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message 1: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Oh, thanks so much!! :) I'm glad you started this thread -- I would like to try to just visit this one so that others don't feel uncomfortable discussing whatever they want in the other threads, if that makes sense!

Okay...about book 5...well, I can't say much, not because it's a big secret, but because almost anything I say will be spoiler-ish for Ecstasy Unveiled. However, I will say that the book will be about people introduced in Lore's book (though there was a brief mention of the heroine in Passion Unleashed.)

I can also say that in book 5, Luc will get his Happily-Ever-After. He is NOT the hero of the book, but he plays an important role in the subplot, and something he did in Passion Unleashed will come back to bite him in the butt, but good! *g*

message 2: by Shawna (new)

Shawna (shawnalovesromance) | 9 comments Thank you Larissa for joining in and giving us some fun, juicy tidbits of what's to come in your phenomenal series!! I hope there's more in store for Kynan and Gem in future books too because I love those two!!

I can't wait for Feb'2010!!

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Hi Larissa: I totally LOVE this series!!!I have flat-out made it a must read for my Mini Group read. I truly was amazed at how taken in (finally!) I was by a new PNR series. Thank you. I look forward to Lore's story SO much!

message 4: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Shawna, my pleasure! It's such a treat to talk to people who are as passionate about the books as I am! :)

As far as Ky and Gem, yes, there is more to come for them. In Lore's book, especially, Kynan plays a vital (if unwilling) role. *g*

Hi Kenjii! Yay for must-reads! :) Thank you! I do hope you enjoy Lore's story. His was actually the hardest to write of all of them so far. I had a lot of health problems, plus a move during its writing, so it seemed like every time I got going on it, something happened. Poor Lore! Tone-wise, his book probably compares to Shade's. It's got less humor in it that Pleasure Unbound and Passion Unleashed...but it's not as dark as Desire Unchained. So I'll be interested to see what readers think!

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Hi Larissa: I do hope that your health is better and all is well. I am looking forward to Lore's story but as with any new book I only expect that it stand up to the writing standards I am used to. I know we can't know what to expect as far as content. I don't try to guess and spoil it. But the anticipation is a witch. Hehe.

message 6: by ♥Tricia♥ (last edited Jul 15, 2009 03:19PM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments I agree with Kenjii. After reading the first book I had certain expectations from all of the rest. I have to admit the feel of the *same ol same ol storyline/plot* didnt sit well for me in the second book.. And it seemed too similar as well in the third.

Let me explain a little bit as to why I say this.
In these books there is a HEA element to each of them. So we already know the guy is going to get the girl. I have no issue knowing this as its what PNR is all about.
So what is left is *how* the elements unfold and what it's going to take the characters to get there. What sacrifices or heartaches etc.
So if in each book, not only is the idea of the HEA the same but the plot too? It gets boring.
And I definately felt that way from the first book to the second, and a tiny bit into the third.
I was glad when Lore was introduced and seen how the plot was twisting from there.

But I still liked the books, so don't get me wrong. I just wanted you to know as I am sure you are always looking for feedback from fans.

I do enjoy the series and love your writing style and this unique world you have written, and will continue to purchase your books in the future.

Brandy *Ahviel* (ahviel) Yeah I am so excited, Bring on 2010

message 8: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Kenjii...sometimes, I think the anticipation is the most fun part! LOL -- well, unless I'm waiting years for a book, like Robert Jordan made us wait! (It was always worth it though, IMO!)

Tricia, I'm sorry you found the Demonica books to be boring. :( I guess I have a harder time seeing the sameness/same ol', same ol' of the plots because I'm working from the inside, but thank you for your input.

Brandy, I'm actually starting to get nervous already! LOL

message 9: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments Oh I didn't mean to imply that I found them boring! Not at all!

I love how unique the world in the books are and the characters and their abilities. I haven't read anything like it before and I found it very refreshing!

I am sorry you took my comments to mean that I found them boring, it so was not my intention! My apologies!

I was just trying to give you an idea of where to improve. And just from one book to the next (as I read them in order in the period of 1 month back to back) that the plots seemed to be the same.
I am no writer so I can't imagine how hard putting it all together is. And I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

I do love your books tremendously, and I feel super bad that I made you do a frowny face :(

message 10: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
I wasn't offended at all, Tricia! I just feel bad when I let readers down. Especially in this economy, when every dollar counts, I hate for anyone to spend money on something I wrote and then come away disappointed. But I'm glad to hear that wasn't the case!

No need to apologize...I can see how reading series books in rapid succession can lead to a feeling of "sameness." I recently got hooked on an urban fantasy series (like, when the fifth book was out,) and I read them all in a row and by the fifth book was kind of feeling glad I had a while to wait for the next one, just to get a fresh perspective.

Since Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed released back-to-back, I was glad the two books were at least so different in tone!

Thanks again -- I do appreciate the input!

message 11: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
mmm. I really enjoyed reading your books. I found them different from the other paranormal series that have been published.After reading the BDB book, I thoght I would't find a book as good as those, but I liked the demonica serie as much as I did the JR Ward serie.

I cant't wait 'till the next book, I know I'll love it, because I really wanted to know more about Lore since the first time he was mentioned. I love bad boys, and he seems to be one of those with dark humor that make that kind of comment that can't make you stop laughting.

I also wanted to add that the covers of the books are awesome, specially Lore's book cover. Some other paranormal series have some really bad covers.

message 12: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Vale, what a fabulous compliment! I'm so glad you have liked the books...and the covers! I have to say, Grand Central has really blessed me in the cover department. Each time I get one, I'm amazed. I can't wait to see the next one (which right now is tentatively titled "Sin Undone.")

message 13: by Laurie (last edited Jul 16, 2009 08:41AM) (new)

Laurie Garrison I guess we all have different taste when it come to books.. I loved the Demonica series.. A firend lent me hers I fell in loves so much I had to go buy my own.. I will tell you this yours are on my bookshelf for my next re-read well the BDB has been sold. Like I said we all have different taste.. Cant wait until the next book..

message 14: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Thanks, Laurie! Hope you like Lore's book - I wrote above that it was a real challenge to write, so I'm already getting nervous. But I'm working on book 5 now, and really having a blast. In Lore's book, the main conflict/plot is very "internal," mainly affecting the core group of characters the way Desire Unchained did, but in book 5, I'm casting a wider net, because for some reason, I seem to like the "bigger" plots.

And now I'm rambling, so I'd probably better grab some coffee and get back to work! :)

message 15: by Shawna (new)

Shawna (shawnalovesromance) | 9 comments Larissa, I felt that all three of your books were original and fresh, each offering it's own vastly unique wonder. Pleasure Unbound revealed the multi-layered world of the Demonica to us, Desire Unchained was darker, and Passion Unleashed had more humor and adventure. But I LOVED them all, and I know that when Lore's story is finally 'Unveiled', it will give us something new and amazing too!! I just wish I had more patience and was better at waiting!! (I'm anxiously looking forward to the 5th book, Tempting the Fire in the ACRO series too!!)

PS. I hope you are recovering well from your health problems and the stress of the move! I wish you continued success and very happy writing!!

message 16: by Nichole (new)

Nichole I just want to say that your books help me through a very stressful time in my life. It got me through my last semester of college, clinical rotation, and passing my state boards. I would do nothing but study non-stop preparing for exams and tests. But when I found your series I was needing a breather and you gave that to me!!!!!! You have found a fan for life and whatever you continue to put out in the future I will DEFINITELY buy and read! I can't wait for the 4th book!!!!

message 17: by Kaz. (new)

Kaz. I have only read the first book so far and I enjoyed it immensely, the characters were down to earth and the world you built was amazing.
I'm looking forward to reading the next book very soon and I also wanted to mention that I think the covers of all the books are very good, I would really love a screen saver of one of the brothers or all of them, lol, I think that their tattoo's are very sexy.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic You know if you click and save you can make the cover a wallpaper. if that's OK. lol.

message 19: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments There is nothing in the copyright rules saying you can't use an image for your personal desktop :)

Using it anywhere else (the web, printing it out etc) is a diff story though.

message 20: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
Larissa, I'm so happy you are writing the 5th book. I can't wait to know who it will be about. Because there are no more brothers to write about hmmmm,

I know Lore's story will be awesome, because the first books are three of my favs.

Every time you give as details about the next books I get really exaited. Is it going to be the last? I hope not bacause i love this serie, and if you publish 10 books more, I'll read them.

message 21: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Thank you, Shawna! Definitely feeling better, and we're finally settled from the move. Well, mostly. We still have a little unpacking to do, and we have to finish our basement so I can have an office, but mostly, we're good! :), what a compliment. As a writer, what I most want to do is give to readers, and knowing that what I've written has actually done something good for someone, well, that's the best thing ever! And clinical rotations? You're in the medical field? Which aspect? (So jealous!)

Karen, thank you! Hope you like the other books! And yes, I've definitely been blessed by the cover gods! *g* Kenjii and Tricia are can take the cover to use as a wallpaper if you want!

Vale, I'm not sure whether or not book 5 will be the last or not. I'll be discussing it with my editor soon. I think what we're looking at is a spinoff series, but I won't know for sure until this fall. I'll be sure to keep you all up on the details!

message 22: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments GASP! No!

You beat that editor with a wooden spoon if they say 5 is the last.

We need more, LOTS more! /grins

message 23: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
♥Tricia♥ wrote: "GASP! No!

You beat that editor with a wooden spoon if they say 5 is the last.

We need more, LOTS more! /grins"

LOL -- we'll see what happens! I do have more Demonica stories in my head, but I've got a couple of spinoff ideas if we go with the spinoff, I still might write a Demonica story or two as free reads or novellas. I'd really like to give Reaver a romance, even though he sort of got his HEA. *g*

message 24: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments Oh!!!

*jumps up and down*

Gem spin off?! /waggles eyebrows

She is a kick ass character :D

message 25: by Meredith Barrons (new)

Meredith Barrons | 15 comments Just finished book 3 and LOVED it! Larissa- thank you so much for providing a great escape for a mother of 2 toddlers! : ) I haven't been this passionate about a series since I read the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I can't wait for book 4.... and please say there will be more than 5 books in the series! I would love to hear more about Reaver too.....

message 26: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Tricia, LOL! Won't be a Gem spinoff, but I'm SO excited about my idea. Just hoping my editor will bite!

Meredith, thank you! I'm so glad you got a nice escape! I love how reading does that.

Not sure about more than 5 books. I won't say never, but right now I'm looking at a spinoff. Reaver WILL, at some point, get as story, even if it's just a novella or a free read. I have an idea for him that's dying to get on the page!

message 27: by Kaz. (new)

Kaz. Sounds wonderful Larissa, it must be great to have all these ideas and story lines in your head, I think a spin off is a great idea.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic I'd like to see more of the Demonica series after book 5 too. I love the characters and the world created to much to see it end with just 5 books. LOL. I have been spoiled, yes.

message 29: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
Yeah, I know. I read so many good series that have a lot of books each; so why can't the demonica series have more than 5?

look at the Sherrilyn Kenyon series, dark hunter, it has more than 20; and most of the series I read have at least 6 books.

So we should have more demonica books. I would buy them.

message 30: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 100 comments I would certainly buy all the demonica books!.... I have the first three and would love for it to be more then 5. there are so many characters that i would like to see more of and get their whole story.

message 31: by valee, Your moderator :) (last edited Jul 25, 2009 02:18PM) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
mmm yeah, I felt sad for the wolf who got his mate killed. He should get a book. Maybe he could get in love with a demoness

message 32: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 100 comments yes i liked wolf. he needs a happy ending! and Gem too loved her.

message 33: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Hi ladies!

Sorry I've been so absent. Between deadlines and the cat chewing through my computer's power cord...yeah...things have been a little crazy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I've been trying to get the last bits done on my new website (stay tuned -- I'm going to be launching next week with a fun prize!) I'm also working on Demonica book 5. Now, there WILL be more than 5 books, but they might be in the form of a spinoff. Same world, and we will see the characters from the first books making appearances. It's also possible that there will be more straight Demonica books or novellas. I'll let you guys know more as I know more.

The wolf, Luc, will get his happily-ever-after too! :) He plays an important role in book 5, so he'll get his. And Gem and Kynan are definitely together and happy. That'll be clear in Lore's book, which I'm getting so excited about! *g*

Okay, need to get busy. I'll be sure to let you know about the new website launch -- I've got some neat things on it, like deleted scenes. Five right now, but I may add a sixth if I can get the computer up and working again by launch!

message 34: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments Woo hoo VERY exciting!!

I am so glad to hear about Lore, I felt SO dang bad for him.. though I am sure that was the intention hehe.

Very exciting stuff for sure! I cant wait! /squeels!

message 35: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
My God! So exciting to visit the new web page.
When is it going to open?

I really hope there's more than 5. I know they'll be awesome. Can't wait.

message 36: by Kaz. (new)

Kaz. All great news Larissa, the upcoming books sound awesome, I can't wait to read them.

Looking forward to your new web page, thanks for keeping us updated :-)

message 37: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 100 comments I can't wait to check out the website! Lore's books is going to be so great. I felt bad for Lore at the end of Wraith's he didn't really seem to know what was going on with him or that there were others like him.I love a sexy confused man. I also want to catch up on Gem and her love life.

message 38: by Brandy *Ahviel* (new)

Brandy *Ahviel* (ahviel) I can't wait to check out the website. I can add it to my personal FAVORITE author list. I have condition for that list. Mainly, the book must be worth a re-read or two. And these books so meet that condition.
Thanks for the books and they great time of escaping into a wonderful world

message 39: by Nichole (new)

Nichole Sorry it took me so long to reply. I am trying to settle into my new job. I am a radiographer and love every wonderful and not so wonderful part of it!! Can't wait to read the next book. It will give me something to do on 3rds when it's dead at work. :)

message 40: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Aw, thanks, ladies! Y'all are so awesome!

Nichole, a radiographer? How cool! 3rds? Is that what I would call the mids? As in, shift starts at 11 PM or Midnight-ish? That was always my least favorite shift when when working shiftwork. My favorite were swings!

The new website will launch sometime this afternoon -- I'll be sure to pop back to let everyone know when it's live!

message 41: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Yay! The website is live!

You can find the For Readers page under the "Extras" header, and the link for the deleted scenes are under the Books header in the Demonica section.

The new contest is on the blog! :)

Hope you enjoy!

message 42: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
Nice web. But I don't get what "The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2" has to do with the demonica series.

I so can't wait to read Lore's book!

message 43: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Thank you! As for the Mammoth book, my story in it, Eternity Embraced, is set in the Demonica world. VERY loosely. It's not truly connected to the books other than by a very vague mention, but it's set in the world with Aegis characters. :)

message 44: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
Oh, cool. I guess I'll have to give it a look.
Thanls Larissa for always answering the questions.
Your books are on my favs list, and there are only 3 more series in that list. Keep at it.

message 45: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
Oh, thank you!!!! I also listed this group (and you) on the For Reader's page of my website! :)

message 46: by valee, Your moderator :) (new)

valee | 430 comments Mod
haha, Ok that was something I had not noticed, so I'm glad you told me. Awesome to have seen my name in the web. I couldn't have been any happier. Seriously. I won;t bother with any more questions. Thank you so much.

I'll be waiting to hear some more news about the new book when you got them.

message 47: by ♥Tricia♥ (last edited Aug 04, 2009 04:44PM) (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments Hey Larissa I have been trying for a while now to get that posting thing to work on my myspace but the code is wrong and it just looks like a jarbled mess!!


/cry! I just tried the Yahoo one as well and it doesnt even work.

Halp me! /pleads

message 48: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Ione | 93 comments Mod
LOL, Vale, it's okay! No bother at all!

Tricia...let me see if I can figure it out. I'll message you privately with code or instructions -- might be a busy traffic problem...I've noticed that in the evenings I have trouble with the Sprout thingie too. It's possible that you need to try again later!

message 49: by ♥Tricia♥ (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 16 comments Ok cool thanks! I have a bunch of places I wanna do it on I just cant get the code to work.


message 50: by Kaz. (new)

Kaz. Great site Larissa, just love the picture up in the top left hand corner of the hunk with the tattoo's, yummy.

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