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Serieses! > numbering in french differs from the existing series

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Anne-Sophie (lystopia) | 3 comments Hi. I am kinda new here and I wanted some help because the After series in my first language (french) has 5 books instead of 4 in its original version. It's been published in french with two different publishers.

Goodreads says I can create a new series since "the numbering of the books differs from that of the existing series", but people added the first 3 tomes in the original series created for all the other versions which work until we arrive to the 4th and 5th ones...

Then, I tried creating a new series through the book editing page, but I can't seem to find the french editions to add them? Another problem to me.

These are the books from Éditions de l'Homme in order:
(the 5th one hasn't been added, yet)

And the editions from Hugo Roman seems to be in a big mess, so I won't list them here.

Could you help me, guys?
Please and thank you. :)

message 2: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments Series apply to all combined editions, so you don't need to find the french ones to add them if they are combined with the English ones. That does mean the English editions will show on the french series page for those books though, as they are more popular. This is one major reason there's no point making series for every language if they match in numbering. The French titles should be corrected too, "La recontre (After #1)" not "After: La recontre (After #1)"

More importantly, is the content for the first three actually the same? I mean, does book 1 actually end in the same place in French and English? If not, they shouldn't actually be combined.

Either way, you should put a note on the English page to mention the french one, and vice versa, there's always someone who reads series in both langauges and will get lost :)

Not really sure what you mean about the other publisher series (are they mistitled? not combined? split up differently?)

Anne-Sophie (lystopia) | 3 comments Thanks for your response.

The content matches for the first two books. And then the book 3 & 4 in French, is actually the book 3 in English split in two. And book 5 in French matches the book 4 in English. Do you understand?

About the other publisher series, it's because there's so many of them, some aren't combined, others are mistitled... A mess, it is. But I think they split up the same place than Les Editions de l'Homme, though.

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