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Sexy, powerful, and immortal, Limos is on a crash course with destiny. She’s been marked as Satan’s bride and her jealous fiancé wants her all to himself. The only way this Horseman can keep herself—and everyone else—safe is to keep her distance. But not even Limos can save herself from the secrets she’s kept . . . or resist the seductive allure of one very brave human.

Arik Wagner knows the saying “love hurts” better than most, yet he never thought stealing a kiss from Limos would land him in Hell. Literally. It takes all his military training to survive the demon torture, but once he’s topside, Arik realizes that the agony has just begun. With the Apocalypse looming and Satan demanding his bride, will Arik and Limos surrender to the desire smoldering between them? Or will giving in to their passion unleash hell on earth?

414 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2011

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About the author

Larissa Ione

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Air Force veteran Larissa Ione traded in a career in meteorology to pursue her passion of writing. She has since published dozens of books, hit several bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today, and has been nominated for a RITA award. She now spends her days in pajamas with her computer, strong coffee, and supernatural worlds. She believes in celebrating everything, and would never be caught without a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge…just in case. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her retired U.S. Coast Guard husband, her son, a rescue cat named Vegas, and her very own hellhounds, a King Shepherd named Hexe and a Belgian Malinois named Duvel.

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July 28, 2017
3,5 stars

The battle between good and evil continues in Immortal Rider, Larissa Ione’s 2nd book in her Lords of Deliverance Series.

Limo, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse and Arik Wagner, human, working or the US Army’s paranormal unit , are unable to fight the attraction they feel for each when they first meet – something that will have the most devastating repercussions in their lives.

What else can happen in Limos life? Not only is she fighting to keep her Seal from breaking, holding back secrets from her Horsemen brothers….if that’s not enough…she has Satan on the sideline waiting to make her his bride…see, her mother had sold her to Satan when she was a child…and that evil demon demands she remains a virgin until he takes her…even goes as far as kitting her out with a chastity belt!!! Talk about HORROR!!!
 photo 301233_1540388407863_1779535798_811399_2043984225_n_zps3t1k2vqb.jpg
Into her life – to tempt her away from her virginal life – comes Arik Wagner!!! Sexy and dangerous seducer!!!!!
 photo 8f6b74b01c51f2555e338df8bad8a415_zpsxlccnzav.jpg
Okay, the sexual chemistry between these two was hot and sizzling…..so f…..k Satan…..he wanted Limos …she wanted him…and they spend a rather short but fab time in bed!!!!!
 photo Sharing-Harper-e1374697076466_zps20c6e633.jpg
Yes, that’s right…Satan is going to get Arik’s ass for deflowering his future bride!!!

That’s exactly what happens. Arik is dragged into Hell where he’s tortured for a while before he’s rescued by one of his demon friends.

I adored these two characters. They were really cute , trying to find a way to be together ….and I simply loved the playful banter with each other….
 photo cfeaea8d13fb95ae450fb4ebfad464a8_zpsgu9trw9b.jpg
Doomsday is looming….fierce battles, twists and turns, treachery, new enemies…..it’s a non-stop ride.

One of the things I enjoy in this series is how the author incorporates characters from the Demonica books into the stories.

This is a series I can so recommend to lovers of sexy and dark paranormal romance.

My favorite quote:
 photo 39ee637e687f8ac1025168aac2662130_zps6683d912.jpg
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March 30, 2015

This one star rating is not because the main plot but because of a sub plot that led to book #3 in the series. On it's own, this book was OK even if I found the business of unconditional love a bit dubious given what Limos had done..."so you were responsible for the death of my children? Of course I forgive you!!"

My main gripe with this book is that it had one of the most disgusting setups for a couple I've seen. I was so full of rage when I finished reading that I couldn't sleep at all. So what happened in this book that disturbed me so? One of the characters was raped AND THE NEXT BOOK HAS THIS PERSON PAIRED UP WITH THE RAPIST.

Yup. The rapist and the victim, together for ever and ever.

Shocked yet? Well, there's a twist that makes it OK in the eyes of Ms. Ione. Because in this case, the WOMAN RAPED THE GUY.

How could this be, you may wonder? It's very simple.
- She drugged him.
- She restrained him.
- She rode him like a pony while the guy said no over and over and over.

I was so disgusted by this scene that I doubt I'll read any book by Ms. Ione again.

Worse, NOBODY in the freaking book came to the guy's defense. Several characters had the GALL to say that he got laid, what's the problem? Like a man doesn't have the right to decide where he puts his penis or whether or not he wants to father a child with a particular woman.

Oh yes, that's the cherry on top. The goal of this rape was to get the man to father a child to "save the world". Yes, these people, who ARE SUPPOSEDLY the good guys, created a baby, without the consent of his father, to use him for who knows what purposes and then throw him aside when they're done with him to be reared by SOMEBODY ELSE. Yes, the rapist is not even going to keep the child or even tell the father, hey you, I had a baby when I raped you, do you want it?

But you may say...that's not the way it was! There were some attenuating circumstances! She did it to save the world! She didn't know the wine was drugged! She didn't know she had restrained him! She didn't realize he meant it when he said no! But those are excuses. First, if the goal was to save the world, why didn't they ask him? Why did they have to go against his back? (The scroll didn't say the baby had to be conceived in secret.) Second, she knew the wine had some magic and she didn't know what kind, that's why she didn't want to drink it in the first place. Third, she knew that her ability came out during sex and that's why she wasn't having any. But the most important thing is that the man told her repeatedly NO OVER AND OVER. That should have been enough for her to stop.

Women have been dealing with double standards for a long time and if we want to get rid of them, we shouldn't do it ourselves. If it's wrong for a man to take a woman without her consent, then it's wrong for a woman to do the same. Or do we think that equality means that now we have the right to trample and violate men?

Obviously, I won't be reading the next book in the series. I never got the point of fan fiction, but I'm tempted to write one myself where the rapist gets what she deserves.
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August 11, 2022
Totally enjoyed this tale of Limos, the only female rider of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and how she came to fall in love with Erik of the Aegis. Limos has the unfortunate circumstance of being betrothed to Satan (poor girl) and any time a man gets close to her, there are bad consequences. So when Erik tries to kiss her one night at a party, he is dragged down into the underworld and tortured.

A good chunk of the book focuses on PTSD and Erik’s recovery, which was interesting, and also Limos had to right a lot of the wrongs she had made in the past. This book also featured the set up for two characters I assume will feature in the next book, another of the horsemen (Death) Thanedos, who reminds me a lot of Zsadist from the BDB, both in manner and appearance, and Reagan, also from the Aegis. They promise to be a spicy couple, and the way their story was set up to start in the next book really ends on a cliffhanger!

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November 19, 2011
This is one of the best books Larissa has written to date. I'm shocked by the sheer wonder of it all and how she can balance such darkness, snarkness from the characters and sexiness.

If you're dying to get your hands on a great paranormal romance that has a few zingers and pushes the envelope, which Larissa has done, you need to read this book.

The one disappointing thing was no upside down tree sex with the H/H like in the last book. I should mark the grade down for that alone, but since I bow at the alter of Larissa, I let it slide this time.
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February 17, 2017
"Hellooooo. I'm a Horseman of the Apocalypse, and I'm betrothed to the most infamous, most powerful demon in existence. I couldn't draw more attention to myself if I wore Lady Gaga's meat dress to a PETA convention.”

After Sin, we encounter another unlucky girl in the series. Limos may be one of the horsemen, all powerful and mighty and mistress of Famine, but she is unfortunately also Satan’s future bride.
This could be another example of a forced marriage; however Limos will not yield that easily. Obviously Satan can be very persuasive and very jealous of his future wife.

Arik Wagner really likes Limos (Arik is brother of Runa and consequently Shade’s brother in law). Limos is trying to keep her distance, mainly for his own good. Sadly, Arik does not know his place and a stolen kiss will land him in Hell. The place where jealous fiancé Satan rules. The place where Arik will be tortured continually until he loses his mind.

The book is the story of Arik and Limos’ sexy games, Arik’s survival, Satan’s revenge and of course the prevention of Apocalypses. Limos has to keep her seal safe and Reseph/Pestilence has to be stopped. Since Arik is Runa’s brother, this is also a family matter for the Seminus demons brothers.

Pestilence is such a bad boy. His book with his HEA will come later on; nevertheless he is the character you love to hate.

Regan and Thanatos’ story is stealing the show in the end and the next book about Thanatos will definitely be an emotional rollercoaster. A road set on deception and betrayal.

I absolutely loved this book. I devoured each page. I was making guesses which secondary character deserves his/her own book (hint: Reaver and Harvester clearly).
I got lost in this magical world, where even Hell apparently is livable.
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November 21, 2011
I still remember the first time I rode a horse which is synonymous as saying I still remember the time I almost died. That hellbeast ran riot across a large desert area surrounding a partially active volcano and laughed at my feeble attempts to summon help or stop his rampage.

What this earned for me was a year or two of riding lessons because where I grew up, riding lessons were the thing to do for proper young ladies. As there is nothing proper about me, you can be sure that I never progressed much past being able to keep my seat and to pick a good horse that would stop when I politely asked it to. A surprising amount of horse riding comes down to just picking the right horse. Some horses are always bad because they hate you and secretly long to tear into your entrails despite masquerading as a herbivore. Other horses are flighty and will have their good or bad moments. So for the most part, you pick a good horse and stick with it.

Authors tend to be like a horse. You find a good one and stick with it and they usually won’t fail you. This analogy is especially true for the Paranormal Romance genre where books tend to be serialized. I’ve tried to ride a series that was flighty with books wavering between good and bad like a toddler on too much sugar. It’s a frustrating experience.

If I had to pick my favourite horse though, Larrisa Ione would be it. I don’t know how she would feel to being referred to as a horse, but there it is. I’ve generally found her work to be consistently readable.

Immortal Rider is the story of a Horseman of the Apocalypse and a human man falling in love and dealing with her lying and evil brothers and the fact that she had him dragged into hell for kissing her. Completely normal stuff that I’m sure we can all relate to.

I have some issues with female representation in her novels and particularly this one. However, over all, I do enjoy her storytelling and her characters.

Her novels also tend to have the appropriate amount of cheesy goodness in them without overdoing it or crossing into the realm of dumbassery. Something that’s surprisingly easy to do in this genre.
I think, if I’d read the first novel, I would have enjoyed this more as opposed to playing catch up and trying to familiarize myself with a world that seems to take it for granted that you already know most of the characters.

Ione’s novels are, at least in my opinion, better than the usual fare and they have a great deal of imagination and interesting world building in them. So if you’ve lost your seat in this genre and are looking for a good horse, maybe give Ione a chance.

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December 15, 2011
I’ve been waiting for months for Immortal Rider. I kept on stalking Larissa Ione’s blog, me being such a big fan and all, watching her news, avoiding spoilers and so on. Finally I managed to get the book and the time to read it.

The question of the day would be: Am I happy with this book? Was it everything I was hoping for? Did I do the happy dance after finishing it?


*review ends here*




Nah, hold your horses people, of course I’m not done with f*cking up reviewing the book. Of course I have to ramble about it for at least 15 minutes. That’s the way I work.

What is my problem you ask? First of all the story sucks balls. Yes, balls. Listen to this:

We have a little horseperson, Limos. She’s a badass warrior who dresses like a Hawaian reject and always smells like coconut. I presume so far that even her sweat smells like coconut. I didn’t want to get into intimate details with this so let’s just stop with sweat. Ok so she meets the hot dude Arik. He’s a human of course. You will never have two badass warriors hooking up; things would be too easy then. No fun in things being too easy. So after they kiss the dude ends up in Hell and gets tortured for a month. He escapes and forgives the chick just because she’s hot. Bla bla bla flirting oral sex bla bla bla. Then we find out that (I’ll put this in bold because it’s priceless) she is wearing a chastity belt and only her husband can remove it. The funny thing is that this is not the best part of it. Hold on, I’m getting to it. So apart from the chastity belt

we have the following: she is betrothed to Satan (yes, freakin’ Satan) and he wants her fresh and untouched. You guessed it right. UNTOUCHED. AKA a virgin. So she needs someone to take away her maidenhood and save her from being raped by Satan.

Ok so after you’ve read this what’s your opinion on Immortal Rider? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I mean this is a joke! I can’t process it… *facepalm*

Second (remember the first - up there somewhere), the characters suck. Limos is not my favorite horseman and Arik is just… meh. Nothing special about him, don’t like him don’t hate him. He just exists. Period.

So sucky story and meh characters = bad book and me punching a kid in the face. See what you made me do Mrs. Ione? See what you made me do??

*clears throat*

So yeah, saying that I’m having issues with this book is an understatement.

There’s actually something I liked about Immortal Rider and if I’m not wrong I said this about Eternal Rider as well. I loved Wraith, Thanatos and (surprisingly) Regan. They’re the main reason for me not giving it two stars.

So the conclusion? I’m totally neutral about this. I won’t say I hate it because I still like Larissa Ione but it’s the last chance I’m giving her. One more mistake book like this and I’m blowing everything up!
July 25, 2017
Barely 3 stars. It took me a couple days to finish this because I got bored. I stopped reading and had to force myself to pick this book back up and finish it.

I wasn't looking forward to this book anyway because neither of the main characters interested me. Limos came off bratty and flippant in the other books. Arik seemed super human and military. Limos stayed the same, but Arik improved.

The plot: Arik kisses Limos and is dragged to hell to be tortured because Limos is engaged to Satan and no one touches his fiancée. Arik gets out of hell and the romance is on.

Arik really grew as a character and I enjoyed the times the book was from his POV. He changes from super soldier all up in the military to helping the horsemen and working for good in different ways. He's a very adaptable character.

Limos stayed the same, that of a bratty teenager whose main activity is lying and blowing off things. That's all Limos does, party and lie. I didn't like her or care for her and her lying was the main plot after Arik was out of hell. She was too juvenile.

The romance was sweet and PG-13 as Limos has some restrictions on her activities. It was also a teen feeling romance due to Limos' lack of maturity.
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November 27, 2011
I have been eagerly anticipating Arik Wagner’s book for a long time. I adored him in the Demonica series and now, with his own book, the hot human brother finally gets his chance to shine. So going into this book, I was already giddy because I would get some Arik action.

Enter Limos aka Famine, the only female horseman. Before she was even born, she was promised to the Dark Lord. Being unwillingly betrothed to Satan brings up a lot of problems. But when Arik can’t deny his attraction to Limos any longer, he kisses her. And this is when the story begins its hellride. And I mean, literally.

Just as Arik gets summoned to hell, Limos tells him to never, ever speak her name. If he does while in agony, then Limos will find herself next to her rightful husband.

Larissa Ione had created a unique and darkly sensual world in the Lord of Deliverance series. I loved the entire concept. She isn’t afraid to put her characters through tough experiences in order to tell their story right and I have to respect that.

Arik and Limos endure a lot of things that would normally break a person. So it was interesting to read about their journey through that as well as see the development of their romance together. Though I did like the romance between Li and Arik, I didn’t think it was one of Ione’s best. Her Demonica series still stands as number one for me. However, I have a feeling that the next book, Lethal Rider will be the hitter for me.

Than and Regan’s chemistry was palpable and I really enjoyed their parts of the books. It makes my hands itch for the next one and I’m sensing that Ione will surely deliver another one of her epic stories for the sassy Aegis chick and Death.

On the flip side, there were two things that didn’t exactly thrill me about this book. The first is that I hated the secrets between Limos and Arik. This may be just a personal preference, but I don’t usually enjoy stories where there is a communication problem between the hero and heroine. Most of the time I feel like it can be easily solved. However, that is not to say that it was a bad conflict. It was just okay.

The other thing is that Limos got a little annoying in some areas. Not all, but enough that she got some eye rolls. Again, nothing too over the top, but I still had to consider that when rating this book. Ergooooooo, 4 stars!
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Author 7 books701 followers
November 10, 2011
One of the things I like best about Larissa Ione is that her books are unpredictable. And there is always so much going on. And they are so freaking hot! (I guess that's more than one thing, but let me gush for a moment.) I enjoyed Eternal Rider, but it took me a little while to get into. Not the case here. This story reeled me in from the beginning and didn't let go.

Limos is the only female among the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She is as beautiful as she is deadly. She is also a virgin. Limos was promised to Satan as his bride when she born. She wears a chastity belt that attacks anyone who tries to get in her pants. And if she ever allows herself to give in to an attraction to another man, it's bad news for the object of her affection.

Arik's been part of the Demonica world for a long time. He is Runa's brother and part of the military force that fights deadly supernaturals. He is drawn to Limos, and as the book begins, he finally gives in to the temptation to kiss her. That's when everything goes to hell. Literally. Satan's minions set out to torture him... the curse saying that if he screams Limos' name in agony, she'll have to return to the Underworld and take her place at Satan's side.

This is only the beginning of a long journey for these two. Of course, Arik makes it out, but one obstacle after another is thrown in their path. Not the least of which is Limos' own shady past and the looming damage it could do if it comes to light. Pestilence has a hand in all the madness. And there is a great side story featuring the angels Reaver and Harvester.

Oh! And speaking of great side stories... I loved, loved, loved the direction Ione is taking with Thanatos. I feared his story was going to be predictable with the nature of his seal, but I was dead wrong. The great b-plot stuff just wasn't there in the last book, but it definitely is here --and it's a big win.

I will acknowledge: it takes forever for sexual payoff between our main characters. But there is plenty of sexy action going on throughout the book. I won't spoil the details, but... wow. The whole thing was really good. And I. Am. Dying. For the next book. Almost 5 stars.

*ARC Provided by Grand Central Publishing
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January 17, 2012
No blurb this time 'round. I started Immortal Rider the day it came out and read the first hundred pages and put the book down. This Demonica spinoff and the Demonica books themselves have always had some darkness to them but this first part of book was filled with torture of the hero, violation of a continuing character, and more of Pestilence's depravity just tossed off in the background - I just got tired of being bludgeoned with how evil the bad guys were and set the book aside.

I did end up picking this back up, but I struggled through to the 2/3rds mark where the action finally kicked in. I think that the reason that this was such a difficult read for me is that I just never got to the point where I clicked with Limos, actually I didn't much like her and never came to care about her redemption. Normally, a great hero can offset a less than stellar heroine but Arik, despite his interesting history and secret powers, was pretty generic for a leading man. It didn't help that the romance between them didn't work for me either, how does one get past all the deception and torture – not as easy breezy as it is done here for sure.

One of the things that kept me reading to the bitter end was that I really liked Thanatos and his thread had a better build up than Limos/Arik's right up to the 'completion' of Regan's mission which was shockingly terrible. In fact all of the 'deflowerings' in Immortal Rider were squicky. So the lack of the normally uber steamy build up to a satisfying consummation - times two - dropped the book from marginally okay to not.

So bottom line, I am not exactly sure what to say. I guess that Immortal Rider felt more UF-y and less romance-y to me (or perhaps a horror romance), the focus is not as much on the relationship as the events and plotting to put the elements of the Apocalypse in play. And as to future books – I am still sort of interested in Thanatos' book but I absolutely agree with whoever said way back when that they didn't want to see a story for a redeemed Harvester with a salvaged Reseph as a book four.
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1,130 reviews399 followers
November 21, 2017

No sé si ya sea mucho o si algo me pasa. Pero está serie no me está gustando Tanto como la primera. Y eso que estaba completamente segura de que sería al revés.

El libro estuvo bueno, con algunas partes aburridillas y una narrativa adictiva. A lo que ya me acostumbre con esta autora.

Sigo sin poder conectar tanto con los jinetes...

Espero que el próximo sea mejor, porque el que espero con ansias es el de Reaver💔❤️😍
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187 reviews38 followers
November 28, 2011
OHHH-MYYY-GOOODDD!! I am totally in love with the cover! Seriously, I have like zero saliva left after staring at it!

(Come on, how can you resist it?)

Arik Wagner, a soldier with the U.S. Army’s paranormal unit, the R-XR, kissed a girl and liked it. And then he went to hell as punishment. Where he’s spent weeks being tortured…and plotting revenge.

Limos, Horsewoman of the Apocalypse, isn’t your average girl. She’s immortal, dangerous, and her fiancé is Satan himself. In a moment of weakness, she gave in to her desire and kissed Arik, triggering her fiancé’s wrath – and his claim on her. In order to save Arik, and the world, Limos must make a dangerous pact with her recently turned evil brother, Pestilence. A deal that might just cost her her soul…and her heart.

Photos from the Immortal Rider Cover Shoot here and here
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1,962 reviews1,249 followers
May 16, 2023
I’ve been having a massive reread of previous past favourite series and really enjoying myself doing it. This one is the second horseman book but it’s number seven overall In the Demonica series, i suggest reading them in order as you’ll definitely get more from this if you read them chronologically.

This is Limos and Arik’s story, Limos is the horseman Famine and she’s been engaged to the dark Lord since her birth. She has many secrets that for years she’s kept from her horseman siblings one being that she wasn’t really an unwilling bride back in Sheoul and at the time was actively working against her brothers to help kickstart the foretold apocalypse. She’s now deeply ashamed of this fact and her desire to keep her secrets hidden pushed way down deep is very much a catalyst to a lot of what occurs in the present.

Arik is a character we’ve previously met before he’s Runa’s sibling who is shades mate these two had an earlier book in the series. Here he makes the mistake of kissing Limos the price for this stolen kiss is high, more pain and torment than he could ever have imagined as he’s dragged down to Sheoul to face some unimaginable torture.

This was definitely a good read I liked both Limos and Arik a lot and appreciated all of the familiar faces that were also included here. There’s also a couple of side stories with breadcrumbs laid for future books. One being Thanatos and Regan and then also Reaver and Harvester. I like that this series introduces side-plots it definitely invests me in learning more.

This series is told from multiple POV’s and is extremely well-written it’s an easy read and the world building here is phenomenal. I definitely recommend reading if you like immersive paranormal romance.

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1,131 reviews1,440 followers
November 19, 2012
It's hard to enjoy a love story when you don't like the heroine or the hero. I rated this book a 2 because I outright disliked Limos and there was nothing special about Arik. This book would have been a solid 4 star if I could have cared if the main couple found love. Limos lies so much to everyone around her: her brothers, and Arik, the man she claims to love. She even kills Sartel to protect her lies because he was about to spill the beans. Arik made for a boring hero that I never connected with. So what if he made it thru a month of torture without turning on Limos. I have read torture scenes that make me feel for the hero, ie (the Dark Hunter, Acheron and BDB's Zadist). The writing was so bland however that I felt nothing for Arik and the pain he was experiencing.

For the 1st time in a long time I actually stopped reading this book because there was so much violence that I didn't care about. It was overkill and became redundant. This book almost became a "Did Not Finish" at that point, but I had to know how it all ended. What really bothers me is, how can Regan ever redeem herself enough for me to want to read their love story.

I enjoyed Ares book and couldn't wait to read about Limos and Arik, but this book was a major let down. I am not even interested in reading about Regan and Than.
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1,135 reviews921 followers
January 18, 2012
4,5 stars

For Indonesia crowd, you can read the Indonesia version here : Ren's Little Corner

Larissa Ione once again show her class! Immortal Rider is one of her masterpiece who will make her readers have a blast ride! Fasten your seat belt, folks! The reason why I reduce it to 1/2 star, maybe because the ending I feel too "easy" and rushed. And can't wait for Than's book. Oh yea, bring it on, Paul Marron!!


Just... WOW!!
This one must be my FAVORITE cover of ALL Larissa Ione's books!! :D

Found a special excerpt about Immortal Rider that post in here :
special excerpt
O, ow, look like Arik in deep trouble :P

UPDATE ver.2, May, 22nd
Larissa Ione posted this at her FB page (to celebrate Non-Rapture Day. What is Rapture anyway?:/):

UPDATE ver.3, May, 23rd
Again, Larissa Ione posted new snippet (Does she know all of this snippet will killin me? I think not :P) :

Just wanna say :
November 29, 2011
Immortal Rider is Limos and Arik's story. Limos, aka Famine, is the third horseman (woman) of the Apocalypse. Arik is human and Rune's (from Demonica and Shade's wife) brother and works with human forces to stop the Apocalypse.

This book has so much going on that I don't even know where to start! It immediately begins with Arik kissing Limos and getting taken to Sheoul to be tortured into saying Limos' name. Limos has been betrothed to Satan and no one is allowed intimate relations with her. So, the one thing that didn't measure up is how could Arik, a 'mere' human, withstand all that torture even with being healed?? But he does and he even manages to escape. Of course, Reseph/Pestilence has a big hand in {{all}} things. I do have to say that I liked Arik even more than I had in the Demonica books. He has a lot of gumption for a 'mere' human and I loved how he protected Limos.

Speaking of Limos, I'm not too sure how I feel about her. She really comes across as the spoiled baby sister. You do get to know a lot of her history and why she did what she did but she really has to grow and own up to her past. I think she got off easy. I did love the chastity belt though. (LOL)

I really enjoyed all the other characters that had decent parts in the book. Of course we have Ares and Cara, who are still great and I loved Cara's ongoing relationships with the animals. I loved the dynamics of all the horsemen with each other and the little tidbits thrown in like how Reseph made them celebrate Christmas. We get a bit of Shade and Runa and a good part with my favorite Seminus demon, Wraith. Reaver and Harvester were quite interesting and I'm not sure how I feel about where that might be going but that seems to be the theme for a few of the possible relationships.

So....Reseph/Pestilence, I have no clue how LI will ever EVER redeem him!! I do have to say that he has grabbed my attention from the start and I love all the sweet parts like about Christmas but the orgy part at the end?? uuugghhh that was just nasty!

That brings me to Thanatos and Regan. Holy Cow...did that really happen?? I was so sucked into their story that I could care less about Arik/Limos...I just wanted more Thanatos!! I can hardly wait for his book and I can honestly say I have no idea how their relationship can ever recover! Can June please get here faster!!

Favorite lines:

She'd never wanted to do that to any male. Women who claimed to like it had to be lying.


"Now, Horsewoman."
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February 13, 2012
And the plot thickens! Whew, I loved it and now I can't wait for the next.

In this second book, Limos is faced with her many past lies as they come back to haunt her. Long ago she made a deal with the devil, literally, and now those she has come to care about are going to learn of her lies unless she can stop those who threaten to reveal her secrets.

Arik is the human who has been lusting after Limos, and after one quick kiss he finds himself fighting for his life as demons try to torture and punish him. Limos is the intended bride of Satan, and she even wears his chastity belt, so no man can have her.

Limos helps rescue Arik, and they find themselves working together to find her agimortus (sp?), one of four tokens that can help stop the apocalypse. They must also battle Reseph/Pestilence as he tries to find ways to break the seals that protect the remaining horsemen from turning evil. I enjoyed how Arik got Limos to slowly respect the power of truth instead relying on lying, and how her love for Arik became more powerful to her than evil. They made a great pair.

The other romance brewing is with Than, who is forced to accommodate the sexy Regan while she does research on the horsemen to help figure out how to stop the apocalypse. However, she has nefarious intentions which has Than blowing his f'n mind in fury. (Oh, I can't wait for their story next!!)

This is the most intense PNR series I've ever read, built around a richly detailed paranormal world of vampires, demons, humans, angels and much more. It's a spinoff from her Demonica series, but with more complexities and greater evils. I'll admit it's a challenge to follow as there are so many characters with so many magical gifts, but well worth it. I am in total awe of Larissa Ione for being able to weave such complex world and keep all these characters straight. Amazing!

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April 7, 2012
The Lords of Deliverance series gets even more complex and addictive in the second book. Although there’s still a primary romance, there’s a whole lot more going on, as those characters on the side of Evil work to bring about the Apocalypse and those on the side of Good work to prevent it.

Limos aka Famine, the sole female horseman of the Apocalypse, has two big problems: she’s betrothed to Satan, and she has some very ugly secrets she’s keeping from her brothers. When a human male named Arik kisses her, it arouses Satan’s jealousy and Arik winds up tortured in hell, an event that helps cement the feelings growing between him and Limos. Meanwhile, the turned-evil horseman Pestilence is growing ever stronger -- and he happens to be the only other person who knows Limos’s secrets. And the evil-fighting Aegis have hatched a plan to seduce Limos’s brother Thanatos (Death) in a way that could prove ultimately disastrous.

As you might expect from a book about the battle between good and evil, some of the characters here spend a lot of time being, well, evil. Which makes for some very painful reading at times, as both major and minor characters are frequently tortured and injured. Even knowing that most can be healed or regenerated, it makes for a rough ride at times. Thankfully, there’s also the romance, steamy scenes, and some humor to relieve the tension; I especially enjoyed how Arik, refusing to say Limos’s name, takes to calling her “Flicka” and “Secretariat.”

This is a series that really needs to be read as a set, and preferably after reading the “Demonica” series. Although there’s enough resolution to make the ending bearable for romance readers, there’s obviously plenty more story to come.

(reviewed from e-arc provided by netGalley)
September 11, 2015

Immortal Rider will take you on a paranormal ride from beginning to end. The action, the scheming with just the right amount of romance. You will not be bored with all the different things waiting for you in the Horsemen world.

I have a confession to make, though. Even though I love Larissa Ione and Demonica was one of my favorite series, Lords of Deliverance didn't start out with a bang for me. I was not too thrilled with Eternal Rider. It was just ok, even though the storyline was great I felt it didn't live up to the potential.

Immortal Rider however is a completely different story. This book grabbed my attention from the first page and, for the most part, had me glued until the end. This is the Larissa Ione we've come to know and love, action-packed, full of sizzling chemistry, with a drool-worthy alpha male and a kick-ass heroine.

Maybe liking this book so much for me might have something to do with the fact that I've liked Arik since we first met him in the Demonica series, or maybe is just the fact that Limos is one of my favorite Ione heroines, she's girly and fun and vulnerable; but she can put you on your ass without blinking. Can you tell I have a preference for the tough, kick-ass chicks?

This book was full of unexpected twists, betrayals, lies, some truths and more lies, along with the consequences all that lying cost everyone. Limos has a lot of skeletons in her closet that slowly come out and it's thanks to Arik's strength that she can face them. He was her rock throughout some tough moments and I liked that he stood by her even when faced with issues that would've made a lesser man turn his back on her. He never took the easy way out.

As a couple they complemented each other perfectly. I admit I might've shed a tear or two towards the end. Ms. Ione is usually known for some creative sexual scenes, but this book had very little of that. However, it worked for the story and what we did get was great!

Reseph/Pestilence is still causing mayhem, but I'm starting to feel there might be hope for him still. For all the Reaver fans, we do get to see him and maybe a developing storyline for future books. The Seminus brothers all make their cameo appearances, as usual so cute. And Kynan continues to play a big role as head of the Aegis, but will we ever see Gem?

My favorite part of the book was, well, the imminent apocalypse! Wow! I am amazed by how this story is developing with so many unexpected twists. I am just so excited for the next book because it'll be completely different than the first two. Sometimes things are just lost in translation and I can't wait to see how Thanatos' story will play out.

ARC provided by Grand Central Publishing
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December 1, 2011
IMMORTAL RIDER was a bit of a disappointment coming from a huge Larissa Ione fan. Don't get me wrong, I still loved the book, but aside from that there were quite a few disappointing happenings in IMMORTAL RIDER

Our heroine this time around was the sexy and badass, Limos who is one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Limos was the #1 reason why I did not dig this book so much. I found Limos incredibly selfish and she was caught in enough lies that she didn't know what to do with them all. Limos lying and selfishness where she only watched out for herself and only herself really made me dislike her greatly.

I couldn't even enjoy the love story between the heroine and hero. That's how bad it was. I don't think I had ever really disliked a heroine as much as I disliked Limos. I felt like she and the hero didn't connect well and it was just lust and I didn't really see that magic romance in the pairing that I do in other Paranormal Romance novels.

I don't know how I feel about Arik being the hero of the story. It's nice and all, but I just felt like he was in the Demonica World and just got thrown together with Limos to become a couple. I may feel that way because the pairing seemed so off and that I didn't enjoy them as I felt I should have. Basically the main storyline is what I didn't enjoy.

But Larissa Ione's amazing writing is still there. I was still so into the story even though I didn't enjoy the main couple. Thantos book is next and he is the secondary storyline going on in this book and I loved every minute of it! Thantos is paired with Regan, the Aegis guardian and They are so HOT that steam came out from the pages.

Their storyline was so amazing that I couldn't stop reading and let's just say Larissa Ione set some up something HUGE for Thantos's book, Lethal Rider. And right now I have a feeling that it will be the best book in the Lords of the Deliverance Series. The wait til June 2012 is just going to kill me! That is just how good the Thantos/Regan storyline was!

I was mostly really disappointed in IMMORTAL RIDER, but the plus of it was that I was still able to enjoy it, because it is impossible for me to not enjoy some aspects of an Larissa Ione book. I can't wait for the Lethal Rider and hope it blows IMMORTAL RIDER and Eternal Rider right out of the water!

More of my reviews at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews
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August 18, 2012
Quick review:

Cover: I like
Rating: NC-17
Steaminess Hot!
Thumbs Up: 2.5
Overall: Very disappointed with this installment
Characters: Interesting
Plot: Two of the horseman play a role even though it’s Limos’s story
Page Turner: No
Series Cont.? Yes, because I already own the next book
Recommend: No
Book Boyfriend: Arik

SUMMARY (55 words or less)

I love this author, but this wasn’t her shinny moment. I still have faith in her writing even though this book was an epic fail. It was too cheesy, too predictable, and overall felt forced. The last 10% of the book kind of explained away all the other but a little too late.

To see my full review and yummy pic, check out my blog post below.


Audio Review

I can’t say I loved Hillary Huber’s narration on this book. It’s was certainly not bad. Some of the voices sounded the same and it didn’t help that the story wasn’t goo.
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December 1, 2011
Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

*Spoiler warning – nothing detailed, but there will be general spoilers about a few plot points that will carry forward into the next book of this series. So you’ve been warned!*

Limos, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is looking at a future of being married to Satan, literally. She wears a chastity belt, and if any guy attempts to get around it, they get very important…bits chopped off and Limos endures the pain of the belt herself, so she’s lived a life of being alone and has never been able to be intimate with another man. Another precaution put into the marriage contract with Satan, she can’t kiss anyone, but Arik gets by all her defenses and they kiss. He’s immediately ripped away to Hell, and suffers horrible torture of everything one can imagine (and probably can't imagine) for one long month; if he so much as whispers Limos’ name, Satan will enforce his claim on her and life as she knows it will be changed forever.

Arik runs through every emotion towards Limos when he’s being tortured, hatred, need for revenge, but ultimately the things he feels for her run too deep and he holds strong, not saying her name and finds a way to escape. His escape is stopped by Pestilence, who forces a blood exchange on a weakened Arik. He binds his soul to him so that when Arik dies, his soul belongs to Pestilence.

There are so many ongoing story lines in this book that it would be hard to hit on everything. The main romance between Arik and Limos dominates much of the page time, and for the first time in her long life, Limos feels like a woman being with Arik. He knows that she’s strong and capable of kicking his ass if she wanted to, but his first instinct is to always protect her. It melts her heart to see him put himself in harms way to help her and their relationship grows stronger the more they’re together.

…The fighting was bloody, dirty, and Arik, in his black BDUs, was death on legs. His movements were purposeful, economical, and with a few spins, slashes, and kicks, he’d laid out six huge demons like they were scarecrows. The boy could fight.

So. Hot.

But the lies…ack! Both Arik and Limos keep things from each other. Limos, who gets a high from lying, has been keeping things from not only Arik, but big lies from her brothers. Some of the lies she’s forced into are because of her horrible brother, Pestilence, others are from her past and things that she agreed to when she didn't know any better. Everything that she’s kept to herself eventually comes out to her family and to Arik, and through all the fighting and the feelings of betrayal, Limos understands what it means and feels like to be loved, completely. It’s a long time coming for her, but after years of being alone, she’s let her brothers get close and now Arik, and finally being able to get everything out in the open is like starting a new life for herself.

His hand came up, startling her as his fingers circled her wrist. She watched, breathless, as he put her palm against his lips in what she swore was a kiss. Confused by his tenderness and overwhelmed by the feelings it stirred inside her, she went completely still. No one had ever been so…she didn’t even know the word for it, that’s how foreign what he’d done was to her.

All she knew was that her Horseman name, Famine, was fitting. She’d always been starving for something she couldn’t name, because she hadn’t experienced it. Now she had.

A man’s touch. A man’s affection.

Arik is such an alpha. He’s strong, however compared to Limos and her brothers that’s not saying much, but he has a few special talents and few other side effects that come to him throughout the book that make him much more than human and a very big asset in this huge fight that’s coming to a head. He loves Limos, and he wants to help her get out from under Satan’s thumb and they find a few loop holes to try and make that happen. They have some really sweet scenes, but the first time they’re together was a bit of a letdown. They’re dealing with madness all around them, and the only way to stop it is to have sex. I wanted Limos to have so much more for her first time; I just ended up feeling bad for her. They make up for it later on in the story, but I wish the action would have slowed down just for a little bit so they could have had their moment together for her first time.

There are so many ongoing side stories, that I think it would be hard to read this book as a stand alone and have it make any sense. The biggest side story is the set up for Than’s book, coming up next in the series. Each of the Horsemen can’t have their seal broken. It’s what made their fun loving brother Reseph turn into the evil Pestilence who wants nothing more than to cause death on earth. So the seals are pretty damn important in this series, and Pestilence sets into motion a plan to get Than’s seal to break. This plan results in a rape, which even though I knew it was coming was still uncomfortable to read and it puts Than in a dark, angry state by book’s end. The biggest issue for me with this is the heroine for Than’s book is the one that betrays him so badly. I’m not sure I’ll be able to forget about this in the next book, and I don't know how I'm supposed to get onboard with a relationship that starts out with rape.

Overall, this book advances all the ongoing story lines, has a lot of action and violence, and we get a nice romance between Arik and Limos. I’m giving this book 4 stars because the storytelling is so well done, I was engaged throughout the entire book and for its place in the series, it is a must read for all the details we get. That said, Than’s story overshadows the book’s HEA ending and leaves me feeling a bit…ugh, rather than finishing the book with a happy sigh. I trust Larissa to give Than the happiness he needs and deserves in his book, but I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to like his heroine after what she did. Also, I’m 100% invested in seeing Reseph come back. From hearing stories about him from his siblings, I want to see this character redeemed so badly, and I hope Than and his siblings figure out a way to make it happen.
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August 8, 2022
Immortal Rider is the second book in the series and it was such a fascinating story here. I was so curious to see which rider we would get next and what their story would be. I was completely fascinated by this setup and so curious to see how Larissa I0ne would deliver a HEA for these two because they definitely are faced with some challenges. But with typical Larissa Ione fashion, this one worked so brilliantly. I was quickly drawn into this one, and am starting to like this narrator the more I listen to her.

The story is set up when our heroine Limos, has been marked as Satan's bride and its forbidden for her to engage in any sexual entanglements with other men. But when Arik steals a kiss from Limos, it literally lands him in Hell being tortured by demons. Arik eventually manages to escape but his soul in jeopardy due to the machinations of Pestilence. But now that Arik is back in the human realm, Limos is determined to protect him and a intense relationship begins to form between the two, but will Limos and Arik find a path to their HEA?

This book was such a fun journey although it could be quite a deep serious one at times. We see what torture does to the human psyche, and I really felt like the author handled the PTSD elements so well. There are some great challenges that are ahead for Arik and Limos though, I did love seeing them together though. Limos is such a badass alpha heroine, and Arik is just perfect for her because he sees her vulnerabilities and is able to reach parts of her that she isn't able to. I really enjoyed how all the details and emotional intimacy is implemented. I am finding out that these books are so fun, they aren't five star reads for me, it could be the narration, I am not sure, I might try the next book physically reading and see if that changes things a bit. But I found it to be a solid read and eager to see what is ahead.
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December 18, 2011

“You,” he purred , “are a HILF.” “A what?” “Horseman I’d like to fuck.”

Lethal, sexy Limos is the only female among the four Horseman of the Apocalypse. A virgin who was promised by her mother to Satan as a child, she is bound, literally, by a chastity belt placed on her body by the devil himself until he takes her as his bride. Needless to say, if she ever gives in to her sexual desires or gives her affections to anyImmortal Rider by Larissa Ione male, it will prove deadly. Limos, along with her two brothers, are in a continuous battle against their brother, Pestilence (f.k.a. Reseph), who’s seal is broken. Pestilence is the first brother to break his seal, turn evil and now he is on a mission to do the same to his siblings in order to combine evil forces to ignite the Apocalypse.

Arik Wagner is a human working for the U.S. Army’s paranormal unit. His job is stressful enough but things get a whole lot messier. Arik attends a celebration at Ares’s mansion after defeating Pestilence’s latest attack. Upon their initial meeting, Arik was immediately attracted to Limos and decided he had nothing to lose by flirting with her at the party. BIG MISTAKE! Arik goes in for a kiss and his day gets shot to hell in a hand basket. The binding contract that Satan has with Limos is such that if any man kisses her, he is sent to Sheoul and tortured until he screams her name in agony. Once her name is uttered, the agreement is set that Limos will willingly take her place as Satan’s bride for eternity. The last words Limos says to Arik before he was taken were “No matter what they do, don’t speak my name!” Arik takes her words to heart and in return he is brutally and continuously tortured and starved. One horrific month later, Arik is rescued from Sheoul and Limos discovers a side of herself she never thought possible. While caring for Arik as he mentally struggles with his return to the real world, she is struck by all that Arik sacrificed on her behalf and realizes she can care for a man other than her brothers. Once Arik is back to his functioning self, he is determined to find a way to break Satan’s contract that looms over Limo’s head.

I have to start off in saying that I get giddy when I sit down to open a book by Larissa Ione. After I was introduced to the paranormal world of romance, I tried to get my hands on any and every author that could that could capture a magnificent world and enduring characters like my beloved J.R.Ward. No one could fit the bill until I immersed myself into Ms. Ione’s Demonica series and then my search was over. What adds the “crème de la crème” to her new series are the well-loved Demonica characters who are now a part of the world of The Lords of Deliverance.

Eternal Rider sets the stage for The Lords of Deliverance series but Immortal Rider throws you into the no holds barred action of this amazing world. It’s dark, gritty, violent, snarky, sexy and will push boundaries like no other book Ms. Ione has penned. With that said, it is not for the faint of heart or the reader who may have issues with violence and/or torture because Arik faces his share of it and then some. Delivering wicked hot demons and fierce warriors of the Apocalypse, Ms. Ione sets a compelling course to Doomsday as each story unfolds. What you can always count on is even though you are engrossed in an evil and vengeful setting, Ms. Ione’s underlying theme is a desire for the greater good in both mankind and her characters. Limos’ inner nature is to lie but Arik’s kind nature and protectiveness compels her to want to be truthful and an overall better person. She struggles with the secrets and deceptions from her past that have been hidden for too long. Once revealed, Limos expects both her brothers and Arik will never forgive her. Instead, they all are willing to do whatever is necessary to protect Limos and dissolve the contract Satan has condemned her to.

Although the book is centered toward Arik and Limos, there are several subplots that continue to set the dark tone of secrets and danger that lurks ahead. Immortal Rider lacked the sexy times I’ve come to expect with Ms. Ione’s main characters, but the sexual tension both Arik and Limos sparked was sizzling and provided affirmation that when they did come together, it was a climactic bombshell of hotness every reader would love! Ms. Ione literally writes some of the most erotic, steamy sex scenes in paranormal romance and the build up to those scenes will have you squirming in your pants! It was an added bonus of humor at how both Limos’ brothers were mortified by the thought of their sister “getting it on” with the “human” and how they struggled not to kick Arik’s ass!

Delivering intimidating and captivating characters set against an epic battle of good versus evil, Immortal Rider is nothing short of amazing. Any paranormal reader who has not tapped into the greatness of Larissa Ione needs to start at the beginning with her Demonica series and strap in for an incredible ride.

Favorite Quote:

He stepped back from her just enough that he could rake his gaze down her body. “Oh, yeah. I want to take you in every way imaginable and keep you so sexed up that when you aren’t in bed, all you’ll be thinking about is getting back in it.” He took in her lush curves, imagining how well they’d buffer his thrusts. “And that’s just tonight’s itinerary.”

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December 8, 2011
I really hate I read this book.

I hate that this book nearly gave me heart attack like five times. Larissa, once again, has proven that you can make epics and REALLY steamy erotica work like peppermint in hot chocolate. But you have to make sure you're paying attention--there are some fine details in here. She did a wonderful job setting up the future books and let me say: DUDE, I am enthralled with a unbelievably evil mess that is Pestilence and I. WANT. HIS. BOOK.

However I was really disappointed that we didn't get to meet Satan. I'm always interested to see different author's takes on the legendary evil being.

No, I am not a devil worshiper.

I've never been too keen on Thantos, but hey, his story looks like its gonna be Juicy (Capital letter intended). I'm not gonna tell you what happens. Nope.

I hate that Limos is such a brilliantly constructed character that women like her aren't really a dime a dozen in romance. To me, personally, the more flawed a character is, the more I love them (I felt the same way with Sin). Flaws on a character gives that moth to a flame effect and most of all, it makes them more real to folks like you and me. Seriously. I don't want to see perfect people with hearts of divine gold falling in love. I'M a screwed up person--first to admit it. So naturally, I like to see screwed up people like me find love.

I also hate that Arik is a powerhouse when it comes to good ole fashioned lovin'. It was nice getting insight into Runa and Arik's upbringing, and I think Arik is charming as hell. Strong and determined--that's freaking hot. (Plus the male model on the cover--Good God, he has delicious lips).

What I hate most of all is that Ione's writing has spoiled me. I'll let you in on this: I'm at the end of my semester (Finals) and I have four books that I have started on and not finished in the past year. The moment this hit the shelves, I conspired to buy it and started on it immediately--I crammed this book into my study time and finished it in a week. Something about the way she writes--it just Sucks. You. In. And you enjoy every bit of it because it's so freaking good. It's literary crack and she only dishes them out once a year! GAH!

So, yeah I hate I read this book. Because it means that I have something to impatiently wait for the next six months. Dammit.
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June 11, 2015
Seriously! This series is causing too much addiction. With the author's amazing writing skills, grippingly suspenseful, sensual, emotional-engaging, and thought-provoking style - this will surely threaten to knock every reader on their arses. It's SO good!

.....although I must admit there was one part where I felt it was too far fetch

“He’d been subjected to every torture and violation known to man. And then some, ’cuz demons were creative as fuck.”

“They keep breaking his bones and peeling off his skin. They’d even tried sleep deprivation and starvation,”

....and our hero was human. But I'm happy to let this one slide coz the story is TOO good!

The author is also excellent in creating H O T heroes (*mouths* ESP Than) who steal hearts, induce hot flashes, heart palpitations, breathlessness, and make you cross and un-cross your legs.
I couldn't fault these Romeos (*whispers* esp Than) the way they made me react - Goodness! Sudden swoons - guaranteed, always!

Arik - our sexy human Romeo who was dragged to hell or so called Sheoul because of a kiss he briefly enjoyed ...yes A KISS only!

Limos - one of our horseman and the reason why Arik was tortured and suffered six ways to Sundays.

And with every pages turned, there's always something AMAZINGLY good awaits. This book will bombard you with a lot of crazy and didn't-see-it-coming scenes. Only half way in and I had no nails to bite!

Verdict: HIGHLY recommended! I'd shout it from the rooftop. With a blow horn. READ!
Rating: 5 stars
Now on to the third book and *squeaks* it's Than's!
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December 18, 2011
Immortal Rider starts up about one month after the events of Eternal Rider. Once again, the reader is immersed in a world of angels and demons and a very determined horseman looking to bring on the apocalypse. Immortal Rider focuses on Limos, the only female horseman, er….horsewoman?

Limos is not an easy character to like. It is really difficult to feel any sympathy for her. Limos lies often and her lies cause a lot of strife among her siblings. Oh, and she has been promised to Satan – as his bride. Her chastity belt is truly straight out of Hell.

Enter Arik, a member of Aegis. He is instantly attracted to Limos and as a result of his attention, he is banished to Hell to undergo some seriously painful tortures because Satan cannot have Limos until Arik utters her name in agony. Most men would cave, Arik doesn’t. After about a month in Hell, Arik is rescued. Limos nurses him back to health, even feeding him haggis when Arik refuses to eat regular food.

While Limos is the main focus of this book, Reseph/Pestilence continues his role in creating mayhem, death, disease, and zombies. Her other brother Thanatos gets some attention in this book. I’m not sure about his character yet, it will be interesting to see how he develops in the next book.

I have a new appreciation for Reaver and I hope that he will get his own book one day. There’s got to be a great story about his life.

I can’t say enough how much I am enjoying this series. The world is extensive and well imagined. The sexy times are just so well done. I did have some issues with a few scenes in this book, but overall, I was impressed. Reading this book is an experience for all the senses. It was exhilarating and full of action.

I can’t wait for the next book, Lethal Rider.

Thank you to Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for a review copy of this book.
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December 1, 2011
Larissa Ione delivers humor, action, hot sexy times, and solid world-building in book 2 of her Lords of Deliverance series. This book was hard to put down. So many interesting developments in the story arc may Lethal Rider's June release seem so far away.

My Grade: B or 4 stars (I liked it better than Eternal Rider.)

***edited to add review***

The Story
Arik Wagner is dragged into hell and tortured for stealing a kiss from Limos, Third Horseman of the Apocalypse. Limos failed to mention she’s not only a Horseman but also Satan’s fiancé. There are two ways Limos can into be forced into Sheoul for a destination wedding: Her Seal breaks or the male who incites Satan’s jealousy utters her name while in agony. Limos must find Arik before he utters her name. In the meantime, her Seal must be found and protected before Pestilence breaks it. If it breaks she will turn into Famine. Thanatos, the Fourth Horseman destined to become Death, desperately searches for a way to revert the evil that turned his brother Reseph into Pestilence. The Aegis formulates a plan, which will have a long-term impact, in its effort to divert the end of the world.

What’s to Like
Immortal Rider is fast-paced – something I missed in Eternal Rider. Important events will happen in this book that will reverberate throughout the series. The characters aren’t perfect. Actions will be selfish, deceitful, abominable, and heart-breaking. And these are the good guys! Harvester, Reaper, Thanatos, and the Aegis figure prominently in this story. We learn more about Reseph’s personality before he became Pestilence. We also see telling glimmers when Pestilence appears.

What I Missed
One of my favorite parts in a romance novel is the initial spark between a hero and heroine. The electric zings they feel when they first touch, meet each other’s eyes, make an emotional connection, or become aware of the other’s presence. Limos and Arik didn’t have that moment in my opinion. Their first kiss didn’t have any zing. It was hard to understand their attraction, although Limos’ explains her attraction to him later. Anyway, I got over it because their romance had chemistry without me seeing the spark. I thought two other characters had the zing in their meeting and interactions.

***SPOILER*** Cause for Concern ***SPOILER***

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November 23, 2011
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Larissa Ione is one of my auto-buy authors. Her world building is amazing. Seriously, totally freaking awesome. So awesome you feel like what you are reading is really happening, and if you were to look out your window or turn on the news you would see pestilences diseases coursing through humans, and Demons roaming free.

That being said, I loved MOST of this book. I don't want to re-hash the plot--so to speak. There are about 50 million sub-plots that weave their way through Immortal Rider, and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. Immortal Rider is a fast paced, no holds barred read.

I can't imagine going through what Arik went through in hell. For real, he was filleted, and his captures went all Kathy Bates on his ass. I don't know how he endured it. Especially because he didn't even really know Limos. I don't know what she did to earn his loyalty so fiercely.

Limos has more secrets than Timbaland has beats. Some moments I liked her, and other times I wanted to bash her head in for her transgressions.

I had issues with some directions and envelopes that Ms Ione went with.

There is a Rape scene in this book that made me hurt and it made me angry. Really, really, really angry. No means fucking no.

There is an almost rape scene as well, with a different person, and though this person does deserve some retribution and vengeance I was glad the other person stepped in and stopped the situation. (I know, Vague much? LOL)

Below is a sort of spoiler that deals with Limos Chastity, read at your own risk

Immortal Rider pushes some hardcore boundaries, and sometimes I closed my eyes and read through the cracks of my fingers.

I don't like the fact that Than is left on a cliff of despair, and quite frankly, after reading some of the opening for the next Horseman book, I'm even more mad. Just from the passage what happened to Than seems glossed over.

I thought Regan was a fucking coward. I don't know that I will be able to champion her novel. Than deserves better.

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