to realize different. "Well Maya... do you think you could eat? Or at least drink something?"

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya let out a huge jaw cracking yawn and stretched, wincing as the movement pulled at the bandages. "You know, that's not a bad idea. Might buy us some time in case something happens" she said and settled back against the cushions. The cat was already starting feeling comfortable there. If anything, that was one thing she could be certain of. At the mention of food, her stomach decided to demonstrate a whale's call that surely could be heard thoughout the entire cabin, causing her to turn bright red. There was no denying it now. How long has it been since she even ate? "I could definately eat. I think its been a few days since i had anything"

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Placing a tentative hand against her side, Caleb pinned her with a hard look. "If you tear the wound any further, it's going to need stitches. I don't know about you but my sewing skills need serious work." His expression softened slightly. "Try not to wiggle around to much, okay?" With-drawing his limb, the wolf stood and walked to the kitchen. He didn't want to think about what might happen if they were caught, aware if someone recognized her species they were done for. Caleb rummaged through the fridge, pulling out left-over cooked deer strips, along with a water bottle. He semi heated up the meal before bringing the meal and water to her. "You need to drink a lot of water. You loss to much blood, and you might be dehydrated." He gave her the bottle first, then the plate. "Try to eat slowly."

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 2392 comments Maya took the food, about ready to wolf it down, but stopped and ate slowly, only to not worry him. The cat had changed into the other shirt while he was in the kitchen, and she had managed to do it without moving her right arm at all. Eating about half the strips, slowly,maya offered Caleb the plate with the other half "want any?????" She asked him. They were pretty good, but it was his food that he was giving her. That girl might have been acting like a b**** earlier but she was raised like a lady

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Won't really be on until Tuesday.))

Caleb sat on the edge of the chair facing her; Although his gaze was averted, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. He pondered the events following her healing, knowing she'd want to leave as soon as possible. The notion sent his wolf into a frenzy at the back of his mind. Quickly shaking his head, his gaze lifted to Maya. "No, that's alright." He mumbled, leaning back in the chair. "You're not going to stick around here, once you're healed up. Are you?" He didn't expect her too, but was unsure if he'd help her escape. If he could tolerate seeing her leave like that. "It's going to take awhile before you have all your strength back."

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